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  • {
    "dirt": {
    "template": "uniform",
    "block": [ {"name": "minecraft:air"}
    "material": [
    {"name": "GalacticraftMars:tile.mars", "metadata": 2}
    "clusterSize": 600,
    "numClusters": 2,
    "minHeight": 0,
    "maxHeight": 128,
    "retrogen": "false", ..................
    Good day, for 2 days I am suffering((
    How to replace the ore in the world?
    through configuration of the mod is not up
    So if i wish to create a mod based on Redstone Flux, what mod do i use, CoFH Lib, CoFH Core, or both?
    You don't need either. Just add the RF API to your src folder and it should all work fine, and then you won't need dependencies :)
    Thanks a lot for a milestone of buildcraft related mod, more, some functions are reference. You refreshed it with many user oriented ideas (easy user interface, control, low-lag, chestransport,...). Balance is great and only weaked by other mods like MFR or EE3 (eg. enderperls), thats desided by mod-packers.Dont worry about discussions about open source or not. What you do, is yours, we just beneficiary!

    I don't mean to be pushy... But could you please give as some status updates regarding the 1.6.2 port?
    Just something like "things are going as you planned, but it will still be a few weeks" or "going good, soon"
    Great mod, King Lemming ! Thermal Expansion sets a high water mark for configurable machines with lots of info that work exactly as expected. Whether my base is large or small, early game or late game, TE machines are always there.
    Is there a way to change the lexicons black/white list so that xycraft gems/ingots can be changed back and forth?
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