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Crash Landing, help, venting and discussion!

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by madnewmy, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. eric167

    eric167 New Member

    I has water! now I needs food. and more storage/less junk.

    so all I really need to do to start farming is to put down a dirt block, a water block, and plant the seed(s)?
  2. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    and bonemeal it :3
  3. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    Also another quick tip, the cobble blackstone to the east of the shuttle can be used to make any recipe that uses vanilla cobble, including cobble slabs and a slab furnace.
  4. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    And make a mattock to till the dirt? Unless it's pam's trees :)
  5. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    Not working for me:(
    And lack of cobble is pretty severe for me. I only sieved 6 cobble for furnace on third night, and I'm already out of water and jerkies give only half of the leg.
  6. Brian Cherrick

    Brian Cherrick Well-Known Member

    Not nearly enough quests. Only took me a few days, of moderate play to beat this pack. AgS took significantly later due to the more quests.
  7. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    you can move the water to connect to the pyrothium and mine the stone that generates
  8. schpeelah

    schpeelah New Member

    Just keep in mind, when water touches pyrotheum, the the block touching it and the block behind it turn into stone. Put your water source block at least 3 away from the pyrotheum or you'll lose it.
  9. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    How? Make a channel? Clay bucket needs furnace too.
  10. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    You can make a channel under the shuttle
  11. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    Ways to get cobble for the slab furnace:
    • Make channels from the water to the pyroethium
    • Go to the road to get cobble black stone (only good to make the slab furnace)
    • Sift 2 stacks of dust
    Once you have a furnace you can make the crucible & bucket. Any kind of lava generator is available now.
  12. RollDawg

    RollDawg New Member

    My advice on first day:
    - setup your sync shell.
    - Wall an area in front of your door and above your roof/spaceship. Atleast 2 high. This will provide a barrier from you against mobs.
    TAKE NOTE: spiders will still be able to get in. BUT. Its still better compared to creepers, skeles, and zombies altogether. You will def have a high survival chance
    - Dig a trench in front of those walls for mobs to fall in and die from sunlight. At least 2 wide and 2 deep.
    - You should have enough food and fluids to survive the first 2 - 3 nights. These are given as starting mats
    - You can dig your trench first and then wall so that you wont waste time as the dust from digging can be your walls. This saves a lot of time but also gives a lot of room for error, space allocation wise. Be sure to give yourself plenty of space. Did it the other way (Trench then wall), had less space in the end and had to cram a butt ton of stuff in a small area.
    - This way you'll have bone, zombie flesh and gunpowder for days.

    Day Two and upcoming days (before the nourishment thing kicks off):
    - Make a sniping spot from you wall to your trench and snipe those bastards that were left over, creepers and armored mobs mainly. Then collect loot. Bone, zombie flesh and gunpowder for days. Close sniping spot after.
    - Finish the easy quests and start getting dirt and plant trees. Plant inside your wall of course for protection.
    - Prioritize getting bone tools (pick, shovel and axe) for faster work.
    - If theres still time. upgrade your trench. Invest time on it and make it atleast 4 - 6 deep and 4 wide (for giving spiders a harder time getting up, but they can still get up and kill you. This just means theres more room for error for them to climb and fall and take damage). With this you can also make a bridge from your wall/cave to the outside world.
    - if you run out of dust to sieve during the night, day time is best to go dust digging.

    First and upcoming nights (before the nourishment thing kicks off):
    - sieve the hell out of those dusts (from making the trenches) to get iron for shears.
    - plant trees. get wood. get shears for water.
    - make a crucible. put it somewhere thats accessible for you and above the pyrotheum and have it semi automated (chest + hopper + pipes leading to a safe collection point) within the wall
    - try and make a cobble gen (get mats from sieving dusts)

    When nourishment thing kicks off:
    - By this time you should have completed a few more quests and hopefully a cobblegen.
    - You should also have the rice seed and a butt ton of bones and maybe an orange tree sappling from a quest.
    - You should have the mats to make a pot (from quest), mixing bowl, juicer, and chopping board
    - Bonemeal the hell out of the rice and oranges.
    - My food rotation:
    First Rotation: Salad (from oranges - 2 oranges + mixing bowl + chopping board), Rice Soup (stock [from bone + pot] + rice + pot)
    Second Rotation: Zombie treat thing (zombie flesh + 2 salt), orange juice (orange + juicer), rice ball (cook rice)
    - I guarantee those 2 sets will reset everytime the nourishment thingy goes to 0
    - alternate between sets

    Major tips:
    - When you have a cobblegen, Make a survivalist generator for sync shell production! extra lives = happy life.
    - Go for the thrusters on one of the quests!
    - Only use one of your flux capacitors to make water using your fluid transposers. Before it runs out of juice, setup your crucible and have it up and running for water production
    - Make a jetpack. Make it using the empty capacitor. Do not waste your charged capacitors to make it! leadstone jetpacks can only hold 25k RF. your capacitors hold atleast 80k.
    - save jetpack for exploration
    - get cotton seeds! tea and coffee seeds are useless. *sigh*. cotton is good string supply. string = more sieves. string = beds
    - if you did my guide. upgrade your trench to a vanilla style mob farm by utilizing the zombie special AI. Use water to pool and push them to a long drop. Abut 30 blocks deep. Easier collection of loot.
    - if you want seared bricks, cook up those stone piles you got from sieving dusts in a crucible. down side to it is that one stone pile = 8 mb of seared stone. you need 130ish to make 1 seared brick i think
    -Consider going to an expedition when you have the jetpack and hardened capacitor. Bring both capacitors with you!

    Pics of how i started:

    My trench + wall (had my wall 1 high because i wanted to see the mobs fall down and die xD)
    Vanilla style mob farm and drop (water pushes mobs to it)
    Mob farm collection point with sniping / checking hole
    My water setup. Accessible from within the wall/cave

    Some pics as of now:
    *Side note: I havent completed all quests. Having too much fun focusing on easier survival and automating some stuff. First line of quests = 90 pc done, Pneumatic quests = 75 pc done, Technology = 50 pc done, Create Life - 16 pc done

    My base
    Main House (Im horrible at design. dont mock me. its the best i could do lol, and made entirely of cobble)
    Mats production (powered by charcoal. Need to be put in manually in the chests)
    Ore doubling (pardon the liquids. Just finished automating the redirection of packaged ores, courtesy of auto packager, to smelteries. Had a lot of mats unprocessed).
    Water for days :)
    More mats (fully automated, except soul sand) - All sponsored by my tree farms
    Tree farms 1 8x8 (has a total of 6 regular furnaces down under, providing fuel to my 2 furnace generators and excess goes to storage) and 1 5x5 for solely for leaves and wood (gets power from same generators) - saps from 8x8 tree farm goes through to 5x5 tree farm, refilling its sapplings.
    Back of my house (old school vanilla mob farm) used to be a long drop but i changed it to a grinder for mob essence. Using fans to push mobs into trench.
    mob essence and collection point
    Pneumatic house (A majority of the items here came from the city. Only made a few of em)
    Lava gen and seared brick maker

    Total play time: close to 3 days (from statistics area)
    Total reboots: 1 - On my first run. I had it smooth until i went on my first trip to the abandoned city. It effed me over
    Has fun! :)
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2014
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  13. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    City Exploration Part 3: Branching Out

    Now that you have a relatively safe foothold in the city it is time to expand. The basic procedure for expansion is easy. From the top of your building couch over to the edge and start building a cobble bridge to the next building you want to invade. If you can bridge directly to the roof of a building you are golden, this is a very safe approach. If the next building is lower then you you are also safe, just glide down to the roof and build a ramp back up to your bridge. The tricky part is when the next building is taller then your current building. Depending on what spawners are on the same floor as you things can get dicey.

    In this case start building your bridge toward the building, and as you get close watch closely for any spawns. If you notice pigs spawning ahead of you proceed at your own risk and watch out for archer pigs. Make sure you know what hotkey your glider is on! If you notice blazes spawning on the same level you are at, you may want to consider a retreat and reposition. These are much easier taken out from below, or from the outside of the building. Alternatively, if you have a water bucket on you head up above them, careful to not get fireballed, and flood the room. This does make it harder for you to get back in to the spawner. Remember, the goal is to clear buildings while fighting as little as possible. We aren't minecrafters anymore, we are commandos.

    Once you have the roof or top floor of your chosen building secured things go very similar to the first building. Light up the floor you are on after the spawners are clear. Start from the top down as much as possible. You can glide to the ground to take out those spawners from the outside if needed, just watch out for mobs on that floor rushing out of the building. Also a new note on how annoying pigmen are. They will jump out of windows on higher levels, sometimes right onto your head. I do not recommend trying to take them out from beneath. Just carve out the floor, shoot them dead, then drop in and kill the spawner.

    A building is secure when there are no spawners, every floor has lights preventing random spawns, and the ground floor is walled off preventing new mobs from getting in to hide from the sun. It is perfectly acceptable to skip floors or whole buildings. You may want to secure all of the building around a difficult one first to give yourself better positioning. You may be running low on supplies and not want to risk running out before you finish clearing a floor or building. Being cautious is a very good thing in cities. Here are a couple of general tips for expanding your new empire.

    -The sleeping bag is your friend. It will let you skip the night and the nastiness that comes with it. Be careful where you sleep though, the sleeping bag glitched through concrete sending you to the floor below and anything that may be currently living there.
    -Don't forget to light up your roof bridges!
    -Spawners will always be in the same places, although they may not always be in those spots. Breaking them from underneath is generally very safe if you know where to mine up to expose them.
    -There is no need to rush through the city. Always keep an eye on your supply levels and retreat to resupply as needed.
    -Don't get greedy, always prioritize your own safety over another loot chest.

    Next Part: Alien Architecture (In which we will cover the specific buildings you will encounter)
  14. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    Just saying, I would get a shovel before digging a trench :) if you can do it fast enough, you will have time too have a ''bigger'' trench and xp that shovel :D

    Cotton seeds... nope... I mean take a tree, bonemeal it a bit and give him a lonely worm. If you like cheaty, shears those leaves and replace and reshears :p and you should have a mob trap setup quite quicklly and get those inifinite rez there :)

    But agree on the rest :)
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  15. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    That is odd, I just tried this again and it works for me. Just to double check, are you using the cobble blackstone, or the gravel? Also, what version are you playing and have you changed any config settings?
  16. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    It says "black cobblestone" and it's from what looks like a road strip east of crash site. No alters, default version.
    Anywhay, I have solved the cobble problem by digging a channel between pyrotheum and water sources.
  17. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    To be fair, Agrarian Skies has been around significantly longer.
  18. Zeric

    Zeric New Member

    Also, AgS was intended to take a long time. I havn't seen anything that indicates this map should take a long time, just be hard.

    Also, where in the configs am I suppose to look for turning off mob griefing? The command line /mobGriefing false is not working for me.
  19. Raveb

    Raveb New Member

    Use the command line /gamerule mobGriefing false

    Forgot to capitalize the "G" in griefing. Thanks LostBMe!
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2014
  20. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    LIke Raveb said - but with the "g" from mobgriefing capped >>>>mobGriefing. Or you could just type /gamerule m then tab after the "m" it'll fill it in for you. After which you type false.
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