What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new year, new update, and today it's @The_Kipster with Terra (Biomes & Stuff)
The_Kipster said:

Terra adds 37 biomes, 8 iron ore variants, 4 coal variants, & 8 sand & sandstone variants.


  • Alps
  • Black Beach
  • Black Desert
  • Cold Plateau
  • Dry Plateau
  • Dunes
  • Fens
  • Frozen Lake
  • Frozen Plateau
  • Glacier
  • Grasslands
  • Green Beach
  • Green Plateau
  • Green Hills
  • Green Extreme Hills
  • Highlands
  • Lake
  • Lush Forest
  • Meadow
  • Orange Beach
  • Pinelands
  • Pink Beach
  • Plateau
  • Praire
  • Purple Beach
  • Rainforest
  • Red Beach
  • Red Plateau
  • Rockland
  • Sahel
  • Shrubland
  • Steppe
  • Tundra Spikes
  • Tundra
  • White Beach
  • White Desert
  • Woodlands
Imgur thingy for images of the biomes added



Id love it if you add Terra into your modpack, no need to ask for permission. Although it would be nice if you told me so I can check out your modpack.


I had originally made a mod called Terra using mcreator, however, I have moved over to using eclipse and remade the mod.

and @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.12 - 76
- added various config options for the Belljar, to adjust growthspeeds and fertilizer effects
- re-added partivles and animation for the Arc Furnace (thanks Malte)
- added TOP compat for the Sheetmetal Tank (thanks SirWindfield)
- added Metal Ladders and Scaffold covered versions
- fixed wires connected to razorwire not rendering (thanks Malte)
- fixed missing comparator output on the Current Transformer (thanks Malte)
- fixed the drill accidentally modifying its NBT on sharing (thanks Malte)
- fixed the Bucket Wheel having rotation issues (thanks Malte)
- fixed crashes related to newer Forge versions (thanks Malte)
- fixed rendering issues with the Floodlight and improved its performance (thanks Malte)
- fixed Carrots and Potoes not working in the Cloche (thanks SirWindfield)
- fixed crash when the Teslacoil destroys a piece of Faraday armor
- fixed Chisel compat
- fixed AA compat, Canola in the squeezer
- fixed TCon compat, mixup of Constantan and Uranium (thanks tgstyle)
- fixed TCon compat, Arc Furnace for alloying
- fixed a crash with the Slippery potion
- fixed derpyness with Mineral Veins (at least for the most part), regarding CraftTweaker
- fixed links to Biodiesel in the manual pointing to a nonexistant page
- fixed a minor texture warning in the console
- Translations Added/Updated: zh_CN (DYColdWind)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Micmu with Mob Control Wands
Micmu said:
Ever wanted to shut up those annoying sheep next to your house? Ever wanted to keep baby nitwits little forever? Ever wanted to have a pet Creeper following you around? Or a burning villager, happily dipping in a lava fountain next to your mansion?

This lightweight mod adds 6 craftable magic wands to control and enchant individual mobs.

  • Wand of Ages
    • Will prevent a baby mob from ever growing up!
    • Can be used on baby animals and baby villagers.
    • Does not work on adult mobs and baby mobs that do not grow (like baby zombies).
    • Can be undone by using it on the same mob again.
  • Wand of Following
    • Will make a mob follow you (like a pet).
    • Can be used on neutral animals and villagers.
    • Can also be used on pacified hostile mobs (with Wand of Pacification); they will not fight.
    • Can be used on tamed horses, but only by the player who tamed them.
    • Does not work on tamed pets that can follow on their own (dogs, parrots...)
    • Just like vanilla pets, if you leave it far behind it will teleport next to you.
    • Subsequent uses on the same mob are free - they do not decrease wand's durability!
    • Using it again on the same mob will make it stop following you.
  • Wand of Silence
    • Will mute a mob for good - prevent it from making sounds.
    • Can be used on any mob - neutral or hostile.
    • Can be undone by using it on the same mob again.
  • Wand of Enfeeblement
    • Will enchant a hostile mob to deal zero melee damage and reduce its follow range.
    • Can only be used on hostile mobs that have a custom name (Name Tag).
    • Creatures using magic, ranged or special attacks will still be able to kill you!
    • Enfeebled zombies will keep beating up villagers but not killing them!
    • Does not work on bosses and can not be undone.
  • Wand of Pacification
    • Will turn a hostile mob friendly (will not attack you or other mobs)
    • Can only be used on hostile mobs that have a custom name (Name Tag).
    • In a village, pacified mobs will stay inside village area, just like villagers do.
    • Iron Golems will still hate them, beware!
    • Does not work on bosses and can not be undone.
  • Wand of Immolation
    • Will grant fire resistance to a mob and set in on fire, permanently.
    • Works on any neutral mob (including villagers!).
    • Works on pacified hostile mobs also.
    • Can be undone by using it on the same mob again.

To use a wand, right click on the mob with a wand in your main hand. Each wand has a limited number of uses and will eventually be consumed unless repaired.

Crafting recipes:

Spoiler (click to hide)
  • Wand of Ages
    Bottle o' Enchanting, Diamond, Stick, 2x Emerald
  • Wand of Following

    Bottle o' Enchanting, Diamond, Stick, 2x Prismarine Crystals
  • Wand of Silence

    Bottle o' Enchanting, Diamond, Stick, 2x Lapis Lazuli
  • Wand of Enfeeblement

    Bottle o' Enchanting, Diamond, Blaze Rod, 2x Ghast Tear
  • Wand of Pacification

    Bottle o' Enchanting, Diamond, Blaze Rod, 2x Prismarine Shard
  • Wand of Immolation

    Bottle o' Enchanting, Diamond, Blaze Rod, 2x Magma Cream
  • Repair any wand
    Bottle o' Enchanting, damaged Mob Control Wand (any of the 6 kinds)
In Creative Mode, wands can be found under "Tools" tab.

Works with all 1.12.x Minecraft versions running MC Forge. In multiplayer environment, server and clients need 1.0.x version of the mod. To install it, simply put it in Minecraft's "mods" folder. Mod has no settings.

Feel free to use it in any modpack.

My other mods: Brutal Zombie Siege

and @asiekierka with Charset Storage Tanks
asiekierka said:
Charset Storage Tanks is a Charset module which adds fluid tanks.


The features of the tanks are as follows:

  • The usual you're used to - extraction and insertion of liquid, either manually or with piping
  • Stained Glass Tanks - can be made with any stained glass color - these do not connect to each other!
  • Infinite Tanks - creative mode tanks which store an infinite amount of the inserted liquid.
This version of the mod requires CharsetLib!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TheIllusiveC4 with Consecration
TheIllusiveC4 said:

Consecration is a mod that makes all undead mobs unkillable except through fire and holy damage. It also adds a new potion called Potion of Consecration that is used both to kill undead and provide beneficial effects to any who drink it.



Undead mobs will be unkillable through normal means. Undead mobs include all types of zombies, skeletons, and the Wither. Although they are unkillable by normal means, they will receive a debuff when they would normally die so players can escape if necessary. Fire damage will only kill undead mobs who are not already immune to fire, so it will not work on Nether mobs. Holy damage is a bit of a loose term, but this mod adds a new potion called Potion of Consecration that deals holy damage. In addition, the vanilla Smite enchantment and the Holy trait from Tinker's Construct will also substitute as holy damage.

Potion of Consecration

The Potion of Consecration is a divine potion brewed perfectly for killing the undead. Not only is this potion capable of finishing off the undead, it also provides beneficial effects, proportional to the power of the potion, to anyone who drinks it.

In order to brew this potion, you need to first brew an Awkward Potion. Then, use a Golden Apple as a reagent. This will brew you the basic potion.


You can brew a more powerful version by using Glowstone Dust as a reagent afterwards. There is an even more powerful version of this potion, but that requires you to use an Enchanted Golden Apple instead of a regular Golden Apple with the initial Awkward Potion.

Unless you can somehow make the undead drink this potion yourself, you're also going to want to make either the Splashing or Lingering version of this potion. The brewing recipe for these are the same as for all the other vanilla potions (gunpowder and dragon's breath, respectively).

Supported Mods

Planned Features

  • Villager priests selling consecration potions
  • Configuration option to add mobs that could be classified as "undead"
  • Compatibility with modded silver weapons other than Tinkers' Construct
  • Compatibility with various Reliquary holy items (Holy Hand Grenade is currently already compatible)
  • Maybe something to help villagers defend themselves now that normal methods of undead defense don't work
  • All suggestions are welcome for additional features
Modpack Policy

Anyone is free to include this mod in their modpacks without notice or permission. If it's a public modpack, notice would be appreciated but not required as I'd be interested in checking it out.

and @KnightMiner with Inspirations
KnightMiner said:

Inspirations is a mod for Minecraft adding various smaller features to the game. The design is targeted towards vanilla, so instead of game changing features there are many smaller changes.

This mod contains features such as interactive bookshelves, climbable ropes, carpets fitting stairs, and new types of redstone inputs. It is entirely configurable, so each feature can be disabled independently, or you can disable whole modules at once.

This mod currently requires Mantle and Forge or greater.

For more information, see the Inspirations Wiki on GitHub.

  • /u/nox-cgt: heartbeet idea and texture
  • /u/TheTrone: syringa texture
  • Posters of suggestions on Reddit, which inspired some of the features in this mod

and @TeamCoFH with Thermal Expansion
TeamCoFH said:
Thermal Expansion 1.12.2-
-New Items:
Morbs. These allow for mobs to be caught. Three types, two are "generic" and act as
spawn eggs. The Stasis Morb captures an *exact* mob. Basic Morbs have a 25% reuse
chance. Adding some signalum makes this 100%. (Thanks ImbaKnugel)
Void Satchel. It's a satchel that voids things. Be careful.
-Dusts now smelt one at a time in the Induction Smelter. Energy cost has been adjusted.
-Satchels now transfer to inventory on sneak-click, not regular click.
-Added logic to the Arcane Ensorcellator to circumvent a miserable failing on Mojang's part.
-Corrected a corner case where Furnace recipes were not properly retrieved.
-Fixed a crash when locking a tank in the Fluid Allocator.

and @TeamCoFH with Thermal Dynamics
TeamCoFH said:
Thermal Dynamics 1.12.2-
-Redstone Relays. These transmit redstone signals along duct networks and have 16 channels.
(Thanks ImbaKnugel)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with RFTools Dimensions
McJty said:
RFTools Dimensions 1.12-5.50

  • Requires McJtyLib 2.6.2
  • Fixes a double icon bug in the dimlet workbench
  • All changes below by Joseph. C Sible
  • New features:
    • Made dimensions be completely determined by the world seed and dimlets used (randomizeSeed is available if you don’t like this)
    • Brought back the seed dimlet
    • Made the dimlet workbench show full names and keys, and all possible variants
    • Made the dimension editor work instantly and for free for cheater dimensions
    • Made dimension editor dimlet injections take effect without having to reload the dimension
    • Added the ability to turn off a dimlet by injecting it again
    • Added a dimlet to reset the sky color
    • Added dimensions' cloud colors to their info dump
    • Added the ability to specify a descriptor to createdim
    • Added a setting to control whether rarity factors scale with the number of items in each rarity
  • Enhancements:
    • Prevented players from accidentally injecting dimlets that only have an effect when used from the beginning
    • Stopped low-power effects from flickering on and off
    • Made colored clouds compatible with Forge’s GPU cloud renderer
    • Made sure the space outside of the shelter’s door isn’t blocked
    • Spaced out dimlets when extracting them
    • Hid the realized dimension tab from the creative inventory
    • Improved random dimlet generation’s probability calculations
    • Improved handling of missing mob dimlets
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed crashes during Lost Cities world generation if the RFTools Crafter was disabled
    • Fixed chunk loaders not working on server startup until a player enters the dimension
    • Fixed lots of bugs involving how dimension information was shared between server and client
    • Fixed createdim being able to create multiple dimensions with the same descriptor
    • Fixed blacklisted dimlets being silently destroyed by the enscriber
    • Fixed several resource leaks
    • Fixed dimension effects not working in cheater dimensions
    • Fixed most cases of cascading world generation in Lost Cities dimensions
    • Fixed block display names showing Air instead of what they actually were
    • Fixed Lost Cities data centers using the library chance to generate instead of their own
    • Fixed uncraftable dimlets being generated from the wrong distribution
    • Fixed a crafter and dimensional block variant never generating
    • Fixed lit redstone ore showing up in place of redstone ore in the dimlet workbench
    • Fixed cloud colors not properly overwriting each other
    • Fixed mob descriptors not showing any useful information
    • Fixed chests in dimlet dungeons facing the wrong way
    • Fixed dimensions created by commands having the wrong owner
    • Fixed mob dimlets for non-mob entities appearing in the dimlet workbench
    • Fixed the “Body none” dimlet not working. Its old, unintended behavior is now available via “Body default”.
  • And lots of refactoring and code cleanup

and @SilentChaos512 with Extended Days
SilentChaos512 said:
Note: The mod is still in alpha. Some features may be incomplete/missing. Files may not sync across the Curse network.

Have you ever felt like just ten minutes before nightfall was too short? This mod allows you to make days and nights longer. The amount of extra time is configurable and you can adjust days and night independently. It also adds its own clock HUD element.

How Does It Work?
At certain times during the day/night cycle, the mod will "freeze" time by changing the "doDaylightCycle" game rule to "false". The game will continue to run normally. After a configurable amount of time, time is "unfrozen". These are called extended periods. You can have as many extended periods as you want. By default, there is one at noon (MC time 6000) and one at midnight (18000).

The default config adds 30 minutes at noon and 10 minutes at midnight. This make days a total of 40 minutes long and nights 20 minutes, for a total of 1 hour per day/night cycle. Add, remove, or change extended periods as you see fit.

Any Downsides?
The sky (sun/moon/stars) stops moving during extended periods. You cannot shorten days or nights, only make them longer or leave them alone. Vanilla clocks will not be very useful. The "/time set" command may not work as you would expect. If playing with Tough As Nails, this might make temperature management more difficult, depending on when your extended periods occur (maybe moving them to morning/evening would help?)

Otherwise, everything should function normally. Tile entities will continue ticking at a normal rate. Entity AI should be unaffected. I am not changing anything in the base game, just toggling a game rule.

The Clock
Since you can't just look up at the sun/moon to get an idea of how much time you have left, the mod adds a clock to your HUD. Normally, this is only visible when you have a clear sky above your head, but you can configure it to be visible at all times. The sun (or moon during the night) indicates how far into the day you are. So it goes from sunup to sundown.

The clock can be re-positioned through the config file. The mod has a config GUI, so just go into the Mods menu, select Extended Days, then click Config to edit it without restarting the game.


Future Plans and Known Issues
The mod is still early in development. Some additional features are planned and some minor issues remain to be fixed. Bug reports and feature suggestions belong on the issue tracker.

  • A pocket watch item to replace the vanilla clock. It will allow you to see the clock HUD at any time and give you a more accurate time reading. Works from anywhere in your inventory and is Baubles compatible.
  • Add markers to the clock to indicate when the extended period occur.
  • Version 0.1.0 is not syncing time properly between client and server. The clock HUD won't display correct values when playing on a server. But the mod still works on servers. Singleplayer is unaffected.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ephys with Magic Feather
ephys said:
Magic Feather is my take on a more balanced Angel Ring from Extra Utilities.

It adds a feather that grants the player creative flight while within the range of an active vanilla Beacon.

This allows the player to enjoy the benefits of creative flight while building, without making exploration trivial.

You're free to use this in any modpack.

and @TheAwesomeGem with Better Fishing
TheAwesomeGem said:
Better Fishing is a mod that redefines the boring fishing mechanism by making it fun and challenging as well as adds different types of fishes all with their own personality and characteristics. The fishes now live in a realistic ecosystem where they can go extinct by overfishing or adapt to a certain condition.

Now depending on a lot of environmental variables like if the water is a saltwater or freshwater, if it's a certain time of day, if it's raining,
etc, you will find different fishes. Now all fishes have different characteristics which is fully customizeable. Things like how intelligent a fish
signifies how long they are going to stay on the hook. Things like their weight signifies how tight the reel needs to be, etc. Once you do get a fish,
you can check it's weight in pounds on the item. Every fish have different weight including the ones on the same type. Depending on the maturity of the fish and how well it survived in the depths, you might get a Tuna that is huge. Or you will get a Tuna that can't even feed a cat. Once you get your fish, put it on the crafting area and you will get some slices of fish depending on how big the fish was.
Also, you can determine if a fish is quick, agile and intelligent by how bubbles it creates when it's on the hook.

The goal of this mod is to improve the vanilla fishing by making the mechanism a bit more challenging and rewarding as well as introducing new fishes and a fish ecosystem. Introducing more fishes and a new mechanic to fish, it may be used in other modpack to improve the food production or a way to progress.

This mod is for anyone who wants to have a fun and realistic fishing experience with more in-depth and challenging mechanism and a variety of new fishes in the ecosystem.

Reeling Mechanism Explained:
When you cast your fishing rod, you will get a HUD on the top of your screen. Now by default, the fish will be tugging the line so you will have to fight
that and balance the line by pressing the "Reel In" or "Reel Out" key to tighten or loosen the line. The blue line in the middle indicates the perfect
balance and when you right click again, you will get a fish. Tip: You know a fish moves fast if it's pulling the line a lot or the bubbles it produces on the water.

Ecosystem Explained:

So when you load up the world, each chunk gets set to a population based on the rarity of the fish, the water quality, the water level, if it's saltwater or freshwater, etc. To check the population of fishes near you, use the new Fish Tracker item. Be warned that can overfish. When you do so, you will have to wait before new fish migrates to the area.


  • Realistic fishing system by introducing the reeling mechanism. Allowing fishing to be a fun and challenging experience.
  • Variety of new fishes both freshwater and saltwater.
  • Each and every single fish have their own personality and characteristics. Some fishes are extremely harder to catch than others. Characteristics includes when the fish goes to the surface(day, night or any), if they only go to the surface when it's raining, if they are saltwater or freshwater fish, how fast they move, how intelligent they are, or how big they are(weight in pounds), or how rare they are. You can turn those fish into slices to then cook and eat. Depending on the weight of the fish, you will get that portion of slices. Even fish from the same specie will have a bit of different attributes like weight or speed.
  • Realistic Fish Ecosystem and Migration. Now based on the chunk and the environment, certain fishes thrive more than others. However if you overfish them, you will have to wait a while before new fishes migrate at that location. Every fish has a population at a specific location. Use a Fish Tracker item to find out the nearby fishes population. Certain fishes will be at different hotspots as well.
  • Custom Bite System. Now based on the population of a fish, they will bite either quicker or slower. So if you are waiting a long time before you get a bite, make sure to relocate to a different area to fish
  • Fish Baits. Baits can be used to target specific fish on the water or get a general bait that can lure any fishes faster. You can turn the fish you catch to a bait to catch another fish.
  • Custom Fishing Rods. You may now use the vanilla fishing rod which functions how vanilla fishing rod does. However custom fishing rods will have all the new mechanics and features.
  • 3 new fishing rods. Explained below!
  • 8 different fish species.
  • Fish Bucket that can automatically store fish as you catch.
  • Fish Tracker Item that tracks fishes nearby.
  • Knife that can slice fishes into slices.
  • Cookable fishes vary on the fish type to be more tastier, saturated and fuller than other fish types.
  • Fish Oil used to cook fish slices. Can be extracted with a fish slice on a glass bottle.
  • Fish Oven used to cook fish slices with the fish slice and the fish oil.
  • Magnetic fishing option so you don't lose any fishes.
  • Fully Customizeable. Every part of the mod is customizeable including the HUD, the difficulty of fishing, the fishes themselves.


Spoiler (click to show)


Spoiler (click to show)


Spoiler (click to show)

Crafting: I will list some of the recipes down below. However please use JEI/NEI to check all the recipes. It's much more friendlier. These are just some of the recipes in the mod:

Spoiler (click to show)



Old Video:

Spoiler (click to show)

To/do list:
*Add Different ways to fish including Fishing Nets to catch multiple fishes at the same time based on the population on the chunk that the net is on.
*Add Fish Entities and give me some basic AI and model them to look similar to the one on the textures and animate them.
*Add Fish Breeding producing special fishes. You breed a fish by feeding both fishes seeds that you are about to breed. (Maybe add fish food?)

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions/bugs, please join our discord and help us out:



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Kashdeya with Rain Delay
Kashdeya said:
Rain Delay allows you the modpack maker to set how long in days until it rains at the start of a pack/server.

Config File example:

# rain delay moist
# Change when the first rains on a world are due.

"rain delay moist" {
# How long (in days) until the first rainfall [range: 0.0 ~ 3.4028235E38, default: 1.0]
S:"Moist Timer"=1.0

Need a server? Get 20% off your first month when you use "kashdeya" at checkout!

If you would like to join our Discord Community. You can also get help and report issues faster by joining.

If you would like to show your support to me and this mod.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kashdeya

Modpack policy:
you are free to include it in your modpack.

and @Kashdeya with Mob Drops Your Way
Kashdeya said:
Mob Drops allows you to add anything in game as a drop to any mob including mobs from other mods. You are able to add drops for player only kills or drops from any random kill.

Config File example:

# minecraft:bat
# Adding Drops Example:
# ModID:Item:Meta:Qty(Random 1 - number set):Chance(0.01 - 1)
# minecraft:glass:0:15:1

"minecraft:bat" {
S:drops <
S:"player kill drops" <

# minecraft:blaze
# Adding Drops Example:
# ModID:Item:Meta:Qty(Random 1 - number set):Chance(0.01 - 1)
# minecraft:glass:0:15:1

"minecraft:blaze" {
S:drops <
S:"player kill drops" <
Need a server? Get 20% off your first month when you use "kashdeya" at checkout!

If you would like to join our Discord Community. You can also get help and report issues faster by joining.

If you would like to show your support to me and this mod.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kashdeya

Modpack policy:
you are free to include it in your modpack.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Jacky1356400 with Exchangers
Jacky1356400 said:
Exchangers 1.12.2-2.6.1
  • Added a Silk Touch mode config option, if Silk Touch mode is disabled, players may enchant the Exchangers with Silk Touch to achieve Silk Touching on Exchangers or Fortune to get additional drops

  • Added a PlaceEvent for when Exchangers tries to replace blocks, allows other mods to cancel the event, which also fixes an issue with Faction Mod, closes #41

  • Migrated over to use string block IDs instead of integers

  • Rewritten lots of translation stuff

  • Changed all the camelCase translation keys to be lowercase with underscores

  • Added a special blocks list for internal use

  • Fixed a major problem with Exchangers not being able to replace blocks with metadata, closes #42

  • Internal code optimizations to greatly reduce redundancy

  • Added a config option to allow Unbreaking enchant reducing chance of using power for Powered Exchangers, currently tested and works on all MC versions, enabled by default (Part of #37)

  • Added a way to decrease range for Exchangers (by holding sneak and pressing the mode key)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @RWTema with Career Bees
RWTema said:
Career Bees 0.1.0
Add Mad Scientist bees and Quantum bees.

Add Eternal frames.

and @Lycanite with Lycanites Mobs
Lycanite said:
Lycanites Mobs
Lycanites Mobs Update: Slip To The Void - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2
Configs older than will be reset.

New Features:
New Mob Added: Spectre - The Void Elemental, these can be found around Y level 15 and below, be it light or dark and in The End.

Config Changes:
MobSpawns can now be given an array of MobDrops to add special item drops to mobs spawned by them.
Added a major config feature to make things more challenging: "Mob Level Gain Per Day". This can be set to slowly increase the levels of mobs over time, by default this is disabled.

Increased Grue teleport rate against players.
Ventoraptors now fall faster preventing them to be used for flight.
Uvaraptors now move forwards slighty faster when airborne.

Minor Fixes:
Fixed the alpha channel not working on mob textures.
Fixed a bug where the Wraith Sigil item model was not loaded due to the model still being called nethersoulsigil instead of renamed to wraithsigil.
Incorrectly named Crimson Grues are now Scarlet Grues.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Lemon with My Little Mob Grinder
Lemon said:

My Little Mob Grinder is a work in progress!

The Mod Adds the following:


Directional spikes that kill mobs, they'll even drop the XP!


Conveyor belts to carry mobs to their final destination

Spider-proof block

Shadow Stone - A solid building block that spiders can't climb!

Shadow Glass

A glass that doesn't let light though, players can walk though it (unless sneaking) but mobs can't!

Mob Ooze

A block that will spawn a random mob above it!

Lots more to come.

See the images tab for pictures.

Please report any issues.

You can include this in any modpack.

The only place to download this mod is this curse page.

and @TeamCoFH with Thermal Expansion
TeamCoFH said:
Thermal Expansion 1.12.2-
-Internal refactors and optimizations.
-New Machine:
Sequential Fabricator - It's an autocrafter! :D
-New Augments:
Pattern Validation - Enables intelligent auto-input on the Sequential Fabricator.
Fluidic Fabrication - Adds an internal fluid tank to the Sequential Fabricator.
Enstabulation Apparatus - Allows for the Centrifuge to "process" Morbs.
-New machine process recipes.
-Plugin Support for Ice and Fire.
-All blocks can now be filled/drained by hand, even the Fluid Transposer. Some machines may need
to be OFF to allow for fluid to be drained.
-Cache behavior has been changed internally, for better crossmod compatibility.
-Comparator behavior has been improved for the Cell, Tank, and Cache.
-Many recipes have been rebalanced. In general, dynamos and augments are all slightly cheaper.

and @Creator126 with Better Railroads
Creator126 said:
Better Railroads is a mod that aims to add increased functionality when working with rails. Some big things that this mod includes are better rails and carts that will allow for faster and more organized transport of players, mobs, and items.

All the rails included in this mod can be placed without any blocks underneath them as well as underwater without them breaking.

Rail Types


Wooden Rail - The wooden rail a basic rail that has the same speed as a vanilla rail. Its crafting recipe is simpler and provides many more rails.

Iron Rail - The iron rail is an upgrade of the wooden rail. It allows for carts to move at higher speeds than vanilla carts. Its crafting recipe provides more rails per craft as well.

Powered Iron Rail - The powered iron rail is a major upgrade from vanilla powered rails. This rail accelerates carts at twice the speed of vanilla rails as well as having a much higher top speed for carts. When it is unpowered

Holding Rail - The holding rail is a special type of rail. When un-powered the rail will stop any cart that passes over it. When powered with a cart over it, the cart will continue moving in the direction it came from.

Deceleration Rail - The deceleration rail acts a normal rail while un-powered. When the rail is powered, any cart that passes over it will slow down down. This is useful for heading into turns at high speed or hills when a slower speed is needed.

Launching Rail - The launching rail acts as a starting point for carts. When a Rail End is placed at the end of the rail, and the launching rail is powered, any cart on the rail will start moving at a high speed. This is useful for the Speed Cart.

Intersection Rail - The intersection rail does what it name implies. It allows carts to pass in any direction over it, and continue in that direction. This allows for junctions where rails cross, without the need of redirecting rails in a sloppy manner. Just place one of these at the cross, and the carts will continue in their intended direction.

Detection Rail - The detection rail acts like a normal vanilla detector rail, but provides a faster top speed.

Jump Rail - The jump rail allows carts to fly through the air! When a cart hits this rail while it is powered, the cart will be thrown into the air in the direction it was traveling. The strength of the jump can be configured with the wrench.



Rail End - The Rail is a nice way of ending rail lines, but is also used in combination with the Launching Rail to create a starting point for carts.

Speed Cart - The speed cart is a special cart that does not collide with mobs but comes with an incredible top speed (Configurable). This means that it cannot be pushed at high speeds, interrupting its travel.

Wrench - The wrench is an item that allows you to rotate the rails into any shape, allowing you to change rail directions without having to pick up and place back down the rail over and over. It is also used for configuring the jump rail.

- Jump Rail instructions: Right clicking the rail will increase the strength by 1. Sneak right clicking the rail will reduce it by 1.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @andrenoel1 with Telex Teleport
andrenoel1 said:

Type /telex for this quick help.

Teleport X allows very fast chat commands to teleport to 11 different positions. Intended to jump between a work location(x) and up to 10 other locations(0-9). They are user specific teleport points that also preserve your view angles. /x to go and /xx to set location.

Example: I am building a small castle but I want to adjust its architecture to look good from the road coming up to it and from the river nearby. I also want the entrance gate to have a great impressive view. Where I am working now I just type /xx to mark my work spot. At each of the views I stand looking at my project then type /11 at the first spot and /22 at the second spot and finally /33 down by the gate. Now i can hop between these views to see how its coming along just by typing /1 /2 or /3 and then /x to go back to work. Its very fast.

Example: I am in survival mode and I found a great ravine and cave system to go mine in. I can mark the entrance to it with /11 and the latest work area there with /22. I can hop back with just /1 or /2 at any time. oh and I marked my base with /xx so to go home after a full pack from mining. I just type /x


There are 11 locations: x 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Type the double digit to set the location. example /55

Type the single digit to go there instantly. example /5

Thats it.

There is a quick help in-game if you type /telex

Very fast to type and instant teleport.

Each location is private to the one who is using it.


Click here for the best and official download page to select the download for your version of Minecraft.

Put the jar file in the /mods folder for your game and restart the game just like most forge mods.


Works in minecraft 1.9.4 through 1.12.2 at this time.

This is compatible with the mod SpawnCommands.

It can cross dimensions.

Source code is included in the jar file.

Works in single player and multiplayer servers.

This is a forge mod. No bukkit is needed.

Config: the digits/commands can be reassigned, disabled, or even set to operators only.

This only needs to be on the server for multiplayer servers.

This mod may be added or removed at any time without any problem for your server.


When crossing to the nether for the first time after you started the game: it may crash the client side due to a Minecraft bug. Going to the Nether after using a Nether portal once clears the problem and feel free to teleport all you like after that. All other dimensions work smoothly. Give your new location a moment to load. This is not a bug in this mod but a bug in Minecraft code.



You may use and or redistribute this any way you like.

Yes that includes modpacks.


have fun =)

and @AntiBlueQuirk with Alternating Flux
AntiBlueQuirk said:
This addon for Immersive Engineering adds a new tier of wire: AF, or Alternating Flux. This acts as a sort of "Super High Voltage" line. Power transmitted over AF lines has very low power loss over distance, but cannot be connected to machines, and must be converted to lower tiers of wire with special transformers.

Despite the special name, this mod does not actually add a new form of power and just uses Immersive Engineering's normal power system. So you don't have to worry about "yet another power system".

The properties of AF wire are configurable, so you can adjust it to your particular tastes, and all information on the mod is added to a section in the IE manual: see "Power, wire, generators/Alternating Flux"


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Mr_Crayfish with MrCrayfish's Device Mod
Mr_Crayfish said:
MrCrayfish's Device Mod 0.2.0
+ Updated to 1.12.2


+ Added Router

+ Added Ethernet Cable (Used to connect to devices to router)

+ Added Office Chairs

+ Laptops, Printers, Routers, Office Chairs, and USBs can now be coloured

+ Improved Laptop inventory render

+ New look and feel for the File Browser

+ Data is now saved onto the laptop when broken and now allows you to transport your laptop anywhere.

+ New and improved wallpapers have been added (Thanks to fans in stream for the helping me choose what to add)

+ Added configuration file

+ Apps are now restricted to what is installed on the server

+ There is now a delay for tooltips

+ Pixel Painter now utilises the Printer and you can print your pictures (can be cut out with shears in a crafting table)

+ Improved laptop collision and selection boxes

+ Made improvements to the Application Market (still in development)

+ Improved dialogs

+ Improved the performance of the mod

+ When receiving an email in EnderMail, you will get a notification

* Fixed the window’s title being rendered off the boundaries

* Fixed dragging issue

* Fixed Pixel Painter welcome icon

* Fixed villager in Bank render issue

* Fixed cutting and paste in same folder causing deletion of both files

* Fixed wallpaper not saving


+ Added Icon system with ability to create custom sets (Over 200 icons so far)

+ Added notification system (I will need to do a tutorial lol)

+ Implemented new application info system (you’ll need to create a JSON file)

+ Registering application now returns instance (will mostly like change)

+ All applications are now visible in developer mode.

+ Added ability to set selected item in ComboBoxes

+ Added key listener to TextArea

+ Improved design of extending Layout

+ Improved Button component

+ Improved accessing file system through code

+ Images can now take in Icons

+ TextArea component has been completely recoded and has been vastly improved!

+ Arrow Icons are now white

+ Text Field component have been improved due to new TextArea component.

+ Text Field component can now have an Icon set to it (Similar to Bootstrap framework)

- Removed Arrow Button component (Made redundant by Icons on buttons)

~ Watermark now renders under applications

~ Changed visibility of some core methods

~ Window content now cut off by GL scissor

* Fixed ComboBox not respecting visible and enable properties

* Fixed ItemList now updating scroll bar

* Fixed ItemList down button not working
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @dmf444 with Food Editor
dmf444 said:
Ever wanted to make carrots heal you more? Think potatoes shouldn't be as OP as they are now? Want people to eat more rotten flesh? Or are you a modpack maker who wants to better control the food values in the game?

Welcome to Food Editor - SA edition. The edition really doesn't matter... anyhoo, this mod basically allows you to edit food values for a given instance of MC. Did I mention that it can also load up server values too? If a server runs this mod, and players don't want to download a config file... et al, the server will sync the values on login.

Now how does this all work? The edits are saved into a file named: food.json . In this file, you can add and remove different settings, customizing the total edibility of any MC food. If you don't want to sit and edit JSON files, don't fret, we've added in a command, just for you!

/sa [food] [hunger_value] [saturation_value]

That'll allow you to change hunger values in game. Do note that you must be OP'ed in order to run the command. Also note that you can't remove an item once it's on the "edited" list, only reset it back to it's original value via the command. That's about it, just a mod to edit your food values

and @Furgl with Minewatch
Furgl said:
Minewatch 1.12.X-3.8
New: Added Moira

New: Added Abilities

  • Moira’s Biotic Grasp - Heal
  • Moira’s Biotic Grasp - Damage
  • Moira’s Biotic Orb
  • Moira’s Fade
  • Bastion’s Self-Repair
New: Added Skins:

New: Added Maps:

New: Added Translations:

  • Italian translation by Anto1980
  • Spanish translation by Epic Genji
  • Catalan translation by !
New: Added Hero Mob Moira

New: Added Hero Selection voice lines for when a hero’s full armor set is equipped

New: Added config option to change ability cooldowns

New: Added config option to change max ammo

New: Added config option to require mobs to be killed by players to drop tokens

New: Added Select button to the Minewatch Tab’s Hero Gallery that spawns in the armor and weapon(s) for a hero

Fix: Minewatch can no longer get stuck thinking you’re holding LMB after you release it

Fix: Lucio’s circle no longer fades in dark areas and no longer renders on liquids

Fix: Reinhardt’s Fire Strike hit particle no longer clips off/through blocks

Fix: Bastion can no longer shoot in turret mode instantly after reconfiguring

Fix: Widowmaker’s Mine now gives targets glowing properly

Fix: Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow’s glowing affect only shows for Hanzo’s allies

Fix: Fences no longer attach to Health Packs in 1.12

Fix: Sombra’s Transposer has a larger collision box and teleporting to it can fail if it would place the player inside blocks (cooldown will reset if it fails)

Fix: Minewatch armor no longer appears black when enchanted

Fix: Abilities and weapons can no longer be used in spectator mode

Fix: Zenyatta can no longer use his abilities on things like Widowmaker’s Mine, Junkrat’s Trap, etc.

Minewatch armor now renders red when the entity wearing it is damaged

Hero Mob spawn rates have been tweaked

Soldier: 76’s primary fire now has gradual spread

Mei’s secondary fire is now delayed

Genji’s primary fire now shoots three shuriken when clicked once

McCree’s Fan the Hammer now continues until he runs out of ammo


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @gr8pefish with Iron Backpacks
gr8pefish said:
Iron Backpacks 1.12.2-3.0.3
Version 1.12 - 3.0.3:

- Added the ability to color backpacks
- Shapelessly craft with dye, craft with water bucket to remove color
- Added the "Everlasting Upgrade"
- It makes backpacks never despawn
- Added ability to remove upgrades
- Backpack + shears in an anvil
- [Internal] Added the code base for the ability to equip backpacks
- Disabled though, as it hasn't been tested enough and rendering isn't working yet
- {Internal] Added a new Blacklist to the API

- Specializations are now visually different (backpack clasp color)
- Slightly changed preexisting bag colors as well

Bug Fixes
- Fixed dupe bug when opening a backpack and tossing it away simultaneously.
- Fixed odd interactions with inventory sorting mods
- Fixed null backpack appearing as an ingredient when crafting higher tier ones

and @Lycanite with Lycanites Mobs
Lycanite said:
Lycanites Mobs
Lycanites Mobs Update: Elemental Fusion - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2
Configs older than will be reset.

New Features:
New Feature Added: Mob Fusion - Compatible mobs will now combine into a different mob with their combined sizes and levels.
Spriggan Fusion Added: Geonach and Jengu will now fuse into greater Spriggans that are larger and tougher than regular Spriggans.

Major Fixes:
Fixed a bug where flying mobs were unable to path through non-solid blocks such as Torches.
The Void Spawner now ignores dimension by default allowing it to actually work as intended!

Config Changes:
IMPORTANT: Elementals are now in the new Elemental Mobs group which means their configs have moved to new files. JSON Spawners will also need to be updated, for instance: infernomobs.cinder is now elementalmobs.cinder.
Added a new globalsapwner.json config in config/lycanitesmobs/ where Spawn Conditions can be added that will be applied to every JSON Spawner for global spawn restrictions, etc.
Added a global master dimension list to the config for absolute control over what dimensions Lycanites Mobs spawners can spawn mobs in.

Moved the Elemental Mobs into their own Creature Group, this will trigger missing entity warnings on existing worlds but it is safe to continue.
Crypt Zombies now have a hatred towards the copycat Husk Zombies.

Plant mobs weak to axes and fire now only take 2X damage down from 4X.
Quetzodracl now deal periodic damage to victims that they have picked up.

Minor Fixes:
Quetzodracl plays a pickup animation.
The Tremor GUI Icon should now display.
OBJ rendering no longer fires off events that were unused to save a tiny bit of memory.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @RWTema with Career Bees
RWTema said:
Career Bees 0.2.0
- Add Bee-bee gun. Uses bees and honey to shoot bees. These bees will then perform their special effect on whatever they hit.

- Add Honey-Smelter bees that make honeycomb ingots.

- Add Ying/Yang essences.

- Add recipes for bee armor and eternal frames.

- Placing an item frame on a hive to create a filter for collecting bees and any item modification bees.

and @desht with PneumaticCraft: Repressurized
desht said:
PneumaticCraft: Repressurized 1.12.2-0.3.0-124
  • Added Transfer Widget, an early game item/fluid transfer item that can be placed between blocks.
  • Added Spawner Agitator, which keeps Mob Spawners active even if players are not around.
  • Added Crop Support, an item which when placed on a crop improves growth speed.
  • Network Data Storage item now shows required puzzle pieces in its item tooltip when holding Shift
  • Big performance improvement when searching in the item search GUI
  • Better default orientation of the Omnidirection Hopper when it's placed: output now faces the clicked block, and input faces the player.
  • The size limit for programming puzzle piece areas has been increased from 100,000 to 250,000 and can now be adjusted in config (see I:maxProgrammingArea)
  • The size limit for programming puzzle piece areas is now validated in the Programmer before the drone is programmed, instead of forcing a drone with an over-large area to suicide after it's placed.
  • Fixed (hopefully) reflection-based crashes on startup when running with certain ASM-using coremods
  • Fixed NPE's when breaking certain inventories or tanks with a Logistics Frame attached
  • Fixed item dupe when Logistics Drone imported from inventories under certain circumstances
  • Breaking any PneumaticCraft: Repressurized inventory in creative mode now drops the inventory contents instead of voiding them
  • Fixed clientside crash when selecting the "Check For Air" option in "Condition: Block" programming widget
  • Performance improvement: the tile entities for Pressure Chamber Wall/Glass & Elevator Frames no longer tick. Pressure Chamber Glass should be fine to use in small-scale decorative builds, or for its excellent blast-resistant properties.
  • Lots of work (mainly cleanup) on the In-Game-Wiki docs.
  • Fixed Elevator Callers not working above the level of Elevator Frames - frames can now stop two blocks below the top Elevator Caller (thanks TeamSpen210)
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @jglrxavpok with Moar Boats
jglrxavpok said:
This mod aims at giving more options to transport items. Inspired by the vanilla Minecarts, the mod adds modular boats:

Transport your items with chest modules! (right click with a chest)


Propel your boats with the furnace engine! (right click with a furnace)


Plan an itinerary for your boats! (right click with the boat helm and input a map of the surroundings)


Need more storage ? You can tie boats together using ropes!


The first boat selected with the rope will be the one following the second selected.

The recipes are available in the recipe book after unlocking the vanilla boat recipes but here they are:

Modular boat






Here's an indev video showcasing the helm module:


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ben_mkiv with OpenEntity
ben_mkiv said:
use the OpenEntity Tool on any supported Entity to access the Interface.

more screenshots => https://imgur.com/a/xD5z6

this mod is under development, use at your own risk and make backups of your world before!

Mod REQUIRES OpenComputers 1.7.0+ for MC 1.12


use latest forge loader for testing

mod comes bundled with my other mods OpenGlasses and UrbanMechs which might be broken at this point

source for openglasses and standalone is available here:


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Jul 29, 2019
Last day, last update... Today it's been exactly 4 years that I've started this journey, and today, this journey has come to an end for me.

I started this topic 4 years ago to post all the latest mod updates, so everyone was able to see the really interesting new mods, or important and big mod updates.
But, the last few months the updates have become less interesting. Nowadays we've Curseforge, where you can easily see the newest mods and the latest updates, and the amount of interesting updates have become less frequent.
Most people now also play modpacks created by others, such as FTB, so there are less people looking for new updates or mods.

It's been a fun journey for me, where I even was offered to join FTB and bring the concept of this topic to the team (Though sadly that did not exactly worked out as planned.)
I want to thank FTB for supporting me these years, and giving me a place on the forum where I could continue this journey.
I also want to thank the other users who've been contributing to this topic, and following and supporting this topic, without you this project would've never reached this milestone.

But, as I said before, for me this journey has come to an end.
I don't know if this topic and category will stay open, that's for FTB to decide, but in the meantime people can still post updates for mods, new interesting mods they've come across, fun modpacks they've been playing or amazing texture packs that they've seen.

But for now, I'm saying goodbye :)


Jan 29, 2015
@Yusunoha I'm sorry to see you go chap; to this day, this topic has been my daily port of call - its been a great place to find out about new mods, there are so many things I wouldn't have known about if not for you! You've been doing a sterling job, and I just want to say personally: thank you for everything you've done :) I hope the future brings you new and exciting challenges!


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Nov 11, 2012
TBH with all the new minecraft releases, modders are having enough trouble just porting their mods over, let alone have time to think of new and amazing things (as always, there are exceptions). This flurry of MC updates is actually hurting the modding scene a bit.
We need a static minecraft version for mods. Mod content is a million times better then what is officially being released, and if any new interesting stuff is released in vanilla can usually be easily back-ported by modders.
It's one reason why I still prefer 1.7.10 for modded.

Anyway, @Yusunoha your profile says you "Never Leaves", so you ain't going anywhere :D
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