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    CoFH problem... again. You're welcome.
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    Colorless input for Thermal Expansion? What is it?

    Open access. Allows any slot in the machine to be accessed from that side, but no automatic input or output.
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    Induction Smelter recipes config?

    Honestly not sure what to tell you. It works fine for me (just tested), and presumably everyone else as well. It's in common.cfg, under Dynamo, subcategory <whatever>.
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    Induction Smelter recipes config?

    You'll have to disable Steel making in the Induction Smelter. There's a direct config option for that. The issue is that IC2 considers refined iron to be steel. Welp.
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    autonomous activator not working in y-direction

    Known bug? Known by whom? It's new to me. Nobody has ever reported it. Then again, I probably know why. The AA works properly, I just tested it. The issue here is with the Draconic Shovel.
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    How do you like mods to be balanced?

    RF is whatever you want it to be.
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    How do you like mods to be balanced?

    Comparing straight to BC, this is a reasonable interpretation. Comparing to itself, however, it quickly becomes a tedious chore to have 1 dynamo per machine. Power usage in TE is way higher and the crafting a fair bit more involved, so the 1:1 comparison is accurate numerically but sort of...
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    How do you like mods to be balanced?

    Could you elaborate on this? I'm a bit confused since Limited Functionality is exactly the point of TE (you can't max-augment everything), so I'm not sure what the complaint is.
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    Best Minecraft mods for Minecraft 1.8.7

    I agree with you completely. Fact of the matter is that 1.8.7 is at the moment a giant leap backwards in a lot of ways. I mean just an absolutely colossal mis-step from Mojang. EnumFacing is in many ways a copy of a Forge class (ForgeDirection), except poorly thought out. BlockPos replaces the...
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    Thermal Expansion Bust

    You have the wrong version of something. That's it.
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    Changing Machine Mod bye bye IC2?

    Just as an interesting exercise, go back and read some of the old posts when I announced RF. There was a whole lot of, "But I liked TE, now I'll never play it again. :(" and, <insert xkcd standards comic here>. It's really sort of funny in retrospect, since RF exists exactly because I went out...
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    Changing Machine Mod bye bye IC2?

    Incorrect. IC2 easily reaches 1 operation per tick. The only machine in TE that does that is the Cyclic Assembler, and even in that case, it costs more energy and is actually far slower than the normal process - crafting things, which is free (energy-wise) and instant (shift-click). Also, please...
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    [SOLVED] ISpecialArmor ArmorProperties either gives invincibility or no protection

    Just specify CoFHLib. It ships with Core, but it still counts as being there. Also, is how armor is done, in general.
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    Ore Generation

    CoFH jsons for generation. /cofh clearblocks to remove all the dirt, stone, whatever and get a good visual idea of what it looks like. /cofh countblocks can count them, but I don't believe it's in any current packs just yet. Will find out and let you know.
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    DW20: JABBA & Itemtuct system getting clogged?

    You're using a basic servo. The extraction rate is SUPER slow, as a heads up. Even so, this isn't a problem I can reproduce. I can have 20 layers of barrels and it's still fine. Have you tried using the wrench to break the connections somewhat? The way that the network functions, it shouldn't...