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Aug 14, 2014
A hotfix release to yesterday's update: Railcraft 10.1.1 for MC 1.10.2.

  • NEW: Added reverse mode to Throttle Track. (contribution by Cream Tea)
  • NEW: Zap sounds and effects.
  • FIX: Fix crash when looking at an Admin Charge Feeder with TheOneProbe.
  • FIX: Fix rendering issues with Box connections.
  • FIX: Routing Detector and Actuator no longer call client code from the server and crash.
  • FIX: Add temporary crafting recipe for the Charge Trap.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @115kino with Player Progression
115kino said:
This mod allows for progression of swords, tools and armor. Each level is earned through EXP orbs that are picked from anywhere when holding the item you want to level up. Each level-up will fully repair your equipment. Once the maximum level cap has been reached for your item it will gain an ability which is specific to each item type.

Sword Abilities:

-Full Swing - will deal large knockback to entity hit

-Witch Hunter - will deal extra damage when fighting witches

-Animal Butcher - will deal extra damage when fighting animals

-XP Robber - will randomly steal experience when fighting enemies

-Nether Boost - grant extra damage when using sword in the nether

-End Boost - grant extra damage when using sword in the end

-Outer Boost - grant extra damage when using sword in a modded dimension

Tool Abilities:

-Break Master - grant tool extra speed when mining

-Weaponized - deal extra damage when using tool

-Flame Hit - burn the an enemy when hit with tool

-Flame Touch - smelt smeltable blocks when mined

-XP Finder - gain a little XP when mining blocks

-Mount Repair - Repair tools overtime when on mount

-Second Chance - Allow the tool one chance to survival breaking

You can have a total of two abilities for each item. The main ability is granted by maxing the level of the item while the "sub" ability is given using the synthesizer on the item. The synthesizer allows you to combine weapons with synth spheres. Synth spheres carry the main ability of a weapon (and half of the xp on the weapon) and can transfer that ability to and item as a "sub" ability.

and @Konlii with Angry Bees
Konlii said:

This mod adds angry bees to Pam's HarvestCraft, as well as a beekeeping suit complete with gloves.

Breaking beehives will release a swarm of angry bees on anyone nearby. Equipping every piece of the beekeeping suit will protect you from their stings. Leather boots and hardened leather boots will also work with the beekeeping suit, but if you even take off a single glove you are exposing yourself to the wrath of the bees.

Opening any container that holds a queen bee also has a chance of releasing a small swarm of angry bees. Thankfully, you can safely store a queen bee by keeping it in a glass bottle.

The only way to get rid of a swarm of angry bees is to jump in the nearest lake. Otherwise, you will have to wait until they lose interest in you.


A bee in a bottle can be crafted simply by putting a queen bee and an empty glass bottle together.

Beekeeping gloves are crafted from leather and woven cotton.

All other pieces of the beekeeping suit are crafted from wool in the standard armor shapes with the addition of woven cotton.

Spoiler (click to hide)









Spoiler (click to hide)
# Configuration file

general {
# List of entities that are immune to bee stings, one per line
# [default: [minecraft:polar_bear], [tfc2:bear]]
S:entityBlacklist <

# Chance of being stung while swarmed by angry bees
# [none, low, medium, high, africanized]
# [default: medium]

# The duration of an angry bee swarm (in number of ticks)
# [range: 1 ~ 2147483647, default: 800]

# The distance an angry bee swarm will travel to attack an entity
# [range: 0 ~ 15, default: 6]

and @Lance5057 with Fantastic Beasts and How to Eat Them
Lance5057 said:
Adds semi-realistic butchering to minecraft.

Starting out you'll need to get a butcher knife and hit an animal with it. This will kill them instantly but instead of their normal drops they drop a carcass.

Using a meat hook you'll be able to hang an animals carcass and using a few tools break it down into leather, organs, and various cuts of meat.
Once you have the parts you can use the Meat Grinder to make sausages and ground meat for burgers.

After the hard work is over a grill is provided to cook your various meats (and other food) over a charcoal fire without the use of a gui.

ModOff 2017 Submission.

and @LatvianModder with Modular Pipes
LatvianModder said:
This mod is still heavily in developement, and in fact, doesn't do anything, and was uploaded only for #ModOff, so please, until it reaches 0.1.x versions, download at your own risk!

Well, anyway, here's some things about my mod:

  • Basic Pipes and Speed Pipes aren't tile entities, and don't tick
  • Modular Pipes don't handle item transportation, they only store and tick modules
  • Item transportation (and later, fluid, too) is handled in special class outside any tile entity, and doesn't depend on blocks directly. This also means, transporting items outside loaded chunks shouldn't be a problem, but I will likely disable that (that will be configurable)
  • Pipe links and nodes are cached, and joined by this kind of crazy diagram, so they aren't recalculated for every item that gets sent trough
Basically, what I'm saying is, I'm trying really hard for this to be easy on servers, but also pretty enough for clients (items will render in pipes of course, when that's finished)

What each item does:

  • Basic Pipe (Gray) - Node linking pipe, doesn't do anything, can't have intersections
  • Basic Pipe (Golden) - Same as gray one, but items travel 2x faster than they would normally
  • Modular Pipe, Tier 0 - Node pipe, you have to place it in pipe intersections
  • Modular Pipe, Tier 1-6 - Same as Tier 0, but for each tier x they have x module slots available
  • Modular Pipe, Tier 7 - Same as Tier 6, but items get permanent 10x speed boost
  • Extract Module - Every 20 ticks, it extracts one item from attached inventory and sends it into network. Network
  • Block Items Module - Simply doesn't allow the item go trough that pipe from direction its attached to (config option in module to change mode between Block Incoming, Block Outgoing, Block All)
  • More modules to come!
Video showing how pipes look: [Video]

and @MrRiegel with Industrial Conveyor Belts
MrRiegel said:
This mod was made for ModOff.

Summary: This mod adds a more detailed conveyor belt transportation system that deals with both items and entities. Basic conveyor belts include straight paths, turns, and slopes allowing for transportation in all directions.

This mod includes

  • Basic belt transportation system
  • Filtration block that connects to the belt
  • Detector belt

Future content includes

  • Incineration belt
  • Vertical suction pipes
  • Collection belt
  • Extraction/Insertion Belts

The Basic Belt

This will be the core transportation mechanism for this mod. It is capable of pushing block, mob, and player entities in multiple directions with turns and slopes. Not only is the mod aesthetically pleasing, it establishes a transportation system for all mods. Possibilities and creations are endless.


This block allows for the player to create intersections along with filtering out and in specific items. The filter has one input side with 3 outputs allowing for a 4 way intersection.

Any items not registered in the filter get spit out on top.



Detector belt and Mob Detection Belt

Basic conveyor belt that cannot turn or slope upwards. You can set a filter (If not it detects any) and if an item is detected, you can get a comparator output, the level is based on how many different items it detects.

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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @A_Deathly_Touch with Spatial Systems
A_Deathly_Touch said:
Adds Multiblock Chests and Furnaces. Chest inventory size is based upon size. Furnaces have tiers. You can make 3x3, 5x5, and 7x7 chests, Furnaces currently can only be made in 3x3's but plans to increase this will be implemented in the future. This mod was made for the ModOff Competition and is still a heavy WIP. All structures are hollow

and @Player with Industrial Craft
Player said:
Industrial Craft 2-2.7.9-ex111
1.11 port, may still have some bugs

and @Mowmaster with Realistic Processing
Mowmaster said:
This mod was made for ModOff April, 2017

The Bloomery is an early game way to double your ores, it has to be manually attended to or it will go out and you will loose your progress on the smelt.

The Bloomery is made like a vanilla cauldron but using clay blocks instead of iron.

You must use coal to fuel the bloomery, you can smelt iron and gold in the bloomery(one type at a time)

You can smelt batches of 8 ore at a time, this requires 8 coal.

  1. Place the Bloomery down, put your coal and ore in, hit with flint and steel, this will start the fire.
  2. Using sugar cane, blow air into the bloomery using rightclick, the smoke particle will let you know how much air is in the bloomery.
  3. If you let the bloomery run out of air it will go out and all smelting progress will be lost.
  4. You will know how far along the smelt is if you look inside, as the metal melts the liquid level will rise.
  5. When Finished the smoke will stop and your ingots will pop out of the top

Currently the mod is functional, not finished. Updates will come later after #ModJam

Youtube Overview

Feel Free to use this mod in your modpacks, if you can spare the time let me know in the comments or tweet at me :)

and @TehNut with Nomagi
TehNut said:

Dimensionally transcendental tents.

Tents that act as pocket houses which can be expanded in a similar style to RuneScape's Player-Owned Housing system. This mod was made for the ModOff event over a period of 5 days. Chisel is required if you want to have the connected textures shown in the screenshots - the mod may look ugly without connected textures in it's current state, although this will be resolved soon. Screenshots of currently implemented content can be found under the Images tab.

WARNING: Nomagi is currently in proof-of-concept stage, and not survival friendly. If you do decide to download and use it, expect 90% of the mod to break. It is only published in this state to allow it to be included in the ModOff modpack for testing and review purposes.


Sleepless Acorn
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @mangoose with Rustic
mangoose said:
Rustic 0.2 for 1.11.2
0.2: The "Taste of Things to Come" Update

This is the most polished and presentable version yet. It's probably the first release I can actually say I'm proud of. Anyway, here's the changelog:



  • Added barrels that hold liquid
  • Added fertile soil, which doesn't need water nearby
  • Added loot table support to cabinets, pots, and barrels
  • Added a block overlay to help with the placement of clay walls with diagonal support beams
  • Added ironwood trees
  • Added ironberries
  • Added ironberry juice
  • Added ironskin potions
  • Added olive trees
  • Added olives
  • Added olive oil
  • Added protean potions
  • Added a HUD element to show armor toughness (configurable)
  • Added the ability for the armor bar to have 2 rows (configurable)
  • Added the crushing tub
  • Added the drying basin
  • Added a way to process ironberries into iron
  • Added the ability to improve any food item's hunger and saturation modifiers by crafting that food with olive oil
  • Added stairs, slabs, fences, fence gates, tables, and chairs of olive wood and ironwood
  • Added JEI integration
  • Added shift-click support to apiaries
  • Added text to all GUIs
  • Added a bunch of config options
  • Added fuel values to a few blocks and items

  • Tweaked block hardness values
  • Tweaked apiary crop boosting
  • Tweaked slate generation to be more like vanilla extra stone generation
  • Tweaked beehive texture
  • Tweaked apiary sidedness to allow for automation
  • Tweaked apiary GUI to make it more intuitive
  • Tweaked config file structure
  • Tweaked beehive generation
  • Tweaked gargoyle recipe output

  • Fixed block sound types all being stone
  • Fixed cabinet doors only opening on the client
  • Fixed rare rendering crash with cabinets (hopefully)

and @Ktos94852 with Personal Cars
Ktos94852 said:

Today I want to show you my new mod called Personal Cars.


Currently it adds 5 types of cars (compact car, SUV, animal transporter, truck and a racecar), each available in 4 colors (green, red, blue and grey).

What makes them personal is the fact that every car in the game has its own unique identifier and after crafting a car you need to pair a key with it. That means that only the key owner can open and close the car (when the car is open you can enter and drive it, otherwise you can just.. look at it and be jealous it's not yours, i guess?
). Each type of car has its own accelleration, maximum speed, health points amount and more. For some of these cars you can enter them with a passenger!

A quick tutorial:

Spoiler (click to hide)
First you have to craft yourself a car key and a car. The car gets an identifier as soon as you craft it (you can check it by hovering your mouse over it). The key will show "not paired" status at start like here:


You need to place your car and right click with that clear key on it. Your key will get that car's identifier and they will be paired now. If you want to have more than just one key, you can craft a key modifier (recipe above) and place this key in first slot, a new (unpaired) key in the second and you will be able to use button "Copy" to copy key's identifier to the blank one. If you lose your car or just want to unpair a key to use it elsewhere, just put it in the first slot of key modifier's and press "Unpair" button.

When your key is paired with a car, you can right click when you're close to that car to open/close it. When car's lights are turned off it, of course, means that the car is closed. When you open it, you can get in and start driving. To start the engine, press R (you can change this button in options). When the engine is running, you're ready to drive! You can also use horn (by pressing H, you can change this key binding as well) for fun or for scarying animals (animals get scared of car horn about once every 20 seconds).

If the car is a truck, you can store items in it by pressing G while being inside the car (as passenger or driver).

Transporter usage tutorial:

Transporters are vehicles capable of carrying any mobs you can use lead on. To get them in your car, unlock it, craft yourself a whip and get some leads. Use the leads on animals and right click the transporter with a whip to make them enter it. To make a single animal leave the car, left click the car with a whip. To make all animals leave, right click the car with a whip while sneaking or just lock it with a key (as locking the car always removes all of it's passengers).

I hope you enjoy my work. Have fun!

and @Giselbaer with EasierCrafting
Giselbaer said:
This makes crafting easier by displaying a list of items you can craft using your current inventory. Clicking one of these items will craft this item once, while Shift-Clicking an item will fill the crafting grid once and shift-click the output field to craft as many items as possible.

Also, if you're not sure about a specific recipe, you can enter the (partial) name of the output item in a text box above the recipe list; getting a list of all craftable items that match that name, no matter if you have the ingredients. Moving your mouse to one of these items will show you the recipe.

This mod will not fill the crafting grid more than once per click, so you can't craft your whole inventory at once. This is for the benefit of servers that allow mods, but don't want mods to be able to do "more" than vanilla minecraft - if you want to convert your whole inventory of sugar cane to paper, you'll have to keep shift-clicking the paper icon, converting one crafting grid (3 stacks) at a time.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TomEV with Router Reborn
TomEV said:
Router Reborn 1.10.2-

* machines eating items when low on power

* machines "flickering" and lagging while low on power

* speed increase on furnace and pulverizer

* RF/t increase on generator


* speed upgrades possible on furnace and pulverizer

* invisible flood light added (craftable from the normal floodlight)

and @csb987 with Armor Stand Configurator
csb987 said:
Are vanilla armor stands a bit boring? Do you wish you could easily change their pose, or give them arms, or make them hold stuff?
Well, now you can! This mods adds a GUI for armor stands which you can access by shift-clicking on an armor stand, that let's you set it's pose and change other properties like giving it arms or hiding the base plate. You can also click items into and out of the armor stand's hands. For more information and other small mods, please visit the Minecraft Forum thread:


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @elucent with Embers
elucent said:
Embers 0.207

- A heat system. Attach an Ancient Motive Core to your equipment item for it to be able to gain heat, then level it up through use.

- Inferno Forge, a machine that can be used to increase the level of an item after it has filled its heat bar.

- Eight modifiers that can be attached and leveled up on items through the new heat system.

- Support for five metals from other mods within the mod. I didn't just add oredict recipes for them, I actually fully implemented them with their own tools and assets and variant items, so to prevent clogging up anything they're in a new creative tab and their existence can be fully configured. Also Embers can generate them in the world for you.


- A load of bugs. I don't even remember them all.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TomEV with Router Reborn
TomEV said:
Router Reborn 1.10.2-
* Some render issues
* Wrench now work on conduits

* Farmer:
- Adjust range
- Adjust Ground level offset
- Visual render of covered area

Desc Farmer:
Plant seeds like you normaly do,
the farmer will harvest and replant
the same type in the same spot.

Uses RF.

and @ultramarine11 with Super Solar Panels
ultramarine11 said:
First install Advanced Solar Panels, and then install Super Solar Panels!

This mod adds 3 new Solar Panels: Spectral Solar Panel, Singular Solar Panel and Administrator Solar Panel. All of them generate EU energy using solar power.
Spectral Solar Panel: Generating 32768 Eu/t (day) and 20000 Eu/t (night), Output 32768 Eu/t
Singular Solar Panel: Generating 262144 Eu/t (day) and 196608 Eu/t, Output 262144 Eu/t
Administrator's Solar Panel generates extremely much power: 1048576 Eu/t both at day and at night, Output is the same.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Skillable
Vazkii said:
is a mod about leveling various skills up, using XP. Leveling skills up allows you to unlock traits and use more items. By default a lot of vanilla items are locked to require leveling your skills up. For example, you're not allowed to use a Diamond Pickaxe until you reach level 16 Mining.

Skillable adds 8 skills to level up, each of them with a few traits that you can unlock by leveling up. Traits power up your character, giving them special passive boosts.

Note that skillable alters the following vanilla behaviours:

  • Items and blocks can't be used or mined if you don't have the required levels.
  • Sheep will not drop wool when killed, to require you to get Shears before you can make a bed.
Check the images tab for what it looks like.

Source Code

If you want to contact me, you can find me on Twitter (@Vazkii) or IRC (#vazkii on irc.esper.net).

and @Tamaized with Angel of Vengeance
Tamaized said:
Note:This mod requires TamModized to load. TamModized is a library mod of shared code for all of my other mods to function.

Supported Versions:Just 1.11.2 and 1.10.2


Spoiler (click to hide)
The goal is to be a magic mod focused around being a healer. You have the ability to heal players, other entities and even damage undead with this power. You can also cure status effects. However, there are two other classes you can use instead. Three in total, Healer, Caster, and Defender.

Healer's purpose is to well.. heal. The Caster is the offensive spell casting mage which uses light based spells to destroy undead. The Defender is your tank, they get a dodge mechanic where attacks have a chance to not land at all on them. Defenders also get benefits while having a shield equipped.

Getting Started:

Spoiler (click to hide)
You'll want to construct a "statue" as shown here.


Blocks used are all three vanilla polished stone types. Nothing more.
After you have done so you must right click the center Polished Granite with a diamond in hand.
Once done so, the statue is shrunk down to a single block size in which you can right click. From here you can make a choice to select a class. If you do not like your choices you may "reset" them to start over.

  • Minor Reset: This resets your spent points except your very first one and gives you the points back to respec your chosen tree. You do NOT have to regain your points with this method although you cannot change classes.
  • Full Reset: This completely takes you back to one single point before you chose a class. This allows you to switch to a different class if you like but you MUST regain all of your points.
Points are gained with a level up system, you gain experience by using your abilities but beware as the amount of experience you gain decays as you use your abilities. This decay goes away over time. So basically, don't spam. Use when needed.

Once you have spells set onto your new bar, you can toggle between your main hotbar and the spell hotbar by using the left Alt key, this is the default keybind but this can be changed in controls if needed. To actually use your spells, the bar MUST be active then you simple just right click while on the selected spell.




Minecraft Forum Post/Documentation:Can be found here

Modpacks:Sure! I'm all for Modpacks. All I ask is that you provide a link back to either this curse page, or the Github.

Mod Spotlights:Want to do one? Go for it! Don't even need to ask. Though do let me know if you would like it to be posted here.
[None as of right now!]

Issues/Suggestions:Send them to my Github issue tracker Make sure it's not a duplicate please :)

Wish to support me?
You can do so here!

and @OreCruncher with Dynamic Surroundings
OreCruncher said:
Dynamic Surroundings 1.10.2-

What's New

  • Crow (dsurround:crow) spot sound; occurs in forests, bogs, fens, etc. (American Crow)
    • Also occurs in "dead" biomes (Dead Forest, Dead Swamp, etc.)
  • New biome background sound for bogs, fens, marshes, bayou, etc.
  • Option to override sea level definition for Overworld; useful when terrain generators have sea levels other than 63, for example OTG and Biome Bundle. Can be found in the config GUI: Biome Options -> Overworld Sealevel Override
  • Integrated Dynamics Meneglin biome similar to Taiga

  • Rain intensity generation with custom min/max boundaries
  • Screen blackout when hitting F1 with aurora present
  • Stack overflow in biome registry when OTG is installed
  • Superflat worlds are no longer Underground

  • Tweaked swim sound volume equation so its a bit louder
  • Lava drop falling into water produces steam cloud
  • Manipulate master sound gain (PaulsCode) to mute rather than MASTER sound category
  • Adjusted toolbar sounds to be lower in volume
  • Water ripples on any Material.WATER blocks that are at default state (i.e. full); will occur on BoP liquid blocks such as poison, honey, and blood
  • Water splash particle effect is slightly smaller.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @tterrag1098 with Ender IO
tterrag1098 said:
Ender IO 1.10.2-3.1.187
  1. Updated LocationPrintoutUpdate (commit: 9e5fd5f) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  2. Reworked PacketRedstoneMode (commit: 8f22521) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  3. New: Block Detector (commit: 951722d) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  4. Added recipe for Block Detector (commit: 5b9897d) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  5. Added Horizontal Block Detector (commit: bd55df1) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  6. Merged Block Detectors (commit: 648256b) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  7. Fixed Block Detector item model (commit: 49f9b6b) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  8. Added silent Block Detector (commit: 78d8713) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  9. Converted PacketConduitProbe to BlockPos (commit: 700b207) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  10. Prevent unloaded server GUIs from opening (commit: ad85bf8) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  11. Converted PacketOpenAuthGui to BlockPos (commit: a9063f9) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  12. More fun with generics (commit: 6cc13f8) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  13. Fixed typo (commit: eefd7a2) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  14. Converted PacketAccessMode (commit: 6c96d36) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  15. Removed PacketMode (powered spawner mode) (commit: 772567c) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  16. Removed PacketAccessMode and repaired TelePad GUI (commit: 69b138b) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  17. Removed PacketLabel (commit: a78ad98) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb

and @Dr_Codex with Computality
Dr_Codex said:
Computality is a ComputerCraft fork for 1.11+ there are very likely chances that this will be buggy so please do report issues and i will fix them. You can find the original ComputerCraft Here

About ComputerCraft

ComputerCraft is a modification for Minecraft that’s all about computer programming. It allows you to build in-game Computers and Turtle Robots, and write programs for them using the Lua programming language. The addition of programming to Minecraft opens up a wide variety of new possibilities for automation and creativity. If you’ve never programmed before, it also serves as excellent way to learn a real world skill in a fun, familiar environment.

This mod is licenced under the ComputerCraft licence at the time of forking.

and @OreCruncher with Dynamic Surroundings
OreCruncher said:
Dynamic Surroundings 1.10.2-

What's New

  • Presets!
    • Saves Minecraft and Dynamic Surroundings settings to an external configuration file. Useful to use after getting your client and modpack tuned the way you want.
    • Apply saved settings anytime you want
    • Can have multiple preset files depending on your needs. (Like tweaking Minecraft settings trying to get the right setup and saving in between attempts.)
    • Access the Presets! dialog by using the mod configuration system or pressing P while in game.
    • Saved presets are in Json format so you can use your favorite Json editor to hand modify.
    • You can edit out settings from the file if you do not want to overwrite when applying.
    • Json files can be shared - just copy from/to the ./minecraft/config/presets directory.
  • Presets! is currently embedded within Dynamic Surroundings. (If you didn't know a single JAR can host multiple mods.) Depending on success I may split into a standalone mod and provide an API so that other mods can tap into the feature.
  • Presets! is a work in progress. This means it may be tweaked/changed based on feedback.

  • Internal reorganization and refactor. Shouldn't see any differences outside of what is listed here.

and @Beeto with Better With Mods
Beeto said:
Better With Mods 1.1.7-1.11.2
A whole lot of work by Primetoxinz.

  • Mod restructured - check your configs
  • Force-disable Hardcore Hunger with Applecore installed
  • Fix potential dupe bug with Hardcore Buoy
  • Add MineTweaker support for Hardcore Piles
  • Buff sandwich food values
  • Updated JEI
  • Ore Dictionary support for saw and kiln MineTweaker
  • Allow bonemealing hemp to full size
  • Add kiln structure file for structure blocks
  • Add crucible nugget-to-ingot conversion
  • Fixes for Hardcore Tools
  • Add Hardcore Hunting (if enabled, zombies and spiders hunt passives, protect your livestock!)
Note: Tinkers compatibility will probably continue being disabled until the 1.11 release is out of Alpha.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @OCDiary with Twitchy
OCDiary said:
Are you a modpack maker? Do you also stream on Twitch.tv? Do you wish more people could find your channel easily if they enjoy your modpack?

If you answered yes to the above questions do not worry... WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!!

This mod adds a Twitch icon to the screen which will highlight red when you go live! When users hover over the icon and hold shift they will be able to see the title of your stream, the game you are currently playing, and the number of viewers you currently have! What could be better than that you ask??? Well with a simple click on the icon their native browser will open and take them directly to your livestream! So they can get to your broadcast in seconds!!!

The mod is configurable via the config, you can set how frequently the mod checks for your channel live status, changed the icon size and also if the icon should show all the time or only when the channel is live!


Can I use your mod in my modpack?

Yes 100% of course you can! Not only do we allow it, but we actively encourage it :p

Can you add this or that to the mod?

Its possible we may already be working on adding in a feature you would like in the mod. But drop a comment and we can do our best to get it implemented where possible!

and @ProPercivalalb with Doggy Talents
ProPercivalalb said:

List of some included features...

  • 19 unique talents you can give your dog
  • Dog leveling system
  • Play fetch with your dog
  • Care for your dog with beds, food bowls etc
  • Track your dogs with radio collars on a radar
  • Upgraded AI from the wolf
  • New hunger system, don't worry about your dog dying unnecessary
  • Much more, check out the mod yourself!

Some Junk by useful info

Spoiler (click to hide)
I am sorry for no updates in over a year, here is a version for minecraft 1.10.2 and 1.11.2, there maybe a few bugs so back up your world just to be safe. I have tried to make it compatible with previous versions so you wont lose your dog when updating but i can't guarantee. If you find any bugs please let me know so I can fix them! Enjoy!

Please back up your worlds before using these mods, I will not be held responsible for any damage done.

If you like this mod or any of my mods please consider donating, even a small amount like 50p would really help and would motivative me to work even hard for more amazing features. Suggested donation amount: £2-5.

Open Source

The source code of 'Doggy Talents' is publicly available on Github to allow modders to learn from my code or even for people to contribute to the code of the mod. You can find the git at https://github.com/P...lb/DoggyTalents. Permission is given for mod packs but me sure to give a link back here


*This installation instructions are for MC 1.6 and higher due to the way forge is now installed*


  • Make sure you have the new Minecraft launcher and have run 1.8.9 at least once.
  • Then download a version of forge from this link.
  • Once you have the jar file of minecraft forge's website open it up.
  • Select the 'Install client' option and click ok.
  • Minecraft forge is now installed!
  • Now open up the launcher and in the profile selector select 'Forge', login and run Forge 1.8. (May take a while)
  • Close Minecraft once it is open and find you Minecraft installation directory (PC : %appadata%/.minecraft, MAC : minecraft folder)
  • In the .minecraft folder will now be a mods folder, in that mods folder create a folder named'1.8.9' or whatever version of minecraft you are running.
  • Download DoggyTalents mod from the link on the side and drag n' drop it in the '1.8.9' folder.
  • Run minecraft through the new launcher and enjoy!

Spoiler (click to hide)

You first task would be to create a training treat and feed it to one of your tamed wolfs. In doing so your wolf has now become a dog: a much more playful and useful friend to have at your side. If you are unsure whether you now have a dog or think I am misleading you
right click your dog with a plain old vanilla stick. BAMM there you have it, the gui where you can edit details, give talents, change your dogs name etc. It looks like this...


You can increase the level of a talent to level 5 but as you go up the level costs more points. Thought usually if you get a talent to level 5 your dog will get an extra special ability's. As you it gets more expensive as the level gets higher, so to level up from 1 to 2 it costs 1 point, from level 3 to 4 it costs 3 points.Now how do you get these points? Well there are 4 tiers of treats, they are...


Training Treat (Can take the dog up to level 20)! Super Treat (Can take the dog to level 40)! Master Treat (Can take the dog to level 60) ! Dire Treat which adds to the dire level. And once the dog reaches dire level 30 he is an ultimate dog!

Every time you level your dog up he gets 1 more point to spend on skills, your dog starts off with 15 skill points which is enough to get 1 skill to level 5 (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15).

The Talents

Spoiler (click to hide)
There are currently 19 different talents you can give to your dog they are...

  • BlackPelt: Improves critical hit rate, which increases damage by 50%.
  • GuardDog: Increases the chance that your dog will completely block a physical attack.
  • HunterDog: Every level grants a 10% chance to make anything your dog kills drop its loot twice. Level 5 grants an extra 10%, bringing it up to a 60% chance.
  • HellHound: Lets your dog set things on fire with its attacks. The higher the level, the longer the fire lasts. Level 5 grants your dog immunity to all fire damage.
  • PackPuppy: Each level gives your dog 3 inventory slots in its PackPuppy GUI. To open the GUI right click on your dog with a plank in hand! At level 5, your dog will also automatically pick up any nearby items if it has space in its inventory.
  • PillowPaw: Every level lets your dog fall 3 more blocks before it starts taking damage. Mastering this skill makes your dog completely immune to fall damage, and also capable of floating/gliding when it jumps.
  • ShepherdDogs: Put some wheat in your hand, and any trained ShepherdDogs will immediately rustle up some nearby livestock and carry them for you, making it easier to transport livestock long distances. This is quite tiring though, and costs a lot of nourishment (the cost is reduced with higher levels in the skill). To have your dog drop the animal, simply right-click on the dog.
  • CreeperSweeper: A dog with this skill can smell creepers in the area, and if your dog isn't sitting, it will growl to warn you. The range at which your dog can detect creepers increases by 6 blocks per level, and mastering this skill will make your dog capable of attacking creepers. Your dog will reset the creeper's detonation timer with each attack.
  • DoggyDash: Increases your dog's movement speed while chasing a target. Every level grants a 12% increase, and mastering it grants an additional 15% increase.
  • FisherDog: Whenever your dog enters the water, it may catch a fish, which it will give to you when it shakes itself dry. The chance of catching a fish increases with level, and any points in HellHound may cause the fish to be pre-cooked. Mastering this skill lets your dog breathe underwater.
  • HappyEater: Increases the NP your dog gets from food items by 10% per level. In addition, level 3 lets your dog eat rotten flesh, and level 5 lets your dog eat fish.
  • BedFinder: While a dog with this skill is on your head, your bed will be highlighted in a black outline. To get the dog on you head right click on him with a bone in hand. The range at which it can do this is equal to 200 blocks per level, but becomes infinite at level 5.
  • PestFighter: Inflicts 1 point of damage on all nearby silverfish at random. Increasing the skill level increases the range by 3 blocks, and mastering the skill doubles the damage.
  • PoisonFang: Your dog's attacks will poison their target, and the poison's duration increases with level. At level 3 your dog becomes immune to poison, and mastering this skill allows you to cleanse yourself of all potion effects, including poison, by right-clicking on your dog with a spider eye, at the cost of 30 NP.
  • QuickHealer: Improves the rate at which your dog heals without needing to rest. Max this out and your dog will be able to heal 50% faster by sitting.
  • RescueDog: If you're at critical health and a dog with this skill is following you, it will attempt to heal you half a heart per level in this skill, at the cost of 100 NP. Mastering this skill reduces the cost to 80 NP.
  • PuppyEyes: This skill will cause your dog to warm the heart of any villager, prompting the villager to give you presents! Higher levels in the skill increase the quality of the random gifts. This can only be done once every two Minecraft days. Mastering the skill allows you to do this once every Single Minecraft day.
  • Wolf Mount: This allows you to ride your dog at speed around the land. To mount your dog jump and right click on the dog with nothing in your hand. With each level it also increases the height your dog can jump. Beware NP points drain faster while riding your dog.
  • Swimmer Dog: Allows you to ride your dog in water and it to breath longer underwater. Maxing it allows the rider to see easily underwater
Crafting Recipes





New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Just pushed out one of my biggest updates to Knob Control that I have ever done.

Knob Control Lets you the Modpack maker decide what you want to change and how you want to change it. You are able to do many thing from Turn instant death on/off from not eating to controlling mob spawn light levels.

I have put a lot of time and thought into this mod to make it work the way a Modpack maker would want it by setting everything up in a Modular setting.

Below you will find a list of Changes you can make.

Main Config:
  • Allows you full control over every Modular in Knob Control
  • Turn on/off Flat Bedrock
  • Turn on/off Feather Drops along with how often they drop
  • Client Options which include Turning on/off the F3 Screen, FOV Changes, Food Info, Potion icons and Potion inventory Shift.
  • Game Rules which include Turning on/off Day-Night Cycle, Fire Tick, Keep Inventory, Natural Regeneration and PvP.
  • Fast Leaf Decay
  • Spawn in Wall Protection
  • Rideable Mobs Don't take damage
  • Pass Through Signs
  • Melons do Full drops instead of slices
  • Disable Sleep
  • Poison Control which include Turning on/off Weakness, Slowness, Reduce Poision Damage and control the ticks of each one.
  • Disable Villages
  • Disable Rain
  • Disable Thunder
  • Make Withers only Spawnable in the Nether.
  • Extra Crafting Modular
  • Furnace Modular
  • Hardcore Modular
  • Item Stacks Modular
  • Light Levels modular
  • Mob Drops Modular
  • Mob Events Modular
  • Mob Spawns Modular
  • Ore Control Modular
  • Random Bones Modular
  • Remove Drops modular
  • Remove Mobs Modular
  • Remove Vanilla Items modular
  • Terrain Control modular
  • Uncrafting modular
Each Modular has setting that you can set the way you want them They are as Follows.

Extra Crafting modular:
  • Added Extra Crafting recipes like Chest from logs, Flint recipe, nametags, xp bottles and more
  • i have also included some Old School recipes like Arrows, Books, Notch Apple, horse Armor and oak Fence
  • You are also able to recycle gold and iron back into ingots
Furnace Modular:
  • Control what burns in a Furnace and the Temps
Hardcore Modular:
  • Angry pigman when destroying blocks with a chance config
  • Turn on/off Instant Death from Cactus, Dragons Breath, Fall Damage, Falling Blocks, Fire, Lava, Lightning Strikes, Instant Drown, Food Overhaul and Wither Effect
  • Turn on/off Hunger Loss and set the Amount
  • Sleep Hunger and set the tick at which the player losses hunger during sleep
  • No Swimming Allowed
  • Netherrack can burn the player and set the time a player burns from stepping on it
Item Stacks Modular:
  • Allows you to stack the unstable and the amounts like Beef Stews, Cakes, Boats, Eander Pearls, Minecarts and more
Light Levels Modular:
  • lets you control at what Light Level mobs and Passive Mobs can spawn
Mob Drops Modular:
  • Lets you set Drops and Player Only Kill Drops for EVERY MOB in the modpack, See Example below for more info
Mob Events Modular:
  • Allows you to control Player Effects when fighting Mobs or killing Passive Mobs. Think infernal Mobs but with no way to tell what mob does what.
  • You can set the Chance for each Mob and Passive Mob
  • You can set each Effect as well
  • Effects include Blindness, Hunger, Instant Damage, Mining Fatigue, Nausea, Poison, Slowness, Unluck, Weakness and Wither
Mob Spawns Modular:
  • Allows you to add Mobs to each Biome
  • Allows you to set the Mobs Min and Max Group Sizes
  • Allows you to set the Mobs Spawn Weights
  • Does not Work with Passive Mobs
Ore Control Modular:
  • Allows you to turn off Any Vanilla Ore
  • Allows you to turn off Any Modded Ore that uses the OreGenEvent.GenerateMinable event
  • Allows you to turn off underground Dirt, Gravel, Diorite, Granite, Andesite and Silverfish
Random Bones Modular:
  • Allows you to control what Mob drops a bone when killed.
Remove Drops Modular:
  • Allows you to remove Vanilla Drops from Mobs and Passive Mobs
Remove Mobs modular:
  • Allows you to remove Vanilla Mobs and Passive Mobs
Remove Vanilla Items:
  • Allows you to Remove Vanilla Tools and Armor
Terrain Control Modular:
  • Allows you to Turn on/off Worldgen Options like Big Shrooms, Cactus, Clay, Dead Bushes and more
  • Allows you to Turn on/off Generation of Trees in Plains Biome
Uncrafting Modular:
  • Allows you to make Vanilla Items and Blocks recipe change like Glass Bottles back into Glass, Furnace back into Cobblestone, Crafting Tables back into Planks and more

Mod Drop Modular Info:

You will need to use the following to Add Drops:

ModID:Item:Meta:Qty(Random 1 - number set):Chance(0.01 - 1)


bat {
S:drops <
S:"player kill drops" <

I have also released Taco Tuesday in the last week.

Taco Tuesday adds tacos into minecraft:
    • Soft & Crunchy Beef Tacos
    • Soft & Crunchy Chicken Tacos
    • Soft & Crunchy Pork Tacos
    • Soft & Crunchy Fish Tacos
    • Soft & Crunchy Mutton Tacos
    • Soft & Crunchy Rabbit Tacos
    • Soft Tortillas
    • Crunchy Taco Shells
In the config file you will find the following options:
  • Heal Amount for each Taco
  • Saturation Amount for each Taco


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @2piradians with Minewatch
2piradians said:
Minewatch brings Minecraft and Overwatch together! Overwatch character armor and weapons usable in Minecraft.

Characters Available:

There are currently 4 characters in the mod. Each has a full set of armor, a weapon, and a token.










Each character has a token associated with them. The token is used to craft the weapons and armors for the respective character. The weapons are crafted with one token alone, whereas the armor are crafted with an iron armor piece with one token. Tokens are dropped at 1/100 chance from mobs.



Reaper's Shotguns can be dual-wielded.


Hanzo's Bow has a faster draw than a normal bow.


Reinhardt's Hammer can attack entities within range of the targeted entity.


Ana's Rifle can scope when sneaking.


Ana's Rifle can toggle heal mode when holding the keybind (default <Z>).


and @tyra314 with Tool Progression
tyra314 said:
Every block has baked in whether it can only be harvested with a tool. And if so, which tool class and which harvest level of the tool is required. For example, redstone ore requires a pickaxe with at least the mining level 2, while glowstone can be harvested with an empty hand. On the other hand, every tool has baked in the information, what kind of tools it is and if used as such a tool, which harvest level it has. For instance, an iron pickaxe is a pickaxe - and only a pickaxe - with mining level 2, where a paxel is a combination of a pickaxe, an axe, and a shovel.

This mod allows you to modify the tool class and the harvest levels of each class for all tools. You can also modify the required tool class and the harvest level for blocks. This allows mod pack makers to define a progression for tools.

Changed Game-play
This mod adds a Waila/Hwyla Plugin, which tells the player when a block is not harvest-able and gives hint, what tool is required. It also adds the name of the mining level to the tool-tip of all pickaxes.

Without any overwrites defined in the configuration files, this mod does not alter the gameplay. This mod is intended for Modpack makers, who can add overwrites as they see fit.

See the wiki.

Please report any issue you find in the Issue tracker.

Known issues:

  • WAILA Harvestability is lying to you. If you define a block overwrite, which changes a block to require a tool that didn't require one before, WAILA still shows, that the block is harvestable. Don't worry though, you can break the block.
  • Block Overwrites can't be done on a per metadata basis, so only one overwrite for all metadata within one block. A future update will solve that. Block Overwrites are now only done per metadata. Will add support for per block overwrites again.
Yes, you can use this shitty mod in any mod pack you like. This includes redistribution as a part of a modpack. If you make a shitload of money, please send some beer and pizza.

and @kapiteon with FreeCam
kapiteon said:
FreeCam. Like spectrator mode.
Set button to enable|disable in minecraft control settings.

FreeCam allows you fly throw wall and see what happens in your mob farms. For server you are will be standing on the place. In spectrating state you can only fly throw walls, but not place blocks. If yo turn off the mod, you will teleported on place from you start spectrating. Other players see you like you standing on place.



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Ivorius with Recurrent Complex
Ivorius said:
Recurrent Complex 1.3-1.10

+ The mod now ceases to require Forge on the other end as well, making servers open to vanilla clients!!!!

+ New surface-entry mazes for stone, meso and pyramid mazes!!!

+ Structure generation is now chunk-partial: This should improve performance and reduce chained chunk generation!!!

+ Structure Variables: With these you can set variables per structure to further randomize it, or save time for maze components!!!

+ 3 kinds of jungle temples holding mazes (thanks KeizerKronos)!!

+ Re-Activate a lot of structures that were lost in a past update!!

* With more tries per failed structure spawn, structure densities persist better with structures that fail to spawn often - also makes forests a lot denser!!

+ All existing mazes have been enhanced with more components, more randomness and quicker generation!!

+ Previews now work for bigger structures as well, and will never crash the game again!!

+ Expression conditionals: a ?? b :: c (ternary operator)!

* Better maze reachability prediction, which means mazes generate more quickly and more reliably!

* Script Blocks now work correctly in mazes!

+ /#flood which floods an area around the selection with blocks!

+ Japanese fort ruins (thanks Necr0manceR13)!

+ An abandoned church with a graveyard (thanks doktorpixel14)!

+ A rare, big cubone skull (thanks Crystal_LD)!

+ A decorational brick henge!

+ Some things now have duplicate buttons!

* Maze path components are now all the same structure (StoneMazePath, MesoMazePath and PyramidMazePath)

* Dinosaur skull and skeleton structures now use bone blocks

* Less structures that are just 1 block tall

* /#move now doesn't trigger block updates, making it run a lot quicker

* More and better logging

* Better ruins generation algorithm

* GUI aligns better in places

* GUI abbreviates things better

* Expression preview now colours the whole preview correctly

* The add/remove tile entity button in the inspector GUI works again

* wood_old slabs in structures have completely been replaced with actual wood slabs

* Fix for a potential crash when loading a structure spawn script

and @Dr_Codex with Computality
Dr_Codex said:
Computality 1.81
New Features in Computality 1.81:

* Ported to Minecraft 1.11.2
* Added Minecraft API
* Added Time API
* Monitors are fullbright now
* Ender modems can now be attached to pocket computers
* Config gui
* Turtles have the correct redstone sides

and @RiokuTheSlayer with ETPMod
RiokuTheSlayer said:
This mod is simply an update/remake of the Ender-Thermic Pump from Extra Utilites.

-Source Code-


The Ender-Thermic pump will pump lava from under itself, automatically loading and unloading chunks as needed. It also causes minimal block updates, and can run off of RF or by players simply right-clicking it.
The liquid must be extracted using other mods like EnderIO, Thermal Dynamics, or Extra Utilities.
There's no RF generation included in this mod, either.

50RF per Lava block, one block per right click, 1000mb of lava for each block.
The pump has an internal buffer of 64000mb for fluids, and 3200 RF, meaning that from a full energy buffer the pump can get 64 buckets of lava.

The block does not keep either RF or liquid when broken, both will be lost.

If some bugs happen with where it's checking for lava, for some reason, just right-click it with a diamond and it will reset the block check positions. Depending on how much lava you've pumped, it'll take a while to re-check all the chunks until it gets all the way out.

and @CubeX2 with Custom Stuff 4
CubeX2 said:
This mod lets you create blocks, items, guis and more using simple JSON files. Some of its features are:

  • Blocks (with tile entities and GUIs)
  • Items
  • Recipes
  • World generation
  • Ore Dictionary
Full documentation can be found here.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Fokson with ActualMusic
Fokson said:
** Skip ahead if you just want information on what the mod does. **

I'll be completely honest: Minecraft music simply doesn't do it for me. There's no spirit to them, and they are completely uninterested in what you the player are up to in the world you're immersed in. One of the first mods I played with to rectify this problem was called MusicChoices, and it scratched the itch with the utmost finesse - until I updated beyond its scope, and it couldn't follow me.

Unable to go back to Minecraft's sad and haunting tune after I had experienced music that helped weave life into my gameplay, I sought out an alternative. I ran into a mod called Ambience, which more or less made itself out to be a watered down version of MusicChoices. I downloaded it after finding nothing better available, because I thought that it would surely be better than nothing. I thought wrong.

Ambience was riddled with obscene and ridiculous bugs and shortcomings, the most glaring of all being that it would literally crash the game every ten to fifteen minutes. There was barely any functionality, the volume control was defunct, and the author had completely ignored the issue tracker for months. I found myself in a situation - I would either need to use this broken mod, give up on music in Minecraft. I chose the third option - learn java and do something about it myself.

At first I downloaded the source of Ambience and fixed nearly all of its problems without having any prior experience with modding or java. Having been successful, I decided to write a new mod from the ground up, designed exactly how I'd want it to be. I called it ActualMusic. I beta tested it for a month with a couple of friends, and now I have it at a place where I'm comfortable releasing it to the world.


ActualMusic is a mod that replaces vanilla Minecraft's bland music with any music you want, for almost any in-game setting and situation. There's very little config-tampering required to set the mod up - just throw some music in the folder it provides and it'll play it when the time is right!


Additionally, it creates little "title cards" that pop up when you enter a new area, telling you where you are (like how some RPGs used to).


Name the mp3 files you put in the folder a specific (set of) keywords that the mod recognizes and you're good to go. You don't need to add each song to the config file!

The following section is the help documentation, also provided for you in a help section contained in Settings.cfg. If anything is unclear or if you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Please head on over to the Discord server I set up, right here! I'll try to check in on this site too, but I make no promises - I have the memory span of a fish.


# Important Note : At this point in time, only mp3 files are supported.
# Simply put, don't try to use oggs or other types.

# Reference : This mod doesn't require configuration for what song is played when. It's done automagically based on filenames!
# Below is a reference of the different filenames ActualMusic looks for when picking a song. Name your files accordingly!
# All of the below follow these general rules:
# 1> You may append a number in square brackets to the end to allow randomly picking from multiple songs,
# as long as you don't include a version without the square brackets, i.e. "Title[1]" and "Title[2]" with no "Title".
# Using this rule, make sure you start counting from 1, not 0. 0 will not be accepted!
# 2> You may include subfolders within the music folder called AltDay[#], where # is a number starting at 2 and
# going as high as 99. Inside these folders you may put alternate versions of songs that you want to have played
# every x number of days, x being the number of AltDay folders plus 1. So if you have a folder called AltDay[2]
# in your music folder with Fishing in it, every second minecraft day the Fishing song will be chosen from that
# folder instead of the main one. Any songs not found in an AltDay folder will fall back on the main folder.
# Including AltDay[1] will work, but it will override the main folder. It could be useful if you wanted the
# main folder to only be used as a fallback for AltDay folders that don't have a specific song. 0 won't be accepted.
# 3> (WIP, NYI) You may include subfolders within the main folder and AltDay folders called Dimension(#), where # is the dimension
# you want to have choose from a pool of music that otherwise follows the exact same rules already stated. For example,
# if you had Twilight Forest set up as Dimension 6, you would make a folder called Dimension(6) and put event and area
# songs such as Rain, LowHP, Underground, and so on. When in the Twilight Forest, the music would be chosen from that folder.
# 4> The priority for choosing music is as follows:
# = First, the AltDay folder is selected (if applicable).
# = Then, the Dimension folder is selected (again, if applicable).
# = Then, if there are AltDay folders within the Dimension folder, they will be selected. (Why would you do this?)
# = Finally, the song that has been chosen will be searched for within that folder.
# = If it can't be found, it will backtrack one folder and try again, repeating until reaching the main folder.
# 5> You may substitute an mp3 file with a txt file containing special instructions on where to search for the
# song you want played. Any of the following will work:
# ignore
# Pretends the mp3 isn't there, and tries the next song. Useful if you don't want a song to play but don't want to delete the mp3.
# redirectFolder:###
# Changes the active folder to the one specified. Useful if you want two AltDays to have the same song for an event, like LowHP.
# redirectFile:###
# Uses the specified song for the event instead. Useful for if you want two events to have the same song, i.e. LowHP and Horde.
# It's worth noting that these commands are case-sensitive, and you may combine redirectFolder and redirectFile if you want.
# Generic
# > Played when no other song is available. If left out, no music will play when a suitable song couldn't be found.
# > Can also include GenericDay and GenericNight, but some songs (Underground, Stronghold, etc) can only use the basic Generic.
# Title
# > The song that plays on the title screen. Doesn't get replaced with Generic. If there are AltDay versions of Title,
# > they will be played if you quit the most recent game you played on that day.
# Boss
# > Plays when you're currently fighting a boss (who's healthbar shows at the top of the screen.
# > Can include the name of the boss without spaces, i.e. BossEnderDragon, BossWither
# LowHP
# > Plays when you're close to death.
# Bed
# > Plays when you get into a bed.
# Stronghold
# > Plays when you're inside the stronghold.
# OceanTemple
# > Plays when you're inside an ocean temple.
# NetherFort
# > Plays when you're inside a nether fortress.
# Ravine
# > Plays when you're below y 40 but exposed to the sky.
# > Can also be: RavineDay, RavineNight
# Horde
# > Plays when there are 8 or more enemies currently aggressive towards you.
# Home
# > Plays when you're within the specified home coordinates.
# > Can also be: HomeDay, HomeNight
# Zone###
# > Plays when you're within the specified user-defined zone.
# > Can also be: Zone###Day, Zone###Night
# Fishing
# > Plays when you have a fishing rod cast.
# > Can add Low, Med, High to it to reflect your fishing success rate, i.e. FishingLow, FishingHigh
# > Can also include Day or Night, i.e. FishingDay, FishingLowNight
# Riding
# > Plays when you're currently riding a mount.
# > Can include the name of the mount without spaces, i.e. RidingHorse, RidingBoat
# > Can also include Day or Night, i.e. RidingDay, RidingHorseNight
# Underwater
# > Plays when you're under water (a tiny pond won't do, you need to be deep enough).
# > Can also be: UnderwaterDay, UnderwaterNight
# Raining
# > Plays when it's raining where you are.
# > Can also be: RainingDay, RainingNight
# Storm
# > Plays when there's a thunderstorm. Does not require you to be in the rain.
# > Can also be: StormDay, StormNight
# > Will fall back to Raining if there's no song for storms, but only if you're in the rain.
# Snowing
# > Plays when it's snowing where you are.
# > Can also be: SnowingDay, SnowingNight
# > Will fall back to Raining if there's no song for snow.
# Snowstorm
# > Plays when there's a storm where you are, and it's snowing.
# > Can also be: SnowstormDay, SnowstormNight
# > Will fall back to Snowing if there's no song for snowstorms.
# Sandstorm
# > Plays when there's a storm and you're in a sandy biome.
# > Can also be: SandstormDay, SandstormNight
# > Will fall back to Storm if there's no song for sandstorms.
# Underground
# > Plays when you're underground.
# DeepUnder
# > Plays when you're nearing lava/diamond level.
# > Will fall back to Underground if there's no song for DeepUnder.
# HighAltitude
# > Plays when you're on the tallest mountains.
# > Can also be: HighAltitudeDay, HighAltitudeNight
# Village
# > Plays when you're nearby at least 3 villagers.
# > Can also be: VillageDay, VillageNight
# Dimension(#)
# > Plays when in the specified dimension number.
# > # must be replaced with a non-zero number, i.e. Dimension(-1) for Nether, Dimension(1) for End.
# BiomeType###
# > Plays when in one of the following specified forge biome types.
# > ### must be replaced with one of the following forge biome types. This is not for individual biomes.
# > Can also include Day or Night, i.e. BiomeTypeMesaDay, BiomeTypePlainsNight
# >>> Spooky
# >>> Magical
# >>> Mesa
# >>> Mountain
# >>> Sandy
# >>> Snowy
# >>> Wasteland
# >>> Swamp
# >>> Forest
# >>> Hills
# >>> Plains
# >>> Beach
# >>> Ocean
# Biome###
# > Plays when in the specified biome.
# > ### must be replaced with the name of a specific biome, not including spaces.
# > Can also include Day or Night, i.e. BiomeRoofedForestDay, BiomeIcePlainsSpikesNight
# Note on Day/Night:
# If you define a Day but not a Night, it will play GeneralNight or General instead.
# The reverse is also true.
# Commands :
# > /actualmusic, /am, /music
# > /actualmusic fix
# This will, if possible, fix a rare bug where the music has stopped playing and will not start again.
# > /actualmusic mute [true|false]
# Stops the music player (the song will have to fade out first).
# > /actualmusic lock [AltDay number]
# Prevents the music from changing per-day, locking it to a single folder.
# Omitting the argument or providing 0 will unlock the folder. 1 locks to the main folder if AltDay[1] doesn't exist.
# > /actualmusic titlecards [true|false]
# Enables / Disables location title cards.
# > /actualmusic home <spawnradius|north|east|south|west|top|bottom|dimension> [radius|x|y|z]
# Sets up the location where the Home music will play.
# Using spawnradius without another argument will find out how far from your spawn you are and use that.
# Using one of the other options without another argument will use your current position.
# > /actualmusic zone <zone number> area <north|east|south|west|top|bottom> [x|y|z]
# Sets up the location where a user-defined zone's music will play.
# Excluding the last argument will use your current position.
# > /actualmusic zone <zone number> data <title|subtitle> [data]
# Sets up the title card data for a user-defined zone.
# Excluding the last argument will delete the specified data.
# > /actualmusic dimcard [dimension] <title|subtitle> [data]
# Sets up a custom title card for a dimension.
# Excluding the second argument will use the current dimension.
# Excluding the last argument will clear the title data.
# Cannot be used to set custom data for the Nether, Overworld or End.

and @Sangar with Scannable
Sangar said:
Scannable is a small addition to the smart explorer's tool-belt. Also, eye candy.


It provides a scanner item that can survey the nearby area for points of interest. Scan results are visualized for a short while in a clean and readable manner, either as in-world highlights or appropriately positioned overlays. Did I mention eye candy yet? What results are shown depends on the modules in the scanner. Up to three modules may be installed at the same time. Default modules include:

  • animal detection (e.g. cows, pigs)
  • monster detection (e.g. zombies, creepers)
  • common ore detection (e.g. coal, iron)
  • rare ore detection (e.g. gold, diamond)
  • block detection (configurable to a specific block)
  • range booster
Unless disabled in the config, the scanner will act as a chargeable item, using the Forge energy API. The energy consumed for each scan depends on the modules installed in the scanner. The scanner can be recharged in any charger mod block that is compatible with the Forge energy API.

Last but not least, there's - you guessed it - eye candy. Here's a quick video demonstrating the mod.

A few words on performance: it is great. The server does none of the actual scanning computation, so using the scanner cannot lag servers (clients will always respect server settings though). Furthermore, scanning is actually distributed across several ticks (hence the charging time when using the scanner), so even on the client using the scanner there should be no noticeable impact. As for rendering, the scan wave effect is rendered using a shader and a single quad. In human that means it's super fast and should have no noticeable impact on FPS. I even tested it on my craptop and saw no dip in FPS. Even works with OptiFine.

Other mods can register additional modules to generate different kind of scan results. If you have an idea for a module, either open an issue on this project's issue tracker or if it involves another mod, try to talk the mod's author into adding support for Scannable. They'll love that. Honest.

and @lehjr with Modular Powersuits
lehjr said:
Modular Powersuits 1.10.2-ALPHA-12
  • Fixed Shears module
  • Added experimental wireless grid/wireless crafting grid module for Refined Storage.
This is only marked alpha because the new module is still experimental. It does appear to be working properly in single and multiplayer, but I have not tested it on a server.

and @OreCruncher with Dynamic Surroundings
OreCruncher said:
Dynamic Surroundings 1.10.2-

What's New

  • Aurora spawn is now 100% client side! This means auroras will display in polar biomes even though a server may not have Dynamic Surroundings installed.
    • The "seed" for the aurora is based on the current Minecraft day of the dimension in question
    • Auroras will be a fixed X,Z distance from the player regardless of the direction of movement (i.e. you can no longer fly up into them)
    • Aurora Y will obey the settings in the configuration file
    • They will fade once you move out of a polar biome
    • Because aurora processing is 100% client side there is no server side code

  • OpenEye: SoundManager NPE when muting sound
  • BoP Algae no longer cause underwater waterfalls

  • Minecraft preset application is smarter about making setting changes that can trigger some lag. For example, it will no longer cause a resource refresh if the current mipmap level is the same as the one in the preset.
  • Filter Dynamic Surroundings "asm" and "logging" categories from preset configuration.
  • Biome matching rules for sounds now use traits rather than regex name matching.
    • Each biome has traits via the BiomeDictionary. For example a Desert biome has the traits of HOT, DRY, and SANDY.
    • Possible to have multiple background sounds streaming for a biome (ie. Birch Forest Hills will have the regular Forest sounds as well as the Hills wind sound)
    • Should provide better "out of the box" support for modded biomes Dynamic Surroundings is not directly aware of
    • It's not 100% perfect, so if you come across a biome that has non-sensical sounds let me know. The configs can be tweaked.
    • Configuration files created by other authors can still use regex name matching since backward compatibility is maintained.

and @CreativeMD with PlayerRevive
CreativeMD said:
Ever tried to play in hardcore mod? You can die within seconds. One step too far can be your end. This can be pretty frustrating, especially if you play with friends. You might want to have things difficult, but not like that? PlayerRevive is a good compromise. It allows to revive a player within 60 seconds after death. A stupid mistake must not be your end. Now it's up to your friends.

It is recommended to install EnhancedVisuals for a more epic and thrilled feeling.

It requires CreativeCore.



New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Shelter_Rin with So Many Enchantments
Shelter_Rin said:
So Many Enchantments

A great way to increase enchantments.


This mod adds 21 enchantments in addition to the vanilla minecraft enchantments.

Some enchantments will be revamped and/or be nerfed as this mod is still in W.I.P. most notably the enchantments that is way simple.


Heavy Edge - (W.I.P) Currently is applicable to axes and increases your damage to armored opponents with each level. May be buggy with the damage.

Armor Piercing - (W.I.P) For each level converts 25% of your damage to armor penetrating attack damage against armored opponent. Has a custom death message if the sword is enchanted. The only known bug is if a mob holds a sword enchanted with this gives a wrong death message.

Ash Destroyer - Deals extra damage based on your damage to a burning mob.

Atomic Deconstructor - Each of your attack has a very low percent to instant kill mobs and player.

Crippling Strikes - Each of your attack has a chance to cripple an enemy, applying many negative potion effects to an adversary.

Critical Strike - Each of your attack has a chance to perform critical damage that based on your attack damage.

Culling - Applicable to axes. When attacking an opponent, applies a jump boost to yourself. If you jump and attack a mob while falling, you deal an extra 1.5 times damage based on your attack damage and if that mob has low health, it is instantly killed. Beware that performing this rapidly will make you exhausted more quickly.

Defusing Edge - Deals extra damage to creepers.

Disarming Blade - Attacks have a chance to "disarm" an opponent, applying a negative strength effect and quick swiftness effect. (Note that this don't work against mob that doesn't use "generic.attack.Damage" attribute and range attacks.)

Envenomed - Your attacks now apply a poison and wither to a mob. (Note that this doesn't apply poison to an undead mob as they are immune to poison).

Enchanted - Changes your damage to magic. (Note that when a mob has this enchantment applied to its weapon you will die with a death message similarly when you die because of a instant harming splash and/or potion).

Extreme Bane of Arthropods - Just like the vanilla except it has increased damage and slowness.

Extreme Sharpness - Just like the vanilla except it don't update the attack damage display and has increased damage.

Extreme Smite - Just like the vanilla except it has increased damage.

Lifesteal - Your attacks now heal you based on the percentage of your dealt damage.

Purging Blade - Each of your attack damage now has chance to completely remove active effects from your adversary. When that triggers the adversary will be inflicted with a slowness and will receive extra damage.

Reviled Blade - Empowers you to deal additional damage to a mob that has low health.

Spell Breaker - Deals extra damage to witches.

Swiping Strikes - Applicable to Axes(Will be changed). Enables your attacks to damage a multiple mob in front of you.

Water Aspect - Deals additional damage against fiery opponents (Blazes, Magma Cubes) and Endermen. Your attacks are weaker against a burning mob and you deal bonus damage against a mob that is soaked in water or rain. You also deal bonus damage if you are soaked in water or rain against your opponent.

Pure's Blessing - Any items/weapon enchanted with this now instant kills any non invulnerable(soon will affect invulnerable and creative players) mobs and players.

and @Terpo with Waterworks
Terpo said:
Mod Description

Waterworks is a mod for Minecraft that adds serveral water collecting mechanics.

Water mechanics in Minecraft were always quite boring, because it is simply infinite. Finite Water Control and Infinite Fluids add a way to get finite water. Waterworks works with both options but for the optimal experience, you should activate finite water.

Overview of the current mechanics
Raintank Early game rain collection block with a small inventory for water and automating.

Multiblock Raintank This collection will need some more materials and comes as an multiblock. It will generate water a bit more quickly and uses the connected collectors as multiplier. The shape of your structure is on your side but there is configurable maximum range from the controller block.

Groundwater Pump This pump need clear sight to bedrock, to get the water from beneath. It will make use of forge energy for each pump operation.

Rain Rocket Craft some ghast tears with a Minecraft firework rocket to get your own rain rocket. Values for maximum ghast tear multiplier and rain duration are configurable.

Anti Rain Rocket Craft some sponges with a Minecraft firework rocket to get your own anti rain rocket. Values for maximum sponge multiplier and clear sky duration are configurable. This rocket drops wet sponges after usage.

Waterworks - Release Spotlight (1.0.0 for Minecraft 1.11.2)

Modpack integration

You can use this Mod in private and public Modpacks. There is no need to give credit, but I would appritiate it.


Further information can be found in the Wiki

The Source can be found on Github

Please do not use the comment section for Crashlogs. You can post them on Github.

Waterworks is licensed under the MIT License.

and @RWTema with Funky Locomotion
RWTema said:
Funky Locomotion 1.11.2 Alpha 0.0.1
- Port to 1.11.2

- 1.10.2 worlds will port successfully but some tile settings (such as teleporter ids) will be lost.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @tterrag1098 with Ender IO
tterrag1098 said:
Ender IO 1.10.2-3.1.190
  1. Refactored mod integration to correct packages (commit: d96719b) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  2. More mod integration refactoring (commit: d0270bb) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  3. New textures in preperation for upcoming features (commit: efe8f53) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  4. Made Staff of Travelling upgradable (commit: d6a0333) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  5. Fixed in+out slots being doubled for automation access (commit: 1727dd9) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb
  6. Fix item filter misbehaving for regular non-sized filters (commit: b63b308) — Henry Loenwind / githubweb

and @Speiger with Chunk-Pregenerator
Speiger said:
This mod is a Server Utility mod that allows you to pregenerate Worlds.

For those who don't know what a Chunks are or what a pregenerator is here you find a explaination:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Chunks are basically a DataStorage for all blocks you see. They are 16x256x16 Blocks areal and the whole world is build out of them.

Every time a chunk loads and it wasn't already created by the world has to be generated.

That means the game has to find out what to place where and ore generation, tree generation has to happen in that chunk.

That is usually very laggy and causes servers to have performance issues or lag issues or stuttering.

A World Pregenerator is a tool that allows you to generate a world in a base radius so that these are already generated and your game has time to prioritize on the important things.
Of course the Pregenartion takes time and is not instantly done. But the time you save is a lot more. Especially on Multiplayer servers.

So that we have this out of the way lets talk about the mod.

My ChunkPregenerator mod is a very efficient way to generate a lot of chunks in a certain amount of time.

There are of course other ways to do the same things like this with vanilla or other mods.

But these are much slower and you have to do a lot of manual work to make it run properly.


  • Dynamic Main CPU Allocation: The Pregenerator pregenerates chunks dynamicly. Unlike other mods it will take as much Power from your PC/Server to generate chunks, but it will not overuse your CPU. It automaticly detects how much time per game tick is left and use it.
  • Generation Detection: The Pregenerator will automaticly detect and skip already generated chunks to reduce the amount of work that has to be done. To give a example: If you do the same pregeneration twice (for example 160k chunks) that would take about 10-20 seconds to check.
  • Very Efficient Processing: This mod has a Special ChunkSorting and Processing-Code and Caching System to allow the best Possible Performance. It will not speed up ChunkGeneration but it reduces the amount of the processing to a bare minimum to give all Time to the Generation.
  • Better Memory Managment: Chunk Pregeneration usually has a Big issue: Memory Leaks. Because of that massive ChunkGeneration over a short amount of time the Chunk you have usually a Memory overflow. This ChunkPregenerator uses on average 500MB-1000MB of ram while its processing. It was for 160k Chunks stable on that usage. While other chunk pregeneration mods had already a usage of 2-3GB Usage for 1/4 of the process. Sadly you can't remove all memory usage completly.
  • Constant Information flow on what its doing. It tells you where it is generating. How much it has already done and what the average generation speed is. Also current Memory usage is included.
Downsides with this mod:

  • No Configs. This mod is static and configs would only cause issues in performance. The Pregeneration Commands deliver you on everything what you need.
  • Large Structures: Large structures (Especially Nether Structures) can cause big issues with the pregeneration system. Yes this system is performant but the problem is that Nether Structures cause 20-50 or more Chunks to be pregenerated at once. That can cause big issues.
  • Chat Spam: Because to show the information it will spam your Chat. You get every 100 Chunks processed a message about what it is doing. Unless you disable the information flow. (which i don't suggest)
  • Worlds have to be loaded: The World has to be loaded to run pregeneration. It will not try to load a world to do its work.
  • Limits: Only 1 Pregeneration at once to keep the work at minimum.
  • Restart: You have to restart after each pregeneration. Else you could cause a crash and lose everything. For Servers a Save-All is enough.

After each pregeneration (Doesn't matter how small it is) the world has to be reloaded. Because Minecraft saves to the files only when you unload the world completly. If you don't do that then the game has the possebility to Crash!

How to use this mod:

You have 3 Commands:

  • /pregen stop
    This will stop the pregeneration instantly and will clear the generation cache. Everything will be cleared.
  • /pregen startradius <XChunk> <ZChunk> <Radius> <DimensionID> <DisableLog>
    ChunkX = The Middle of the radius from ChunkX position (XPosition / 16)
    ChunkZ = The Middle of the radius from ChunkZ position (ZPosition / 16)
    Radius = The Radius around the middle.
    Dimension = The dimension where it should happen. Optional. If not provide it will use the Command Sender Dimension (For consoles Its the overworld)
    Disable Log = true/false. It will prevent the progress log. It will not prevent the start / end log.
  • /pregen startcycle <XChunk> <ZChunk> <Radius> <DimensionID> <DisableLog>
    ChunkX = The Middle of the radius from ChunkX position (XPosition / 16)
    ChunkZ = The Middle of the radius from ChunkZ position (ZPosition / 16)
    Radius = The Radius around the middle.
    Dimension = The dimension where it should happen. Optional. If not provide it will use the Command Sender Dimension (For consoles Its the overworld)
    Disable Log = true/false. It will prevent the progress log. It will not prevent the start / end log.
  • /pregen startplane <XChunk> <ZChunk> <XRadius> <ZRadius> <DimensionID> <DisableLog>
    ChunkX = The Middle of the radius from ChunkX position (XPosition / 16)
    ChunkZ = The Middle of the radius from ChunkZ position (ZPosition / 16)
    XRadius = The Radius for the XAxis.
    ZRadius = The Radius for the ZAxis.
    Dimension = The dimension where it should happen. Optional. If not provide it will use the Command Sender Dimension (For consoles Its the overworld)
    Disable Log = true/false. It will prevent the progress log. It will not prevent the start / end log.
While the process is going you will receive a lot of these messages:

9400/10000 Chunks <41, 11> (Average/t: 2,7), Ram: 798MB

Here is a explaination about this:

The 9400/10000 Chunks is the current Progress.

The <41, 11> is the current Position where the Chunk Generator is.
The (Average/t: 2,7) means how many chunks get per tick generated. (20 Game ticks per second)
The Ram: 798MB is the current Ram usage of your PC/Server so you see when its getting critical or something.

Just a warning. You can not expect more then 1-5 Chunks per tick of pregeneration speed per game Tick since its using only 1 CPU and you have to have a Very high Powered Machine to do the machine.

Thanks for reading.

If you want to support my work think about giving a small donation. i invested a good chunk of my time to get this tool as good as i wanted it to be.

and @futureflash2024 with CraftableEnchantments4you
futureflash2024 said:
This mod adds the ability to craft any vanilla enchantment books.


Books+Blaze rod=Fire Aspect

Books+Blaze powder=Flame



Books+Gold ingot=Sharpness


Books+Iron ingot=Protection

Books+Arrow=Projectile Protection

Books+TNT=Blast Protection

Books+Flint and Steel=Fire Protection

Books+Feather=Feather falling


Books+Mob loot=Looting


Books+Rotten flesh=Smite

Books+Spider eye=Bane of Arthropods

Books+Glass bottle=Respiration

Books+Water bucket=Aqua affinity



Books+leather=Luck of the Sea


and @GenDeathrow with Hatchery
GenDeathrow said:
Hatchery v0.3.10 (1.10.2) (Beta Build)
- 0.3.10

  • Performance update (Thanks to Mezz's PR)
    • Nesting Pens should have much better performance on their tick updates
    • Prevent doing expensive AI and collision detection
  • Added new new (WIP) machine (Fertilizer Mixer & Methane Generator.
    • These are Work in Progress which is why this is considered a beta build.
    • These blocks are final and will be changed, fixed, updated.. all the above.
    • Getting Feedback on these items would help to greatly improve them.
  • Roosters
    • No longer lay eggs
    • needs to be able to see chickens to mate.
  • Added COFH RF API
  • Blocks had some increased hardness.
  • Nets No longer spawn chickens inside blocks
  • Vanilla chicken spawn eggs can now place into nesting pens. (support for chickens mod later)
  • Stop "Skipping Entity with id" console spam from creating null chickens

and @T145 with Magistics
T145 said:
Magistics Alpha-Release 1.0.0
- Only infuser recipe includes dirt and sand
- Most crucible recipes are added (will probably be altered at some point)
- Everything is functional except for furnaces
- Forgot to name the elevator; still working on something less generic than "Elevator"
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Sangar with Scannable
Sangar said:
Scannable 1.10.2-
  • Added fluids module, allows detecting fluids (source blocks only).
  • Added entity module, similar to the block module allows configuring to one specific entity type then detecting that.
  • Made block results render when player is inside them, should avoid some confusion.

and @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.10 - 58
- added the Fluid Router. It does exactly what the Item Router does, but for fluids.
- added Crafttweaker integration for the Mixer
- added the Garden Cloche! It grows a variety of crops!
- added farming compatability for Actually Additions
- added farming compatability for Attained Drops
- added farming compatability for Mystical Agriculture
- added farming compatability for Harvestcraft
- added farming compatability for Better With Mods
- added farming compatability for Extra Utils
- added Chemthrower compatability for ThermalFoundation fluids
- added carpet, quarter and threequarter thicknesses for Concrete to make the fluid dry to more reasonable levels
- added a toggleable option to the Mixer to output all fluids instead of just the bottom one
- added placeable Toolboxes, they are fully accessible while placed
- added placeable Coresamples, these can be rightclicked with a map to set a marker to their origin
- added a visible chunk boundary when holding or looking at the Sample Drill
- added Redstone Wires to the API (thanks Malte)
- added a render reset hook to the API (thanks Malte)
- added the Covered Conveyor, preventing players from picking up items from it
- added a Conveyor unaffected by redstone
- added the Fluid Outlet. It puts fluids in the world!
- added OC compat for Mixer and BottlingMachine (thanks GuyRunningSouth)
- added a Villager Job to sell Shader Bags
- added a Crusher recipe to turn slag into sand
- added a special ItemFrame render for Blueprints
- added the ability to flip Powered Lanterns using the hammer
- added the option for Strip Curtains to output a strong RS signal
- added a sound to the Breaker Switch - Clearly the best feature of this update
- changed Razorwire to render extended wooden boards when stacked
- changed the Conductive debuff to apply to Teslacoil and Electro-Razorwire damage
- changed metal plates and Sheetmetal to be craftable for any IE-used metal
- changed Crafttweaker functions for Squeezer and Fermenter to feature input-based removal
- changed dropping Conveyors to use Iron Trapdoors rather than Hoppers in the recipe
- changed fluid potions to have reduced durations in the chemthrower
- fixed Concrete blocks not applying suffocation damage
- fixed some cartridges being allowed in turrets, fixes crash with Immersive Floofs
- fixed energy drain on eletrified bullets, reduced drain for multii-projectile cartridges
- fixed ownerless, tameable entities causing crashes in Turret targeting
- fixed item in- and outputs on Turrets being unavailable
- fixed manual entry for Razorwire
- fixed NullPointer on FluidStacks
- fixed Turntables and Hammers being able to rotate extended pistons, chests, beds, end portals and skulls
- fixed the Drill taking more damage than intended (thanks Malte)
- fixed the display of double arrays in the manual (thanks Malte)
- fixed lang file as per suggestions on github
- fixed Balloons and Redstone Connectors being invisible in the End
- fixed Chemthrower projectiles being set on fire even when the fluid isn't flammable
- fixed invalid connections being made possible due to splitting stacks (thanks Malte)
- fixed bounding boxes and wire offsets for transformers (thanks Malte)
- fixed transformers mistakenly having TESRs and accepting LV+MV wires in combination (thanks Malte)
- fixed the Potion fluid not having textures (thanks Malte)
- fixed ConcurrentModificationException on Crafttweaker reloads (thanks Malte)
- fixed the Mixer not working when its internal tank is filled (thanks Malte)
- fixed IE slag not being usable in ThermalExpansion recipes
- fixed the Turrets losing its inventory (thanks Malte)
- fixed NBT sensitive fluids not outputting from barrels properly (thanks Malte)
- fixed a dupebug of empty fluid containers in the Assembler
- fixed Assembler outputting damageable craftign items
- fixed missing sounds on IE explosions
- fixed Refinery dividing by 0 if timer config is adjusted downwards
- fixed AutoWorkbench not exposing the right slots to its item handler and rendering the wrong items
- fixed projectiles ignoring PvP protection within player teams
- fixed wires not being removed properly if TileDrops are off (thanks Malte)
- fixed floating Engineer's houses
- fixed broken Energy Storage tooltips
- fixed Metal Press not dropping its mold when broken
- fixed various double-size blocks deleting things above them
- fixed stuttering on Metal Press and Watermill (thanks Malte)
- fixed Relays connecting to energy accepting things, to make their role more obvious (thanks Malte)
- fixed resource reloading on TESRs (thanks Malte)
- fixed various Turret projectile issues (thanks Malte)
- fixed a Blast Furnace processing speed bug (thanks Malte)
- fixed Skyhook being a stupidly powerful weapon (thanks Malte)
- fixed the Crusher outputting to the wrong side
- Translations Added/Updated: ru_RU (lex1975) (this time for real, since I forgot it last time), zh_TW (xaxa123)

and @xMrVizzy with Simple Drills
xMrVizzy said:
The mod adds some drills in Minecraft which work with Redstone Flux (RF) and Forge Energy!

Mod content:
  • Drill (Capacity: 20k, Mining Speed: 10F)
  • Golden Drill (Capacity: 30k, Mining Speed: 20F)
  • Diamond Drill (Capacity: 40k, Mining Speed: 30F)
  • Drill Handle
  • You allowed to use this mod in your modpack.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Buuz135 with Industrial Foregoing
Buuz135 said:
Industrial Foregoing is a reinvention of the old 1.7.10 Minefactory Reloaded. It will try to mimic the 1.7.10 version and enchance it with new machines and new mechanics. The current alpha contains the follow machines:


Agriculture & Food
- Chronotyper (Animal Independence Selector)
- Composter (Sewage Compost Solidifier)
- Fertilizer (Plant Enrich Material Injector)
- Fisher (Water Resources Collector)
- Harvester (Plant Recolector)
- Planter (Plant Sower)
- Rancher (Animal Resource Harvester)
- Sewer (Animal Byproduct Recolector)
- Slaughterhouse (Mob Slaughter Factory)
- Sludge Boiler

Brewing & Enchanting
- Auto Anvil (Enchantment Aplicator)
- Auto Brewer (Potion Enervator)
- Auto Disenchanter (Enchantment Extractor)

Fuel & Energy
- Weather Collector (Water Condensator)

- Block Breaker (Block Destroyer)

- Block Placer (Block Placer)

Mob Farming
- Auto Spawner (Mob Duplicator)
- Breed (Animal Stock Increaser)
- Grinder (Mob Relocator)
- Mob Counter

Transport & Storage
- Conveyor Belt
- Deep Storage Unit
- Enchantment router (Enchantment Refiner)

Custom Items

- Meat feeder (It autofeeds you with fluid meat)

and @Gigabit101 with Quantum Storage
Gigabit101 said:
Quantum Storage 1.11.2-4.2.0
Added German translations
Added QuantumStorage Disk (Refined Storage needs to be installed for this to show up)
Added New Chest Textures
Added QuantumCrafter
Added a bunch of new configs
Added Quantum Crafter
Added JEI Support for Quantum Crafter

Changed QuantumStorage Tank Gui

and @malte0811 with Industrial Wires
malte0811 said:
Industrial Wires 1.4-9
  • added Control Panels
    • They can be used to control and monitor a lot of redstone signals from a few blocks
  • fixed the default value for EU-RF conversion.
    • Pack makers, you will need to change this manually unless you delete and regenerate the Config!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @OreCruncher with Dynamic Surroundings
OreCruncher said:
Dynamic Surroundings 1.10.2-

What's New

  • Remember Battle Music? Dynamic Surroundings has it's own version! Currently it is disabled by default and can be turned on under Sound Options.
    • It's WIP - looking for the right sounds. Suggestions for tracks appreciated. (Need mini-boss track.)
    • 3 tracks - generic battle as well as Wither and Dragon
    • Uses internal data from emojis; deploy mod on the server for better effect
    • If not installed on a server BattleMusic will only play for bosses
    • Turn down the master music volume slider to have a better experience (Vanilla music is too loud IMO)
    • Rules can be set for the "BattleMusic" fake biome in the configuration so that pack authors can provide their own music
  • Option to disable the auto-restart of a crashed sound system. You will still get chat messages indicating that the sound system has crashed and client should be restarted.
  • Tooltip for sounds in the Individual Sound Configuration dialog will now display attribution information if applicable. (I get a lot of sounds from www.freesound.org.)

  • Handle situation where the Biome registry becomes inconsistant with the Biome.PLAINS identity value (mod compatibility)

  • Refactored mcp.json (the main configuration file for Dynamic Surroundings):
    • Coyote, Owl, Woodpecker, and Crow sounds are available in more biomes
  • Auroras render in a different location:
    • Render at chunk view distance; has to be at least 6 to render
    • Render across the "background" behind terrain
    • Band base is at sea level and scales higher the larger the client chunk view distance
    • Aurora options that no longer apply have been removed
    • Main purpose of the change is to give them more of a borealis feel and become a sky painting rather than a "hey, look, a couple of colored bands in the sky".
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