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  1. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 New Member

    o_O i total forgot about rep haha but than again i don't really pay attention to it and just play the game. While i was a big way into my 8.0 world i remade it for 8.2 since i couldn't find a ocean that had ancient sand or that in almost 4k in all directions from my base so i started over.
  2. Fl3x

    Fl3x New Member

    Nice thanks ! I have some more quests in botania to do, i guess i was just impatient ^^
  3. MakakPL

    MakakPL New Member

    how to reset quest book ? my look like this is f... something :

    ok its done shiny and new quest book :)
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  4. Rautt

    Rautt New Member

    Quests for Lapis Seeds & Essence Berry bugged.

    Have the items, can't turn them in.

    Have tried to throw them on the ground and picking them back up, restarting, cheating them in, nothing seems to work.

    Version: 0.82

    Update- After spawning in the cheat questbook, and shit-clicking the lapis quest, it's no longer able to be completed. I see 100% done on the item detection, but it doesn't say "complete" while mousing over the quest, and it can't be reset.

    Video links, as if they're needed:

    -Update- After cheating the lapis quest

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  5. Maxxgold

    Maxxgold New Member

    Does anyone here actually answer technical questions or is this just for in-game related questions ?

    I have a problem when using /help. It kicks me off the server. To re-create the issue you type /help and get kicked off the server. Sometimes it only kicks you off on /help 2

    2nd. Can I use essentials or Groupmanager with Regrowth ?
    3rd. Should I upgrade out of date addons or just leave them alone ?

    If someone could take their precious time and help me out here I would appreciate it ?
  6. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    With regard to your first question, you're probably better off asking in the Tech Support Forum.

    Not sure on your second question, but someone else here might know.

    For the third one, you're best off leaving the older addons as they are (I'm assuming you mean things like Botania that are inherent parts of Regrowth.)
  7. Maxxgold

    Maxxgold New Member

    Yeah, I keep seeing addon out of date and an offer to get the newest version. Thanks for the technical forum link.
    I'm trying to setup some permissions through Mcmyadmin and it says to use GroupManager so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience there ?
  8. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    Nope, sorry. :(
  9. Maxxgold

    Maxxgold New Member

    Do you guys not use permissions with this mod pack ?
  10. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    I haven't had much need for them, though I've considered it. Was trying to work it out with ServerTools, actually, but it caused issues with ACE and the Mysterious Maps. (That sounds like a detective story)
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  11. Maxxgold

    Maxxgold New Member

    Haha. I just tested out ForgeEssentials and it seems to work well. It also fixes the /help issue I was having and adds the help for a lot of the installed plugins. It also adds a home and back commands as well as a bed command. I haven't fully tested it out but it looks pretty good right now. I'll report back. I'm using 994 http://ci.forgeessentials.com/job/FE/changes
  12. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    Hmm... I may need to add that one in.
  13. Maxxgold

    Maxxgold New Member

    Just be fore warned that it has a lot of options turned on from the start. None of them are game breaking but you may not want your users using the /snow command non stop. It only puts out a little snow but I can see that becoming annoying. Make a few groups like in the tutorial and then deny or allow as you see fit.
  14. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    Hooooo... that's a lot of commands. Fun figuring out which should available to a standard user.
  15. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    Oh, and I noticed that it doesn't cause the same issue with the Mysterious Map that ServerTools does.
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  16. Maxxgold

    Maxxgold New Member

    You are going to want to remove the worldedit.* from all groups /p group members deny worldedit.*
    (members) wold be a group you created yourself.
    There is a _GUESTS_ group that is already there. I would use /p group _GUESTS_ deny worldedit.*

    This is the essential commands that you are going to use to let a group interact with your world. The set part of the prefix can be left off. It should be /p group members prefix &f[&2Member&f]
    /p group create Members
    /p group Members prefix set &f[&2Member&f]
    /p group Members priority set 10
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.BasicCommands.afk
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.BasicCommands.bed
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.BasicCommands.home
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.BasicCommands.home.set
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.BasicCommands.motd
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.BasicCommands.rules
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.BasicCommands.spawn
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.Chat.commands.msg
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.Chat.commands.r
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.Protection.allowEdits
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.Protection.allowBlockInteractions
    /p group Members allow ForgeEssentials.Protection.allowEntityInteractions
    /p user AbrarSyed group set Members
  17. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

  18. Tatsuran

    Tatsuran New Member

    Thaumcraft behaves weird. It just requires research points to research something, without mini-game. Bug or feature?
  19. Feature. thephoenixlodge disabled the minigame in Thaumcraft's config file.
  20. Yobur

    Yobur New Member

    There is a Thaumcraft config option for that. Check this line in the Thaumcraft.cfg file, I:research_difficulty=0. If the value is -1, that turns off the mini game.

    Personally, the dragon is not overly fond of the mini game.


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