What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
late reply but here's a download to my port to 1.10.2 for ars magica 2!


not sure if i am allowed to post that link lol

recent download contains:

Fixed Multiplayer errors when casting(wouldn't allow you to cast but would remove the mana, causing a desync until relog)
Fixed burnout bar from attempting to flash on server side(why flash textures on what is not there :p )
Fixed Crafting altar from being broken with hand(now requires a stone pickaxe or above)
Fixed Felled Oak flicker focus so it actually breaks the entire tree


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @canitzp with TUMAT
canitzp said:
TUMAT 1.5.0
-Show more information at Chisel&Bits blocks
-Fixed RF is not displayed
-Added syncing for RF and EU
-Beetroots are now shoe their Growth status
-Fixed Light source only show if it stand on the ground
-Disabled complete description overwriting, mod names are still shown
-Pressing CTRL in a inventory shows up all slot numbers
-Fixed the error message if you look at a player
-Fixed offset '<Error>' message
-Fixed TUMAT Gui button doesn't work and moved it to the Options screen
-Changed color for some IC2 tooltips
and @MrTutankhamun with Storage Boats
MrTutankhamun said:
Storage Boats 1.1
*You can now open the inventory by pressing E in the storage boat and store items!
and @desht with Modular Routers
desht said:
Modular Routers 1.10.2-1.1.0
and @McJty with The One Probe
McJty said:
The One Probe 1.10-1.2.2

  • Implemented a bauble version of the one probe. Fits in the 'head' slot
  • Switched the harvestability info to use the vanilla beacon icons (can be configured back in game to the original style if wanted)
  • Show repeater delay and comparator mode
  • Show collar name for a wolf
  • Growth level for plants is now yellow if not fully grown and otherwise it shows 'fully grown'
  • Show brewing stand info
and @romelo333 with Not Enough Wands
romelo333 said:
Not Enough Wands 1.10-1.4.0

  • Fixed rendering of outlines (for building wand, moving wand, protection wand, ...) to be full bright again
  • Added 25-row mode for the building wand
  • The potion wand works again
  • The displacement wand now uses the same (safer) technique for moving tile entities as the moving wand does
  • Made the '=' key conflict resolution to be in-game
  • The tooltips now show the correct key that is used for switching the mode
  • New sub-mode key for the building wand to change the direction that the building wand will build in row mode
and @McJty with RFTools Dimensions
McJty said:
RFTools Dimensions 1.10-4.45
  • Fixed the dimlet workbench so that it can be automated more easily (piping in dimlets for extraction)
  • The 'extract' button is now a toggle button so that you can enable auto extracting
  • Ported the energy extractor from 1.7.10 back


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @AlgorithmX2 with Flat Colored Blocks
AlgorithmX2 said:
Flat Colored Blocks 1.10-v4.4
  1. Add Tool-tips for Flat Colored Blocks to show RGB, HSV, Opacity, and LightValue.
  2. Added Options for the new tool-tips, they can all be toggled, even in-game.
and @TehNut with Hwyla
TehNut said:
Here's What You're Looking At

HWYLA (Pronounced "Hwhy-la", similar to "Coo-Hwhip")

A fork of WAILA by ProfMobius. This fork is permitted under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

I intend to update this fork quickly and often.

All plugins/addons/compatibilities created with the official mod are 100% compatible with this fork.

This is a list of the primary changes and differences between the official Waila and this fork.

Note: This list may be incomplete. A more up-to-date version may be found in the README on Github.

  • Added a new plugin registration system
    • Use @WailaPlugin on an instance of IWailaPlugin
    • The annotation can take a String value for a required modid. Blank for any
  • If fluid tooltips are enabled, they will now attempt to display the fluid inside a bucket.
  • Forge Capability support (Information is obtained using a null facing. Mods who do not handle this correctly are not supported)
    • Native support for displaying tank information
      • Disabled by default so as to not clash with mods adding their own support
      • Limited to 5 tanks displayed to avoid mishaps where hundreds would get added
      • Only works on tanks using the Forge Capability system
    • Native support for displaying inventory contents
      • Disabled by default so as to not clash with mods adding their own support
      • Displays up to 5 items. If sneaking, the full inventory will be displayed
      • Items that are stack-able are condensed down. So if you have 2 stacks of Cobblestone, it will show with a single stack with a count of 128.
        • When a count reaches a high enough number, it will be condensed down. (eg: 1357 -> 1.3K)
      • Works on all blocks that provide IInventory, IItemHandler, or instanceof TileEntityEnderChest
    • Native support for displaying Forge Energy storage
      • Disabled by default so as to not clash with mods adding their own support
      • Only works on energy handlers that provide IEnergyStorage
  • Fixed the Furnace progress handler
    • Did any of you even know this was a thing? I sure didn't
  • Maturity tooltips for crops now work correctly if the crop has a different max age.
  • Added config for the format used to display Block, Entity, and Mod names
    • You can now wrap custom text around the name, with support for MOTD-like formatting codes.
    • Due to limitations presented by item rarity, the block name itself will always be a fixed colour, and reset formatting to default after itself.
    • See image below
  • Fixed the ID + Meta tooltip
    • No more < UNIMPLEMENTED > in your tooltips
  • Re-implemented in-game recipe lookups via key-bind
    • Now with 100% more JEI
  • Changed the ItemStack lookup method to use getPickBlock(...) like everybody has though it's been for a long time
  • Re-formatted the /dumphandlers command
    • Now prints the dump text to WailaHandlerDump.md
    • Formatted as markdown to increase readability
  • Re-formatted all core handlers to the plugin format
    • Registered manually to make sure they are loaded first
  • Removed lots of Vanilla special casing by fixing things correctly
  • General code cleanup
  • Removed plugin code for mods that have not updated
  • Removed NEI handler code
  • Removed all coremod related code
    • I think it was completely unused, but still


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with The One Probe
McJty said:
The One Probe 1.10-1.3.0

  • New generic styling system for text. In the probe support code you can now use conceptual styles like 'ERROR', 'WARNING', 'INFO' and on the client side this can then be translated to actual colors and styling information. For example. 'ERROR' can be mapped to 'red,bold'. This mapping can be set in the 'Mod Options'.
  • Fixed a bad dependency on baubles
  • New probe mode (3) so that the probe tooltip is always visible but you need the probe to get access to the extended info
  • First time players will get a note in their inventory when they log in explaining how to use the probe and how the probe is configured in their pack. In some cases they will also be able to change the config through that note
  • New easy to use config GUI with which the user can control a few more common gui styles. There are several presets for colors. The tooltip can be positioned in the corners or borders and you can change the size of the tooltip
  • This new config GUI can be opened by:
    • Sneak right click the 'note'
    • Right click the probe
    • The /topcfg command
  • New border style 'offset' option which allows the probe to be configured to look slightly more like WAILA
and @modmuss50 with Steves Carts Reborn
modmuss50 said:
Steves Carts Reborn is a 1.10.2 fork of Vswe's Steves Carts 2 mod.

It is currently in beta for minecraft version 1.10.2
Beta means things haven't been tested, and things may break, you have been warned!

Full credit goes to Vswe for the original Steve's Carts mod. You can see bellow what he said on twitter about releasing his mods:

We have an IRC channel: #StevesCarts on esper.net

More images:

This is showing the GUI of the Cart Assembler with JEI to the right of it.

This is showing an example cart that has been made using the Cart Assembler

Please report any issues you find to the github, they cannot be fixed if we don't know about them!


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Jul 29, 2019
new update for my ars magica repo is out!
the people reporting bugs are amazing lol, so many bugs!

Fix crash when using the entity Shockwave
Fix Inscription Table not removing the tile entity
Fix Feather touch not working anymore
Fix crash with 2 chrono anchor casts then reloading
Fix config files being generated with path in name for a non-Windows OS(hopefully)
Fix three modifier limit being worked around
Fix Mage NPCs not casting
Prevent users from opening the occulus if you haven't gotten the book

Performance improvements to block updates


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @seia6666 with Vanilla Magic
seia6666 said:
Vanilla Magic 1.10.2-
This is ONLY use for testing purposes.

[1]Major new feature in this update will be a capability of Saving / Loading CustomTileEntities (Yes, no more recreating Quarry after each joining World).

It currently only supports Machines (Quarry, Farm, etc.).

Ou, yeah, Farm is working again.

[2]Farm supports:

-plantable things

-nether wart (You must plant first seed)

-melon / pumpkin (You must plant the seed)

-picking flowers

-cocoa (first seed must be planted by Player)

-sugar cane / cactus (You must plant the first layer)

Farm NOT supports:


-huge mushrooms

To make a working farm You must place Cauldron. Than You must place inventory on top of the Cauldron and under it.

Shift-right-click with Blaze Rod in right hand and at least 1x Wheat seed in left hand.

Than put: shears, hoe, fuel (coal, wood, etc.), seeds which You want into the inventory which is on top of the Cauldron.

After You place fuel the farm should start working.

To check the information about the Farm right-click it with Clock in right hand.


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Jul 29, 2019
ArmorPlus updated from `1.10.2-` (last post) to 1.10.2- (current version)

Just a side note that there were a lot of updates since my last posting, I hope you have fun reading through the changelogs :)
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Finally Fixed Regeneration Effect from Super Star Armor not working properly
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Crash opening the ArmorPlus Book
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • Added more config options for full customization of the armor's effects
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Fixed Crash issue on server start up
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • Added the ability to set potion effects to the armors via config
  • Added the ability to color weapons' name
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Fixed Armors not having a real damage reduction value
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • Bows/BattleAxes/Swords Damage are now configurable
  • Bows/BattleAxes/Swords Durability are now configurable
  • Added Ender Dragon Arrow
  • Changed Particles
  • Fixed dupe glitch
  • Fixed Potion Effect Particles being shown while wearing armors
  • Fixed world freeze/crash using or later version of JEI
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • Added new achievements, tweaked the previous ones
  • Tweaked base classes
  • (MC)-(Major).(Minor).(Patch).(Build)
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Fixed Ender Dragon Zombie being buggy and its movement
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • Added debug info for the Ender Dragon Zombie if debugMode is true
  • Moved all the remaining recipes to their benches
  • Tiered from one to tier three is done
  • You can add/remove recipes from all three benches through mod addons/integrations
  • Added JEI support for the Ulti-Tech Bench
  • Added some little, but handy info for the bows
  • Improved how things work in code
  • Added the ability to disable armors entirely from the game via config options
  • Added Baubles integration/support
    • Added some new Cosmetics
  • Enchantments, added 2 new enchantments
    • Life Steal - when an entity is hit the player will get health points back depending on the level of the enchantment, the damage that the item will deal and some other calculations
    • Furious - Treasure Enchantment, when player is hit wearing this enchantment the player will get speed and strength effects for a limited time depending on the level of the enchantment
  • Added new blocks
    • Red Stone Brick
    • Red Stone Brick Tower
    • Red Stone Brick Corner
    • Black Stone Brick
    • Black Stone Brick Tower
    • Black Stone Brick Corner
  • Added Recipes for the castle blocks (red/white/black stone bricks)
  • Changed benches' models and textures
  • Added support for block rotation
    • Block Lava Crystal, Block of Steel, Electrical Block, Lava Nether Brick, Compressed Obsidian
  • Tinkers Integration
    • Added Compressed Obsidian material
    • Tweaked Lava Crystal Material, now requires 2 Lava Crystals or 1 Charged Lava Crystal
    • Tweaked Fire Storm modifier, now it has 10 levels instead of 4
    • Added compatibility for Steel material via ArmorPlus' steel
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • MAJOR Update
    • Refactor of "Armor Forge" to "Workbench" (Tier 1)
    • Refactor or "Advanced Armor Forge" to "High-Tech Bench" (Tier 2)
    • Addition of the "Ulti-Tech Bench" (Tier 3)
    • Moved all ArmorPlus recipes into their benches (UNDER DEVELOPMENT & UNDER CHANGES)
  • Removed Prefixes before names that were listed
  • Made all items require to have SHIFT pressed to show their tooltips
  • Hided Dev Items from JEI
  • Hidden the cosmetic items from JEI
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Crash on using either Armor Forge & Advanced Armor Forge
  • Updated French Translation of ArmorPlus (Thanks to ImmortalPharaoh7)
  • Added Russian Translation of ArmorPlus (Thanks to FTB_lag)
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • Tooltips on Armors now will only be displayed if LSHIFT is pressed
  • Removed unused Images & Models
  • Made the Energy Items to be able to be enchanted
  • Lava Crystal & Charged Lava Crystal are finally registered as a fuel source
  • Added a special text color for ArmorPlus people
  • Armor Forge & Advanced Armor Forge
    • Added the ability to add/remove recipes to both armor forge (for modders and addon creators)
    • Made them support OreDict
    • Fixed Functionality, and added support for Ore Dict recipes via JEI
  • Made repair cost on the Lava Armor depend on gamemode via config (Easy = Lava Crystal, Expert = Charged Lava Crystal)
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Fixed a bug with Obsidian Armor Configs and Effects being wrong
  • Fixed a bug with Lapis Armor Configs and Effects being wrong
  • Fixed Ender Dragon Zombie drops
  • ArmorPlus now requires TheDragonLib 1.10.2- or later to work!
  • ArmorPlus now requires TheDragonCore 1.10.2- or later to work!
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • Ender Dragon Zombie will now only drop Ender Dragon Scale rather than full equipment (after this it might stay or be removed, time will say)
  • Added RF supports, Main Supported Energy API
    • RF Tools/Weapons
  • Changed Steel Armor to support mainly RF and secondary Tesla
  • Added OreDict for some things
  • Mob drops
    • Made the Wither skeleton to drop 0-1 wither bones on death
  • Removed Creative Power Cell (Temporally, maybe)
{Code Changed/Added/Removed}
  • Made BaseEnergyArmor class confusing, then made it to no longer be
  • Added a lot of base classes for all types of items/weapons supported by Energy APIs
  • Changed Tesla tools/weapons tooltips to be more accurate using own mathod rather than the premade from Tesla
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Fixed Guardian Armor's stats and achievements not working
  • Fixed a server Crash
{Code Changed/Added/Removed}
  • Removed TiC.postInit from Common Proxy
{Changed Format For Dev Versions}
  • (mcversion)-(major).(api).(minor).(patch).(build)-dev
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Crash using and later version of JEI
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • Added Tinkers Integration
    • Added Modifiers
      • Charged Lava Crystal + Brick = Firestorm
      • The Ultimate Material + Tool/Weapon = + 1 Modifier (max uses 1)
    • Added Materials
      • Lava Crystal material
  • Blocks Added
    • WIP Spawners
  • Mobs Added
    • WIP Mini Boss Guardian
{Code Changed/Added/Removed}
  • Cleaned Up some code from Main Mod file, like Ore Dicts moved to common proxy
  • Added an empty class ServerProxy - just because it should be here
  • ArmorPlus now requires TheDragonCore 1.10.2- or later to work!
{Features Added}
  • Creative Tab for Tesla Items/Blocks/Weapons
{Code Changed/Added/Removed}
  • Moved all the Tesla Items/Blocks/Weapons to the Tesla Creative Tab
  • Added @Optional Annotations to all Tesla stuffs, so they work only if Tesla is installed
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • Tesla Items
    • Added Tesla Axe
    • Added Tesla Rod
    • Added Tesla Shovel
    • Added Tesla Hoe
  • The Gift Of The Gods now will have 2 uses before it gets consumed, and if the player uses the gift of gods while in stack it will only consume one of them.
  • The Gift Of The Gods now has cooldown 30 seconds
  • Steel Armor now will have Tesla as durability
  • New Textures for the Tesla Tools/Weapons
  • Added a config option for all the Gift Of The Gods things, and debugMode for it
  • Made all animated textures a bit more smooth
  • Added config options for most of the tesla items' properties
{Code Changed/Added/Removed}
  • Made Tesla Weapons/Tools animated using mcmeta
  • Re-written how (GOTG) works (now drops the item instead of replacing the held one, and made it to have more than 1 uses)
  • added more config options
  • Registered the new Items
  • Updated Client Config Gui's list to include all the config options
  • Added/Changed recipes of the tesla tools/weapons to require Tesla Rod instead of Stick
  • Gradlew Clean Up
  • Tesla ( or later) (Optional) but required for Tesla Tools/Weapons and v2 armors
{Features Added/Removed/Changed}
  • Tesla Items/Blocks
    • Tesla Sword
    • Tesla Pickaxe
    • Creative Power Cell (Tesla)
  • More Cosmetic Items for special people
    • MMD Logo Cosmetic
  • Removed Teleport Command, Dimension ArmorPlus
  • Changed GUI Scale and Background Image of the ArmorPlus Books
  • Removed Night Vision from the Ultimate Armor
{Code Changed/Added/Removed}
  • Added BaseEnergyBlock (Used by the tesla blocks as a base)
  • Added Cofh/API to main code for later usage mayble - if not used it will be removed
  • Added BaseTesla (Used by the tesla tools/weapons as a base)
  • Item Tesla Sword
  • Removed all the code for the Dimension ArmorPlus
  • Removed the ARPTP command, cheaty, unneeded
  • Changed Values of the GUIs for the ArmorPlus Books so they match their new GUI Texture by (Aya Shameimaru)
  • Added the `hasTesla` Method so it checks if Tesla is loaded
  • Added Recipes for the Tesla tools/weapons
  • Removed Night Vision Key Bind
{Features Changed}
  • Full Code Rewrite
  • Lava Armor now if is in the water with water breathing effect wont apply any debuffs nor break the armor
{Features Added}
  • More Cosmetic Items for special people
    • Twitch Logo Cosmetic
    • Beam Logo Cosmetic
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Fixed Ender Dragon Zombies Drop Rates
  • Fixed code variables
  • Fixed some problems with bows
{Bugs Fixed}
  • A recipe bug with tinkers construct armors.
{Features Added}
  • Special Cosmetic for special people
{Features Changed}
  • Lava Armor will now extinguish the fire overlay if the full set effect is set to false and the player is wearing 1 of the armor pieces
  • ARP Dimensions will be disabled by default
  • Structure Castle Generation is set to 0 by default, until it is fully done
  • Ender Dragon Zombies will have 40.0D HP by default and their movement speed is increased to 0.20D
{Bugs Fixed}
  • No Description and no name for the achievement "Welcome to ArmorPlus"
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Crash when loaded armorplus on a sever
{Features Changed}
  • Armors again will be single set effect by default
  • NBT Item (Dev Item) (Ignore - Added for future planed releases)
{Features Added}
  • Keybind to enable/disable the Night Vison effect of The Ultimate Armor (Default: "N")
{Features Added}
  • World Gen Castles [WIP]
  • If not the full set of the Ultimate Armor is equipped the player can't move
  • Improved White Stone Brick blocks to work better with BlockStates
  • Lava Crystal Sub Items
  • Lava Crystal and Charged Lava Crystal
{Features Changed}
  • Changed the recipe of the Armor Forge now uses Lapis Lazuli instead of lapis blocks
{Features Removed}
  • All the 4 Reinforced Sets
{Features Changed}
  • Lava Armor no longer have the resistance effect.
  • Lava Armor in contact with water will give the player slowness 2 and will damage the player with water damage and the armor will lose durability each tick.
  • All armors will now be full set effect only by default.
  • Integration with the one probe is now optional but will require you to craft the helmet with the probe in order to combine.
{Bugs Fixed With Compatibility}
  • Crash JEI because of duplicated JEI categories
{Features Added}
  • White Stone Brick
  • White Stone Brick Tower
  • White Stone Brick Corner
  • Added JEI Support for the Advanced Armor Forge
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Names not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a crash on easy mode
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Missing Texture on some Items/Blocks
{Features Changed}
  • Fixed some compatibility issues in some situations
  • Unlocalized names are now all lowercase
  • Textures names are now all lowercase
  • Model names are now all lowercase
  • Resource Location names are now all lowercase
  • Language File changed the item's unlocalized names
{Balancing Update}
  • Reduced Ender Dragon Zombie's HP from 100 to 20
{Features Added}
  • Added a config option for all Ender Dragon Zombie Properties (hp, damage, knockback resistance etc..)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @LordSaad with Refraction
LordSaad said:

THIS MOD REQUIRES LIBRARIANLIB! Can be found here: https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/252910-librarianlib

Refraction was originally a TMT mod and has been in heavy development ever since. It has gone multiple rewrites and has undergone heavy optimizations for the past three months. We hope you enjoy what we've been working on.

Refraction is a mod that is based on the manipulation of light and lasers. You do so by making arrays of magnifiers to collect sunlight into focused beams or by making laser blocks that require glowstone. Light beams in this mod can be split and merged using half mirrors, prisms, and reflection chambers in order to produce different colors of light, and colors of light in the mod all have special effects that will ensure you no boredom ever. For example, a cyan light beam attracts any entities towards the source while a purple beam disperses entities away from the source.

The wiki is currently WIP but we've written up a quick starter guide and a couple or most of the features currently present in the mod via this google document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1buFt9v2deKTJZtZNVvVX1peuFxEourl0idncqoEDAQo/edit?usp=sharing

If you experience any bugs, please report them on the issue tracker found here: https://github.com/TeamWizardry/TMT-Refraction/issues

And if you would like to join our discord to hang out or ask questions: https://discord.gg/tGFYcWz
and @RWTema with Funky Locomotion
RWTema said:
Funky Locomotion 1.10.2 Alpha 0.0.3
- Added Frame Projector. Creates a pyramid of light that will connect to and pull any blocks within the pyramid. Shift-right-click with a wrench to adjust the range.

- Fixed extreme rendering lag spike when moving tiles

- Fixed various broken recipes

- Fixed pullers not working

- Improved RF energy handling

- Fixed NPE crash in compatibility handling code

- Fixed broken network update tags

- Improved networking to ensure moving tile entities will be correctly synced with the client
and @Sangar with OpenComputers
Sangar said:
OpenComputers 1.10.2-
- Added: Rack mountable floppy disk drive.
- Added: Ability to interact with some item inventories using the inventory controller.
- Added: Support for RotaryCraft power (uses same conversion ratio as AE2).
- Added: Possiblity to define a viewport on GPUs, allowing to copy data from off-screen for performance trickery.
- Added: Cables will now remember which color they have and can also be dyed by being crafted with a dye.
- Added: Reenabled IC2 integration on 1.8.9.
- Added: Possibility to cycle through loot disks by crafting them with a wrench (wrench is not consumed).
- Added: Device info API. Devices may now provide generic information, queryable via `computer.getDeviceInfo()`.
- Added: More helpful messages when trying to run a missing program (when possible) via the new `computer.getProgramLocations()` API.
- Added: Trading upgrade, allows trading with villagers (Inari-Whitebear).
- Added: Allow defining custom HTTP request headers (invliD).
- Added: `debug.playSoundAt` (gamax92).
- Added: Parameter to specify AE2 CPU to use when requesting crafting (habnabit).
- Added: ThaumicEnergistics integration (DrummerMC).
- Added: Dyeing of hover boots to change light color (Vexatos).
- Added: Network activity indicator on servers (magik6k).
- Added: Brazilian Portuguese translation (hws689).
- Changed: Racks have been revamped. They can now house other things than servers and how things get connected is a lot more flexible now.
- Changed: Remote terminals are now bound to remote terminal servers which are a new type of rack mountable.
- Changed: Disk drives now also provide a component allowing to check for floppy presence and ejecting floppies.
- Changed: Geolyzer scan area can now be customized to be an arbitrary cube instead of only columns. Total volume must not exceed column volume, though.
- Changed: A couple of recipes. Introduced diamond shards/chips to avoid the massive diamond cost ramping of higher tier items.
- Changed: New font for screens, unscii, sporting much better readability (asie). If you absolutely detest it even after giving it a fair chance, you can restore the old unifont one using a resource pack.
- Changed: OpenOS got a *major* overhaul, in particular term related things, and also a few new built-in programs (payonel). This would deserve a changelog of its own, really...
- Fixed: Pseudo-hangs when crafting a massive amount of a recipe that produces the same output as it has as input.
- Fixed: A few GregTech recipes and related issues.
- Fixed: Userdata handling in LuaJ.
- Fixed: Power conversion for a couple of mods, oops.
- Fixed: Performance issues caused by compressing data sent to clients too much.
- Fixed: Performance issues caused by disk I/O when sending machine descriptor packets to clients (thanks to Player for pointing those two out to me; we need more BTMs).
- Fixed: Updated LuaJ and fixed a few more bugs in it (gamax92).
- Fixed: Mystcraft integration (ItsTheKais).
- Fixed: Updated BC wrench integration.
- Fixed: Robots being able to suck up certain flowing fluid blocks (effectively a liquid dupe bug).
- Fixed: Generator eating container items if they weren't taken out in time.
- Fixed: Disassembling tablets not dropping upgrade containers installed in them.
- Fixed: Some broken saving logic in 1.8+ due to subtle lifecycle callback order changes.
- Fixed: Fixed MCUs passing out messages other than network messages.
- [API] Added: Added sided version of block drivers, deprecated non-sided one.
- [API] Added: Processors/Memory may now define a provided call budget.
- [API] Changed: Geolyzer related events due to custom scan area.

Known Issues

- Any open issues on Github. I'm afraid I don't have the time right now, so I'm just throwing this version out as-is for now.


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Aug 14, 2014
Alpha6 of Applied Energistics 2 for 1.10.2:

  • Feature: Added charging items via IC2 API. - shartte
  • Feature: AE now accepts power via the legacy RF API. - shartte
  • Feature: Added item charging via legacy RF API. - shartte
  • Fixes #2544: NetworkTool now returns PASS for shift+right click on parts. - yueh
  • Fixes #2566: Update packet deserialization was broken when parts were present that were not a grid host. - shartte
  • Fixes #2593: Subtract the extracted not already gathered amount. - yueh
  • Fixes #2595: Restrict ItemHandlerAdaptor to not exceed the stacksize of a slot. - yueh
  • Fixes #2599: Missing instanceof EntityPlayerMP test. - yueh
  • Fixes #2605: Formation plane now using the correct offset position. - yueh
  • Fixes #2608: Handle scrollbar on mouseclicks not during rendering. - yueh
This release addresses some wobbly bits interacting with Storage Drawers. If you were having troubles with largish crafting orders, give this one a go.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @bafomdad with Real Filing Cabinet
bafomdad said:
The Mod:

Real Filing Cabinet is a storage mod with a varying amount of usefulness and resourcefulness. Unlike many other storage mods, it does not offer a solution to storing many, many different things. But what it can store, will be able to store it in large amounts, to the point of limitless storage. Can it store a thousand cobblestone? Yes. Can it store a million? Yes. Quadrillion? Yes.

The Filing Cabinet:

The filing cabinet block itself is simple to make. It has 8 inventory slots to store things in, but they accept only filing folders that have things inside of them. You can open and close the cabinet with an empty hand. Right-clicking with a (non empty) folder will store it in the filing cabinet. Shift-rightclicking an open cabinet with an empty hand will take a folder out of it.

A filing cabinet will only accept filing folders when it is opened. You can insert valid items/blocks into the cabinet at any time as long as it's holding a folder that accepts that item. Item extraction from a filing cabinet is possible by adding a filter onto it via item frame above the block facing the same way. If you know your JABBA and Storage Drawers, you know how to store and retrieve items. Automation will follow the rules of this filter too. Item Filter setup is below:

Item Filter:

By setting it up this way, you can make item extractions possible, manually and automatically. Make sure the item frame is facing the same direction as the filing cabinet is. An empty item frame means nothing will be extracted from the cabinet at all.

The Basic Items:

  • Magnifying Glass: Will show you the contents of a filing cabinet containing filing folders. Also useful for removing upgrades with. If you have WAILA or The One Probe installed, you can use those to display the contents instead and disable that function for the magnifying glass in config.
  • Whiteout Tape: Will wipe the information from a folder that contains 0 items or blocks; emptying them for re-use.
  • Master Key: Used to lock your filing cabinets with. Other players will be unable to extract/insert or open/close your filing cabinets.
  • Key Copy: Right-clicking your locked filing cabinets with this will create a "copy" of your master key. Giving this key to other players will let them modify your filing cabinets as long as they have it in their inventory. They still cannot unlock your filing cabinets, like the Master Key can.
  • Filter: An arrow shaped item you can place in an item frame above your filing cabinets. Depending on the item's rotation in the frame, it will let you extract from the slot it is "pointing" at. Default rotation will point at slot 0. If it's pointing straight down; slot 4, and so on.

The Filing Folders:

The heart of the mod; folders you can carry around or store in the cabinets themselves. They are able to carry more items or blocks than you will practically need. There are 3 different folders you can craft that have different functions:

  • Filing Folder: This is a normal filing folder. It will only accept items and blocks that can stack together. Items that can be damaged/repaired cannot be accepted into it. Shapelessly craft the empty folder with an item/block to return a filing folder that can be stored in a filing cabinet.
  • Durability Folder: This is the opposite of the previous folder. It can store items that can be damaged/repaired. So armor/tools/weapons can be stored in it. Shapelessly craft an undamaged item with the durability folder. After that, it can accept damaged items of the same type into it. Any more damaged items that go into the folder will merge with the other damaged items, repairing it as if it was shapelessly repaired in the vanilla crafting window.
  • Mob Folder: After crafting the empty mob folder, rightclicking any non-boss/non-child mob with it will draw them into the folder, creating a new mob storage folder storing that mob. Clicking again on a block will release that mob.
The Upgrades:

Even a filing cabinet without a practical storage limit can have upgrades too! Rightclicking a cabinet while holding an upgrade will set them to that upgrade. Remove an upgrade from the filing cabinet by shift+leftclicking it with a Magnifying Glass. Filing cabinets that already have an upgrade will not accept another, with one exception. Here are some of their abilities:

  • Creative Upgrade: Obtainable only in creative mode. Allows for infinite item extraction from any folder stored in it. This is the only upgrade that can be applied to any filing cabinet that do or do not have an upgrade already applied.
  • Crafting Upgrade: Setting this upgrade will make the cabinet try to autocraft an item that is in the Item Filter. The crafting ingredients to autocraft an item must be provided by the folders that contain those ingredients.
  • Ender Upgrade: Is functionally the same as a normal filing cabinet, with one difference: Once applied, you cannot modify the contents of the filing cabinet (until you remove the upgrade to be able to do so again). Any folders you take out of the filing cabinet are simply copies of it, and what that folder copy can do is keep its contents synced with the filing cabinet it was taken from.
  • OreDict Upgrade: Gives the filing cabinet oredictionary capabilities once applied. A folder containing Oak Wood will accept Spruce Planks, and Tin ingots from a mod will accept Tin ingots from another mod, and so on. This can work the other way, using the Item Filter.
  • Mob Upgrade: Applying this to a filing folder will have it behave differently depending on what mob is colliding with it. If a mob collides with the filing cabinet and it contains a Mob Folder that can store that mob, the mob will disappear, being sucked into the folder automatically. This upgrade does not do anything different for folders that aren't Mob Folders.
and @koxhack with Better Agriculture
koxhack said:
Better Agriculture 1.0 RC1
Version 1.0 RC1



Full Mobs Code Rewrite (For better mod compatibility)

Fancy Tile Block Variants

Large Tile Block Variants

Small Tile Block Variants

Tiny Tile Block Variants

Farmer Outfit

Pigs now drop Pig Leather

Sheep now drop Sheep Skin

Sheep now drop Sheep Milk

Male Farmland (NPC)

Straw Hat

Red Shirt



Goat Milk

Sheep Milk

White Sheep Skin

Pig Leather

Grey Sheep Skin

Duck feather

Duck Egg

Duck Breat

Diced Goat

Goat Curry


Slate Ore drops
and @MonzterAssassin with Advanced Thaumaturgy 2
MonzterAssassin said:
Advanced Thaumaturgy 2 started as a port from Advanced Thaumaturgy by LycaonX, but quickly became more than just that.

This mod seeks to extend the Thaumcraft playtime, but not in a tedious manner. It will add items that unlock features every Thaumaturge dreamed of, such as the ability to modify a node, at a price obviously! But there is a lot planned for this mod that we will be revealing at a later date.

To stay updated on everything at the very moment we say it I recommend you join our public discord chat:

And for FAQ on our mod, please refer to the Minecraft Forums Page:

Any and all requests are considered, but we urge you to post those along with bug-reports in the Discord chats. If you have questions you can ask them there as well! ;)
and @Chocohead with Industrial Craft
Chocohead said:
Industrial Craft 2-2.6.105-ex110
  • Allow TeBlocks control over side rendering.
  • Allow addons to add their own extensions onto the network encoder.
  • Fix Dynamite-o-mote.
  • Added support for comparators for more IC2 blocks.
  • Document the Recipes API better.
  • Moved INetworkCustomEncoder into the API.
  • Fixed crash when reloading broken textures in XML GUIs.
  • Expanded the XML GUI system to support many more options.
  • Added active support by default for all TileEntityBlocks.
  • Move the solar panel to XML to show how it can work now.
  • Cleaned up the kinetic water generator, fixed modded biomes not working.
  • Added back Industrial Credits.
  • Fix pattern storage recipe.
  • Fix coffee recipes.
  • Allow slot grids to have custom spacing too.
  • Expose the JEI plugin so addons can hook onto it easier.
  • Added a quick texture for the Jetpack Attachment Plate.
  • Fixed fatal flaw in design with TeBlocks.
  • Fixed attached jetpacks not being charged from charging batteries.
  • Fix the kinetic generator only looking in a single direction for biome changes.
  • Allow none IC2 resource domain sounds to be played using the sound engine.
  • Fix rotating energy storage units posting energy events clientside, will reduce log spam.
  • Grabbed an old missed change from the 1.8 branch.
  • Fix assertion error pulling a treetap off a booze barrel.
  • Fix server side localization.
  • Fix API doc spelling mistake.
  • Stop the Q-Suit-Helmet draining energy when trying to eat but failing.
  • Update JEI module.
  • Fix iTNT recipe only producing 1 not 4.
  • Allow core addons to use ItemElectricTool like ItemIC2.
  • Fixed CESUs turning bronze into iron, they now drop themselves.
  • Allow core addons to use ItemArmorIC2 too.
  • Made the fermenter less strange.
  • Allow jetpacks with different speeds.
  • Baby steps to having better keyboard options.
  • Fix Forestry's ethanol not working in the Semifluid Generator and Liquid Firebox.
  • Stopped JEI crashing and complaining about things.
  • Prevented keys being registered more than once.
  • Fix bug with not getting electrocuted with tin cables.
  • Added some more new Achievements.
  • Fix New ore miner achievement.
  • Fix fluid cell still doing offhand action, when succeeding.
  • Make the sorting machine behave itself more, now properly pays attention to transformer upgrades.
  • Clean WorldData initialization and local enet retrieval up.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with RFTools
McJty said:
RFTools 1.10-5.60
  • Tansheron added a new mode to the sensor to allow it to detect fluids. When in 'block' mode the sensor will no longer pick up fluids. Keep that in mind!
  • Kayila fixed the spawner so that it can now spawn functioning Ender Dragons.
  • KFGL changed syringe tooltip to show correct info when it has Zombie Pigman essence
  • Changed the sides of the power relay to 'L' (left), 'R' (right) and 'B' (back) to be less confusing
  • It is now possible to name elevators and these will be used in the elevator module. It is still possible to override that in the module for the first 8 levels
  • Added a new mechanic for looting with shields. Insert dimensional shards in the new slot to get the shield to do looting 3 (configurable). Be sure to enable 'player' damage type for this


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Jul 29, 2019
DramaSplash now available for 1.11 (and all versions above 1.8, really).

  • Now supports any version above 1.8, because I am sick of updating the accepted versions (thank you Maven for sucking at semantic versions; see Ruby ~>). The code this modifies very rarely gets changed so I think this is fairly safe. Now works on 1.11.

I will be waiting until a stable 1.11 for my other mods because of the thing mentioned in the changelog.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @CenturionFox13 with Wolf Armor and Storage
CenturionFox13 said:
Overrides the basic wolf entity to enable tamed wolves to equip various armors and hold up to six items in storage.

Supports configuration to customize rendering layers, and other options:

- Enable and disable wolf packs entirely

- Enable and disable wolf pack rendering

- Enable and disable wolf health / armor display in the inventory

- Enable and disable wolf armor rendering

Right-click a tamed wolf to add six slots of storage.

Dye leather wolf armor!

Apply wolf armor via dispensers!

Each type of armor is craft-able!

Known Incompatibilities:

Anything that overrides or replaces the basic wolf entity

This should not cause any issues with mods that extend the basic wolf entity. Custom wolves from mods that do this will not support wolf armor.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Professorvennie12 with Simpley Machines
Professorvennie12 said:
Simple machines adds four blocks right now.(I have many more planned)

The basic grinder is 2 times as efficient on fuel then the normal furnace and is slightly faster.

The basic grinder uses fuel to grind items.

The solar furnace harness the energy from the sun to smelt items. There are some side effects from using this method. It is slow, and no automation of the furnace.

The solar grinder harness the energy of the sun to grind items. There are some side effects from using this method. It is slow, and no automation of the grinder.

Textures are all made by me(so they are not the best). If some one is willing to make me some better textures that would be greatly appreciated.

You can use this mod in any non paid mod pack just provide the credit.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Brandon3055 with Custom Starter Gear
brandon3055 said:
This is a very simple mod that allows you to control exactly what items players start which when they login for the first time.

Key Features:
- Removes books/manuals and any other items given by other mods. If you want these items you can just add them yourself via this mod.
- Places the items back in exactly the same slots with support for armor and off-hand.
- Supports item NBT data.
- Can be easily configured by simple running a command with the desired items in your inventory.
- Can be implemented as a server side only mod but also works in singleplayer.

Put all the items you wish players to start with in your inventory (Note the slot in which you place them will also be saved)
Then run the command "/csg_config set" to save your inventory.
Now when a player logs in for the first time they will get an exact copy of your inventory. (Including item NBT and meta)

This does overwrite things like manuals given by other mods but if you still want players to receive those simply include them when you save your inventory.

If for whatever reason you wish to manually give a player the starting inventory you can use "/csg_config give <player>"
Note: This will delete any existing items in that players inventory!

You are free to use this mod in any and all mod packs. No need to ask permission.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with RFTools
McJty said:
RFTools 1.10-5.61
  • Fixed crash with placing new elevator blocks
  • Added some protection for invalid itemstacks to the storage scanner
  • The storage screen module now works over different dimensions
  • RFTools blocks protected by the block protector are now also protected from the wither's force to simply break through blocks. This should also protect these blocks from the enderdragon. Noe that this is not true for other blocks protected by the block protector. The block protector can still only protect blocks from harvesting and regular explosions. Not from the enderdragon or wither trying to break through.
and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 3.7.7
  • Added: Magnetic Enchantment (Drops from Blocks mined with a tool that has this enchantment go straight in your inventory instead of dropping)
  • Added: Blaze And Steel (The fire created by this spreads much quicker than vanilla fire)
  • Added: Returning Block of Sticks (Works like Block of Sticks but when breaking it returns to your inventory instead of vanishing)
  • Changed: The Player Interface texture is no longer animated because huge animated textures cause performance problems on certain graphics cards.
  • Changed: Made the brown variant of the Rainbow lamp less hideous
  • Changed: Reduced Climbing Speed on the lesser magic bean
  • Changed: The Item Collector now uses IItemHandler instead of IInventory
  • Fixed: Crash on World Load
  • Fixed: Crash when using JER to profile the overworld
  • Fixed: Trying further to prevent CME caused by Redstone Interfaces
  • Fixed: Prevent other Mods from Spawning Monsters in the Spectre Dimension
  • Fixed: Don't spawn Beans in the Nature Chest if they are disabled
  • Fixed: Check whether entity has space before spawning one with the Nature Core
  • Fixed: Crash when the Igniter tries to place Fire where it can't
  • Fixed: Crash when looking at a Filtered Item Redirector
  • Fixed: Crash when a chunk with a redstone interface is loaded
  • Updated: Baubles API
Due to updating the Baubles API Random Things now required Java 8. There isn't a reason to not update to it though so it should be fine.
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Jul 29, 2019
@RWTema released Extra Utilities 2 1.0.0 (NO LONGER APLHA!)
Extra Utilities 2 - 1.10.2 - 1.0.0 Changelog

- No longer in alpha
- Added loads of new generators
- Culinary Generator
- Dischantment Generator
- Ender Generator
- Explosive Generator
- Frosty Generator
- Halitosis Generator
- Magmatic Generator
- Netherstar Generator
- Overclocked Generator
- Pink Generator
- Potion Generator
- Heated Redstone Generator
- Slimey Generator
- Survival Generator
- Undeath Generator
- Added Energy and Fluid variants of the Trash Can
- Added Mini-Chest
- Added Blue Dye (made when crushing blue wool - instead of the more valuable lapis)
- Improved Indexer GUI. It now has text field for proper filtering and a side crafting grid.
- Added more crusher recipes
- Lava buckets are no longer valid for the furnace generator
- Improved JEI Integration
- Added 'comma' formatting for large RF numbers
- Player Chest armor slots now correctly check for validity
- Any 'FluidHandler' XU tile can be right-clicked with buckets to add/remove fluids
- Fluid Transfer Nodes with mining upgrads perform an event check to see if infinite water sources are disabled.
- Fix side quads being rendered darker than they should be.
Culinary Generator is back, hooray!