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May 13, 2014
First beta release of XNet for 1.10.2 and 1.11.2. This is version 0.1.0beta with the following changes:


  • First beta release of XNet
  • Several issues with regards to networking fixed. So breaking/placing new cables and connectors should now work nicely and update the network in all cases (unless there are other bugs)
  • New fluid channel for manipulating fluids
  • New logic channel:
    • A logic channel can contain several sensors.
    • A sensor can detect redstone level, energy, items, and fluids and do things based on the amounts
    • You can also look for specific items or fluids using a filter slot
    • Per connector you can have four sensors
    • A sensor can output a 'color' when it is active. There are seven colors (black is disabled). This color is enabled for the entire network (attached to the controller)
    • Multiple sensors can output the same color. A color is active in a network as long as there is at least one sensor enabling that color
    • All other connectors can now be enabled/disabled based on four of these colors. All non-black colors selected in a connector have to be enabled for the connector to work. This includes sensors
  • Connectors shut themselves down if the chunk they are in is not loaded
  • There are now four different types of cables (four colors) and connectors. This allows you to place adjacent cables without unwanted interaction
  • The network controller will adapt its color to 'one' of the attached colors and will remember that
  • The facade is more robust and will not crash if the model it tries to mimic cannot be rendered like that (e.g. brewing stand)
  • The controller will now consume energy. There are three settings:
    • Constant power drain no matter what: this is set to 0 by default
    • Constant power drain for every enabled channel: this is set to 1 by default
    • A power drain per 'operation' (item, energy, fluid move): this is set to 2 by default
  • A connector that has no actual connections is now rendered darker so that it is easier to see when it is part of a big cable
  • Fixed a bug in item routing which would cause it to stop sending items if it encountered an item in the source inventory for which there was no room

Download: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/xnet

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @McJty with Deep Resonance
McJty said:
Deep Resonance 1.1x-1.4.6

  • Tanks are now also fluid handlers clientside. That's better for render issues
  • Added nether and end variants of resonating ore. By default enabled in the nether.
  • Crystals now also generate in the nether. They are stronger but less pure. This can all be configured
  • Renamed the Deep Resonance machine frame so it is less confusing with RFTools
  • Fixed oregen vein size. For this the config had to be regenerated. To enforce that I used different keys for the ore vein size. So if you have custom configs be sure to check that out again


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Jul 29, 2019
I just released Custom Achievements for MC 1.10.2


This mod is for modpack makers and not intended just to be installed because it needs configuration.

You can configure and add custom achievements and trophies through editing a json file.

If you add this to your modpack and start it once, this mod adds an example json file in your config folder which you should edit.

The example file should be self explanatory, but if not here is an overview over the attributes:

  • tabname - This is the tab name of your achievements in the Achievements Menu
  • uid - Unique identifier for your achievements, the name doesn't matter, it's only internal, just make sure it's unique
  • name - Name of the achievement
  • desc - Description of the achievement when you hover over its name
  • type - Can have 2 values
    • "Detect" - Triggers when you pick up an item
    • "Craft" - Triggers when you craft an item
  • item - Internal name of the item that you have to craft or pick up to trigger the achievement
  • meta - (optional) Metadata of the before mentioned item
  • ignoreMeta - Set to true if metadata should be ignored, otherwise false
  • parent - (optional) uid of the parent achievement that has to be completed to be able to trigger this achievement
  • trophy - Set to true if the player should get a trophy when triggering the achievement, otherwise false
  • xpos - Horizontal position of the achievement in the Achievement Menu
  • ypos - Vertical position of the achievement in the Achievement Menu
This mod is work in progress, several things are still planned, including

  • updating to 1.11
  • better trophy model (contact me if you have an idea or can create nice textures)
  • more triggers (like killing a mob)
I coded this mod for my upcoming modpack "Age of Engineering", but you can use this of course for your own modpack, no need to ask me.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TeamCoFH with CoFH Core 1.10.2-, Thermal Foundation 1.10.2-, Thermal Expansion 1.10.2- & Redstone Arsenal 1.10.2-

and @masa with Ender Utilities
masa said:
Ender Utilities 1.10.2-0.6.6
  • Fixed some offhand slot stuff being broken in some GUIs
  • Fixed modular inventories' module slots not becoming inaccessible when they should
  • Fixed modular inventories missing the UUID on first open, if the item was grabbed from the creative inventory or JEI instead of crafted
  • Fixed some ItemBlocks claiming to have subtypes, when they actually don't
  • Fixed block and item remapping potentially trying to remap to the same name
  • Fixed crashes in model registration, if disabling some blocks or items
  • Fixed some ctrl + pick-blocked blocks/machines/inventories not working quite properly when placed back down
  • Fixed the Item Pickup Manager reporting the selected Link Crystal wrong in the tooltip
  • Fixed/changed: The TileEntity is now retrieved in a CME-safe way in getActualState() etc.
  • Memory Chest: Fix two issues with locked slots after the 32nd slot
  • Memory Chest: Allow middle click + dragging to set the slot type
  • Memory Chest: Added a button to toggle the chest into Private mode. A private mode chest is unbreakable.
  • Containers/slot clicking: Fix item loss if trying to swap a stack of items into a stack-size limited slot that currently has an item
  • Ender Tools: Fix block place sound, and use the Forge placement hook
  • Creation Station: Change the recipe syncing to happen via the container
  • Creation Station: Refactor the crafting inventory stuff - Fixes JEI recipe filling, and adds proper owner/privacy mode support fo the crafting inventories too
  • Creation Station: Also use the player inventory for recipe filling items
  • Handy Bag: Add a Baubles button to the GUI, if Baubles is installed
  • Handy Bag: Add GUI buttons for changing the enabled, re-stock and pickup modes
  • Handy Bag: Added a custom upgrade recipe from the normal bag into the large variant, which now preserves the NBT data (ie. the memory cards and their contents...) of the original bag
  • Handy Bag: Add support for updating items inside the bag. There is a server side config to disable it.
  • Handy Bag: Add a button to select the shift+click behaviour (player inventory <=> hotbar, or player inventory <=> bag)
  • Handy Bag: Added only moving matching/existing items when sneak + right clicking an inventory with the hotbar-only restock mode enabled
  • Handy Bag & Inventory Swapper: Fixed the contents not reloading if the GUI is kept open while the bag is thrown into the world and then picked up again
  • Handy Bag & Inventory Swapper: Fixed allowing stack sizes larger than 1 into player armor slots (mainly noticeable with mob skulls and pumpkins)
  • Handy Bag & Creation Station: Add support for crafting one full stack by right clicking on the output slot
  • Handy Chest: Added the ability for cards' owners to lock the cards in place - they can't be taken out by other players, and the chest itself becomes unbreakable
  • Handy Chest: Fixed the player inventory sorting button being broken
  • Inventory Swapper: Added a "Cycle" mode - it essentially does 'swap + change card + swap' in one go, making it easier to cycle between different cards/inventories
  • Inventory Swapper: Added GUI buttons for changing the enabled and Cycle modes
  • Changed all GUI buttons to have the current status on their tooltip (where applicable)
  • Configs: Re-organized some configs and categories and fixed some of them being in the wrong categories. Re-generating the config is recommended!
  • Tile Entities: Add support for the 1.10 mirror() and rotate() methods
  • Improve various block and item tooltips and localization things
  • OwnerData: Fix a missing UUID assignment (it broke Ender Furnace output to Ender Chest in newly placed furnaces)
  • Improved and cleaned up several GUI info texts
  • Ender Fighter: Refactored the code into proper AI tasks
  • Ender Fighter: Register with a spawn egg enabled
  • Ender Fighter: Don't drop XP on death
  • Ender Furnace: Updated to accept items with a Fluid Capability, containing lava
  • Ender Bucket: Update into using Fluid Capabilities - should now work again with tanks from mods, which use the fluid caps
  • Living Matter Manipulator: Show the entity health in the tooltips
  • Replaced all of the old teleport code with newer code taked from the JED mod
  • Moved rom Reflection to MethodHandles where possible
  • Cleaned up some blockstate stuff and removed unused properties/states
  • Energy Bridge: Fixed some rendering issues with the beams
  • Energy Bridge: Fixed some multiblock assembly/disassembly bugs, and rewrote most of it
  • Ender Elevator: Added a custom recipe, and removed the different colors from the creative tab, and thus also from bloating the JEI item list
  • Tool Workstation: Refactored the invetory stuff - fixes it being broken and glitchy if multiple players are looking at the GUI of the same Tool Workstation at the same time
  • Portal: Check the actual bounding boxes for entity collision, instead of just the block space
  • Portal: Fixed not detecting one-block sized active portals (and thus the shutdown was broken)
  • Portal: Changed the portal breaking to happen via scheduled block updates, so that shutting down massive portals doesn't cause a StackOverflowException
  • Portal Panel: Render the name of the button's target when looking at a selection button
  • Builder's Wand/Templates: Fix some entity offset issues
  • Builder's Wand: Print a chat message for killed entity count in the Delete mode
  • Builder's Wand: Allow un-setting area corners
  • Builder's Wand: Render ray-traced (= still un-anchored) areas too
  • Builder's Wand: Re-ordered some modes. Creative-only modes are now at the end of the list.
  • Builder's Wand: Remove pending block updates when deleting an area
  • Builder's Wand: Add a "Replace 3D" mode
  • Builder's Wand: Add a "Stack" mode (think World Edit //stack command)
  • Builder's Wand: Add support for saving Chisels & Bits blocks in the cross-world compatible format (requires C&B version 12.12 or newer to work properly)
  • Builder's Wand: Fix the Move mode in creative not respecting the Replace option
  • Builder's Wand: Some area size/checks related clean-up
  • Builder's Wand: Don't allow setting the positions outside world limits
  • Builder's Wand: Fix consuming build items even if the block placement would fail
  • Builder's Wand: Updated the tooltip
  • Template: Changed how TileEntities are created from NBT - it should hopefully be more robust now with modded blocks
  • Added a Paralyzer and Stimulant Syringe - they set/unset the NoAI flag of mobs

and @ljfa with Totemic
ljfa said:
Totemic 1.10.2-0.8.1
  • The Totem Whittling Knife will now also carve wood from other mods (treating it like oak)
  • Totem effects now appear in alphabetical order (of their English name) in the Totempedia and on the Totem Whittling Knife
  • Cows from the Animania mod now work in the Buffalo dance ceremony
  • Fixed an exploit where the charge on Medicine Bags could last much longer when only switched on briefly every couple of seconds
  • Totem Whittling Knife and Bark Stripper will now properly play the tool break animation
  • Totem Whittling Knife and Bark Stripper can now be repaired
  • Slightly adjusted durabilities of Totem Whittling Knife and Bark Stripper
  • Medicine Bags will now show their charge when advanced tooltips are enabled
  • Fixed a bug that would make Totem Whittling Knife carve the wrong effects in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug where Medicine Bags would consume charge when they had an invalid effect


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @DarkCow with Grappling Hook
DarkCow said:

The idea behind this most is super simple. It is an item that fires a hook out in a direction to grab onto objects. It then provides a rope between the target and player. This rope allows the player to pull them in, suspend themselves mid-air, or slowly lower down to the ground

Commissioned by wowjudo


Left-Click - Fires hook

Hold Left-Click -> Pulls towards hook

Sneak-scroll wheel -> Pull and lower

Right-Click -> Release hook


reach_distance -> Max distance to search for hook impact point

life_timer -> Max time to allow a hook to exist

speed -> Modifies the percentage of max speed to pull


TODO add recipe

Modpack Policy
No need to ask permission, but you still need to follow BBM's public modpack rules

Join us on Esper.net IRC #BuiltBroken #BuiltBrokenModding

or on Discord https://discord.gg/MDQ9DrN

Site -- Twitter -- Patron -- Youtube

Issues or bugs
If you have any issues please report them to our issue tracker on Github.com. You can get to the issue tracker by clicking the issue button at the top of the mod page. If you do not see this button visit https://github.com/BuiltBrokenModding and navigate to the correct mod repository. If you have a crash report please paste it into a site like pastebin.com before submitting to improve readability of the issue ticket.

and @CreativeMD with LittleTiles
CreativeMD said:
LittleTiles 1.4.0 mc1.10.2
Added LittleParticleBlock
Added option for inverted shift behavior
Added sliding doors
Added active renderer for animations
Added tick events during animation
Added SpecialHandler API
Added new colored block variant plank
Added glowing tiles
Enhanced consuming ingredients for creating structure out of recipe
Enhanced Chisel & Bits Integration
Enhanced GuiTileViewer
Enhanced door rendering (no flickering at start and end of animation)
Reworked LittleContainerTile
Fixed rendering glitch after changing resourcepack or shader
Fixed rendering bounding box of animated doors
Fixed combining colored and non colored tiles
Fixed size calculation
Fixed a couple of bugs for doors
Fixed interaction with doors causes to open the door on client-side only
Fixed rendering tiles too early (causing invisible blocks)
Fixed blocks being invisible for a few frames after door has been placed …
Fixed not updating chunk in certain situations
Fixed beds (added direction configuration)
Fixed Workbench gui not working
Fixed creating multi block structure out of zero tiles
Fixed lightning issue

and @lulan2 with ShinColle
lulan2 said:
NEW: Add Heavy Cruiser Princess and Takao.
NEW: Add decorative block for Heavy Grudge Lump, can be beacon base too.
NEW: Add dead particle to airplane.
NEW: Add healing particle.
NEW: Holding Wo-Class Command Scepter and Press SPRINT (default: ctrl) will show ship location line.
NEW: Add particle and new mode to Abyssal Crane: excess, remain, until full and until empty.
NEW: Player can name teams in formation GUI now.
NOTE: The team name will show if player press SPRINT (default: ctrl) or get close to ship.
If debug mode = true, ship UID will show too.

CHANGE: Transport ship will get built-in pump station if married.
CHANGE: Heavy Grudge Lump can be recycled in Hadal Vortex now.
CHANGE: Increase submarine's dodge rate if attacker distance > 16 blocks.
CHANGE: Ship UID will display in the formation GUI.
CHANGE: Double click ship in the formation GUI will open ship inventory GUI.

FIX: Fix command "/ship get" get the wrong ship entity.
FIX: Add more methods to prevent ship from being deleted on chunk loading.
FIX: Add more methods to detect ship entity dupe bug.
FIX: Fix riding state is sometimes not synced to client.
FIX: Ship will properly cancel the guarding mode in formation mode on double right clicking at the same position.

CONFIG: Add depth setting for Hadal Vortex.
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Jul 29, 2019
and @PokeBa with XP-Plus
PokeBa said:
XP-Plus let you use your XP for more than just enchants!


Crystals of utility: Heal yourself, get a Speed boost and Jump higher, get Resistance, Hase and Strength!

The Speed, Jump, Haste, Strength and Resistance crystals need to be activated for a one time cost of 30 Levels

The Healing crystal will heal you for 5 levels per use!

Spoiler (click to hide)

Crystals of Time: Set the time as you wish, day or night!

These crystal take 10 level per use.

Spoiler (click to hide)

Crystals of Weather: Set the weather as you wish, Clear sky or Rain!

These crystals take 5 levels per use

Spoiler (click to hide)

More information on the Wiki

Source code on Github

If you have any suggestions, feel free to to post on the Issue Tracker

This mod requires Forge in order to work!

and @Feed the Beast with FTB Beyond

We are very pleased to officially announce the release of FTB Beyond.

FTB Beyond is the latest iteration of our kitchen sink packs, being the minecraft 1.10 upgrade to FTB Infinity. But it's no ordinary kitchen sink pack, we've tweaked and customized it into the classic FTB experience you know and love.

Starting off, we have the latest version of FTB Utils.

A revamped team GUI.

Chunk claiming and server leaderboards

We've completely redone ore generation.


  • AE2 meteors disabled
  • AE2 grinder ore double chance changed from 90% to 75%
  • Extreme Reactors fuel usage multiplier changed from 1 to 8
  • Extreme Reactors charcoal not smeltable into graphite
  • Extreme Reactors yellorite smelting to uranium disabled
  • Extreme Reactors requires hardened or reinforced glass instead of plain glass
  • Agricraft ore plants disabled
  • Agricraft weed spawn chance changed from 15% to 5%
  • Aroma's Mining World disabled grass on top
  • Aroma's Mining World regular day cycle enabled
  • COFH Core flat bedrock enabled
  • Environmental Tech per cell base rate changed from 80 to 72
  • Forestry disabled crafting of bronze
  • Forestry farms use a square layout
  • Railcraft disabled world anchors
  • Techreborn disable railcraft's iron nugget to steel nugget recipe
  • Techreborn disable gem tools and armor
  • Chest Transporter disable all transporters below diamond from moving spawners
  • Enderstorage change chest size from 3x9 to 6x9
  • Morpheus sleep percentage changed from 50% to 25%
  • Project Red minimum timer ticks changed from 4 to 20
  • Project Red volcano generation disabled
  • Quark colored beds disabled
  • Quark varied bookshelves disabled
  • Quark varied chests disabled
  • Quark varied trapdoors disabled
  • Quark chest buttons disabled
  • Quark inventor sorting disabled
  • Quark store to chests disabled
  • Quark armed armor stands disabled
  • Quark chickens shed feathers disabled
  • Quark convert clay blocks to clay disabled
  • Quark creepers turn red when exploding disabled
  • Quark deploy ladders down disabled
  • Quark endermen teleport you to them if you're in a 2 high area disabled
  • Quark glass shards disabled
  • Quark greener grass disabled
  • Quark sheep have armor while wearing wool disabled
  • Quark stair crafting makes more disabled
  • Quark better vanilla textures disabled
  • Quark panorama maker disabled
  • Quark sit in stairs disabled
  • Quark blazes spawn naturally in nether disabled
  • Quark generate clay underground like dirt disabled
  • Quark basalt disabled
  • Quark biotite disabled
  • Quark guardiands spawn in oceans disabled
  • Quark pirate ships disabled
  • Quark wraiths disabled
  • Translocator crafting grid disabled
  • Actually Additions experience solidifier disabled
  • Actually Additions black quartz generation disabled
  • Actually Additions lush caves disabled
  • Chisel bricks to mossy disabled
  • Darkutils portal charm disabled
  • Darkutils sleep charm disabled
  • Darkutils ender tether affects players disabled
  • Darkutils portal charm disabled
  • Gravestones death note disabled
  • MFFS chunkloader disabled
  • Multistorage linked ender chests disabled
  • Ranged Pumps use 1000 energy per block instead of 0
  • Steves Carts chunk loaders disabled
  • SuperCraftingFrame teleportation frame max distance changed from infinite to 128
  • TheOneProbe only needs probe item for extended info
  • Torch Master mega torch changed from 32 to 64

  • Removed solar flux reborn conduits
  • Add AE2 press recipes
  • Add AE2 skystone recipe
  • Remove ExU2 sickles
  • Removed flux storage blocks
  • Make ExU2 angel rings more expensive
  • Removed mob grinding utils iron spikes
  • Make DSU recipe more expensive
  • Make long fall boots more expensive
  • Remove multistorage enderbags
  • Make PSI programmer and assembler more expensive

Get the pack now on the Curse app as well as the FTB launcher.

We will start working on expert mode in the next few weeks.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TeamCoFH with CoFH Core
TeamCoFH said:
CoFH Core 1.10.2-
4.0.2 - adjustments to support shields. :)

and @TeamCoFH with Thermal Foundation
TeamCoFH said:
Thermal Foundation 1.10.2-
2.0.2 - fixes a texture mistake with Hammers, adds Shields. :) Also removes Steel Blend recipe.

and @TeamCoFH with Thermal Expansion
TeamCoFH said:
Thermal Expansion 1.10.2-
5.0.2 - Thermal Mediator changes. Buffs, mainly. Also adjusts Steel recipes in the Induction Smelter.

and @Zacomat with Giacomo's Teleport
Zacomat said:
We’re on Patreon! Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to our mods and support us on our journey.

Thanks to all that pledged!

This mod adds the new enchantment Teleport to the enchanting table.
Compasses or maps can be enchanted and when used will teleport the player to their target: for normal compass to the spawn point, for Giacomo's Compass to the bound place, for new maps to the place where map was opened, for old maps to the center of the map, for explorer maps to the decoration.

Compass will only work in surface world and maps will only work in their own dimension.
If you try to use an enchanted compass in the nether or in in the end or an enchanted map in a different dimension than the mapped dimension, a random position 100 blocks around the player will be choosen. Very dangerous!

Using the enchanted item has a cost in experience depending of the level of the enchantment and the distance.
The formula is: teleport_cost = base + distance/(factor*enchantment_level) where base and factor come from configuration file and default values are base=5 and factor=80.

A teleport 2000 blocks away costs 30 levels with Teleport I
A teleport 4000 blocks away costs 30 levels with Teleport II
A teleport 6000 blocks away costs 30 levels with Teleport III
A teleport 8000 blocks away costs 30 levels with Teleport IV
A teleport 10000 blocks away costs 30 levels with Teleport V

If you don't have enough experience to reach the destination all your experience will be consumed and you will be teleported nearer.

Teleport is always dangerous! You may find yourself several blocks above the ground, or at sea, or even under the ground, so you have to take adequate precautions.

and @BlayTheNinth with Farming for Blockheads
BlayTheNinth said:

If you enjoy my mods, please support me on Patreon.

This mod adds a Seed Market to Minecraft, similar to the Market from Pam's Harvestcraft, but with a search bar and a scrolling grid. It is compatible with all of Pam's Seeds and Saplings and can be configured further to add new trades. There are plans for more things in this mod - think Cooking for Blockheads, but related to Farming.

While it supports Pam's Harvestcraft, it does not require it in order to run. The plan is to support other farming mods as they come up.


Useful Links
Development Versions on my Jenkins

@BlayTheNinth on Twitter

  • Market block that sells seeds and saplings
  • Market block can be configured to alter its trades further
  • Compatible with Pam's Harvestcraft
  • Compatible with Just Enough Items (market trades will show up)
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Purplicious_Cow with Animania
Purplicious_Cow said:
Animania 1.10.2-1.0.2

Release Notes 1.0.2

New Features:

  • Hedgehog now added to the game. He can be found in Forests and Swamps and loves carrots and eggs!
  • Added Russian language
  • Cows, pigs, and chickens now spawn in families (and no longer gender specific)
  • Pigs are now more than twice satisfied when they eat slop, and slop also now quenches thirst

  • Chickens break blocks every time, feed less frequently
  • Increase gestation timer to 1 day
  • Updated Danish translation
Bugs squished:

  • Truffle hunting works in more biomes,
  • Birth spawn position cows/pigs
  • Hereford horns
  • Longhorn cow doesn't give milk
  • Peacock sounds too loud
  • Ticking entity crash (due to unregistered block)

and @RWTema with Extra Utilities 2
RWTema said:
Extra Utilities 2 - 1.10.2 - 1.3.1
-Added "Analog Crafter", a crafter with 9 input slots that doesn't need a predefined recipe
-Change Opinium recipes
-Machines/generators now have a redstone modes (ignore/on/off/pulse)
-Add "Great Wall" world type
-Add support for various TE api interfaces

-Fix dupe with opinium
-Improve recipe handling code for better compatibility with 1.11
-Tweak GUI network code
-Fix 1.11 NPE in Mechanical crafter
-Fix rendering issue with flat transfer nodes
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @lehjr with Modular Powersuits
lehjr said:
Modular Powersuits
Note: This build includes Numina.

This is the very first alpha for 1.10.2. As with any alpha, expect bugs. Not recommended for Mod packs.

and @Oatmas64134 with Matter Overdrive
Oatmas64134 said:
Matter Overdrive 1.10.2-0.5.0
Updated to support MC 1.10.2

and @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.9-342
R1.9 342
  • Updated the mod to 1.11.2
  • Removed the Golden Laurel Crown, as it overlaps with the Totem of Undying.
  • Using Chorus Fruit on a Cocoon of Caprice allows it to spawn shulkers.
  • Yet another build provided by williewillus :D

and @McJty with XNet
McJty said:
XNet 0.2.0beta

  • Controllers will now only inherit their color from connectors. Not from cables
  • New router:
    • A router can manage maximum 32 published channels
    • You can have several 'local networks' connected to a router. Every network is still restricted to 8 channels
    • You can publish a channel on a local network (one connected directly to a router) by giving it a name in the channel GUI. There can be maximum 32 such published names on a single routing network
    • A single router is as such useful as it can connect maximum six different local networks.
    • You can also connect multiple routers using 'routing cable' and 'routing connectors'
    • From the routing gui you can see the published remote channels but you cannot interact with them from there
    • Published channels of the same name and type connected to a routing network can interact. The local controller will still manage extraction of item, liquid, fluids from the local network but it can now also distribute to connectors located in other networks (through the router)
    • For now routers don't require power. This may change
  • Fixed a few bugs in how networks keep track of changes
  • A facade will no longer attempt to mimic a facade
  • Multiple controllers on a same local network will now shut down the network and make the controllers turn red
  • Added more The One Probe information on various things in the XNet system
  • Better localization for colored cables, connectors, and such

and @TeamCoFH with CoFH Core
TeamCoFH said:
CoFH Core 1.10.2-
Rather large internal refactoring.

Improved a lot of things related to fluid rendering.

and @TeamCoFH with Thermal Foundation
TeamCoFH said:
Thermal Foundation 1.10.2-
Minor internal refactors.

Propagated up changes from Core.

and @TeamCoFH with Thermal Expansion
TeamCoFH said:
Thermal Expansion 1.10.2-

Redid Sawmill Recipes a bit.

The level at which various block features "unlock" is now configurable. By default, they are all available at Basic level.

(There was no winning here, people were going to complain whichever way it went, so just defaulting to 0 seems best.)

Propagated up changes from Core.

and @TeamCoFH with Redstone Arsenal
TeamCoFH said:
Redstone Arsenal 1.10.2-
Added the Flux-Infused Hammer!

Also propagated changes up from Core.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @harceroi with Signposts
harceroi said:
This mod adds:

  • Sign-Posts
  • Magic Sign-Post Markers
Place Sign-Posts and use the Magic Marker to create a fast-travel location. Locations are automatically added to all existing and new Antique Atlas items. Markers are only visible if the chunk is already available in the atlas.

Travel by using an Antique Atlas on an activated Sign-Post. The atlas opens and you can click on Sign-Post Markers to travel there. Fast-Travel increases hunger.

Important: Alpha Version. Probably has bugs, but "works on my machine". I explicitly wanted it to work with the Life In The Woods modpack. Therefore only 1.7.10 is available at the moment.

Needs the Antique Atlas Mod.

Short introduction (german):

and @ChaosTheDude with Calculations
ChaosTheDude said:

Calculations is a clientside mod that provides a simple calculator GUI.


  • Press C by default to open Calculator GUI
  • Perform arithmetic calculations
  • Calculate distance to set of coordinates
  • Convert overworld coordinates to nether coordinates, and vice versa


Calculator GUI


Calculate Distance GUI


Convert Nether GUI


  • Install Forge
  • Navigate to your .minecraft folder
  • Download the mod and place the jar file in .minecraft/mods
  • Play!

Yes, you can use this mod in your modpack. I'd prefer if you provide a link to the mod's CurseForge page, but that's up to you.


If you enjoy the mod and would like to support the project, feel free to drop me a pledge on Patreon or a donation on PayPal. Support is greatly appreciated!

and @Giselbaer with EMC Shop locator
Giselbaer said:
** This mod works on Empire Minecraft - play.emc.gs - only. If you're playing somewhere else, you won't be interested in it. **


EMC has a great shop system, but finding specific things can still be hard. You'll get that stack of oak planks for a decent price anywhere, but when you're out shopping for a rare item, finding a shop that has it can be hard. Finding the shop that has the best price can be even harder. And when your favourite shop is sold out, where do you find replacement? What if you need 2 DC of granite, your favourite shop sells that 4 blocks at a time, and you don't want to spend two hours clicking the same shop sign over and over?

This is where the shop locator comes in to help.

While you're walking through town, this mod will find shop signs around you, read items and prices from them, and save them into its own database. Later, you can open an ingame GUI, enter the name of an item to get a list of similar items, then click one to get a list of shops selling this item, sorted by price. Clicking one entry in the list gives you a glance at the buy/sell price and amount, residence, and coordinates on that residence so you can find the shop quickly.


Now, you just need to walk to that location and buy your stuff - or sell it if there is a sell price as well, and you can decide if you like the buy/sell amount even before you walk there. To speed up getting there, you can click the server or residence links to switch to that server and visit that residence. And if you have JourneyMap installed as well, clicking the XYZ coordinates will set a waypoint there to make finding your shop sign even easier.


Install Forge and this mod. The EMC Website has a series of great tutorials about this.

After starting minecraft, walk around and visit your favourite shops to build your shop sign database. Visit some other shops as well (/v +shop and/or /v +mall) to have the mod learn about new ones. Wait a few seconds between visiting them to give the mod time to scan the area for shop signs.

When you're done, press the # key (keybinding can be changed in the controls options). The gui - see above - will pop up. Enter some text in the textbox left top, press return, and the item list to the left will be filled. Click on one of the items, and you'll see a list of shops to the right. Click one of those shops to see details.

Enchanted Items and [CHOOSE] signs

The mod doesn't know anything the players can't figure out themselves, so there's no way to know what a chest contains unless you open that chest. And when a sign says Potion-9skdfh, the mod doesn't know any more about the potion than you do. So, that potion will shop up as Potion-9skdfh in your item list, and if the shop sells different kinds of potions in a [CHOOSE] chest, the mod doesn't know anything but, well, there's a [CHOOSE] chest.

However, if you open that [CHOOSE] chest, the server will send the contents to you, and the mod will remember those contents. So, if you see a shop that sells that "I don't need that right now, but it will be useful later" item in a [CHOOSE] chest, you should click that sign once to allow the mod to update its database.

When a [CHOOSE] chest contains enchanted items, or books, the mod will remember those enchantments as well, and display them in a shorter form. For example, a diamond shovel having Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, and Mending, will be displayed as "Diamond Shovel (E5,U3,M)" in the items list.

Planned features

The mod is working well right now, hasn't crashed on me in a while, and is generally in a state that makes it useful. However, there's more features I like to add to it. Whether or not I will do that, and the order of those, depends on how interested players are. Also, fixing bugs in existing code has priority over new features, so I'd like you to try the mod out and tell me if something breaks.

What I'm planning to add is:

- Synchronizing shop locations between players - let's make a common database that has as many shops as possible and that every player can access. The upload part of this is working already, but the download part isn't put in yet to prevent some bug from messing up everybody's database. But I feel this is really needed, especially to allow shopkeepers to click their [CHOOSE] signs and have that information distributed to players.

- Uploading data to Azoundria's website (http://www.azoundria.com/emc/market/index.php) so people can search for shops online as well

- Include more information about items in the item list. For example, speed and strength on horse, donkey and llama eggs

- Any other idea you might have and that I feel is a good addition to the mod


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @JorVa with Engineers Workshop
JorVa said:
Engineers Workshop 1.2.0-1.10.2
+Added a crusher module

+Made it easier to add more modules in the future.

Some config changes have been made along with the way the table handles upgrades. (Make a backup, issues shouldn't happen but be careful)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Quark
Vazkii said:
Quark r1.2-86
- Automation: Blacklisted Botania's Starfield Creator from rendering when moving by a piston so it doesn't break the entire world. (williewillus)
- Automation: Piston Block Breakers now use an Iron Rod block, made with End Rods. End Rods emitted light and thus could cause lag.
- Building: Registered the charcoal block in the ore dictionary.
- Decoration: Added Flat Item Frames, allowing them to be placed on floors and ceilings. (rockhymas/gibraltarmc)
- Management: Added a "Hotbar Switcher" key, which allows you to easily swap your hotbar with any other inventory row.
- Management: Chest button positions can now be configured individually.
- Management: Fixed the Restock button deleting non stackable items.
- Tweaks: Added an improved bow pulling animation by CopherSans to the Better Vanilla Textures feature.
- Tweaks: Fixed the stone sword recipe with any stone type being the same as the stone shovel recipe.
- World: Improved the wraith visuals with a new model and animations.


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Jul 29, 2019
and @McJty with XNet
McJty said:
XNet 1.0.1

  • Maximum RF/rate for normal and advanced connectors (10000 RF/t for normal and 100000 RF/t for advanced)
  • Better tooltips for the gui. Also note the maximum number of RF/t in the 'rate' field

and @BlayTheNinth with Cooking for Blockheads
BlayTheNinth said:
Cooking for Blockheads 1.11.2-5.3.13
  • Added new models for Cooking Table, Kitchen Counter, Sink, Oven, Toaster
  • Added Kitchen Corner block
  • Added Kitchen Floor block
  • Added sounds for the fridge, oven, toaster, counter and sink
  • Added the ability to dye kitchen counter, sinks and cooking tables blocks (right click with dye)

  • Changed some recipes to fit the new models better (use Just Enough Items)
  • The sink is now also flipped depending on where you stand as you place it
  • Coal can now also be put into the oven via right-click when the door is opened via shift-right-click
  • Milk jar now automatically lowers down to sit properly on the kitchen counter rather than floating
  • The toaster stopped floating as well (but it's still magical)
  • Kitchen Counter now no longer opens its GUI when accessed from the top with an item in hand
  • Oven and kitchen counter door are now loaded from Minecraft's model system
  • Some rendering performance improvements
  • Minor visual improvements for the toaster

  • Fixed tiny cow not rendering in the jar in the inventory
  • Fixed placement of fridge and counter not always flipping the block as expected
  • Fixed item deletion issues when the offhand was used (e.g. shift-right-clicking a tool rack with an item inside and an item in hand)
  • Fixed required tools to to break kitchen blocks
  • Fixed kitchen connector capability not being registered
  • Fixed model warnings in log
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Ollie_Lansdell with Practical Logistics 2
Ollie_Lansdell said:

Practical Logistics 2 by Ollie Lansdell

A port and update of my original mod Practical Logistics with even more fanciness.

Practical Logistics 2 gives you the ability to create automated systems for reading, displaying and acting upon data. You can monitor items, energy, fluids, entities, machines, tanks, light, weather, direction, movement and much more. You can create Item, Fluid and Energy networks and transfer them anywhere in the world instantly; you can even transfer across dimensions. This mod also gives you more interactive control, via the use of Large Display Screens. This gives you infinite control and management of your base. You can also monitor and control blocks wirelessly.

Important Info: This mod requires Sonar Core & MCMultipart to run.

Mod Packs: Feel free to use this mod in any mod-pack you wish.

Inventory Monitoring


3D Interactive Guide Book


Entity Monitoring


Furnace Progress


Fluid and Item Monitoring. On one screen!


Screen Interaction - for item/fluid extraction.


Operator Tool - Info Overlays


Energy Reader GUI


Energy Reader - Displaying Energy Stored


Player Inventory Reading


Custom Message Displaying


A large Array of Arrays


Update Log: (from 1.7.10 to 1.10.2 version)


  • Added Guide - an interactive in-game guide book
  • Added Operator - used for general operations on blocks
  • Added Entity Transceiver - to track a specific entity for Info Reading/Displaying
  • Added Wireless Storage Reader - for wirelessly add/remove items.
  • Added Etched Plate - a new crafting ingredient created in the Forging Hammer
  • Added Transfer Node - used for transfering items/fluids/energy from/to the connected block.

  • The energy reader can show a list of all available energy connections
  • The Data Receiver can connect to an unlimited number of Data Emitters
  • Full Multipart Support - Super compact setups.
  • Nodes have a priority setting to configure their order when performing item/fluid transfer
  • Redstone Signaller: Now supports multiple statements for more complex setups.
  • Display Screens can now face UP and DOWN.
  • Channel Selector has been removed. Channels can now be configured within each individual block.
  • Info Creator and Data Modifier have also been removed. Info can be created and modified within the screens themselves.

-You can suggest new ideas and see stuff that will be in new updates on my Twitter Page :)

Got questions/suggestions? Come join the discord server!

and @McJty with XNet
McJty said:
XNet 1.1.0

  • Item and fluid distribution is now very precise in combination with the minimum/maximum settings for a connector. Previously XNet would allow an insertion or extraction to happen if the condition was met. For example, say you specified to keep 1000mb in a tank while extracting. At some point the tank contains 1500mb and you are extracting 1000mb. That extraction would succeed because there is more then 1000mb in the tank and it would extract 1000mb which leaves only 500mb instead of the expected 1000mb. This is now changed. In this situation it will only extract 500mb and keep exactly 1000mb in the tank. Same for items and also for insertion. This allows for more precise amount management but it is a behaviour change. So if you depend on the old behaviour you will have to change things a bit.
  • The connector will now update the network if an adjacent block is placed that wasn't there before. That means that if you place a new block next to a connector it should now always show correctly in the list of blocks in the controller GUI.
  • New pulse mode for redstone control. This mode will let the connector do exactly one operation when a pulse is received. This way you can very precisely insert individual items in blocks (for example) whenever a redstone pulse is received. Note that when you have operations that are timed slow (i.e. 200 ticks between every operation for example) multiple redstone pulses in the idle time will still count as one pulse.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Purplicious_Cow with Animania
Purplicious_Cow said:
Animania 1.10.2-1.0.3

Release Notes 1.0.3

“Gotta Go Faster + Circle of Life”

Major Fixes:

  • Entities now have a task ‘release valve’ so they don’t overfocus on tasks and take up valuable CPU time. This change significantly reduces TPS issues that caused lag. AI speed also improved (credit and speical thanks: b0bst3r, greylocke, ruyanve)
  • Spawning rates are updated and now in line with vanilla levels.
    • Strongly recommend you delete your config, or set to default after updating the mod.
Circle of Life Features:

  • Hedgehogs and Ferrets will steal eggs out of your Chicken Nests
  • Roosters will fight off Hedgehogs and Ferrets
  • Ferrets also will attack (and eat) baby chicks
Other Features:

  • Albino Hedgehog added
  • All Animals will now heal (slightly) after eating
  • Chinese Language support (credit: tartaric_acid, Hearty_YF)
  • New Hedgehog achievements added
  • New Hedgehog spawn eggs
  • New way to throw Seeds for Chickens and Peacocks… just right click on Seeds, no need to throw the item using ‘Q’. Fixes compatibility issue with Botania and others (credit: Tschipp, Thyriel)
  • Peacocks now drop feathers. What are they used for? You will have to wait until next update J
  • New spawn eggs added: Random Cow, Random Chicken, Random Pig, which will spawn a random male, female or baby of a random breed (credit: Thyriel)
  • Easter eggs… ?
Bug Fixes:

  • Improved AI performance across all entities (noted above)
  • Improved and created new AI for animal wandering for all animal breeds
  • Ferrets and Hedgehogs can now be fed eggs without them being smashed in their faces (credit: Tschipp)
  • Fixed the umm…. Butt rotation (and other model issues) … for Cows and Bulls (credit: Wolfyk1, RazzleberryFox)
  • Fixed missing sound error on hedgehog
  • Untaming Hedgehog now works properly
  • Breeding of Cows now requires the Male to be closer the female (credit: Zygus42)
  • Fixed Cow and Pig birth timers to be shorter and more customizable (credit: Zygus42)

and @OreCruncher with Dynamic Surroundings
OreCruncher said:
Dynamic Surroundings 1.10.2-

What's New

  • Mod support for Ars Magica 2, Rockhounding: Surface, Rockhounding: Ore Tiers

  • No more sound clicking when moving fast; was noticeable when flying over a beach
  • Fixed footstep sounds when walking on fences
  • Forest sounds in Flower Forest
  • Select proper rain/dust/snow precipitation texture; issue was when a dust biome (Cold Desert) was next to a snow biome (Ice Plain) the wrong precipitation texture was selected
  • Sometimes area fog calc would be incorrect when logging in.

  • No sound attenuation for player centered sounds
  • Updated ru_RU.lang
  • Sandstone step sound for minecraft:magma
  • Thicken biome fog a bit to be closer to original thickness
  • Change default footstep volume sound factor to 0.35 to diminish "sharpness" of higher volumes
  • Change default light level render style to be surface with rotation
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Jul 29, 2019
I nerfed clay Properly (TM).

Some mods make clay too easy to get. Sad!

MakeClayValuableAgain is a mod that seeks to "improve" the progression of Minecraft by "improving" access to clay. It extends the early-game progression quite a bit. It makes the following changes:
  • Clay blocks will not drop anything unless they are broken with a Clay Shovel or Clay Pickaxe.
  • Stone tools are no longer obtainable via crafting.
  • Clay is dropped by Wither Skeletons, which spawn when Skeletons are killed. There is a 10% chance of the Wither Skeleton dropping a single clay ball.
  • Killing a Wither Skeleton results in your weapon instantly breaking.
  • Killing a Wither or Ender Dragon always drops 1 clay ball.
With this mod installed, the general progression is as follows:
  1. Obtain wooden tools (lots of swords!).
  2. Kill skeletons and wither skeletons until you get enough clay balls for clay tools.
  3. You now have access to clay tools! You are ready to obtain stone!
  4. Play as normal.