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    Most ridiculous power supply

    Steve Carts 2 also has a lawnmower attachment now to collect flowers and grass ;)
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    Apology to the public

    Good to see there are still some honest and moral people around here. No hard feelings.
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    Buildcraft tanks: not VISUALLY filling with seed oil?

    Damn, your just having a tough time all around arnt you? Multifarm eating walnuts, seed oil not showing up...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    I saw this on the wiki Is it just a chance at getting a [-] bee or a guarantee? I was planning on using nether stars
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    A simple question

    I believe they are downloaded of off different servers. That's why when they came out Unhindged was fine but the other two had trouble. I don't know though, I'm not a doctor.
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    MJ Transportation, No Tesseracts

    Using liquiducts isn't an option because it has the same problem the conduits would have, so that's out. Using steam is, like a few people have mentioned before this, has a horrible volume/energy ratio, same as lava. So that's out too. Force engines arn't reliable beacause of the resources to...
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    Destroying XP

    could also use grinders from MFR. Yes they require energy but you dont get any XP, you receive mob essence for other spawners, and you get their drops. But turtles in my opinion is better, like Zenthon said.
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    MJ Transportation, No Tesseracts

    That's not a bad alternative. Have is to that smaller storage areas of 10 RECs would be loaded in the section a player would be in. The smaller plower plants everyone has sugessted seems to be the main theme. It just seems like an extra step to move the fuel to the smaller power plant for it...
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    MJ Transportation, No Tesseracts

    That is somewhat of a relief about the conduits, like you said, always an option. The community of games that I play with have become convinced that everything is too easy and end up relying on lava and tesserracts for all transportation. Don't get me wrong, I think they work great, but...
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    MJ Transportation, No Tesseracts

    I'm looking for a way to power my city (planing to be 500x500 at least) from a single location to the rest of the city. My own personal rules to this project are no tesserracts, no lava generation, no enderchests. The problem is that I'm about 70% sure that if I run conduits all over in the...
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    Random explosions with Railcraft

    The only way this could happen is he had HS rails and HS boosters. Okay, they only 2 other ways I can see this going wrong is either 1)Both loader for water is on the wrong setting and the water tank isn't being filled up/ topped off and there is the small probability that the engine...
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    Random explosions with Railcraft

    Are you using High-powered rails? Just a guess.
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    Butterfly Suicide Help

    So they don't sufficate on them? Won't they get hurt if they touch it?
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    Butterfly Suicide Help

    that sucks :( oh well
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    Butterfly Suicide Help

    So, I'm trying to create a dome where butterflies will remain in the room, but they keep suffocating in the walls. Any Ideas to get around this?