[1.7.10] Wanderlust Reloaded - Questing Adventure [Magic-Tech] [HQM - over 250 Quests] [Tabula Rasa]

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Jul 29, 2019

It is finally out! After almost 5 months of hard work in Alpha I am proud to present you the modpack, Wanderlust Reloaded.
This pack is the continuation of one of the most earliest 1.7 packs namely "Wanderlust" which was created by the fellow VikeStep, however, it stopped and I decided to resume developing it.

What does Wanderlust Reloaded have to offer?

The three main aspects in Wanderlust Reloaded are Magic, such as Ars Magica 2 or Thaumcraft 4 and most of its addons, Technology, for example MFFS by Calclavia or Mekanism, and last but not the least Exploration which is based on mods like Roguelike Dungeons or Hardcore Ender Expansion.
Alongside of the mods quests from Hardcore Questing Mode have been added that will guide new players through the mods in a flexible and non-forcing way so the player is comforted. Don't be surprised about the few quests when you first start, the more quests you complete, the more quests will be unlocked. Big mods such as Botania or Blood Magic get a chapter each but there are also sets of quests that combine mods, for example Pam's Harvestcraft or The Kitchen Mod.
Here are a couple of pictures of the Quest Book and the first chapter, the Initium!

To balance the modpack configs have been tweaked and custom recipes have been added thanks to Minetweaker. Not only are there changed recipes to balance the game but also to create recipes that are missing in the gameplay such as gardens from Pam's Harvestcraft, Garden Stuff's patterns or just a few random ones. In addition to Minetweaker a mod called Modtweaker has also been used to offer new ways to achieve specific items - an example are the items from the removed Promised Lands which can be now acquired by throwing mundane materials in the Alfheim portal from Botania. Naturally conflicting recipes got fixed as well but as I can't find every one make sure to tell me if a recipe is making trouble.


What makes Wanderlust Reloaded unique?

Most of the work focused on WLR was to make it as unique as possible - that means creating much custom content such as quests or new recipes but also something called Tabula Rasa. This brilliant mod by the KingLemming allows you to add blocks and items to the game that are blank at first but can be modified via textures and configs. To make them avaible for survival players recipes got added thanks to, once again, Minetweaker.
Long story short over 60 blocks from various mods got added namely Terrafirmacraft , Thaumcraft 2/3 and Mekanism.
Almost all of the blocks are purely for decoration and soon avaible in Microblocks, however, that is not possible right now.
I am eager to add more blocks to the game, if you have any ideas please PM me, I am more than happy to check out your ideas. ;)
As the textures used in Tabula Rasa are in a resourcepack you have to enable it at the start of the game to get rid of the missing textured blocks and items.


How do I install Wanderlust Reloaded?

With over 100 mods WLR is quite a heavy modpack that needs at least 3-4 GBs of RAM for it to run properly.
I also recommended to disable VSync, in the end it gave me a huge performance boost.
If you are not satisfied with your performance make sure to check out Fastcraft as it helped out many others.

To acquire the pack, enter the code "wlr" in your FTB Launcher!


If you have a suggestion for a mod, make sure to PM me!


Version 1.2.3: Forge 1291


-Moved to AE2 rv2

-EnderIO's ME-Cables will not crash anymore
-MekanismGenerator's will not crash servers anymore
-Too much stuff I can't be bothered to list because 1.2.2 is so outdated

Version 1.2.2: Forge 1286


-Railcraft now runs RF
-Enhanced Portals now runs on RF

-NEI now works
-No more Railcraft crashes
-No more memory leak with Traveller's Gear

Version 1.2.1: Forge 1284

-Binnie's Fix (Cloudy)

-Removed the Christmas Quest

-No more crafting lag with Reactor Casing and Tabula Rasa Blocks
-Servers won't crash anymore because of WAILA vs. Witchery
-Too much stuff I can't be bothered to list because 1.2.0 is so outdated

Version 1.2.0: Forge 1272


-New Botania lens
-Carpenter's Blocks is now stable

-Disabled Pneumaticraft's grass bonemeal effect - #303
-Bucket exploit with IguanaTweaks was fixed - #56
-IguanaTinkerTweaks not compatible with Tinkers' Weaponry
-Creative Menu won't crash - #292
-EiraIRC is now optional for servers

Version 1.1.9: Forge 1272


-Newest Thaumcraft 4!!!
-Lowered Gold and Diamond spawn - #294
-BoP Saplings and Trees now work with MFR machines - #293
-Disabled getting Pneumaticcraft seeds through bonemealing grass blocks

-Thaumic Exploration/Tinkerer are now compatible with the newest Thaumcraft
-Christmas Quest now has reputation - #289
-Optional scripts won't give any more errors

Version 1.1.8: Forge 1272


-NEW CHRISTMAS CONTENT! - To look it up, enter "customItem" in NEI!!
-Added a Christmas Quest in "Initium"!
-Changed "TabulaRasaRP.zip" to "WanderlustReloadedRP.zip"
-Performance boost due to updating Forge!!
-New TiC weapons!
-Blacklisted a few mobs in the Powered Spawner & Autospawner - #263
-Removed recipe for Soul Fragment - #267
-Removed recipe for Soul Brazier - #271
-Overhauled Trowel recipes so that they shall NEVER EVER conflict again - #281
-Added several ways to get Aluminum Sheets - #280
-Changed the recipe for Solar Generator (ExU) and Solar Generator (Mek) to fully Tech
-Sushi Compability - #283
-Re-enabled Thaumic Energistic's Gearboxes
-Nickel & Platinum Clusters now work in the smeltery
-AOBD2's metals now have correct colours
-Villagers no longer exchange massive amounts of food for an emerald - F#1329
-Nerfed Mek's Obsidian Tools - #286
-EiraIRC is back in the server version

-Performance boost in terms of worldgen
-"Shields up!" now requires the correct items - #264
-Fixed Mortar and Pestle dupe bug - #274
-Alvearies won't crash anymore - #276
-Gearboxes are fixed - #261
-Correct version of Morpheus is now used in servers - #273

Version 1.1.7: Forge 1263


-Disabled recipe for all Thaumic Energistic's Gearboxes, DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU GET THEM IN ANY WAY, THEY WILL CORRUPT CHUNKS - #261
-Beef Oyster Pie now takes Flour instead of Wheat

-Achievements don't crash anymore
-Salinator Upgrade T1 and Beef Oyster Pie now accept Mekanism Salt - #258
-Removed ".cfg" files whose mods are not in the pack anymore

Version 1.1.5: Forge 1240 (1.1.5 and 1.1.6 are the same)
-Modular Turrets (Optional)
-Decorative Armour
-Emotes (Optional)
-Hats (Optional) -> iChunUtil (Optional)

For Servers:


For Clients:

-Added a "README.txt" in the server.zip, both in the main folder and in the "optional_mods" folder. MUST READ AS A SERVER HOST!
-Update with the most new scripts! WOOT WOOT!
-Added a few rewards
-Added a (few) quest(s) hint hint
-Quests now require more "advancing" - #183
-Barley can now be turned into flour - #188
-Added some Autospawner blacklist - #176
-Efficient recipe for sugar - #197
-Buffed reward in "Magical Alloys" - #196
-Angel Rings can now be turned in other versions using the respective material - #192
-Buffed seed output - #201
-Both kind of zomby jerkies can be dried into leather - #206
-Quadrupled the amount an Ender Tank (Ender Tech) can hold
-Progressive Automation Crafters are now disabled - #207
-Voidstone is now craftable - #212
-Digital Miner recipe is now completly dependent on technical materials
-Big Reactors went under a giant overhaul in terms of recipes - #185
-RemoteIO (new) went under a giant overhaul in terms of recipes - #213
-Added a Pulverizer recipe for Raw Firestone
-Metallurgy-like metal compability for vanilla stuff - #187
-All types of saplings, seeds and fruits/veggies from Pam's now work with EnderIO to create Hootch thanks to the brilliant config of Bramcraft! - #218
-Boosted Super Massive Tech a whole lot - #231
-HungerOverhaul's milk cooldown was made 4x shorter (5min)
-HungerOverhaul now shows tooltips
-"Enchanted Island" and "Novas of Energy" got adjusted to the newest changes of HEE
-Mods "WAILA" and "Ping!" are now in the server.zip
-RedNet Historian now uses any black dye
-TabulaRasaRP is now zipped
-Overhauled "Wild Fauna" Rewards
-Changed recipe of Thatch
-Changed recipe of Salt
-Disabled generation of Mekanism's Salt
-More compability for BoP's Barley

-Malisis' Doors no longer crash - #129 ; #107
-Twilight Forest's mobs now work in a Safari Net - #114
-Drinking Helmets now work - #166
-"Botanical Brewery", "Gravity for everyone!", "Constructing Nature's Steel" now complete properly - #177 ; #175
-Fixed a crafting conflict between charcoal blocks - #179
-Removed second ore generation - #180
-Bluepower Timers now can be placed (?) - #184
-EnderIO cables now connect to Mekanism again - #190
-"Food of the Gods" now completes properly - #204
-"Gravity for everyone!" fixed headline - #205
-"Sake" now accepts all types of Sake - #191
-Chisel blocks are now reverted to their old state, thus making microblocks avaible again - #120
-Genetics'/ExtraTrees' machines (Binnie) now work again thanks to the brilliant script of fndragon! - #220
-"Endeared by Trading" can now be completed properly - #229
-Yellorium now spawns in the Deep Dark
-"Vitamins FTW" now accepts all kinds of blueberries and rice types - F#798
-Connected textures of Chisel won't crash anymore - #225
-"Mana Reward" task now consumes empty Mana Tablets that were emptied - #234
-"Ecological Bore" now gives the proper rewards - #233
-Updated to the latest jenkins Mariculture: HungerOverhaul now interacts with it #182; Jewelry enchantments fixed - #168 ;
Droplets won't conflict with buckets in Fluid Transposers anymore - #243
-Disabled Natura Barley generation because it was useless and is causing a crash in the end

Version 1.1.4: Forge 1236
-FluffyCloud's fixed Binnie's (Removes B's Fences for now)


-Native Clusters now work in the smeltery
-New Botania Quest for... something green
-Appropriate recipes for Hive Blocks - #111
-Sunstone/Moonstone recipe more logical - #117
-Food divider is set to 2 instead of 4 - #119
-New Botania Brewing Quest - #134
-Chains (M&B) now require Steel -#147
-Villagers won't drop graves anymore
-Mana Rewards now consume empty Mana Tablets and not partly filled or filled ones
-Added/Removed a few rewards
-Changed the recipe of Mekanism's Windmill
-Changed the Icon of the Tabula Rasa resourcepack
-BC6 quarry is sadly disabled now due to lag
-EnderIO Farming Station alerts are disabled - #160
-Optional mods for servers are now in a separate in the "mods" folder called "server_optional" in the server version so it is more easy for server owners to pick their mods. This folder needs to be removed if you want to start up the server.
-I included an "optional" folder in the scripts folder for both clients and servers to use. These scripts are for optional mods so if you have optional mods enabled that are in the optional scripts folder, put them in your main scripts folder
-OpenBlocks' blocks are now placeable again - #105
-Disabled MFR lakes - #113
-Reward bags don't crash anymore - #108
-Disabled squid spawning - #109
-Traveller's Gear now works again (?) - #118
-Fixed the Fluxing Acces s oires quest - #126
-Inventory won't spazz out anymore - #131
-Fixed a dupe - #132
-EnderIO lamps no longer crash servers - #135
-Fixed conflict between PR and BP circuit plates - #143
-Stars won't explode upon rewarding anymore, I take full responsibility for those who suffered from this, I am sorry
-Made a script for ExtraCell's missing recipes - #141 ; #137
-Gravestone debug is off now
-"Gravity for everyone" is fixed. For the last time.
-Fixed a biome ID conflict - #154
-Fixed the Yellorium Block Crafting Issue

Version 1.1.3: Forge 1235

-Not Enough Keys - Might come back, for some reason it disabled sneaking

-Added a Voidmetal Block - There ya go Ryan! - #94
-Added a recipe for Soul Fragment (Doesn't use up the orb) - #82
-Minefactory Reloaded now uses EnderIO and Thermal Expansion recipes - #84
-Botania's dyes now use Pam's Mortar and Pestle - Thanks Phoenixteam! - #96
-Re-enabled Botania's Smoky Quartz, changed the recipes of both versions
-> Made Flügel Tiara - Smokey Quartz version compatible with TT's Smokey Quartz
-Finally disabled MUD aka Mine&Battle Update Checker

-Servers now work again - Factorization 85
-Bamboo Shoots are now craftable into the crop-block form - #75
-No more conflict between skillet and iron dagger
-Made Aluminum (sighs Aluminium) smeltable - #88
-Fixed Essentia Seed Infusion - #92
-"Gravity for Everyone!" - Botania Quest, removed the ghost task - #80
-Analyzer now shows up in NEI
-Fixed the HQM bug in which completed quests show up as unclaimed- THANK YOU BASENJI <3
-Sonic Glasses are now disabled - #100
-Fluxed Trinkets now should work on servers - #95

Version 1.1.2: Forge: 1231
-Enhanced Portals
-Magic Bees
-Wireless Redstone (chicken_chunks)
-Funky Locomotives

-Spice of Life

-Computercraft recipes are now harder
-Blood Moon is more rare
-IguanaTweaks' harvest levels have been disabled thus making your gameplay independent of Tinkers' Construct
-Tall Grass now drops seeds
-Enderminies and Ender Creepers are disabled
-EnderIO's recipes are now set to hardmode
-Squid spawn disabled - recipe for a spawn egg
-Kihira's epic voice is now in the lore!
-Fluxed Trinket Quest
-Quests are now a lot more hidden
-Moonstone is now craftable
-New Angel Ring recipes
-Performance Boost
-Void Fog is gone thanks to the new mod ttCore
-Made a recipe for IC2 rubber sapling Botania's, 2 Green, 2 Brown petals in the Apothecary with a seed
-Boosted egg laying of chickens
-Bane of Arthropods is now disabled as a random level up reward in IguanaTweaks
-Bedrock is now literally the bedrock dimension

-Crops now drop seeds
-Sake quest works now
-"Hot Topic" quest accepts a lava filled clay bucket!
-Part Builders and Stencil Tables are compatible with "Starting Tools" now
-Twilight Forest biomes are disabled for Mystcraft as they make BIG trouble
-dev/null has a recipe now
-"Fancy Dynamos" Quest fix
-Paxel Recipe Crash Fix
-Redstone Engine Fix
-AM2 guardian fix with Minetweaker and Tabula Rasa. Ender & Lightning Guardian are not craftable because they crash on spawn
-JABBA Server Fix
-Botania's Smoky Quartz is disabled

Version 1.1.0: Forge 1225
-Traveller's Gear
-Hunger Overhaul
-Iguana Tweaks
-InPure Core
-Malisis Doors/Core

-Description Tags (Useless)
-Omnifluids (Buggy)
-Braincore / Extended Automation (Useless)
-Ex Nihilo (Most of the stuff got disabled thus useless)
-Damage Indicators (Replaced by WAILA)
-Warpbook (Replaced by Mystcraft)

-Massive Quest Balancing
-Massive Ore Balancing
-IguanaTweaks and HungerOverhaul are hard but not too hard
-Quest Fixes

Version 1.0.2: Forge 1225
-Terra & Stone will work properly now

-Graves will spawn now

-All mods are to the latest

Version 1.0.1: Forge 1217
Initial Release

This is for people who have issues downloading the pack when, for example, they are getting errors when they want to download it.


Future Plans:
-More quests in new sets focused on Flax's Steam Mod and Witchery


Additional Notes:
-Personally I find the generation of Pneumaticraft's plants rather annoying so I disabled it. To acquire the seeds, simply combine a wheat seed with the respective dye.

-Squids are disabled, you can craft a spawn egg with a black dye and a chicken egg.

As soon as you go ingame you will be connected to #WLR, our IRC channel.

Some people reported, including me, that using MultiMC helps the FPS. If you feel like it's unplayable with the FPS you currently have, please give MultiMC a go.


Thanks and Credits to:
The awesome Kihira for bringing a voice to the lore!

All of the testers who report bugs nonstop!

Bramcraft and fndragon who have posted a lot of content that fix the pack/add stuff to the pack!

The server owners who published their server here!

The author(s) and texture artist(s) of Mekanism, Witching Gadgets, Terrafirmacraft, Thaumcraft, Applied Energistics, Botania, Pam's Harvestcraft plus Rhodox and last but not the least, Tinkers' Construct for a big amount of textures and ideas that are used in Wanderlust Reloaded!


Hitting that "Like" button would make my day ~
Have fun!

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Jul 29, 2019
Official server, Seriousservers(SeriousVern) : wanderlust.seriousservers.net:25570 ; wonderlust.seriousservers.net:25570
-No griefing
-Cauldron alongside of Grief Prevention, Essentials, etc.
-Optional PvP
-Teamspeak: ts3.seriousservers.net

With a strong line of top-notch servers, we maintain an actively growing community while dedicating time to ensuring the quality performance people have come to expect from us over the years. Our website chat and forums allow you to instantly communicate with staff and fellow players if you need some quick help. Whether in game, or on the site you will be amongst a friendly community of Minecraft players willing to share their knowledge.

We allow things like chunk loaders, and quarries: we make sure to limit what we ban in order to keep you happy. We know what it takes to run strong, efficient, lag-free servers, and we do not and will not compromise our players' happiness.

Optional mods that are not used:

  • Public server, Churroscraft (MathiasNotDJ) : mc.churroscraft.net
  • -No griefing
  • -Cauldron alongside of Towny Protection, Essentials, etc.
  • -Teamspeak: ts3.churroscraft.net

  • Optional mods that are not used:
  • Industrialcraft; Gravisuite; Nuclear Control 2

  • Private server, Mayhem Sanctum (mrdeadlocked) : mayhemsanctum.com
  • -NO Griefing/Stealing. Be mindful of what you chunkload. Be civil.
  • -Cauldron setup with essentials, Worldborder, Pregenned worlds.
  • -We have a teamspeak setup, same IP as the server. If you want to join put in application at /r/Mayhemsanctum

  • Optional mods that are not used:
  • ProjectRed/Blue

  • Private Whitelist Server, WanderR (Basenji) :
  • -PM Basenji your minecraft name to join
  • -No griefing
  • -Teamspeak:, PW: WanderR

  • Optional mods that are not used:
  • -> None

  • French server, average age of 35 and fathers.

  • No rules as player are trusted, civic and take care of the server

  • Optional mods that are not used:
  • Industrialcraft; Gravisuite; Nuclear Control 2, project red
  • Additional mod : most of Reika's mods

If you have a server that would be open to the WLR community, make sure to contact me with PM, post on here so others can see, IRC or whatever you prefer.
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Jul 29, 2019
Snazzy, I like the idea of using Tabula Rasa to add nice looking blocks from other mods. Could I suggest adding either Chert from Enhanced Biomes or Gabbro from Underground Biomes: Constructs? The two look fairly similar but both are very good looking blocks.


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Jul 29, 2019
Great modpack! I would love If you ad some of this mods with quests: gendustry, agricraft, ic2 addons, galacticraft and resonant induction, i think this are the only mods th at are missing, but i love this pack so far thank you!


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Jul 29, 2019
um just a question related to HQM, is there a known bug related to you complete quest and take reward and it still looks as if you never did?


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Dec 11, 2013
um just a question related to HQM, is there a known bug related to you complete quest and take reward and it still looks as if you never did?
That is a bug HQM has been working on. The quest is still claimed but it's not syncing correctly, you can not complete the quest again.
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Jul 29, 2019
Great modpack! I would love If you ad some of this mods with quests: gendustry, agricraft, ic2 addons, galacticraft and resonant induction, i think this are the only mods th at are missing, but i love this pack so far thank you!

Wow, those are a lot of suggestions, let me go through them...
Gendustry: A big maybe, for me it has always kind of defeated the way brees are supposed to be bred, namely in a very time intensive and cautious way.
Agricraft: Yes, yes and YES! I love this mod!
IC2 Addons: May you be a bit more specific? Gravisuit will be in the next update.
Galacticraft: This mod is one of the most resource intensive mods I have ever seen and will destroy a weak server in no time. Sorry, but I have to say no.
Resonant Induction: Just like Agricraft this mod is adored by me, however, I want it to be a bit more stable :)[DOUBLEPOST=1413234294][/DOUBLEPOST]
Looks awesome! I'd suggest using YAMPST, so you can get statistics for your modpack :)
May you instruct me how to use it in IRC tomorrow? :p[DOUBLEPOST=1413234426][/DOUBLEPOST]
Snazzy, I like the idea of using Tabula Rasa to add nice looking blocks from other mods. Could I suggest adding either Chert from Enhanced Biomes or Gabbro from Underground Biomes: Constructs? The two look fairly similar but both are very good looking blocks.
The Granite rock of Terrafirmacraft kinda looks like it.