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    Greetings ErnstLustig I am Lucaya from germany and I would like to ask you about your modpack Age of Engineering.
    Recently I opened a private server with my freind and somehow all custom recipes aren't there. I mean there are not any changes at all at them.
    When I try playing singleplayer the recipes are customed.
    Do you know what is wrong by any chance?
    Currently we have Version 1.0.4
    Hello there, I'd like to report a rather severe 'bug' . This is gamebreaking unless its your intention what I doubt. Alright.. the armorer villager sells magnesium, zirconium etc. armor pieces which you can actually smelt in a smeltery . I tried it out.Im at age 3 and got magnesium and zirconium ingots. From what I can tell these metals should be first available at age 12
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