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Crash Landing, help, venting and discussion!

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by madnewmy, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    You could sleep and avoid the majority of those things. Or maybe I'm lucky?:D
  2. schpeelah

    schpeelah New Member

    Alright, my tips would be:

    * Rush the HarvestCraft quest. You can really delay the point diminishing returns kick in by eating rice soup. Really, first 4 iron for shears, then 1 for the chopping board.
    * An overhang of glass covers stops spiders from climbing your walls.
    ** Stone walls (the block) stop anything that'd burn in the sun anyway, so you can use a line cobblestone walls and an overhang of cobblestone slabs as well.
    * Remember you can place water from bottles into barrels. You don't need to use the fluid transposer to get your water from a bottle to the bucket.
    * If you break through the ship's floor using a pickaxe, you can have more room indoors easily and early, and gather dust indoors which is good during both the day and night!

    If you build this, you can keep hitting mobs until you get hungry from it. Remember, you don't get carrots and potatoes from zombies is the sun kills them. Once you do have a farm for them, your food situation should be secured. Those two plants grow like weeds, a few times faster than rice and cantaloupes, I'm actually composting surpluses and my farm isn't that large.

    The sun cover is optional, and don't have the trenches start too close to your wall or creeper explosions will be able to toss mobs over your wall.
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  3. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    Apple Juice and Orange Juice help with hydration. Haven't made any others, so there's probably more that do this. Tea and coffee does not help with hydration.

    Obsidian is really easy to get. Just fill a stone barrel with lava and place water on top. Netherrack can be made in a similar method where you right click the barrel with redstone instead of putting water on top. Obsidian is really good for nondurability determining TiC parts.

    The Frying Pan is the best early game weapon. You can easily make it night 1 if you get enough trees down. It has a hell of a knockback and cooks food items.

    DO NOT use bones to repair TiC tools. Bonemeal repairs by roughly the same amount.
  4. Skullywag

    Skullywag New Member

    You can disable hardcore. Lockdown.cfg exists. Use it. I have found turning back on the difficulty select and gening a world works fine (give yourself some hqm lives in creative) turning on the other sections can kill the CL worldgen, but for disabling hardcore all you need is the difficulty one anyway. Hope it helps.
  5. cannajan

    cannajan New Member

    A TiC bone mattock has 6 att and is the best early weapon/axe/hoe, its no good as a spade though!
    Steves Factory Manager is really useful for automation, its cheap and well worth learning!
    Bonemeal grass for plants and trees, hoe unwatered grass for seeds(you dont want farmdirt)
  6. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    Waiting to eat until you are low on hunger and then eating multiple food items at once let's you maximize the saturation gain from your food, and let's you go longer before you have to eat again.

    Also, centralizing your "hot" blocks (lava, generators, furnaces, etc.) allows you to avoid over heating by letting you avoid them when you don't need to use them.

    I'm also considering making a guide to surviving the cities if anyone is interested.
  7. eric167

    eric167 New Member

    go for it.
  8. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    that would be great :p
    I generally land on top of buildings and check only the few top levels for easy too access chest. In case of blaze/pigmen, run away. I only loot one or two ticon building due the the high amount of spawners. for pneumaticraft ones,land on top of first floor, enter the second and kill the spawner, break the blocks over chemny and go in too break the spawner directly then you are somewhat safe :p
  9. Taiine

    Taiine New Member

    You can? How? I want to explore the map for some screenshots for a lets play intro but it just shoves me back into hardcore.
  10. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    Any advice for how to clear up creepers after the first night, so I can collect meat and bones in peace?
  11. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    Run far enough away and they despawn
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  12. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    when you make your trench have a deeper hole somewhere (2x2) and suffocate them
    most of them will cluster them

    kill the remaining with bone mattock :)
  13. eric167

    eric167 New Member

    first night? you have a needlegun, one of the first missions gives 4 additional needle magazines, and the plethora of arrows and gunpowder, especially around the pyrothium, makes it fairly easy to refill them.

    special mobs makes morning cleanup very very hazardous, so be careful.
    poke a hole in the door, shoot everything that hasn't burned up, be very careful of spiders hanging out over your head when you go out.

    I hope you turned mobgriefing off, in which case its fairly simple to bait them into detonating well away from you (you can still do it w/ mobgriefing on, they just leave inconvenient craters).
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  14. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    I walled pyrotheum off with dust to stop creepers exploding.
  15. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    City Exploration: Part 1, Gearing Up

    The first thing you will need to do before really exploring and clearing out the city is gatherthe needed supplies to survive the effort. My typical load includes the following items, most of which can be aquired fairly early.

    -2-3 stacks of cobblestone for towering, bridging and walling off buildings
    -2 stacks of glowstone nooks for lighting
    -2 stacks of stone ladders (or wood if you prefer, I like stone since with a cobble gen running it's a free resource.)
    -As much needlegun ammo as you care to being, though you shouldn't need more than a stack ever.
    -Enough food and water to last a night if you happen to get stuck inside. I like to have 2 extra camel packs for this purpose.
    -A hang glider and optionally a jet pack.
    -A pick and a melee weapon. (Bone is a good early option as you can bring repair materials with you and find more easily.)
    -A crescent hammer
    -A sleeping bag
    -Finally something to store things in. Any combination of golden bags, tcon knapsack and strongboxes works great. Remember the knapsack is derpy on death, so if you have a clone waiting don't store anything you can't replace there.

    This is not a list of everything you could bring, but we will be making use of all of the items on this list as we make our way through town.

    Next Part: Establishing an Outpost
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  16. Taiine

    Taiine New Member

    Can you really turn off harcore? the lockdown.cfg don't show anything to allow map settings.
  17. Shane2482

    Shane2482 New Member

    B:"Disable Game Mode Button"=true change to false
    or you can change to creative for testing using NEI
  18. eric167

    eric167 New Member

    commands are enabled, so the /gamemode 0 command will put you in creative as well.
  19. Taiine

    Taiine New Member

    That don't change the game out of hardcore. Once you make a world it zaps into harccore. How do you stop such?
  20. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    City Exploration: Part 2, Establishing an Outpost

    The first step of exploring the cities is creating a safe way to get from your base to the city and back. This is where the glider will come in to play first. From the top of your shuttle build a pole up to about Y126. To start with you will probably want to put ladders up to the top, but these can be replaced by elevators as resources allow. From the top aim south, and get your glider selected and ready to go.

    You are going to jump off and glide south until we reach the city and a building almost directly in front of you. The top two floors of this office building are mostly safe, but be warned there is a pigman spawner on the ground floor. In building of this style there are up to two spawners on each floor. On the top floors you will find them hidden in the factory block walls by the desks and on the ground floor they will be by the cubicles in the back corners. The goal is to land in the window on the second or third floor, and then clear out those two floors, lighting them up and breaking or lighting the spawners. I prefer breaking them in this building especially to guarantee my safety.

    Now from the third floor ladder up one of the walls and break through to the roof. Light that up too. From the center of the roof build another cobble tower up to Y126 to Y130 with ladders going up to the top. By this time you might have quite a few pigmen at ground level and should head back to the shuttle to restock on cobble and let them despawn.

    The last step in clearing building one is capturing the ground floor. There are two relatively safe options here. The first is to break through the floor on the second floor and shoot any pigmen you see, then quickly drop down and break the pigman spawner. Then place cobble in any open spaces on the first floor walls, at least 2 high to stop mobs from getting back in. Make sure to check behind the factory blocks to make sure you haven't missed a route in. The second option is to approach the ground floor from the outside and block up all the spaces in the walls from the outside. This will trap the pigmen in the building and let you mine through the wall next to the spawner and take it out. After that you can simply walk away and let the pigs despawn at no risk to you. This method does put you at risk of pigmen coming out of the building to attack you before you have patched the walls.

    Either way, once the spawners are gone and the mobs are dead light up the bottom floor and proceed to loot the building. There should be at least one chest on each level, and one hidden on the ground floor. Factory blocks are pretty easy to break, and make for a good building material. Book cases can be broken for free books, although the books from the chisel cases will need to be converted to normal books. The chests are also worth collecting and the elevators can be replaced by ladders and used in your base if needed. I like to leave a chest in the top floor of this building as a drop-off point for loot as needed.

    Congratulations! You now have a relatively safe staging area in the city for your future exploration.

    Next Part: Branching Out

    Edit: Another option for safely blocking off the ground floor would be placing dust blocks from one of the upper floors and letting them drop. In this case I would say make the wall even higher to make sure the pigmen can't staircase out of the building.
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