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  1. MoegamingLps

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    i think the cities shouldnt be made of ice but there should be wells that either contain water or maybe ice
  2. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    1) sand can be had early on before cobblegen if you're desperate enough, start cactus and expand as they drop. It's just another avenue to explore on my next iteration.

    2) (both you and wursti explain what I pretty much understand) I'm not saying I don't know HOW to do it. it's just a pita to keep on manipulating that if you say, run out of plastic and need more. I think of thaumcraft infusing altar. You build a majority of the nicer stuff in that and you end up having to baby sit each one just about, but at least you get to see explosions, cool animations (tho they get old after a while) plus your supply is nearby and can be automated somewhat, but you could just walk away and do something quick, come back put stuff back on altars repeat. This? I just spent 2 hours making plastics and watching items rotate in a little bubble. added a couple compressors and would wait till pressure built up, flip switch unload part of chest set to 8 item stacks to not overfill, rinse repeat. it's mind numbingly boring as hell. I'd go farm but the one time I did, I was walking back from dropping everything at base and boom, pipes exploded from pressure cause I was building up pressure. I have 1 compressor with redstone control, but added 2 more with lever to boost capacity. I see I'll have to fix this. Tried building a 5x5 and it would not fill up with air. nowhere on wiki does it state it needs the advanced piping but it sure seems like it so there you go....

    smf == sfm == steves factory manager.
  3. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    for 2, that's a good idea. didn't think about setting up multiple out interfaces. that would definately help.

    for 3 tho, yeah, that wasn't the point. a couple pages back I explained what I was trying to achieve. Essentially, trying to exactly use up all the casting tables in succession without overfilling any, and if there's more, dump to tank, dump back to deep tank, next molten goes down to bottom, do that one, rinse repeat. If none of the moltens have enough to make even one ingot/block, skip, etc... I can do that with sfm, but it can't access the liquid in the deep tank/smeltery, thus my sad face. I use the high oven/deep tank combo for the triple ores. I can do what I describe, but then I'll be setting up a drum or two for each type in a separate system and manipulate them that way which is clumbersome but will work as I described. I can then quickly cast all the ingots for each type all at once using ALL the casting tables/basins all at once w/o overfill which would rock very fast. Instead, you get stuck doing things one at a time or so. In ag skies, I created something like 6 mini smelteries so I could avoid alloys and run like 9 basins per and I'm just trying to minimize space and make a smarter/smaller build.
  4. DatEnderGamer

    DatEnderGamer New Member

    How the hell do people manage to get power set up? I seem to run out of power far too quickly, and then I need to rush and do literally ALL of pneumaticcraft without dying once.
  5. Padavar

    Padavar Active Member

    once you get the grinder and reactant dynamo up. Power is alot easier.
  6. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    as an aside, my batch #1 just finished. I have 1 stack of each plastic in game. I moved almost all my dirt to sieving and got a bunch of grass seeds and had been planting all the plants ad finitum. that took me just for processing them in 3x3 chamber, about 3 hours and 2.5 stacks of coal. I can't think of ANY resource that would take me that long to process with so much baby sitting except for aforementioned thaumcraft infusion altar but at least with the altar, I can walk away and come back and you can automate alot of it if you know what you're doing (I don't like tc very much). Even gregtech isn't this cheesy from a perspective of watching over your processing, etc... although, that's a bad comparison. :} It's cheesy for alot of other things. at least the compression chamber isn't copper colored... *hehe*

    anyways, scrapping my plans of 4 stacks of each and building out my base instead till I figure out how to get the 5x5 working and then use your suggestions for multiple outs, etc... I've been lurking on the minecraftforum.net post for the mod and alot of people are sorta purturbed by the chamber. I hadn't even mentioned the acid bath yet tho that's next on my list and that's going to be SO MUCH FUN TOO. After you tech up, can you skip making those pcb's w/o dumping into pit of acid or is that the only way to get them? I saw someone a few dozen pages back stating that you can set it up with AE to automate that process using the transition plane. I'll have to go back and find that post. someone should collate all the good bits of info into a faq (maybe I will if I'm bored while making my other 3 stacks of plastic heh)
  7. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Alright. Now I have all the files I need, I am starting to tweak the map settings. Expect a few days of this. I'm hoping to get 1.1.2 out by the end of the week.
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  8. Shin Sekai

    Shin Sekai Well-Known Member

    That's the point. WithOUT ZA is the right amount of difficulty. With ZA, it's too easy... In my opinion.
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  9. DatEnderGamer

    DatEnderGamer New Member

    But I can't get that set up until I do all of pneumaticcraft. And then I have no power to start the Grinder with
  10. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Survival generator into any TE cell for a bit and then feed that into the grinder will be enough to kickstart it. Once it starts running, it should then generate its own power.
  11. DatEnderGamer

    DatEnderGamer New Member

    Thanks Iskandar, I didn't really check every generators recipe, I just assumed they all used the logic cards.
  12. Shane2482

    Shane2482 Well-Known Member

    ok Iskandar now that iv got the main files to you all i can really do is wait to get the changes from you. So now that i can relax a little i decided to play around with the cities a little. I think this building designee may work better with the style a little better the the code is the same so changing to this one wont be a problem, let me know what you think. 2014-07-27_11.31.18.png
    Now for everybody thats been helping me come up blocks to use once again thanks, now this pic shows my other big problem, every color is a different rule or area, all i can do is change the blocks used in these areas and the the placement is random so not much control this is the reason i have to have blocks that look alike, now with some time i could change the walls but not the towers because they are hard coded and i dont know how to get around that. Now then let me get everybody else thoughts on the two designs as well
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  13. Genshou

    Genshou Well-Known Member

    This seems like it should work, unfortunately the growth rate and survival chance of dropped cactus blocks in a vanilla automated setup make this take way too long. Also, if you are mass-sieving sand before you set up a cobblegen, you're doing it wrong.

    That said, I still think it's a viable alternative once a large-scale farm has been established. Double piston extenders could increase drop survival chance, but that's a lot of resources you could and probably should spend on more effective methods.

    All that said, does the watering can work on cacti? That could make the setup less painfully slow.

    Edited: failed to fix one phone typo, it seems.
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  14. Monkeykey87

    Monkeykey87 New Member

    how do i install this mod pack?
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  15. Shane2482

    Shane2482 Well-Known Member

    mfr harvester will work on cactus so the best way is to set a small area of your tree farm to cactus all you need to do is manually plant them in range of the harvester and it will do all the rest no dropped cactus
  16. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    It is listed on the 3rd party modpack tab on the FTB launcher.
  17. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    No, I left survival generators alone on purpose. It only produces 5 rf/tick, but it is enough to trickle charge a transposer for water or kickstart a grinder, or even, very slowly, make a shell if you took the easy route.
  18. Drawde

    Drawde Well-Known Member

    On cacti for water, I planted a stack of cacti and manually harvested/replanted (to make sure drops weren't destroyed by other cacti) them every other day. This provided more cacti than I needed for those two days. Surplus were made into soup.

    Too bad they can't be used in a Transposer :(

    This is why I Transposed leaves despite it taking ten to make a bottle. I had plenty of water already and just wanted an easily automated method.
  19. TSGarpian

    TSGarpian New Member

    Is it possible to add ComputerCraft? I would like to set up a kind of turtle powered terraforming in the end game.
  20. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr Popular Member

    Except the grinder itself and reactant dynamo to "generate its own power" require the logic card... and thus the pneumatic printed circuit board. So yes, you can prepare things with a survivalist generator in advance, but you still have to build the pneumatic system (compression chamber, air compression, uv chamber, etching acid) to make them.

    Each PCB will take 15 minutes to make, and you need seven of them to speed up the process with an assembly array. You can parallelize the process, at a cost of 8 emeralds (and one red rose dye) for each thread

    Everything in MFR or TE requires a machine frame or in some other form a logic card, so for all intents in 1.1.1 *all* technology in the map is gated behind setting up pneumatic craft. Until that's done, you have only the two transposers, any quest rewards and some pipes. Frankly, pneumatic craft an 'un-fun' grind under the best of circumstance, and this map isn't the best circumstance.

    Oddly, rednet controllers don't require a logic card, but I'm sure that oversight will be corrected.
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