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    [1.7.10] Material Energy^4

    Is there a way to limit the range of an enderthermic pump? I was trying to drain the cryotheium in the biosphere but its also draining the reactor. And upon investigating, it also drained the lava and water I had in the Observatory...
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    [1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

    Hey I'm not sure if its been reported, but (in 1.1.1) every time I make peanut butter cookies I get an empty glass bottle.
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    F7 and F9 stopped working?

    I know this might sound silly but is your f lock key toggled?
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    I got those before when I changed my anti-aliasing from 'use application settings' to well anything lol
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    Excessive Lag Only in part of my Base

    I have a laggy part of my base too. I determined it was my three bulelctric engines that I had there. Once I removed them it made that area run a lot more smoothly. I now have them in an area I hardly ever go to.
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    Help! How do I empty a squeezer?!

    The honey is saved in the pipette so you can click in it back in the same way you took it out, if the tank is empty.
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    How to spawn a Legend Oak Tree?

    Is the spawn tree command just for forestry trees? I don't really know any of the console commands. But anyway if it is only for forestry then it's not going to work since extrabiomes is what adds that tree.
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    Fermenter & Accepting two forms of liquid

    Just pipe it in. The tank has to be empty tho. You canuse a pipette to get the tiny but that sometimes gets left over
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    Exporting exact number of item

    The only way I managed to do what you are trying is to use a Redpower Sorting Machine. I have AE supply a chest with all the dusts and what not and then I had Redpower pull out the exact amount. I then have AE pull the results out of the machine
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    Partial mod compatibility?

    When you disable forestry be sure to disable extra bees as well
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    [unsolved] EE3 Problem :/

    I've been having a pretty similar problem for a long time now. I kinda chalked it up to manually updating other mods. But I really have no idea why.
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    Just had an idea...

    See I feel the exact opposite of that. I was just like 'really? Nuclear powers is just a glorified steam generator'. But yeah I agree, it has all been refinement. Finding a more efficient way of spinning a turbine.
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    Need some ideas

    Build a villager breading farm then find a volcano and use mystcraft portals to sacrifice the villagers to the fire deity Pele.
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    Just had an idea...

    Did anyone else feel rather disappointed when they learned that? I know I was when I found out like 10 years ago. I can never see them in the same light...
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    Factorization Power

    Well since it'd alive. What's this about an energy bridge?