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    Then, than, your, you're

    In retrospect, I must apologize; I didn't realize one might feel slighted by a humorous correction through stylistic imitation. Usually, if I misspell something, I search to see if the error may have a meaning I can spin off into a joke. If I were to misspell "Twilight Forest" as "Twilight...
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    Then, than, your, you're

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    Then, than, your, you're

    package net.language.english import static net.language.english.Dictionary public class GrammarUtils { private GrammarUtils () {} public static String useThanOrThen (Expression exp, Word word) { Context context = exp.getContext(word); Word result = Word.INVALID...
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    Just have to ask

    Allow players to pluck chickens by activating (right-clicking) them, and deal 0 or 1 damage to cause them to run around. Shedding chickens makes sense, but in practice you get item clutter which adds much unneeded stress from the item entities in the world. Shearing chickens doesn't make sense...
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    Red Power 2 News

    The Redstone update following 1.4.6 will likely exacerbate modder issues, what with the introduction of analog signal strength. At the same time, it will add some much needed robustness to the crude vanilla redstone.
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    List of Mods to remove from FTB

    MystCraft and TwilightForest are disabled indefinitely. MystCraft gives players entirely too much power, especially the power to stress server capabilities. TwilightForest adds plenty of nice content (blocks, items, mobs), but lacks sufficient configurability. Until the portal/dimension can be...
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    SimpleMods, vanilla server management plugin

    SimpleMods is useful, but relatively buggy and incomplete. Fortunately, so is FTB, so it's the perfect time to test. I'd encourage every server operator to run it, preferably on a test server separate from your main FTB server until the mod matures.
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    Red Power 2 News

    It's at least art insofar as it is a product of skill. I subscribe to the idea that art is not a special class of commodities, those things arbitrarily elected by some clique to be worthy of praise and recognition, but instead see art as a dimension to anything that may be done skillfully, a...
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    Red Power 2 News

    Culminate. Updating mods between versions of Minecraft isn't usually complicated; MCP reverses the obfuscation, FML/Forge updates, modders update their Forge install and correct references to base classes and such as needed. Adding content, ensuring it works properly, that takes far more time...
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    Where to begin in modding

    Or Netbeans. (Though it's much easier to work with Forge via Eclipse.)
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    Launcher out now!

    The Portal Gun mod includes portal guns, which contain the functionality of a gravity gun, sans the super-lethal firing mode of Half-Life 2.
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    Inordinate Greeting Custom

    Thanks. Tried to keep the little thesis brief, since no one wants to read a wall of text on forums. As for FTB, so far, so good. Currently exploring the mods, looking for issues and imbalances. The Portalgun mod is spectacular, but the components are all terribly cheap relative to their...
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    Windows .exe Max memory setting not working

    I would strongly advise not directing people to third-party providers of JRE; unless you can be certain the source is trustworthy, like java or oracle sites, you're opening yourself up to potentially serious vulnerabilities.
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    Windows .exe Client Crash

    FTB: 1.01 Minecraft: 1.4.2 Java: 64-bit JRE 7u7 Details: Client crash on attempt to acquire Balsa Sapling (currently uses Fire icon) via NEI Cheat Mode. Deliberate QA on my part. Error logs: