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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Yulife, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Antaioz

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    Issue fixing is no different in the overworld, if you know where the mining area is, you can remove or edit the related region files. I've played with mining ages before, I was pondering why they were so popular. Generally the free teleport to quarries is the best feature, but I understand they're useful in other regards, I was more pointing out people's main reasoning behind a 'mining age' is flawed.

    The tools are there and given for you to be able to make a mining age, and as a server admin, you have to accept that you need to take the time and set up such things, or ask players to include a mod that does it for you. And you do realise that you're suggesting how others should play by asking that the modpack includes a mod that you feel you need for your server, rather than just including it for your players, right?

    Ofcourse this is moot if Yulife decides to add it, and strangely enough I'm not actually against that. Not that I want the mod, I just don't care if it's included.
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  2. bresident

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    The idea is that he's already proven adept at wrangling different mods together where I have no experience combining mods. If you think suggesting the inclusion of xyz mod in a thread where the OP specifically asks for suggestions for a pack that already has a ton of mods where most people never get to them all anyway is me "suggesting how others should play", we obviously have completely different thought processes with out much hope of common ground. I will not engage you further. Best of luck.
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  3. Yulife

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    We had that crash on our server as well, it seems like Random Thing's Spirits (Those blue cubes that fly on death) seem to crash the server, to proceed do this:

    #1 Disable RT
    #2 Boot up
    #3 Enable RT
    #4 Boot up and play

    This is the only way it can be fixed right now, someone already contacted the author.
    This was his response:
    lumien231 commented 13 hours ago
    Ok appearently i've released a conpletely broken version. The fixed version will come next week. For now downgrade.
  4. Antaioz

    Antaioz New Member

    You know I reworded that last post about 5 times, to try and be nice, I've since stopped. I'm going to be direct:
    You need to get off you're damn high horse mate, I'm presenting reasonable arguments, and you're dismissing me with an attitude that you're 'above' such discussion.
    Whether you like it or not, suggesting mods for a modpack is to suggest that other people use the mods, either directly or indirectly.
    Even if your goal is to get the mods into the modpack to make it easier for your players to play on your server, adding the mods even for the server is suggesting your players on the server should use them.
    Even if you don't suggest how players should play with those mods, you are suggesting what mods the players should play with in the first place, which changes the way the game plays out.

    If you look at my first post carefully, you'll notice I don't ask or tell people to play my way, I ponder why people play the way they do, with a mining age. I never said you shouldn't use a mining age, I said I don't see the point in it, given the general argument for it, that it 'ruins the landscape' or 'makes big holes everywhere' when people dig in the overworld. I then try and reach a reasonable conclusion. People are lazy, and many admit it.

    As for the argument that Yulife would be better and more experienced at adding the mods to the pack, That's true for content mods, such as galacticraft and such, if you wanted quests especially. Merging things into the pack coherently with config/recipe integration would be done better by Yulife than by individual server owners. But for the mining age, adding a single, simple mod is literally drag 'n' drop in 1.7.

    Oh darn, just when I decide to update :p
  5. Sawney

    Sawney New Member

    First off thanks for all your hard work on this hqm my favorite new addition to packs and yours is quite well done. One suggestion tho. Tedious but efficient should be after the smeltery quest as adding iguana tweaks prevents you from mining certus before you set up tico. I tend to like to do quests in order so I would have no reason to know how to seed certus. Just playing newb devils advocate. To be honest the entire new ae2 channel bug's me but that is my problem but still can set up a road block to a player new to iguana. Please tell me if ive misunderstood your methods.
  6. bresident

    bresident New Member

    Sheesh. I do not suggest how others should play and I do not call others lazy or any such nonsense. What you call a high horse I call simply being respectful of different play styles. As I said it's clear there isn't going to be much common ground between us.

    I find the idea that I get to decide when others are playing a sandbox game in the wrong way is silly. Or that I get to decide when people are being "lazy" in a mod pack that isn't difficult in the slightest and very quickly you can have a reactor and an ender quarry and a few storage cells and just go to sleep (in real life, pretty hard to be anything but 'lazy' while sleeping) and wake up with most all the resources you could want to do or at least start most things in the pack. You literally can play the game while sleeping but I'm going to draw the line at a portal to a mining dimension? That's when you're being lazy? Teleporting? In a game absolutely full of shortcuts and automation do you see how absurd it is to pick and choose what is and isn't "lazy"?

    You're welcome to play any of the mods in the pack you like, or one of them, or all of them. Just don't expect to teleport to a mining dimension or some guy on the forums who can simply disable the mod if he wants will say he doesn't want it in and call you lazy. After calling you lazy and trying to convince you you're doing something you're not (suggesting how others should play) he'll try and argue he was "trying to be nice."

    That I can simply drag and drop smaller mods in in 1.7 is good to know, as I said I have no experience adding mods to a pack.
  7. thekazador

    thekazador New Member

    really thanks
  8. MadMax-X

    MadMax-X Active Member

    Note that you don't have to downgrade the whole modpack, just Random Things (from 2.1.8 back to 2.1.7) and probably its config file.
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  9. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    I'll add that you too are assuming a lot. Arguing about personal preference is a defeat in logic.

    For instance, using a dimensional mining mod (i.e. mystcraft, aroma, etc...). If something does go wrong. delete dimension and let it reform. Overworld? needing mcedit, when you don't have access to server, would require you to dl the entire world file, mcedit it, upload it back, where deleting the dimension directory would be normally done through the hosting GUI. Thus, in this case alone, using a mining dimension would be far superior than overworld in case of something going wrong and needing to troubleshoot.

    I have no horse in this race, but I understand the implications of what's discussed. I also do not feel he was riding in on a high horse. Judgmental much?

    Why can't we have both? :)
  10. zbeeblebrox

    zbeeblebrox New Member

    Hi! I have a bug report involving the Basic Tools quest at the very start. It was refusing acknowledge that I had crafted the stencil table, no matter how I did it. I must have created about ten before I realized what was going on - I had begun in a birch forest, and the quest only acknowledges stencil tables crafted from oak planks (this also happens with the part builder, but I didn't notice at first because by pure chance I chose to use the single oak log that came from a bush). So yeah, you may want to do whatever it is one does to make that...um...not...be a thing :D Just a heads up - keep up the great work!
  11. Antaioz

    Antaioz New Member

    First, some OT:
    Yeah, I knew that. I should have been more specific, I seem to be doing that a lot at the moment.

    Next, stuff.

    Actually, If you know where the mining area is, it's trivial to figure out which region files it exists in, and therefore which ones to delete. There's even a tool online that takes block/chunk positions and translates them into region filenames.
    Ofcourse most people don't know this, or they find dimensions easier because its just a folder with a name.

    I don't know, I never said we couldn't!

    That is where I got the indication.
    But considering after I suggested that laziness might play a factor in the excuse that making big holes in the overworld was a bad thing compared to in an age, I got told I was accusing people of being lazy, and was 'belittling' others. And frankly, that ticked me off. I merely suggested that since it's much easier to teleport to an age than it is to run to a remote location in the overworld, not wanting to travel large distances might contribute to why people prefer a mining age over a remote overworld location.
    If I read way more into all of that than there was, I sincerely apologise.

    Alright, so you don't call suggesting mods the same as suggesting playstyles.

    And, that wasn't even directed at you to begin with, to my knowledge you never said you didn't want giant holes in the overworld, you said, and quoted later that it would be easier to fix problems. I never said it wouldn't be, and never said you shouldn't use a mining age.

    Teleportation is not an early game thing in almost any modpack, and just about all modpacks try and retain some semblence of 'balance'. That fact coupled with the fact that a remote overworld location would take a long time to get to without teleportation, whereas a mining dimension inherently comes with teleportation, is where the "laziness" argument came from. And that is only directed at people who use a mining age purely to not leave giant holes near their base/city/etc. It's the same as saying I don't want to mine near my base, but I really don't want to run a thousand+ blocks just to mine. I never said the 'laziness' was a bad thing, just that not wanting to run a thousand blocks so you don't mine big holes near your base, and teleporting early-game instead, cuts some of the tech tree, and therefore could be called a bit of a cheat.

    Ok, first of all, it was an edit so you may have missed it, but:
    I also never said I didn't want the mod in the pack.
    Though I did say I dislike galacticraft, I didn't lump the two together.
    No, it's not hard to remove mods that I don't want. But by the same token, it's not hard to add mods that you want, especially one or two small ones.
    And again, I never called you lazy.

    To try and be final here, I started this wondering why people add mining ages to their servers for the express reason of not having giant holes in their overworld, since they could just run far away and mine there. The conclusion I reached for this particular scenario is that it's far easier to teleport to a mining age than to travel possibly thousands of blocks to a remote mining area in the overworld. I also pointed out that this technically breaks balance since, If the only reason for a mining age is to mine 'far far away', then the amount of effort required to teleport to an age, or to create an age is far far less than travelling to a remote mining area, or setting up travel to a remote mining area.
    I did not originally comment on the fact that it may be more difficult for some people to fix issues in mystcraft ages rather than the overworld, I initially only dealt with the 'giant holes' argument.
  12. Disorder_Z55

    Disorder_Z55 New Member

    As no-one appeared to have answered on the Mega Rubber Tree sapling.

    there are 3 rubber tree saplings from Minefactory reloaded.
    In order of size :
    Rubber Tree Sapling
    The Mega Rubber Tree Sapling
    The Sacred Rubber Tree Sapling

    The mega rubber tree is pretty big [comparable to the giant redwoods that generate]( the one i grew was around 74 stacks of logs from it) however it is nowhere near the size of the Sacred Rubber Tree saplings (which are incredibly intensive to generate and view)
  13. Antaioz

    Antaioz New Member

    I grew one of those sacred saplings once... I then decided to start a new world...

    The mega one sounds interesting, not world breaking, but something you might actually grow to harvest, rather than to marvel at or *conquer*. I've never seen one before, I'll be on the lookout now though.
  14. Summit

    Summit New Member

    Yeah, the Mega Rubber Tree must be new. Never heard of it before.
  15. MrGrey

    MrGrey New Member

    Just downloaded WLR and the dedicated server straight from the FTB launcher. Few things, the server Startserver.sh links to the wrong jar file, I had to change it to the forge jar. 2nd I couldn't start the server as it was missing NEI, added that and the server started but then when I tried to connect with the client I got:

    [21:57:24] [Netty IO #3/INFO] [FML]: Attempting connection with missing mods [MobiusCore, act, BrainCore, DescriptionTags, exnihilo, ExtendedAutomation, IC2, omnifluids, MapWriter, Opis, warpbook] at CLIENT
    [21:57:24] [Netty IO #3/INFO] [FML]: Rejecting connection CLIENT: [FMLMod:pneumaticCraft{1.2.6}, FMLMod:BuildCraft|Core{6.0.18}, FMLMod:asielib{0.3.1}, FMLMod:CarpentersBlocks{3.3.0}, FMLMod:BuildCraft|Builders{6.0.18}, FMLMod:BuildCraft|Factory{6.0.18}, FMLMod:warpbook{2.0.34}, FMLMod:DescriptionTags{1.0}, FMLMod:ExtendedAutomation{0.2.1}, FMLMod:fluxedtrinkets{0.49}, FMLMod:BuildCraft|Transport{6.0.18}, FMLMod:Botania{r1.2-123}, FMLMod:exnihilo{1.37}, FMLMod:BuildCraft|Silicon{6.0.18}, FMLMod:EnderIO{1.7.10-}, FMLMod:RandomThings{2.1.7}, FMLMod:Forestry{}, FMLMod:eek:mnifluids{1.2.0}, FMLMod:BuildCraft|Energy{6.0.18}, FMLMod:BrainCore{0.2.1}, FMLMod:TConstruct{1.7.10-1.7.0.build721}, FMLMod:IC2{2.2.650-experimental}]

    so appears a few discrepancies between the server and client or have I derped somewhere?
  16. MadMax-X

    MadMax-X Active Member

    I think one of those generated near spawn on our server. I'll see if I can post a screenshot when I get on the server next.
  17. Waisse

    Waisse New Member

    So 1.1.1 is broken ?
  18. Summit

    Summit New Member

    Any idea when the quests not properly showing as completed is going to be fixed? The more quests I have done the harder it is to find what still needs to be done.
  19. busterdude

    busterdude New Member

    i have a screenshot to but i hive not posted a screenshot i do not no how
    do you need 4 or 1 to grow the tree
  20. Waisse

    Waisse New Member

    I'm having a hard time finding tin, maybe there's an height restriction.

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