What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @RWTema with Funky Locomotion
RWTema said:
Funky Locomotion 1.12.2 1.1.0
- Add Super-frame edge and corner blocks. Use these to create a super-frame that will drag any valid blocks within their bounds. Once a super-frame has been constructed, you need to right-click a corner block to activate them.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TeamCoFH with Thermal Expansion
TeamCoFH said:
Thermal Expansion 1.12.2-
-Due to a large number of changes in Forge, 1.12.2 is now a requirement.
-Minor texture adjustments and improvements.
-More plugin support. :)
-Many recipes and machine processes have been adjusted rebalanced a bit.
-Some items have had their registration adjusted. You may see a log message about this when
loading an existing world.
-New Augments:
Metallurgical Recovery - Provides a chance to not consume Metallurgical Flux in the Smelter.
Nutrient Recovery - Provides a chance to not consume Fertilizer in the Insolator.
Reagent Recovery - Provides a chance to not consume Reagents in the Alchemical Imbuer.
Monoculture Cycle - "Seed" inputs are not consumed in the Insolator, if appropriate.
Reflux Column - Increases the Still's conversion efficiency for Fossil Fuels.
Alchemical Retort - Allows the Still to refine potions, improving their effectiveness.
Flux Reconstruction - Allows the Energetic Infuser to repair items, using Flux and fluid XP.
-New Machines:
Alchemical Imbuer - It makes potions. :) Chain a few of them in a row along with augmented
Fractionating Stills and have fun!
Arcane Ensorcellator - Takes a book, fluid XP, and an item to make an Enchanted Tome. More
functionality on the way!
-New Devices:
Fluid Allocator - moves fluids around, kind of like a hopper, but way better. Three tanks;
they can be locked to particular fluids.
Lexical Transmuter - Forge Lexicon, in block form. Uses TF's Lexicon whitelist. Transmutes
up to 9 different types of items, chosen via a grid.
Insightful Condenser - Collects XP orbs in a small radius. Converts XP into fluid form. Use
various catalysts to provide bonus XP.
Decoctive Diffuser - Distributes fluid potion in a small radius. Use various reagents to
alter the potency or duration.
-Classic Crafting and UpgradeKitCrafting config options for most blocks.
-CustomScaling config options for Dynamos and Machines.
-Config options to disallow Creative versions of Storage blocks.
-Cache locking behavior has been changed somewhat - empty Caches can no longer be locked.
-Creative Tabs have been reorganized.
-Phytogenic Insolator no longer needs Substrate Augments for certain crops.
-Portable Tanks can now be locked and respond to Redstone Control. Sneak-using a tank with an
empty hand locks it. Sneak-using a tank with a Multimeter opens the configuration GUI.
-Fixed a very recently introduced crash with Florbs. Thanks, Mojang! :D
-Fixed an IC2 Plugin recipe.
-Substrate augments for the Phytogenic Insolator. They just weren't fun.
-Upgrade Items. They are now part of Thermal Foundation. Don't worry, they transition smoothly.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with MeeCreeps
McJty said:
MeeCreeps 1.12-0.1.7beta

  • Much better 'follow player' functionality. It will now follow easily through portals without derping up (like voiding the chest it is carrying) and also be much smarter about finding good spots to navigate too

  • They will no longer suffer suffocation or fall damage. This is to avoid them being killed too soon from bad navigation
  • The 'dig staircase down' functionality will now have one extra height to avoid people bumping their heads
  • New configurable limit (default 4) for the number of simultanious MeeCreeps per player
  • The /creep_clear command now also works for players. It will only get rid of MeeCreeps that belong to that player in that case
  • MeeCreeps will now recognize Tinkers Construct torches as well as regular vanilla torches


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with Restrictions
McJty said:
Restrictions is a simple vanilla styled mod which adds three basic blocks that all have to do with entity movement (items, mobs, players):

  • Attractor: this block attracts entities in front of it. It has a range equal to the redstone signal that is given to it so it is deactivated if it has no redstone signal
  • Pusher: this block pushes away entities in front of it. Also with a range equal to the strength of the redstone signal
  • One Way: this is a transparent block that forces movement of entities in a certain direction. This block needs no redstone signal. This block can be used to transport entities in all directions. You can use it for a fast upwards elevator or to move mobs from a spawner elsewhere
You can use this mod freely in any modpack

and @MarcoPlay00 with Christmas Festivity
MarcoPlay00 said:
This mod adds Christmas themed decorations and food.

Spoiler (click to hide)
There are new nine building blocks, lights, Christmas balls, a Christmas tree, new leaves, garland, candy canes, Christmas present, epiphany stocking and Christmas Tree Toppers.

It also works as a multiplayer to play with friends.

I apologize for any translation mistakes, please write me the mistakes.

and @Insane96 with Natural Nether Portals
Insane96 said:
And I'm back with a new Vanilla-style mod

This time I bring you Portals Naturally Spawning.

It's a really simple mod, and it's pretty useful

  • You've got lost in the nether but you found some obsidian and a flint and steel in a Nether Fortress? Oh look, a broken nether portal. Let's fix it up and get back to the overworld!
  • You got tired of exploring for thousands upon thousands of blocks to find that damn Jungle? Try out your luck by finding an activated nether portal in the nether and then find out you got really unlucky by spawning on a huge ocean.
  • You're exploring the overworld and you find a broken nether portal? That's pretty cool! (configurable to be full and lit as 1.0.1)

Configurable Things

Spoiler (click to hide)
# Configuration file

# nether
# Configure here every setting for the portal spawn in the nether

nether {
# One in every x chunks will try to spawn a Nether Portal (default: 120)

# Chance for fire to be placed on netherrack around the portal (default: 30.0)

# Maximum Height the Portal will try to spawn (default: 96)

# Minimum Height the Portal will try to spawn (default: 8)

# Percentage of how many obsidian blocks will have a portal. 100 means that the portal will not be missing any block (default: 45.0)

# Chance for a portal to have the full obsidian frame around it (default: 25.0)

# Maximum height of the portal (counting the obsidian frame too). (default: 6)

# Minimum height of the portal (counting the obsidian frame too). (default: 5)

# Chance for a full portal to be on (default: 100.0)

# Maximum width of the portal (counting the obsidian frame too). (default: 5)

# Minimum width of the portal (counting the obsidian frame too). (default: 4)

# overworld
# Configure here every setting for the portal spawn in the overworld

overworld {
# Chance for a netherrack block to be placed around the portal.
# The actual chance is based on distance from portal
# The formula to calculate the chance based on distance is (netherrack_chance / distance)
# (default: 50.0)

# If true, burnable blocks (e.g. leaves, logs, etc.) will be replaced by fire instad of air (default: false)

# One in every x chunks will try to spawn a Nether Portal (default: 384)

# Chance for fire to be placed on netherrack (default: 10.0)

# Maximum Height the Portal will try to spawn (default: 196)

# Minimum Height the Portal will try to spawn (default: 64)

# Percentage of how many obsidian blocks will have a portal. 100 means that the portal will not be missing any block (default: 45.0)

# Maximum height of the portal (counting the obsidian frame too). (default: 5)

# Minimum height of the portal (counting the obsidian frame too). (default: 5)

# Maximum width of the portal (counting the obsidian frame too). (default: 4)

# Minimum width of the portal (counting the obsidian frame too). (default: 4)

# Chance for a full portal to be on (default: 100.0) D:portal_lit_chance=100.0

# Chance for a portal to have the full obsidian frame around it (default: 25.0)
Any idea for a new configurable option is welcome!

Check out my other "Vanilla Feeling Ores":

This mod has been spotted in the following modpacks:

  • None at the moment
If you have a modpack with this mod installed, link it in the comments and I'll add it to the list above

Mod Reviews

Spoiler (click to hide)
None at the moment

Link your mod spotlights / reviews / whatever the hell you call 'em in the comments so I can add them into this list.

Modpack Permssions:
Do whatever the hell you want for modpacks, public or private they are!

This mod WASN'T made with MCreator


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @elucent with Mystic World
elucent said:

Mystical World is a general enhancement mod, intended to liven up your Minecraft world!

It is currently WIP, and has a fairly small set of features at the moment. But if you would like a couple new mobs in your world, this mod may be the thing for you!

Currently, the mod adds four mobs:

  • Foxes! They spawn in forests, plains, and wintry areas! They drop their pelts, which can be crafted into leather. But why would you do that?
  • Beetles! They spawn in swamps, jungles, plains, and forests! They drop slimeballs, and occasionally their shells, which can be ground into blue dye!
  • Frogs! They spawn in swamps and jungles, and drop slimeballs, and hop around a lot!
  • Finally, Mystical World also adds Roots' deer as a standalone mob, in case you didn't want to use one of the other mods that contains them. They spawn all over the place, and drop mutton and leather!
Some loose planned features:

  • Apothecaries! Small medicinal crafting stations where you can craft little cures or power-ups out of obscure ingredients!
  • Some herbology and farming! Perhaps some general new crops, but also some magical herbs for use in the apothecary!
  • More mobs! I have plenty of ideas for these, but I'm not sure how many I have time for... :/

and @Furgl with Minewatch
Furgl said:
Minewatch 1.12.X-3.6
  • New: Added Hero Mobs!
    • Monsters that wear and use Heroes’ equipment, attacks, and abilities
    • There are MANY customizable options added for them in the config
  • New: Added Lucio
  • New: Added New Abilities:
    • Lucio’s Soundwave
    • Lucio’s Crossfade
    • Lucio’s Amp It Up
    • Bastion’s IronClad
  • New: Added New Skins:
  • New: Added New Maps:
  • New: Added config option to disable healing other mobs
  • Fix: Junkrat’s grenades can no longer get stuck bouncing indefinitely
  • Fix: Mei’s freezing effect now recolors other entities’ Minewatch armor properly again
  • Fix: Fixed a crash in 1.10.2 while left clicking with a Minewatch weapon in just the offhand
  • Fix: Other entities running with Soldier: 76’s gun now block with the gun properly
  • Fix: Sombra’s Translocator no longer goes on cooldown at incorrect times
  • Fix: Reinhardt’s primary attack only hits targets that he can see
  • Fix: Mercy’s power beam no longer requires her to be wearing a full set of armor to work
  • Added Portuguese translation by ProTFDSYT
  • Added German translation by KonradCrafter
  • The player’s hurt time (what causes the screen to shake) when hit has been limited when wearing a full set of Minewatch armor
  • The explosions you create using abilities will now knock you back while in creative mode
  • Genji’s deflect should now work against any projectiles within 180 degrees of where Genji is looking
  • The right and left click tracking now uses Minecraft’s Use Item/Place Block and Attack/Destroy keybinds


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ImbaKnugel with Whoosh
ImbaKnugel said:
Small mod which adds a portable teleportation device.

  • 5 Tiers (Basic, Hardened, Reinforced, Signalum, Resonant, Creative)
  • 2 Modes
    • Blink: Short range teleport which can pass through walls
    • Teleport: Long range teleportation to set coordinates.
  • Consumes RF + Liquid Ender.


CoFH Core

Thermal Foundation

  • Team CoFH - Code portions / Structure / GUI Elements

and @Buuz135 with JEI Villagers
Buuz135 said:
JEI Villagers allows you to see what trades villagers have. At the top of the recipe will tell you what villager career offers that trade. Most trades have a range of stack size so it is displayed below the recipe.





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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with MeeCreeps
McJty said:
MeeCreeps 1.12-0.1.8beta

  • Ore dictionary for the cube recipe (for the chest)
  • All MeeCreeps messages are now localized for easy translation
  • At the end of a job the MeeCreep will tell the player what it did with all the items. For example, if it found a nearby dungeon with a chest it will have put the stuff there. Now it tells you
  • New key (default 'r') to repeat the last message. Messages are now visible a bit longer by default
  • There is now a delay when trying to harvest harder blocks (like obsidian)

and @Experientia with You Ate My Mother!
Experientia said:
This mod makes animals angry if they see you eating the meat of their species. If you start eating it, they will jump up and down angrily. If you finish eating it, adults will try to kill you and baby animals will start crying. This includes cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, rabbits, and zombie pigmen (which are angered by pork, not rotten flesh). They are angered by the eating of either raw or cooked meat, and in the case of rabbits by stew as well.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @EmoKiba with Baubley Heart Canisters
EmoKiba said:
This Mod Brings Back the Old Tinkers Heart Canisters in a new Way. They Go in a Bauble Slot

RED HEARTS - Drop From Enemy Mobs
ORANGE HEARTS- Drop From Boss Mobs (I.E. Wither)
GREEN HEARTS- Drop from the Enderdragon

BLUE HEARTS- Drop from Envoker inside Woodland Mansion

(All Drops Rates are Configurable)

HEART AMULET - Holds all Heart Canister's in One Bauble Slot

Spoiler (click to hide)

Wither Bones Drop from Wither Skeletons!

Spoiler (click to hide)

and @boni with Tinkers Construct
boni said:
Tinkers Construct 1.12-
Material rebalancing
- Pig-Iron now is a medium-tier material, between iron and steel, and a better handle. It's much cheaper and keeps you topped off with food now. It uses clay instead of emerald now, but more iron. Blood also is easier to get now.
- Cactus now always returns damage when you're holding a cactus tool. It returns more damage when blocking
- Flammable now also sets enemies on fire when you're not blocking (aka when getting hit)
- Prismarine now always has Aquadynamic and a very minor damage buff
- Electrums trait now works for both combat and mining. You also gain charge on hitting enemies or breaking blocks. When breaking a block while charged you get a short boost of Haste(mining speed), when hitting an enemy you get a short boost of speed in addition to the bonus damage
- Lead has more durability and has a new "Heavy" trait which prevents knockback
- Minor nerf to bronze trait
- Silvers holy trait now applies weakness to undead on hit, and deals more damage
- Netherracks damage bonus doubled and also applies to tool heads/blades now

- Glowing modifier now also works from the offhand
- In general traits/modifiers that require no player interaction also work in the offhand
- Blood is more readily available now
- Multiblock controllers can now be placed up to 64 blocks above the floor (was 9)
- As long as a smeltery or tank isn't completely full there will always be an area at the top to check the remaining capacity

- Probably fixed the crash that sometimes happens with blood (and in very rare cases: other fluids) in the smeltery!
- Obsidian bolts head no head-texture
- Fix tooltips on the materials when inspecting bolts
- Fix snow setting on slime fluid (or rather, slime fluid being counted as solid)
- Fixed a hit (sound) issue with projectiles stuck in blocks
- Many small code, localization and visual fixes


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Buuz135 with JEI Villagers
Buuz135 said:
JEI Villagers 1.12-1.0.2
  • Added a clickable area in the villager GUI to show the recipes.
  • All the careers are shown in the JEI Item collection in the right as spawn eggs (The don't spawn any entity).
  • Added a clickable are in the JEI recipe to show all the recipes of one career. (Click in the text: Career: X)
  • Added a CompactMode to reduce the amount of text in the screen
  • Added a blacklist for the career classes


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Purplicious_Cow with Animania
Purplicious_Cow said:
Animania 1.12.2-1.4.3

Release Notes 1.4.3 (1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x)

“Hittin’ the Oregon Trail”


  • Wagon added. It’s your own mobile base, with a large chest, and a mobile bed
  • Right click with an empty hand to grab and pull the Wagon by yourself
  • To attach to a horse:
    • Once you are pulling a Wagon, mount a horse to attach the Wagon to the horse
    • Or lead the horse to a Wagon (with a lead) on click on the Wagon
    • Or click on the Wagon while riding a Horse
  • To open the built-in Double Chest, sneak + right click on the Chest
  • To ride in the Wagon yourself, sneak + right click on an Wagon (from the outside)
  • To sleep, right-click on the bed from the inside of the Wagon
(Please note, only one player can sleep in a Wagon at a time)

  • Entity Update speed is much improved on servers
  • All Finding AI has been rewritten to include a random chance to forget the target and just wander away. This will prevent animals from getting ‘stuck.’
  • Animals who find themselves in Water will try to exit to dry land.
  • Fainting Goats will no longer be able to panic and run sideways while ‘spooked’ (credit: @mixetaivan)
  • Baby Pigs will no longer float over mud (credit: @RazzleberryFox)
  • Spawning has changed again! Naturally birthed Animania animals will not be prevented from joining the world by Spawn Limits. Spawn Limits will only control vanilla replacements. (credit: Krhymez)
  • [1.11, 1.12] Milk is now drinkable via Milk Bottles. Just craft a bucket of milk with 4 bottles to get 4 milk bottles. (credit: Sunconure11)
  • Chinese language updated (credit: DYColdWind)
  • Spanish language updated (credit: @mixetaivan)
Bug Fixes:

  • Spawn prevention now working properly for all animals (credit: Deing-Young)
  • [1.10] Chickens no longer constantly lay eggs (credit: ayasu)
  • [1.10] Hamster Wheel no longer crashes when clicked with empty hand (credit: georgio3333)
  • Animania wools now show correct color output (credit: darthvader45)
  • Pigs now spin around less in the mud (credit: Zygus42)

  • [1.12] Animania animals no longer show multiple duplications in Morph lists (credit: iChun)
  • [1.12] Fixed issue with Cheese Mold not working properly with WAILA/HWYLA (credit: hiritsuki)
  • [1.12] Fixed issue with HWYLA not showing proper fed, watered, and happiness status for animals
  • Animania animals now properly spawn in modded biomes, like BOP, when replace animals is turned off (credit: YSWMusician)
  • Eggs from nests can no longer be duplicated using Carry On (credit: Ubermensch1999)
  • Pigs can now roll in mud from other mods like Biomes of Plenty and Earthworks (credit: PlainVanillaMC, Ash70, 13illy)

and @ZalxMage with Eternal Sleep
ZalxMage said:
Have you ever died on your first night? And then you just keep getting killed over and over and over again, unable to return to get your stuff! With this mod, no more of that!

When any player dies at night, the game will set the time to day. If it is raining or thundering, the weather will clear.

and @An_Sar with Robotic Parts an Unofficial Port
An_Sar said:
This is an Unofficial 1.12 port of the mod Cyberware by Flaxbeard, also based off the 1.11 port made by Elucent. Special Thanks to the developers' whose generous open source work makes this all possible.

The mod's name has been changed as required by Curse.

This port is willing to provide support for fixing bugs and similar issues, however to avoid going beyond the scope of the original mod, new features will not currently be considered.

Flaxbeard, the original Author, approved this project and has given consent to have the port distributed through this curse page. Support requests should be directed through the new issue tracker linked above, so as to not mix with support for the official versions of the mod. Thank You

Visit the Official Cyberware Curse Page


What is Cyberware?

Cyberware is a mod that allows the player to augment their own body. Utilizing a surgery chamber, the player is able to install pieces of "cyberware", advanced technological augmentations, into their body. Here's a list of just a few of the things you can do with Cyberware:

  • Replace your heart with a mechanical pump
  • Implant an experience storage canister in your cranium
  • Boost your oxygen supply with built-in oxygen canisters
  • Replace entire limbs with robotic Cyberlimbs
  • Install upgrades that range from deployable claws to jump-boosting actuators in these Cyberlimbs
  • Replace your eyes with advanced Cybereyes, which can be upgraded to enable night vision, underwater vision, and target tracking
  • Line your bones with advanced polymers, enabling you to take more of a beating
  • Install a processor in your brain, giving you lightning-fast reflexes that let you dodge certain attacks
  • With Tough As Nails installed, resist the heat by supercooling your sweat glands
Of course, such power isn't easy to obtain. To get pieces of cyberware, you'll need to fight tooth and nail against cybered-up monsters. If that wasn't enough, you'll need to pay for the cyberware you obtain - either through power consumption or by sacrificing a little of what makes you, you.

Getting Started with Cyberware

Want to know how to get started with Cyberware? Check out this handy guide, always updated to the newest version!


Cyberware is released under the MIT license.
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Jul 29, 2019
AbyssalCraft (1.10.2) (1.11.2) (1.12.2) has been updated to
  • Added a barfing sound to Dreadguards and Cha'garoth (instead of playing the sound for when a Ghast shoots a fireball)
  • Added Crystallized Calcium, Beryllium and Beryl
  • Materializer recipes can now be displayed in JEI
  • The Staff of Rending works on Omothol creatures again (1.11.2 & 1.12.2)
  • The biome transformation from Cha'garoth and his Dreaded Charges has been optimized (code only runs on the server, only affects non-dreadlands biomes)
  • The Rending Pedestal works on Omothol creatures again
  • Rather than crashing, an error will be logged when failing to convert an ItemStack from the Ore Dictionary into a BlockState during startup
  • Overworld structure generation now checks for the Overworld World Provider rather than Dimension ID


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MinecraftModDevelopment with Hunting Dimension
MinecraftModDevelopment said:
Hunting Dimension 1.12.2-1.0.9
  • Changed the way the frame model works. The wood texture is now pulled directly from vanilla.
  • Fixed potions ticking down twice as fast for creative mode players.
  • Removed peaceful mobs from the hunting dimension.
  • Added config option to remove hostile mobs from the surface world.
  • Added config option to allow peaceful mobs to spawn in the hunting dimension.
  • Added a special holiday event that will run from Dec. 24th to 26th.
Holiday Event
From December 24th to 26th, all skeletons and zombies that spawn in the hunting dimension will have a holiday themed player head. There are 18 designs total, 9 of which only spawn on the mob's head, and 9 that will only spawn as a held item. The player heads are meant to be used for decorations, however they are real player heads so you can also use them in any recipes that require a player head.

and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 1.12.2-4.1
  • Added: Portkey
  • Added: Floo Token
  • Added: Global Chat Detector
  • Changed: If the palette file for a magica voxel model is missing rt will generate a default one
  • Fixed: Weird Behavior in the Voxel Projector GUI
  • Fixed: Magnetic Enchantment ignoring Dark Utilities Void Charm & Nullifiers from Useful Nullifiers
  • Fixed: Missing Language Key for the magnetic enchantment
  • Fixed: Crash concerning biome blocks and Minestuck
  • Fixed: Crash when using entity filters in filtered redirector plates
  • Fixed: Quarks runes overriding the dyeing machines enchantment coloring (Still has to be fixed from Quarks side)
  • Fixed: The range increase of spectre tools not working properly
  • Fixed: Dupe bug with the Instant Pickup Module from Iridescent
  • Fixed: Rain Shield not preventing snow from accumulating on top of blocks
New Features:
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Jul 29, 2019
new christmas, new update, and this christmas it's @tikkadatla with Defier
tikkadatla said:
With Defier, you can turn redstone flux into items. This mod was heavily inspired by Draconic Evolution's fusion crafting and Industrial Craft 2's mass fabricator. The mod also adds recipes for Draconic Evolution and Thermal Foundation items if their respective mod is present.

Getting Started

1. Craft the compressor.

2. Input 2 billion items (configurable) into the compressor. The more items the compressor has stored, the more RF the compressor uses. Make sure the compressor receives at least 100k RF/tick (configurable). MAKE SURE THE COMPRESSOR NEVER RUNS OUT OF RF. When the compressor recieves 2 billion items, it will break and drop a defier core.

3. Craft a defier and a pattern molder.

4. To create an item pattern, place a pattern (does not have to be empty) and a compatible item into the pattern molder to get a pattern for that item. Use JEI to get a complete list of compatible items.

5. Place the pattern inside of the defier.

6. To get energy to the defier, energy providers will need to be used. One energy provider can transfer up to 1 million RF (configurable) to the defier at a time. Right clicking an energy provider with a speed star will increase how often the energy provider sends RF. Place an energy provider near a defier and the provider will send energy when the defier is ready.

Custom Recipes

The mod will search the /config/defier/recipes/ folder for json files.

There can be multiple files and they can be named anything you want.

All recipe files must be a json object with a json array as an element called recipes. Each element of the array is a different recipe definition.

All recipe definitions must contain a string item (the item to be used for the recipe) and a number cost (cost in RF of the recipe). An optional number meta can be included to specify the meta of the item.

All recipes defined via config will override default recipes. If the cost is set to -1, the default recipe will simply be removed.

An example file would look like:

"recipes": [
"item": "minecraft:cobblestone",
"cost": 10000
"item": "minecraft:sponge",
"cost": 5000

As of now, recipes that rely on other values such as stack size or itemstack NBT will need to add recipes using a mod (see below).

Custom Recipes Via Mod

Registering your own recipes is very easy. You will need to subscribe to the DefierRecipeRegistryEvent event. Using the event, you can register using an item, item and meta, or a custom implementation of the DefierRecipe class.

and @AEnterprise with Buildcraft
AEnterprise said:
Buildcraft 7.99.13
Merry Christmas!

Chocolate fountains now spawn, containing "Melted Raw Chocolate Mix".
You can process chocolate in the "Chocolate seperator", and the "Chocolate Heat Exchanger"
You can send chocolate off to Santa in exchange for power in the new chocolate engine.
We don't know what Santa does with it. Perhaps its for just in time Christmas presents?

[#3857] Re-added the config option to disallow infinite water pumping. Useful if a finite water mod is installed.
Added a new config option: "display.useSwappableSprites". This disables sprite swapping functionality, which is used by other config options (such as colourblind mode)
Fixes [#3894] Optifine texture incompatibility
Properly added config options for "itemRenderRotation", and "chunkLoaderLevel". The latter is technically just a boolean choice - only the quarry can chunkload at the moment.

Guide book contents JSON files no longer need a title element if they have an item_stack element, as the title will now be the item stack's display name.

The entire oil processing chain just vanished. Odd.
The combustion engine is useless now that all the oil has gone, so it has been removed, forever.
Bugs fixed:

[#3833] Missing lang entry for "Gelled Water" (item.gel.name) and "Water Gelifier" (item.waterGel.name)
[#3853] Pipe item models have the incorrect lighting.
This might be altered in the future, as they are very dark now. Voice feedback on this please!
[#3854] The architect table crashes if placed next to landmarks.
[#3867] The chute inserts into living entities (so players or zombies, for example)
[#3861] The filler has the missing block model in-world.
Some modules accidently had hard dependencies on others when they shouldn't
[#3858] Core depends on Builders
[#3873] Lib depends on Silicon
Silicon depends on factory
[#3874] Crash when breaking the heat exchanger
[#3882] All fluid blocks except for one showed the missing texture.
[#3884] Powering an obsidian transport pipe without any pipe connections crashes.
The heat exchanger doesn't output properly.
[#3925] Gates do not activate/deactivate redstone signals properly for farther blocks.

And a Merry Christmas to you all!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Aarilight with Soulus
Aarilight said:
Soulus is a mod I created because I was sick of building giant mob-spawning boxes in skyblock modpacks.

It adds in custom spawners, called Summoners, which start out incredibly underpowered but can be upgraded to be extremely fast and efficient. The upgrades are incredibly expensive and will likely take a long time to craft in the early game, but everything can be automated with other mods. The mod is also highly configurable, so you can make everything cheap and easy if you want to. By default, Soulus also disables all mob spawning (but that's configurable as well).

There are no modpack distribution restrictions for Soulus. You may use it in any modpack, with any launcher. However, there ARE general distribution restrictions. You may not provide downloads of Soulus outside of a modpack. To put it in layman's terms, all downloads of Soulus must either be as part of a modpack, through the Github, or through the Curseforge.

If you want to support development of Soulus, I have a Patreon, if you're into that.
To view a more in-depth explanation of the features in the mod, check out the Readme on Github.

Thanks for playing!




and @CovertJaguar with Railcraft
CovertJaguar said:
Railcraft 10.3.0
  • INFO: Merry Christmas!
  • NEW: Added Snow to carts!
  • NEW: Added Crowbar of Seasons, used to switch carts to Christmas or Halloween mode, found in Workshops or in Gift and Pumpkin Carts.
  • NEW: Restored Creosote and Steam blocks. (contribution by liach)
  • NEW: Added Creosote potion effect that harms spiders when thrown. (contribution by liach)
  • CHANGE: "NeedsRefuel" routing condition now looks at the entire train and considers Worldspike Carts as well.

and @Turbo_Pig with Tinkegration
Turbo_Pig said:
This mod adds Tinker's Construct support for materials from various mods (at the moment, only Thermal Foundation). The stats of each material are fully configurable!

Requires Tinker's Construct and Thermal Foundation.

!!! Currently in ALPHA !!!

Material stats are not final (although fully configurable), and probably not perfectly balanced. Likewise, trait effects are not final, and are subject to change.

Suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

Planned additions and integrations:

Spoiler (click to hide)

Diamond? Casting diamond is weird, but using the part builder is probably too OP. Very on the fence with this one.




Twilight Forest





Materials added:

Spoiler (click to hide)

Gold - Fancy

Thermal Foundation

Invar - Tempered

Platinum - Vorpal & Precise

Lumium - Illuminating

Signalum - Energized

Enderium - Resonant

Traits added:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Energized: Tool speed is increased when you are less hungry.

Fancy: Automatically gives Fortune and Looting I, but the tool wears out quicker as well. Gold is malleable!

Illuminating: Tool speed and attack improve based on the lighting conditions.

Precise: Regular attacks have a 15% chance to be a critical hit.

Resonant: When an mob is killed, nearby mobs are dealt one quarter of the damage too. Does not affect players.

Tempered I-III (IV, theoretically): Basically reinforced. Each level gives a 20% chance of not using any durability.

Vorpal: Damage is twice as high at max durability, but it quickly goes down. 100% durability = 2x damage, 90% = 1.5x, 75% = 0.85x, and so on.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Turbo_Pig with Tinkegration
Turbo_Pig said:
Tinkegration 0.2

  • Added tool: Battleaxe
  • Added material: Alumite
  • Blazing pyrotheum is now a valid smeltery fuel
  • Redstone, enderpearls, and glowstone can be melted down into their Thermal Foundation fluids (if the smeltery is hot enough)


  • Thermal Foundation is no longer strictly required
  • Trait identifiers have been changed to avoid potential conflict with other mods

and @marwat208 with Rail Roads
marwat208 said:
Break out those Rails and ready your body. Rail Roads is gives those dormant tracks a new lease on life. On of the biggest hassles with Minecart Tracks is keeping track of where your minecart is and making sure you have one available for the trip. Rail Roads introduces the Rail Rider ability. items with the Rail Rider ability let you ride on Minecart Tracks without a minecart! All Foot items, Modded and Vanilla should be compatible with Rail Roads.


To give an item the Rail Rider ability, the set of boots together with a Minecart. By default items with the Rail Rider ability will take additional wear and tear while being used to ride on tracks. This can be turned off in the configuration file.

To Mount the Rails, hit the C Key when standing on the rail. You can remap the hotkey if needed.

and @TheRealp455w0rd with Enderman Evolution
TheRealp455w0rd said:

The primary purpose of this mod is to make obtaining Ender Pearls early game a bit easier.

Evolved Enderman

These Enderman have evolved to the point that they can walk in water and spawn during the day with no negative consequences.


Frienderman are friendly Enderman that can do various things to help you. If you tame one using a Friender Pearl (random chance), you will be able to set it's mode to Follow or Idle. Your tamed Frienderman will protect you (much like a tamed wolf) when you are attacked. You can also hand your tamed Frienderman a chest (EnderStorage, IronChests, and Vanilla currently supported) that it will carry and pick up nearby items when they drop.

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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @yves with Avada Kedavra
Yves said:

This mod is what it says on the tin, it adds a trick to directly damage mobs with a certain amount of half-hearts specified.

This mod is incredibly OP and utilitarian, designed only for the most boring of Psi-mages.


The mana cost for this mod is directly balanced of being able to inflict a maximum of 20 half-hearts (a full player bar, enough for most mobs, except for bosses"), with a potency of 350 (the highest in vanilla Psi) and cost of 5000 mana.

Using an Ebony CAD, the only CAD with 350 potency cap, this will equal in 5500 mana usage factoring in Ebony's 90% efficiency.

This mod is really OP, and costs a great deal (in terms of Vanilla + PSI) to cast a killing curse. I've done my best to balance it, but in the end, I just wanted to be Voldemort.

Sorry Vazkii.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ElytraDev with Better Boilers
ElytraDev said:
Better Boilers adds easy-to-use, multiblock steam boilers back into Minecraft 1.12. Shape boilers however you want, add vents and valves, put a firebox on bottom, and add a controller, and you're good to go.

Boilers can contain up to 1,000 blocks (including boiler components and firebox components). Each boiler component (boiler blocks, boiler valves, or boiler vents) adds one bucket of capacity to the water tank and half a bucket of capacity to the steam tank. Each firebox component (firebox blocks or firebox hatches) used speeds up steam production, but also increases fuel cost.

This mod is not viable to use on its own. There are no fluid pipes, no RF generation, and no metals for making the boiler blocks. Better Boilers is designed to be used alongside mods like Thermal Expansion or Immersive Engineering addon Immersive Tech, which both add steam-based power production. Boiler blocks are made using brass plates, but will fall back to using brass ingots, constantan plates (added by both Thermal Expansion and Immersive Engineering), or iron and gold ingots depending on what ore dictionary entries are available. If you would like to use the standard recipe, use a mod like Smores or Base Metals to add Brass plates externally.

This mod is open-source and under a permissive license. You can follow along with its development on Github, or download bleeding-edge builds from the Elytra CI. You may use it in any modpack.

and @boni with Bitcoin
boni said:
This mod does not have anything to do with real life Bitcoins! It is a joke mod, contained within Minecraft!

This is a Thermal Expansion Addon!

The Mod
So, you've heard about Bitcoins. It's the latest craze, everybody wants to get some! And now you can finally do that while playing Minecraft!

This mod only adds two blocks and two items to the game, and here's how you use them:

  • Mine Bitcoin Ores, which can be found at different heights
  • Smelt the ores, into Bitcoin Blocks
  • The Bitcoin Blocks need to be crafted into Blockchains
  • Blockchains are then mint into Bitcoins, using a Compactor in mint-mode
  • Bitcoins are then.. "sold" for RF in a numismatic dynamo
Now here's the catch: The value of Bitcoins fluctuates heavily! The value changes constantly, sometimes it's higher, sometimes it's lower, sometimes it'll stay there, sometimes the bubble bursts and the value drops.

Some extra infos:

  • Bitcoin Ores are generated using CofhWorld. You can use its config to retrogen them.
  • Bitcoin Ores are mostly found around heights 8, 32 and 64. The deeper the more common they are.
  • Bitcoins' tooltip shows how much they're worth currently
  • Once in the dynamo, they give the value they had on insert
  • The value of bitcoins does not change drastically. It only changes over time. It does not have random jumps.
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Jul 29, 2019
new year, new update, and today it's @The_Kipster with Terra (Biomes & Stuff)
The_Kipster said:

Terra adds 37 biomes, 8 iron ore variants, 4 coal variants, & 8 sand & sandstone variants.


  • Alps
  • Black Beach
  • Black Desert
  • Cold Plateau
  • Dry Plateau
  • Dunes
  • Fens
  • Frozen Lake
  • Frozen Plateau
  • Glacier
  • Grasslands
  • Green Beach
  • Green Plateau
  • Green Hills
  • Green Extreme Hills
  • Highlands
  • Lake
  • Lush Forest
  • Meadow
  • Orange Beach
  • Pinelands
  • Pink Beach
  • Plateau
  • Praire
  • Purple Beach
  • Rainforest
  • Red Beach
  • Red Plateau
  • Rockland
  • Sahel
  • Shrubland
  • Steppe
  • Tundra Spikes
  • Tundra
  • White Beach
  • White Desert
  • Woodlands
Imgur thingy for images of the biomes added



Id love it if you add Terra into your modpack, no need to ask for permission. Although it would be nice if you told me so I can check out your modpack.


I had originally made a mod called Terra using mcreator, however, I have moved over to using eclipse and remade the mod.

and @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.12 - 76
- added various config options for the Belljar, to adjust growthspeeds and fertilizer effects
- re-added partivles and animation for the Arc Furnace (thanks Malte)
- added TOP compat for the Sheetmetal Tank (thanks SirWindfield)
- added Metal Ladders and Scaffold covered versions
- fixed wires connected to razorwire not rendering (thanks Malte)
- fixed missing comparator output on the Current Transformer (thanks Malte)
- fixed the drill accidentally modifying its NBT on sharing (thanks Malte)
- fixed the Bucket Wheel having rotation issues (thanks Malte)
- fixed crashes related to newer Forge versions (thanks Malte)
- fixed rendering issues with the Floodlight and improved its performance (thanks Malte)
- fixed Carrots and Potoes not working in the Cloche (thanks SirWindfield)
- fixed crash when the Teslacoil destroys a piece of Faraday armor
- fixed Chisel compat
- fixed AA compat, Canola in the squeezer
- fixed TCon compat, mixup of Constantan and Uranium (thanks tgstyle)
- fixed TCon compat, Arc Furnace for alloying
- fixed a crash with the Slippery potion
- fixed derpyness with Mineral Veins (at least for the most part), regarding CraftTweaker
- fixed links to Biodiesel in the manual pointing to a nonexistant page
- fixed a minor texture warning in the console
- Translations Added/Updated: zh_CN (DYColdWind)