What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @The1Silent with Dynamic Lighting
The1Silent said:
A mod to generate light-sources for glowing objects in-game.

no longer fear heading into dark caves with only a single torch!

This mod generates light sources when a glowing item such as a torch or glowstone is held; these light-sources follow the player around for as long as these items are being held thus giving a way to see in dark areas without having to place many torches down to see.

Warning! with server lag this mod might cause flashing of light-sources on screen.

yes you may use this mod in a modpack without asking.

and @Buuz135 with ArmoreableMobs
Buuz135 said:
Give any item to any entity when it spawn using CraftTweaker.

How to use:
You need craftweaker to use the mod and use it with a script. First of all import:

import mods.armoreablemobs.ArmorHandler;
import mods.armoreablemobs.ArmorEntity;
import mods.armoreablemobs.ArmorSlot;
import mods.armoreablemobs.ArmorGroup;

After that create an ArmorGroup with:var group = ArmorHandler.createArmorGroup("draconic", 0.5);. The group arguments are: (String name, double chanceToGetUsed) To an ArmorGroup you can add any amount of ArmorEntity you want with group.addEntity(entity); To an ArmorGroup you can add any amount of ArmorSlot you want with group.addArmor(armorSlot);

An ArmorSlot defines an item in a slot and can be created with ArmorHandler.createArmorSlot("head", <draconicevolution:draconic_helm>.withTag({Energy: 16000000}), 1, 0.5). The arguments are: (String slotName, IItemStack stack, int itemWeight, double chanceToDropOnDeath) The possible slots are: ["head", "chest", "legs", "feet", "feet", "mainhand", "offhand"]. You can add multiple ArmorSlots to each slot and it will randomly be choosen depending on the itemWeight, the bigger the number the bigger the chance. chanceToDropOnDeath is a number between 0 and 1 that defines the chance that the item has to drop on death.

An ArmorEntity defines information that an Entity needs to have to be given in the items defined with ArmorSlots. It can be created with var entity = ArmorHandler.createArmorEntity("minecraft:zombie"); where the argument is the Entity ID. You can add NBT checks to filter the entity with entity.withNBTCheck("Health", 10.0, "GREATER"); with arguments (String nbtId, Object value, String checkingMode), The checking modes can be ["LESS", "EQUAL", "GREATER", "CONTAINS"].

Full Example
import mods.armoreablemobs.ArmorHandler;
import mods.armoreablemobs.ArmorEntity;
import mods.armoreablemobs.ArmorSlot;
import mods.armoreablemobs.ArmorGroup;

var group = ArmorHandler.createArmorGroup("draconic", 0.5);
var entity = ArmorHandler.createArmorEntity("minecraft:zombie").withNBTCheck("Health", 10.0, "GREATER");
group.addArmor(ArmorHandler.createArmorSlot("head", <draconicevolution:draconic_helm>.withTag({Energy: 16000000}), 1, 0.5));
group.addArmor(ArmorHandler.createArmorSlot("chest", <draconicevolution:draconic_chest>.withTag({Energy: 16000000}), 1, 0.5));
group.addArmor(ArmorHandler.createArmorSlot("legs", <draconicevolution:draconic_legs>.withTag({Energy: 16000000}), 1, 0.5));
group.addArmor(ArmorHandler.createArmorSlot("feet", <draconicevolution:draconic_boots>.withTag({Energy: 16000000}), 1, 0.5));
group.addArmor(ArmorHandler.createArmorSlot("mainhand", <draconicevolution:draconic_sword>.withTag({Energy: 16000000}), 1, 0.5));


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with MeeCreeps
McJty said:
MeeCreeps are early game creatures that can help you do various small tasks. Like build a house, harvest crops, dig down a shaft to bedrock, light up the area, ... You spawn them, they perform a task and then they disappear again.

This mod also contains a portalgun that allows you to make connections between two spots in the world.

Current version is still beta. More actions are planned for the MeeCreep.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Cojomax99 with Tropicraft
Cojomax99 said:
- Initial beta release for MC 1.10.2!
- The mod has been rewritten, with all most the great features you remember, and lots of new things too.
- Added Scuba gear, maintain the deepest of depths in safety with this extreme gear.
- Added sharks, dolphins, piranha, and a whole host of additional aquatic wildlife and features to explore, including a boss!
- Koa tribespeople now work hard and party harder, they love to play music whilst dancing by an open fire.

- Beautifully redesigned terrain generation to create perfect tropical paradise islands and lush thick tropical jungles.

A more comprehensive list of new and returning features will be available on our wiki soon.

Be sure to report any bugs or errors you come across to our Issue Tracker.


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Jul 29, 2019
and @Furgl with Minewatch
Furgl said:
Minewatch 1.12.X-3.5
  • New: Added Sombra
  • New: Added abilities:
    • Sombra’s Opportunist
    • Sombra’s Thermoptic Camo
    • Sombra’s Translocator
    • Widowmaker’s Venom Mine
    • Junkrat’s Concussion Mine
    • Bastion’s Reconfigure
    • Mei’s Cryo-Freeze
    • Reinhardt’s Fire Strike
  • New: Added Skins:
  • New: Added a Maps option to the survival inventory tab to show off Overwatch maps from the community
  • New: Added a Submit a Skin/Map option to the survival inventory tab
  • New: /minewatch hero <hero> now supports adding a target selector to the end
  • New: Added config option to toggle fall damage when wearing a full set of armor
  • New: Added partial Chinese translation by Mrkwtkr
  • Fix: Fixed some strange bullet behavior when shot too close to entities
  • Fix: Genji’s Swift Strike cooldown now correctly resets when killing an entity
  • Fix: Reaper’s The Reaping now works properly
  • Fix: Ana and Widowmaker’s scopes can now be used when in the air
  • Fix: Other mods can no longer interfere with particle opacity
  • Entities holding weapons from the mod now have their bodies rotate to match their heads (so they shoot in the direction that they are looking, in 3rd person)
  • Changing to and from using 3D models for weapons no longer requires a restart
  • Knockback from exploding entities has been adjusted
  • Weapons and abilities no longer damage / hit entities on the same team
  • Weapon and entity models now have improved shading
  • Enemy Junkrat Traps now render partially in the ground

and @BordListian with Soot
BordListian said:
What is Soot?
Soot is an addon for Embers, to provide some improvements and additions to Embers content, while trying not to offset the feel of Embers too much.

What does Soot contain?
Ember Transmission upgrades/sidegrades The Ember Funnel, which is a more expensive Ember Receiver that passes the Embers it contains quickly to the attached device, useful for inputting into Crystal Cells from multiple sources. And the Ember Burst Spreader, which is roughly equivalent to the Ember Ejector, but each of the 5 sides pointing away from the Spreader can be bound to a different receiver.

Improvements for the Mixer Centrifuge When all the liquid from one of the input sides is consumed, that tank will clear itself, as opposed to locking itself to the fluid. This means that you can now mix several different alloys without breaking and replacing the centrifuge. Additionally, attaching a fluid extractor to the bottom can suck liquids from any of the 4 liquid tanks, allowing you to quickly empty the centrifuge of remainders.

An Alchemical Globe machine upgrade Can be attached to the Mixer Centrifuge to upgrade it to an alchemy-powered mixer.

Metal Leveling Metals can be transmuted into others (as a one-way process)

Antimony An alchemically synthesized material, whose green sheen can trick Villagers into believing that it's precious emerald.

CraftTweaker support for Embers machinery Melter, Mixer, Stamper, Dawnstone Anvil, Exchange Tablet and Alchemical Mixer can all have recipes added or removed.
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Aug 14, 2014
It's time for RV5.Stable build 2 for Applied Enertistics 2 for 1.12.2.

RV5.Stable build 2 said:
Feature #3202: Use craftinggrid to check existing patterns for JEI recipe transfer. - yueh
Fixes #3118: Set base biome to "void" to shut up warning. - fscan
Fixes #3195: Spatial IO fixes. Removes warning when transfering entities. Removes old tickables. - fscan
Fixes #3199: Fix NetworkToolViewer stack overflow, saveguard against markDirty recursion. - fscan
Fixes #3200: Cleanup recipe factories to prevent recipes from not working on servers with forge version 2532 or later. - fscan
Fixes #3201: Rework ImportBus to avoid crashes in very rare edge cases. - fscan
Fixes #3205: Tooltips for ME Slots missing colors. - yueh
Fixes #3209: Reset stack to prevent leaking meaningful ones to the crafting task. - yueh
Fixes #3215: Fix StorageBus not updating item count correctly when multiple stacks changes. - fscan
Fixes #3219: Refactors grid connections to prevent incorrect security breaks. - yueh

And since I missed a few, here are some older changelogs of the past handful of weeks. (So, not so much 'new', but 'kinda new, and hasn't been mentioned'.)

RV5.Stable build1 and RV5.Beta 1 through 5 said:
Fixes #3192: Removes channels from the render state for non smart cables to avoid caching duplicate models. - yueh

Fixes #2611: Prevent shift clicking inside a terminal from placing items into the offhand or armor slots. - yueh
Fixes #3149: Fix SkyChest bounding box - fscan
Fixes #3171: Fix handling of ItemStacks using getShareTag or Capabilites - fscan
Fixes #3175: Chargeable items returning an incorrect amount for the used energy. - yueh
Fixes #3178: JSON cleanup and removing a texture warning - yueh
Fixes #3179: Allow extraction for Condenser. Also #2960, #2017, #2602 - fscan
Fixes #3182: Improve Facade rendering. Also #2679, #2625 - fscan
Fixes #3185: Add a basic cache for cable models to avoid constant regeneration. - yueh
Fixes #3189: Formation plane unable to place special items. - yueh

Feature #3160: Implement Advancements (Migrated from Achievements). Improvements welcome. - fscan
Fixes #3159: Check for null in UpgradeInventory#saveChanges. - fscan
Fixes #3162: Fix Tiny TNT - fscan
Fixes #3163: Return correct item defintion. - fscan
Fixes #3164: Inscriber crash with name presses. - yueh
Fixes #3169: Fix AESharedItemStack#compareNBT to get consistent ordering. - fscan
Cleanup BlockQuartzOre and circumvent Forge bug - fscan
Update zh_cn.lang (#3137) - Flithor

Feature #3153: Added a clientside config to keep or clear the search filter when opening. - yueh
Feature #3152: Updated Drives to support more than Item and Fluid cells. - yueh
Feature #3155: API cleanups. Notably removes deprecated parts and renamed exceptions to end with Exception, not Error or nothing. - fscan
Fixes #3150: Fixes a NPE with uninitialized ME Chests. - yueh


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Darkhax with Cravings
Darkhax said:
Adds cravings for random food items. Eating a desired food can give the player benefits.

This project is sponsored by Nodecraft. Use code Darkhax for 30% off your first month of service!

What is a craving?
A craving is a random desire to eat a certain food. This mod adds this concept to Minecraft. Every MC day, a player has a random chance of getting a new craving. When a craving is acquired, the player has a set amount of time to fulfill this food craving. If the player can do this successfully they get a reward, if they don't they get a debuff.

What can be configured?
This mod is designed to be adaptable for any modpack. Because of this, there are a lot of configurable options. The following is a list of configurable things.

  • Whether or not players get a reward for completing a craving, or a punishment for not.
  • The chance of a player getting a craving.
  • The amount of time a player has to fulfill the craving.
  • The amount of time before the next attempt to give the player a craving.
  • The list of possible potion rewards.
  • The list of possible potion punishments.
How is the pool of food chosen?
The mod currently only has "lazy" configuration implemented. This configuration mode will search through the item registry for possible foods, and use them as the pool. This mode is meant to be for quick and easy play with the mod, and for proof of concept. Future versions of the mod will allow food items to be specified using CraftTweaker scripts, and provide support for new types of cravings.

This mod was designed with adaptability in mind, so it's possible for a wide range of new craving types to be added. For example, a craving could give the player some mana if they satisfy it, or spawn a mod if they don't. Cravings could also be made to fit within a GameStage system, so new cravings unlock as the player progresses through the game.

and @iChun with Morph
iChun said:
Morph 1.12.2-7.0.0
Rewritten and released for MC 1.12.2

Morphing into an entity of a different size of the player is a lot more difficult now, and appearing as another player is also a lot more difficult. There may be issues with the mod but if any please report on the issue tracker.

Abilities do not exist and as the health changing when morphing was a balancing point of abilities (and resizing), it has not been implemented either (mostly due to lack of time). They will be making a comeback later on.

The Morph Command has been revamped. Do check it out if you're an admin.

and @RWTema with Career Bees
RWTema said:
This is an addon for Forestry, that adds a large variety of new bees loosely based after real world professions.

To begin breeding the careers bees, you must breed 'common' and 'cultivated' bees with a bookshelf as a base. You can learn further mutations using the Escritoire, or via an add-on such a JEI Bees.

This mod is currently in early alpha, and lots of stuff is WIP or subject to change.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Purplicious_Cow with Animania
Purplicious_Cow said:
Animania 1.12.2-1.4

Release Notes 1.4 (1.11.x, 1.12.x)

“All About Them Carts”

Please note: This release is 1.11 and 1.12 only

New Feature, Horse Carts!

How to Use:

  • Place your Cart by right clicking
  • Right click with an empty hand to grab and pull the Cart by yourself
  • To attach to a horse:
    • Once you are pulling a Cart, mount a horse to attach the Cart to the horse
    • Or lead the horse to a Cart (with a lead) on click on the Cart
    • Or click on the Cart while riding a Horse
  • To place an animal in the Cart, simply lead the animal to the back of the Cart (with a lead), and they will hop in
  • To remove an animal from the Cart, attach a lead to it
  • To place a Chest in the Cart, right click while holding a Chest
  • To open the Chest, sneak + right click on the Chest
  • To ride in the Cart yourself, sneak + right click on an empty Cart
  • Pigs can also pull carts (but they are a bit less controlled)
  • Horses ‘should’ not wander away when attached to a cart
Known issues:

  • There are some bugs (as always). Animation still needs a bit of work, and sometimes the cart seems to lag behind the horse. Please report other issues on our github.
Bug Fixes

  • Additional checks and balances put in to reduce lag on servers for animals that are having trouble finding necessities like water, food, etc. – (credit: kiwifrogg)
  • Cheese Molds no longer leave behind null Tile Entities (which can cause a crash) (credit: Darkosto)
  • Animals will no longer show ‘hungry’ or ‘thirsty’ in WAILA or TOP if mod is set to Ambiance Mode (credit: Ashly138)

and @ewyboy with Cultivated Tech
EwyBoy said:


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with MeeCreeps
McJty said:
MeeCreeps 1.12-0.1.0beta

  • Smarter pathfinding and being stuck detection. So the long pauses while doing some task should be gone
  • Fixed a bug with the MeeCreep replacing some blocks with torches instead of putting the torches on them

  • Error message when there is no good place to spawn a MeeCreep

  • New 'make platform' action and also a safer 'build block' action that doesn't destroy blocks

  • wiiv added several hairstyles for the MeeCreeps
  • New 'idle' action that does nothing for a few minutes
  • Errors are now shown in balloons that disappear after a while. i.e. no longer do you get the error in a GUI that you have to click away. The timeout of this balloon (and position) can be configured in the config

  • Marking an inventory with an entity frame containing a creep cube will mark that chest as favorite for any MeeCreep action requiring a chest. Except when another chest is used as a target
  • New MeeCreep sound from Direwolf20
  • The chop trees action should work on modded trees too
  • Fixed 'dig to bedrock' action so it doesn't create problems in the end (or where there is no bedrock)

  • Made spawning slightly better and also made sure that the bottom of the 3x3 tunnel is at the targetted block instead of the middle

  • Never ever give a MeeCreep a spawn cube!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @LavX64 with MiniPortal
LavX64 said:
So you tired of this noisy sounds of nether portal in your house, but don't want to break it because occasionally you'll need like 4 netherracks for some mod in your modpack, and then you have to load world, find some monsters and oh crap, you just died :(
Annoying as it is.
But with this mod you will *almost* no longer need no use it, and plus you will save some resources as well as get rid of some common ones!

Mini Portal is a device crafted from 4 obsidian blocks and 1 torch(which is really small, so you'll never fit into it). But! You can fit some items in it!
Let's see the recipes.

And that's not the full list, you can see all of the recipes using JEI, needless to say some rare items like ghast tear or black skeleton head you can't get that simple, you have to build a normal portal. So that makes this mod realistic and balanced enough.

S\O to kandivia, I see you brother, thank you for the idea, but your texture was rly ugly XD
(I'll make animation rly soon!(not really))

and @zero__fall with Better Blink
zero__fall said:
When used, the Blink Rod teleports the user to the first solid block beneath the shown marker.

By default, Blinking uses a small amount of hunger.


  • Hunger usage
  • Blink distance



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Jul 29, 2019
AbyssalCraft (1.10.2) (1.11.2) (1.12.2) has been updated to
  • The JEI plugin no longer stops at Transmutator Fuel recipe registration (1.10.2 and 1.11.2)
  • The State Transformer's extraction mechanic now works (1.10.2 only)
  • Ticking Tile Entities that don't do anything client side no longer ticks client side
  • Added a hurt sound to Anti-Players that those who played Minecraft before beta ended might recognize (props to BordListian for letting me know of it's prescence in Better With Mods)
  • Non-player entities can now use portals
  • Anti-mobs now attack their regular countepart (for more destruction and chaos) and Anti-Players has a chance of targeting any non Anti-Player
  • Mobs capable of spreading the Dread Plague no longer tries to apply it on something that's already immune to it
  • Added a new attack to Shadow Beasts and Sacthoth (credits to Enderman_of_D00M for the code)
  • The Materializer is now functional
  • Greater Dread Spawns and Lesser Dreadbeasts now swap between melee and ranged attacks
  • Added a new attack to Dreadguards (credits to Enderman_of_D00M for the code)
  • Cha'garoth's heads now move independantly, and each has attacks of their own (credits to Enderman_of_D00M for the code)
  • Loot Tables are now initialized during loading stages (instead of being initialized when something relying on one of them references it)
  • Disruption Packets now send the correct String value representation of the Deity, stopping even more error log spam
  • The beams that spawn during Asorah's death animation are now more properly colored
  • J'zahar has longer reach for his staff-whacking
  • J'zahar is now immune to fire, explosions, magic and fall damage
  • Adjusted the bounding boxes and eye heights of Remnant and Minions of The Gatekeeper
  • Spectral Dragons now only knocks mobs and players away in Hardcore Mode
  • Dreadium Samurai armor now reduces the amount of Dread damage you receive
  • Materializer recipes can now be displayed in the Necronomicon
  • Spectral Dragons now only lose health when Asorah doesn't have full health
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @bugfroggy with Animated Crosshair
bugfroggy said:
Create completely custom crosshairs of any color, size, animation, etc.! The possibilities are endless.


This mod was designed to allow users to create any crosshair they like without the limitations built into Vanilla Minecraft. Change the size, color, and more with just a few clicks! The mod comes with 8 different crosshairs built in, but you are able to make your own with PNG files and JSON (more on this later!).

Privacy Policy: https://github.com/bugfroggy/AnimatedCursor/wiki/Privacy-Policy

Getting Started

This mod only introduces one command: /crosshair. This will pop up a GUI where you can swap between which cursor you're using with the arrow buttons or customize a crosshair by clicking on "Configure." Pressing "Save" will apply the crosshair that is currently selected.


If you're only interested in using one of the crosshairs built into the mod, then that's it! You're done! Maybe you want to customize your crosshair, though.. Change its animation speed, size, or color...

Configuring Your Crosshair

Configuration of individual crosshairs fortunately isn't hard either. If there is some slight modification you'd like to make, it's easy! From the /crosshair menu, click on the "Configure" button with the crosshair you'd like to change selected.


In this menu you're able to edit the scale, framerate, and frame count of your crosshair.

  • Scale - How large your crosshair is. 1.0 is Minecraft's default size.
  • Framerate - How fast the animation is, if there is one (specifically how many frames there should be every second)
  • Frame count - Total number of frames in the animation
This might be enough for you, but there's one final configuration menu you can use: the colors menu!


Adjust the color of the crosshair by sliding the red, green, and blue sliders until you find the color that you'd like. The "Negative Color" option lets you toggle vanilla Minecraft's feature that makes the crosshair's colors invert when hovering over bright colors.

Installing a Crosshair

If you have a .png file and a .properties file for a crosshair that you'd like to install, you can do so. All crosshair files are stored in .minecraft/crosshair/assets/animatedcrosshair/ (.minecraft being wherever your Minecraft folder is). All you have to do is simply move the two files into this folder and you're good to go! You shouldn't have to restart the game if you have one running already.

Available Crosshairs

Not all crosshairs are installed by default on your client. There are some that I have made and some that others have made that you will have to install yourself if you wish to use them. You can find more crosshairs at https://github.com/bugfroggy/AnimatedCursor/wiki/Crosshairs

Making Your Own Crosshair

While making your own crosshair is more advanced, it isn't too hard!

What you'll need:

  • Image editing software (I recommend Paint.NET)
  • A text editor
Step One

Understand the animation system. All animations are stored in a .png image file, each frame being 1/16th by 1/16th of the image's size. If you want your crosshair to be 32x32 pixels, then you'd need to create a new image canvas that is 512x512 (512 / 32 = 16). White backgrounds are rendered, so make sure to make the background transparent by deleting all that white space that you don't want visible!

When it comes time to render a crosshair in a PNG file, the frames are picked in an up-to-down, left-to-right basis. For example, here's a sample grid to demonstrate the size of each frame and where they are in order:


The mod will loop through each box at the framerate set in the config until the box that it's currently on is beyond the number of total frames in the animation (also set in the config), at which point it loops back to the beginning.

Step Two

Create a new canvas in the side that you'd like and add in each crosshair frame for the animation. If you only want one frame (i.e. no animation), then you only need to fill in the top-left corner. Continue putting each frame into its appropriate section of pixels until you're done.

Step Three

All animations should be stored in .minecraft/crosshair/assets/animatedcrosshair/ (.minecraft being wherever your Minecraft folder is). Save your new image file as a .png to that folder. The file should be named whatever you want it to be called in the game (although the name must be all lowercase!)

Step Four

Create a new .properties file with the same name as your image in the same folder. For example, if your image file is titled "crosshair.png", then your properties file should be "crosshair.properties". Open the file with a text editor and paste the following code into it, and save:

"frame": 0,
"frameCount": 1,
"frameRate": 0,
"negativeColor": true,
"crosshairScale": 1,
"colorModifier": {
"value": -1,
"falpha": 0
"chromaColor": false
This file contains all the settings corresponding to your crosshair. It might be easiest to edit this file from in-game, to make sure you don't make any mistakes, so we can just close it now.

Step Five

Start the game, do /crosshair, and navigate until you find your crosshair. Hopefully it will show up! If it doesn't, then you've done something wrong. Feel free to ask for help! You should be able to now click on "Configure" to change all the settings for your crosshair. Once you're done, click "Save" and voila! You've just made yourself a crosshair!


Will this affect my PVP skills?

It likely depends on your crosshair. I have tried a multiple of crosshairs and to my surprise it had no noticeable effect on how good I was at PVP.

I want a different crosshair, but I don't know how to make one.

If you have a GIF or a general idea of a crosshair you'd like but aren't able to make it yourself, feel free to DM me on Twitter (@bugfroggy) and I can do my best to make it for you if I have the time. Please try to make it yourself first (I of course reserve the right to refuse any requests).

I just made a crosshair. How do I include it on the downloads page?

Contact bugfroggy using your preferred method with the .properties file and the .png file so I can review it and add the download if necessary.

and @desht with PneumaticCraft: Repressurized
desht said:
This is a port of MineMaarten's excellent PneumaticCraft mod to Minecraft 1.12.2. The original PneumaticCraft was never ported beyond 1.8.9 (and that port was not fully completed). This port has been carried out with the blessing of MineMaarten, who is also happy for this project to be hosted on CurseForge. I'll also state here that (with MineMaarten's agreement) this project will earn Curse points, split between us.

In-game documentation is available, thanks to the newly-ported IGW for MC1.12.2 (thanks MineMaarten!). Most video tutorials for the 1.7.10 version of PneumaticCraft still apply to this release (but remember that this version uses Oil, and not Plastic Plants, for making plastic).

New Features
Note that there are a few minor new features in PneumaticCraft: Repressurized, summarised here:

  • CraftTweaker support! See this page for a description of the recipes that can be added/removed
  • The Aphorism Tile can now show markup (using Alt + 0-9,a-f, l-o & r), and has some popup help to show the key binds. You can also edit an existing Aphorism Tile by right-clicking it with an empty hand.
  • Heat sink effects are a little different. They won't set fire to you until over 100C (over 60C causes "hot floor" damage). And very cold (< -30C) heatsinks now slow you (duration and severity depend on temperature), and hurt if they're extremely cold (< -60C).
  • Vortex Cannon is now more effective at breaking plants and leaves. You can also use the cannon to fling yourself considerable distances (but beware fall damage!)
  • The One Probe is supported (in addition to WAILA/HWYLA), and the probe can be crafted with the Pneumatic Helmet to integrate it.
  • The kerosene lamp can now burn any burnable fuel (including fuels from other mods); better fuels last longer (LPG is the best right now). That can be disabled in config (B:keroseneLampCanUseAnyFuel=false), to have the old behaviour of burning kerosene only.
  • Forge Multipart support has gone, of course, but after a fair bit of testing, I decided not to include MCMP2 multipart support at this time. MCMP2 is just not quite there yet as far as stability goes (and that's in general, not just with PNC:R). However, I do want to revisit this in future.
To compensate for the lack of multipart tubes, a couple of new features have been added:

  • Wrenching a tube section will toggle it open/closed. This is potentially also useful to avoid air loss if you need to knock out a section of tubing for maintenance purposes.
  • New Camouflage Applicator tool to hide camouflageable blocks (tubes, elevator base & caller, pneumatic door base, charging station). You can disguise these blocks with pretty much any other block. Note that the door base & elevator base no longer have slots for items to camouflage, and the old behaviour of sneak-right-clicking a charging station or elevator caller doesn't work anymore. Camouflaging elevator frames is currently not possible, but should hopefully be re-introduced in a later release.
Most of the old mod integration is back in place, at least for all of those mods which have been ported to MC1.12.2. Currently absent is IndustrialCraft2 Pneumatic Generator and Electric Compressor, but I do plan to add those back before too long.

The PneumaticCraft API is still available, and mostly unchanged. Significant changes are:

  • IDrone#setProperty() and IDrone#getProperty() are gone (IExtendedEntityProperties is not a thing since MC1.9). Use capabilities if you need to store extra data on a drone.
  • IDrone#getInv() now returns an IItemHandlerModifiable rather than IInventory. (PneumaticCraft: Repressurized doesn't use IInventory or ISidedInventory at all anymore - inventory access is pretty much all done via capabilities or at least via item handler classes)
  • IDrone#getCarryingEntity() is now IDrone#getCarryingEntites() and returns a list


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @The_Wabbit with Personal Effects
The_Wabbit said:
Got tired of waiting for my favorite grave mod to upgrade past 1.8.9, so I created Personal Effects, the lazy player's grave mod. This mod saves your inventory contents to a black shulker box you've labeled 'Personal Effects' in your ender chest when you die. That's it.

To Use:
  • Create one or more black shulker boxes
  • Rename each one 'Personal Effects'
  • Put them in your ender chest (any slot)
Don't have any Shulker Boxes to spare? Use this recipe:
(any 'dyeBlack' works)

When you die, the mod will try to put your inventory contents including your armor and offhand items into your empty shulker boxes. Note that items removed due to a Curse of Vanishing enchantment are NOT saved.


To make sure your valuable stuff is saved first, the mod will not save items like dirt blocks or cobblestone to the effects box. You can add other "disposable" items and blocks to the mod's configuration file.

After you've respawned and retrieved your items, you'll need to "reset" your personal effects box so it's available for your next inevitable untimely death. To reset your effects box, use this recipe:

Don't forget to put it back into your ender chest!

  • The mod is configured to run as late in the "death event" processing as possible, so if you've got other mods that can "save your stuff" selectively (for instance via enchantments), they should get executed before Personal Effects.
  • If you're running with the 'keepInventory' game rule activated, this mod does nothing.

and @iChun with General Layman's Aesthetic Spying Screen (GLASS)
iChun said:
General Layman's Aesthetic Spying Screen (GLASS) allows you to decorate your houses in a way not thought possible before. Ever wanted to watch the sun set whilst living in a cave? With GLASS, that is now possible!

What is GLASS in a simple moving image

The mod adds 4 new blocks & recipes:

GLASS terminal:

GLASS projector:


GLASS extension:


GLASS wireless extension:


The GLASS terminal is essentially your camera. Place this down and right click it to set a channel and if it is a public channel or private channel.

The GLASS projector shows what is seen by the terminal when powered with redstone, and it also extends that to any neighbouring GLASS extensions. You can set which channel it's connecting to by placing it and right clicking the block. You can also adjust the order of the wireless extensions connected to it.

Connecting a GLASS wireless extension to a GLASS projector instantly toggles the GLASS projector to wireless mode. In wireless mode, views are drawn in triangles, with the first point of the triangle being the GLASS projector and the next two GLASS wireless extensions in order of addition. Every other triangle after will use the previous last two GLASS wireless extensions for their points. (For the code savvy, look up GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP). You can connect a single wireless extension multiple times to multiple GLASS projectors by right clicking the block.

As with clientside rendering, there are limitations as to how far GLASS will be able to render. GLASS will only be able to render another perspective that is close enough to your current position. A lot of this mod requires the elements used to be in within the client world. As with World Portals, rendering the world on GLASS will half your FPS for each new render turned on. Be vary of this and try not to have too many running at once.

The mod itself has no configs but configs applied to iChunUtil's World Portals will apply.

Holes in the world of the GLASS render is a known issue that I've not been able to fix for this mod nor Portal Gun.

Requires iChunUtil and Minecraft Forge.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Drullkus with The Twilight Forest
Drullkus said:
The Twilight Forest 1.12.2 - 3.4.239

  • We now have loading screens when going to the Twilight Forest!
  • The Naga and Lich now have fancy incremental boss bars for their body segments and phases respectively.
  • The Block of Fiery Metal now has a fancy model.
  • Arctic armour now has lore text that makes it clear it can be dyed.
  • Also added a advancement related to dying Arctic armour.
  • Armour made from boss drops now have damage resistance, balanced relative to the progression.
  • Death Tome has a chance to drop enchanted books.


  • Quest Ram now pulls rewards from its own editable loot table.
  • Uncrafting Table now returns materials directly to inventory like 1.12 vanilla Crafting Table.
  • Changing dimension ID of the Twilight Forest now requires a relaunch.
  • Changing the seed of your world now needs to have the world reloaded.
  • The 'shedding' from Death Tomes now draws from a loot table.
  • Block of Fiery Metal now stays lit when set on fire.
  • Made the boss spawner unbreakable, no more pacifist route unless on peaceful.
  • The Ore Magnet no longer moves ores if it is a tile entity.
  • Made the Ghast Trap advancement more specific in its wording.
  • Updated our JEI dependency to a newer version.


  • Fixed Ironwood model.
  • Set particle Firefly size to 0 so they don't keep blinking in and out in F3+B mode.
  • Fixed a bug where all storage blocks worked as fuel.
  • Fixed Block of Fiery Metal and Block of Ironwood having parts render solid black without CTM.
  • Big spruce trees in the snow biomes are no longer partially made out of oak logs.
  • Giant blocks no longer destroy other blocks upon placement, including bedrock and the laws of physics.
  • Charm of Keeping and Charm of Life no longer conflict resulting in item loss, they now properly take turns and play nice.
  • Fiery Tears and Blood now show as interchangeable in JEI.
  • Roots no longer replace important blocks in generation.
  • Cleaned up the chunk generator some more.

and @Harystolho with UberMiner
Harystolho said:

UberMiner is a mod that adds a customizable tool that lets you mine only ores. If you're bored of having to spend hours looking for ores, this is the right mod for you. It automatically breaks the ores and replaces them with stone.

  • UberTool - The mod's main item, it mines ores in a 3x3 area around the player, you can upgrade the tool in the UberCrafter using redstone to make it faster, and also put modifiers to increase its range(5x5).
  • UberPowder - It works almost the same way the UberTool does, the difference is that you can throw it, instead of having to hold right-click. There are two tiers: Tier 1 (3x3), Tier 2 (5x5).
  • UberShulker - It works the same way as a shulker, but it has only 9 slots. It's very cheap for early game.


  • (UberTool) Hold Right-Click until it charges, then release it, it will mine all the ores around you in a 3x3 area, you can expand it to a 5x5 area using the Range Modifier.





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Jul 29, 2019
AbyssalCraft Integration (1.10.2) (1.11.2) (1.12.2) has been updated to 1.6.2:
  • Added CraftTweaker support for modifying rituals
  • Added CraftTweaker support for adding/removing Materializations
  • Added CraftTweaker support for adding stuff to the Crystal List (so they can be placed in the Crystal Bag, therefore usable in Materialization recipes)
  • The materials added in the Tinkers integration now properly display their colors (1.12.2 only)
  • Bump to AbyssalCraft
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with MeeCreeps
McJty said:
MeeCreeps 1.12-0.1.4beta

  • Sneak-right click on a cube repeats the last command if possible. You can see this last action in the tooltip of the cube
  • New action to let the MeeCreep move blocks (chests and other tile entities). You select this action on the block you want to move. It will pick up that block and starts to follow you. When it is at the position that you want it you can dismiss it and it will put back the block first
  • Added a config section so you can disable certain meecreep actions

  • New action to let the MeeCreep pick up torches and follow you until the torches run out. When you are in a dark area it will put down a torch
  • New action to let the MeeCreep follow you and deliver all interesting items on the ground straight to you. It will ignore items like cobblestone etc


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Aug 14, 2013
Waterloo, Ontario
Pretty excited about this one. BuildCraft for Minecraft 1.12.2 has been released.

BuildCraft 7.99.12 for Minecraft 1.12.2 has been released! For real this time! Face_of_Cat created (some) of compat for 1.11.2, which is released under "7.99.0". Some minor bugs were found and fixed in 7.99.8, so they are released as In addition, a friendly ghost appeared for a day and fixed some long-standing bugs in the 7.1.x branch, with BuildCraft 7.1.23 and BuildCraft Compat 7.1.7. Phew, that's a lot of releases in a single day. Perhaps we'll take a 7 month break from all that.

Download available on their own site:

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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @modmuss50 with Engineers Workshop Reborn
modmuss50 said:
Engineers Workshop Reborn

About the mod:
The mod adds one block to the game. This block can be 4 of the following chest, crafting table or a furnace. The blocks can then be used all at once from one gui.


  • A chest can be added to the table to provide storage
  • A crafting table can be added to add a crafting grid
  • A furnace can be added to smelt items
    • Fuel can be added into the slot at the bottom under the power bar
  • The table a wide range of upgrades that can be used to add extra features to the table.
  • To add the upgrades to the table click on the upgrade button in the table's GUI.
This mod requires reborn core to be installed to function.

If you have any questions about the mod feel free to ask on our discord server.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with MeeCreeps
McJty said:
MeeCreeps 1.12-0.1.5beta

  • Added safety to the dig tunnel action so that it will not try to build support with air blocks (and crash while doing that)
  • Added crash protection when a MeeCreep traverse through a portal too early

  • New 3x3 dig staircase option
  • Chop trees works for modded trees now (tested on Forestry) and can handle huge trees too. Maximum number of blocks for a tree is configurable

and @AEnterprise with Buildcraft (With thanks to @Pyure for posting the update earlier in this thread)
AEnterprise said:
Buildcraft 7.99.12

  • Updated to minecraft 1.12.2
  • The heat exchange is now a single item, rather than 3. It's still placed in the same way as before though.
  • Existing heat exchangers probably won't load up correctly. (So they might be facing the wrong way, and they will loose all fluid contained within them)
  • Its default texture is now closer to iron and quartz pipes than tanks.
Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a crash related to wire gate descriptions
  • Fixed the pipe event bus calling event handlers multiple times (not fully fixed yet though for overriden methods)
  • Added the missing version JSON web link.
  • Fixed pipe textures not being allocated properly if multiple pipes used the same texture


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Aug 14, 2014
Applied Energistics 2 rv5.stable.3.

Updated to latest Forge RB ( Necessary to avoid broken recipes in earlier versions. - yueh
Feature #3231: Add CraftTweaker support - fscan
Changes #3246: Revert DamageableRecipe changes. Now fixed by Forge. - fscan
Changes #3247: Deprecate AE2 recipe system to indicate that they are going away soon. - fscan
Fixes #932: Fire ExplosionEvent.Detonate when tiny TNT explodes. - yueh
Fixes #3238: Rework ContainerInscriber validation to Correctly handle metadata wildcard for inscriber inputs - fscan
Fixes #3248: Remove swingArm in IToolHammer implementation. - fscan
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