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Crash Landing, help, venting and discussion!

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by madnewmy, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    Since @DrowElf didn't do one yet, here is a thread too share advice on the crash landing modpack by @Iskandar !

    Here are a few too start with :)

    Water and Food related

    -The sapping sapling quest can be completed by putting a water bottle into the transposer
    -Water in camel pack is better then drinking it (LostBMe)
    -Sieving during the first night will lead too a slab furnace and a pair (or two) or shears (pc-assassin)
    -Leaves can lead too water in a Transposer (pc-assassin) or in a crucible (shane2482)
    -Leaves, saplings, rotten flesh and many harvestcraft plants can be used in a barrel too make dirt and therefor dirty water and clean water (Shane2482). More explanation HERE.
    -Rushing Harvestcraft Quest and Rice soup will greatly delay the diminishing returns (schpeelah)
    -You can place water bottle in the barrel (schpeelah)

    Early Game tips

    -Pyrothium is 3.5x faster then lava on a crucible
    -Cover will stop the fire and mob from spawning (Raveb)
    -An overhang of glass cover will stop the spider from climbing (schpeelah). Images HERE.
    -There is a ton of inside room under the ship. You can use it too gather some dust (schpeelah)
    -Quick guide by RollDawg HERE.

    City Exploration

    -You can bring the strongbox with you at the city, giving you extra space
    -(well known but useful)The TiC, PC and BR building have a different shape and their spawners are always at the same place
    -Taking the leadstone truster on the metal dust quest can lead too an early jetpack and easier city exploration. Too use with handglider!
    -Guide by Raveb: Part one,Part two,Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six

    Cobble Gen

    -Pyrothium can be used for a stone gen early on
    -Transfer nodes can be used for early cobble gen. Only need 11 redstones, 2 stone, a chest and a pipe!
    -Go to the road to get cobble black stone (only good to make the slab furnace) (pip69)
    -Make channels from the water to the pyroethium (pip69)
    -Just keep in mind, when water touches pyrotheum, the the block touching it and the block behind it turn into stone. Put your water source block at least 3 away from the pyrotheum or you'll lose it. (schpeelah)

    Steve Factory Tips

    -You can use the machine inventory manager (from steves factory manager) for early auto-crafting for those hassle recipes, ie PCR express cards, machine casings, transistors and etc.
    -The Item Valve and Rapid Item Valve from Steve's Factory Manager are both very effective ways to pick up loose items (Raveb)
    -Water Production with SFM
    Have a setup like:

    And chest on top of sfm

    Input bottle and dirt - craft dirty bottle - output in barrel
    Input dirty bottle - output furnace
    Input furnace water bottle - output other barrel
    Input barrel water bottle - output AA
    Input empty bottle from AA into chest

    Give it 4 stacks of dirt and enough fuel in the furnace and you will have a drum full of water

    General tips

    -Thing causing heat: TE machines (even when inactive) light sources, lava (even in inventory) (ratchet freak)
    -Road lights and glowstone do not raise temperature (schpeelah)
    -Make sure your sync shell constructor is in a safe place! Ideally a closed off small room with a power cell/generator and chest with supplies. You never know when your base will be overrun! (Mr-Turing)
    -You can use the AE Grindstone to grind two iron ingots and one ferrous ingot (once you've gotten gravel or sand to get it), combine all three together to get three invar blend, then smelt those for three invar ingots (Drawde)
    -Consecrated Earth kills undead (Taiine)
    -Wood barrel full of water placed near vanilla cobblestone will turn it into mossy cobblestone. 9 mossy cobblestone can be crafted into a ball of moss, which can be used to give your tools auto-repair! (Raveb)
    -When Skeletons come in contact with Witch Water, they turn into Wither Skeletons. Spiders turn into poison spiders and Creepers get charged (darkeshrine), Priest to Witch (ME!) and squid to ghast (PODonnell)
    -You can use hoppers (5 aluminium and a chest) in place of the item ducts (Shane2482)

    Will add to the list as time to go on! (With the name of the one who brings it!)
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  2. pc_assassin

    pc_assassin New Member

    Get the muddy water quest right away! Hint: you get your dirt back

    Leather can be obtained by smelting rotten flesh

    Don't move the pyrotheum with a clay bucket. It changes it into lava!

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  3. pc_assassin

    pc_assassin New Member

    Think @Shane2482 should know about this, since you already pinged iskandar I won't....

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  4. Shane2482

    Shane2482 New Member

    Tnks for the ping PC_assassin if this takes off then this can be used to help with the website.
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  5. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    Sure :)
    didn't know for the website, want to link it?
  6. Shane2482

    Shane2482 New Member

    yea this is something Iskandar was working on befor he got sick still work in progress
    but will be nice when he gets it finished http://crashlanding.wildwestscifi.net/
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  7. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    nice didn't know about it :3
  8. Jeridan

    Jeridan New Member

    Cool, another thread to watch...
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  9. Shane2482

    Shane2482 New Member

    should this be more of a tip and suggestions thread that we can refer ppl to from the main thread that way this thread doesnt get overcrowdedl with a bunch of general discussions
  10. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    Covers stop both fires from starting and mobs from spawning. You can make the area around pyrothium and on top of walls relatively safe for a small material investment.
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  11. pc_assassin

    pc_assassin New Member

    I think this will be a tips hints and general "ugh i fell into pyrotheum today" thread :p
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  12. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    An obvious tip - don't drink your water. Craft them into your camel pack instead for better hydration. P.S. It only take normal water bottles - no dirty, cold, or salty water.
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  13. eric167

    eric167 New Member

    my problem is that I don't have enough water to bridge the early quest rewards and a production setup. im rapidly forced into actually drinking the cold water bottles.
    the problem isn't helped that too many early quests take a regular one and give a not-as useful cold one.

    all my deaths are to wandering outside my current safe area, and getting pwned by a creeper, spider, and now a giant zombie that takes forever to burn down.
    a couple times ive been locked inside thanks to being unable to deal with the HORDE of mobs that gets attracted to the pyrothium light.

    tip: the moment you start up, before you /hqm quest, do /mobGriefing false.
    otherwise creepers will detonate due to the pyrothium.
    this is a BAD THING, for 3 big reasons.
    1) annoying crater. (meh)
    2) pyrothium flood. (like it isn't hot enough on this dustball already)
    3) spaceship breached. near instant game over, as you can NOT fend off the hordes that early on.
  14. pc_assassin

    pc_assassin New Member

    Right away sieve till you get enough stones to make a furnace and 8 iron dust to make shears from there just smelt the iron make shears and then cut leaves. Put the leaves in a fluid transposer. Using the flux caps power the FT and then BAM! Infinite water. (may need bottling)

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  15. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    A hoe can only be used once but sometimes if you're desperate one time is all you need for farmland:oops:
  16. PODonnell

    PODonnell New Member

    By the time you start farming you should have plenty of bone/bonemeal for a ticon mattock
  17. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    First time I was doing the hard route with 3 bar of hunger and no food. And just after I made all those nice barrels and slabs for easy climbing up and down :p
  18. Slikrick98

    Slikrick98 New Member

    I usually get my stone from having the pyrotheum touch the water, very nice for an early furnace. also, early on its more efficient to use 8 leaves to make a dirt to smelt dirty water, than use the transposer
  19. Shane2482

    Shane2482 New Member

    If you sift dust all night the first night you should be able to get 24 stones which will alow you to make a slab furnace and enoufe iron to make shears, shear leaves and compost to dirt, dirt+empty bottle=dirty water+furnace=water also the cold water is useful if you get heat stroke but if you are desperate then drink from the bottle or cold water+furnace=water and if you are really desperate drink dirty water it will make you sick, but won't directly kill you unless you have no food. These are some early game tips to use till you can get better resorce and better secured in your base.

    After this there are several ways to auto produce water some suggestions

    Pipeing dirty water into a furnace and clean out requires a fuel sorce, 8 items to compost, one furnace, a chest and a set of item ducts 1 lead and 2 tin this is good because you can use rotten flesh for water and it only takes 8 items+fuel,

    Fluid Transposer powered by 2 survivalist generators 2 furnaces 10 cobble 4 redstone 2 iron with a tank 1 copper 4 glass on top requires a fuel sorce, 10 items to transpose not as efficient as the dirty water but easyer to automate,

    Melt leaves in a crusible 7 clay 7 bonemeal pipe leaves from a chest into the top of the crusible and pipe water out from the side into a tank requires 10 leaves, chest, tank 1 copper 4 glass, item ducts 1 lead and 2 tin fluid ducts 1 lead 2 copper and a heat sorce the least efficient but requires no fule or maintenance just drop leaves in the chest and walk away. These are the 3 most commen early-mid game systems after this there are all kinds of ways to improve theses systems but thats a whole nother subject
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  20. eric167

    eric167 New Member

    in addition to disabling mob grieifing, I am going to remove special mobs for my next playthrough. sheesh. getting stuck inside for 1/2 to 3/4 the day isn't my cup of tea.
    a FLYING spider this time, then almost immediately afterward, a creeper-ghast jockey and a tough spider ended things.

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