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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by MrAndrew420, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. MrAndrew420

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    Isabella II is a texture Pack for Vanilla Minecraft by bonemouse, with a good bit of mod support from members of the MCF community. This started out my personal pack that I have been updating and uploading for use by others, but has quickly become a community project with many people contributing. I really hope you enjoy this pack as much as I do. The depressing atmosphere is great for all the tech mods included in the FTB pack.

    If anyone wants to add support for a mod (Be it in FTB or something you add in yourself) you can either post a link to a download and I will add it to the pack, or if you will be contributing often enough, send me a PM telling me you would like to join the team, and I will help you get started. Just try to keep with the muted tone of the vanilla pack. This would be much appreciated, and help the pack move along.


    Isabella - FTB Edition for 1.6.4
    (1.6.4 Version made entirely from submissions in this thread.
    Seriously... How cool is that?)

    Isabella - FTB Edition for 1.4.7


    Rei's Minimap

    This mod does not support the textures when placed in the texture pack .zip.
    You must unpack the files into the mod zip itself.
    • Open the zip for the Rei's Minimap mod located in your FTB directory \minecraft\mods\ReiMinimap_(Version Number).zip
    • Open the texture pack addon from the link above
    • Drag drop texture to the mod zip
    • Overwrite squaremap.png or roundmap.png
    Square Map
    Round Map

    The Original:
    Isabella II
    By: Bonemouse
    Link: Minecraft Forums
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  2. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    Oh wow i can't wait for this to be finished, i really like this pack.
  3. frito660

    frito660 Guest

    Can you add screan shots of this please?
  4. Linte

    Linte Active Member

    Your work is much appreciated. But theres currently one problem for me: I've loaded the TP via the mediafire- link you provided. The TP is named with "Isabella II FTB" but so far, it only gives me the standard- textures instead of the Isabella- ones, when I activate it.

    Greetings, Linte

    Edit: Found the "Problem" - The TP is a bit complicated zip- packed. I just unzipped it and recompressed it one folder "further". Now everything works fine. Thanks alot for the TP. :D
  5. MrAndrew420

    MrAndrew420 New Member

    Added :]
    Fixed :]
  6. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    The screenshots looks really really cool. Good work man.

    BTW this is my post number 400.
  7. MrAndrew420

    MrAndrew420 New Member

    Tyty, and grats on 400 :p

    BTW, if anyone is feeling this pack and would like to "Adopt" a mod to texture just shoot me a PM or a post here and let me know. My process so far goes: I play for 10 minutes, notice something that bothers me and I texture it and everything else on that sheet. So really I'm just going along as I get to whatever mod I'm playing at the time if it's not textured. Not the fastest and most efficient way, so any collaboration would be openly welcomed. Just let me know so you and I aren't working on the same thing at the same time

    Also, If anyone notices anything Ive missed that has vanilla textures or a blank/pink/green just box texture let me know and Ill try to get to it quickly.

    I'm currently trying to get all the ores and world gen items done first so that everything you see while wandering around all matches the theme.
  8. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    I may consider making a patch, I'll see how it goes.
  9. Stellastronza

    Stellastronza New Member

    It looks really nice :)
  10. MrAndrew420

    MrAndrew420 New Member


    Update: Added all ore textures and the new Mystcraft blocks.
  11. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    I Believe Monzanite ore turns into forcicium which is the MFFS Mod, I believe. I can check and see, If so you actually want to look for a .png called Forciciumore.png in ModularForcefieldSystem mod zip under chb\mods\mffs\sprites\
  12. LazDude2012

    LazDude2012 New Member

    Love Isabella, and it's nice to see more people stepping up with classy texture packs.
  13. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    Oh man, just noticed most of the forestry GUIs have changed and they are all screwy with Isabella now :(
  14. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    Happens to a lot of tp.
  15. lucoatom

    lucoatom New Member

    Looks nice :)
  16. MrAndrew420

    MrAndrew420 New Member

    Got a PM from someone yesterday offering to take up doing the GUI's, just waiting to start getting them so I can update the pack. Forestry was the first on their list I believe :].
    Yeah most mods have seen a lot of changes since 1.2.5. Makes it hard to keep up with so many mods.
    I'd have to agree with you there :D
  17. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    Glad to hear forestry is the first on the list maybe. I am just now starting up forestry for the first time
  18. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    I know that feeling, i also once had a texturepack.[DOUBLEPOST=1353237955][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I know that feeling, i also once had a texturepack.
  19. stormkitster

    stormkitster New Member

    double chest seems to glitch out could you take a look into that please?
  20. MrAndrew420

    MrAndrew420 New Member

    Finally got to venture into the twilight forest today, so I'm currently working on a 100% patch for it right now. Keep an eye out for the update :D

    This will be the last new patch before I go back and make sure the other big mods are complete and updated.[DOUBLEPOST=1353287105][/DOUBLEPOST]
    They are working fine for me. Could you post a screenshot?

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