[16x] Isabella II: FTB Edition

Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by MrAndrew420, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. stormkitster

    stormkitster New Member

    all these images are looking great guys, got me excited for the next update to the pack. :D
  2. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    Looks awesome.
  3. auris331

    auris331 New Member

    I'm using this one myself, I like it so far :)
  4. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    How are you guys set for the 1.4.6 plus the redpower release?
  5. MrAndrew420

    MrAndrew420 New Member

    Thanks for all the positive comments guys :D Glad you are enjoying the pack. It really makes it worth my while to see that others are liking it as much as I do.

    Things are looking pretty good. We've come a long way since I started this thread, and most of it wouldn't have been possible without the support of the community. I'm recovering from a recent surgery and haven't been able to do as much as I would have liked to, and have not released a new update in a while. Keep in mind that is the holidays, so don't expect anything until things settle down a bit.

    As far as redpower support goes, I'll have to play around with it for a few days to see what has changed on the sprite sheets, and fix any blanks (the same goes for all of the other mods in the pack).
  6. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    take your time, relax, enjoy
  7. stormkitster

    stormkitster New Member

    Get well and no rush on the update. We know when you have one ready and prepped your let us know. Merry Christmas to you aswell.
  8. listoflights

    listoflights New Member

    I kinda forgot to reply to Andrew in regards to the z-fighting I was talking about. Basically, two textures - for whatever reason - wind up inhabiting the same z-level and start fighting over which one is supposed to be in front of the other. In the case of the Buildcraft engines, the chamber texture and the front engine base texture do just that and you get flickering. See screenshots:


    The fix is to make sure the specific areas that clip through each other have the same texture, that way the z-fighting occurs between two identical textures and you (well, probably just me), won't be able to notice it.

    In any case, I made a quick and dirty hotfix for it, zip here.
  9. MrDuckemy

    MrDuckemy New Member

    How could I have missed this before? The TC3 textures are Amazing!
  10. listoflights

    listoflights New Member

    I made a quick Redpower 2 conversion for you guys. Nothing fancy, just added the old textures to the new. Merry christmas!
  11. MrAndrew420

    MrAndrew420 New Member

  12. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    Thanks Andrew. Have a Merry Christmas :D
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  13. stormkitster

    stormkitster New Member

    Will this effect using for 1.4.2 until the server is ready to go 1.4.6? I'll wait to download if it does affect using it but its also great to here its been updated.
  14. MrAndrew420

    MrAndrew420 New Member

    It may break some gregtech textures because they got moved around the sprite sheet where most other mods only added. Everything else should work fine
  15. merrybike

    merrybike New Member

    uhm, The project table GUI is one off?
  16. listoflights

    listoflights New Member

    Andrew (and merrybike, until it's officially updated), you might want to take a look at my conversion, I added the new GUI for the project table and the sorting machine. I also changed the fire in the alloy furnace to match the Isabella fire palette. I kinda like the old nikolite ore better.

    Edit: Railcraft is also missing a folder (carts), as well as the new liquids.png

    Edit 2: Regular leaves no longer have transparency, wth? Not a fan of the new beehives. </Christmas Grinch>
  17. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    I played with this pack for a while now. My only somewhat issue is that sometimes it's hard to tell which is the 'front' of some of the machines.
  18. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    The project table GUI is outdated.
  19. MrAndrew420

    MrAndrew420 New Member

    Sorry people, I just packed my personal pack up to get something up for the Holidays. I wasn't quite sure what all I had changed since the last update so I didn't build a separate pack and test it.

    I'll get a small hotfix up and sort the rest out after the holidays.

    EDIT: Hotfix up. Link in first post updated. http://www.mediafire.com/?urg7zp36x1s9fbx
    Enables fancy leaves, and includes @listoflights RedPower fix
  20. Wollibeebee

    Wollibeebee New Member

    Hey guys, a few months ago I did heaps and heaps for Isabella on technic for MC-1.2.5.
    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/23627856/Isabella for Technic.7z

    I'm not sure how much of it is useful, I've got a bunch of it installed over the top of your stuff in my custom set up, but I'm sure you'll want to keep your stuff. But feel free to take some of mine.

    I'm working on all the rail mods (Train/railcraft and steve's carts) and I'm making new bronze, steel, emerald, ruby and sapphire tools and armor so that it variats from iron more. I'll send that stuff when I'm done. :)

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