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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @TheGamingBee1 with Nocturna
TheGamingBee1 said:
Have you ever needed some random hostile mob drop but its the middle of the day or you just don't have time to waste sitting around waiting for night, if so have i got the mod for you. To change time you require 4 obsidian and a block of redstone a clock-like recipe. This mod can be and is very useful for one of the most annoying parts of minecraft. Time is an important resource we have and the ability change the amount of time something takes makes it easier to use.

and @Lemon with ChatDing
Lemon said:
Plays a customizable sound when your Minecraft username is mentioned in the chat

You may now also setup other words or nicknames to set off the sound.

and @tterrag1098 with Tree Growing Simulator
tterrag1098 said:

This was a quick mod written up by the request of Wyld, who was looking for a way to make the early skyblock game more interesting.

What it does is add an easy way to make your saplings grow better – by running and dancing around them! Simply sprint or crouch near your saplings to increase their growth, the more active you are the better!


This mod senses sprinting and crouching around saplings. If you wish to change the sensitivity, there is an option in the config file.

It will also show bonemeal particles every time growth is accelerated, this can also be disabled in the config.

This is included in SkyFactory, the skyblock pack by the awesome Bacon Donut!


I made this silly video explaining how the mod works, enjoy.

Modpacks / License

Licensed under the LGPLv3. TL;DR Yes, you can use it in modpacks. Please do.

and @BlakeBr0 with Mystical Agriculture
BlakeBr0 said:


  • Resource Crops for many materials.
  • Resource Crops for many mobs.
  • 5 tiers of tools.
  • 5 tiers of armor.
  • Highly configurable!
  • More fun things to come!
Getting Started:

  • First you are going to want to go mining for Prosperity and Inferium ore.
  • Next you are going to want to create some Crafting Seeds for use in the creation of any seeds you want.
  • Normal resource seeds require some of their respective resource along with the tier essence of the seed.
  • To upgrade the tier of essence, you will need an Infusion Crystal.
  • Mob seeds require chunks of their respective mob. To obtain these you must hit the monsters with a Soulium Dagger. The drop chance is shown in the tooltip of the chunk.
  • Experience chunks are obtained from hitting hostile mobs.
  • You can create tools and armor using the Inferium - Supremium essences.
  • These require Essence Ingots and Cores.
  • You can re-claim the cores of the tools/armor at any point by crafting the item with a Core Remover. (The item will be destroyed in the process)
  • Wearing a full set of Supremium Armor enables you to fly.
  • Note: You can disable the armor/tools module in the 'Gear' section of the config file.
Mod Support:

  • Coming Soon!
If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know!

If you find any bugs, make sure to report it using the issue tab above!
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @portablejim with Useless Deleter
Portablejim said:
Mod is in early alpha.

Currently adds a "Filtered Deleter" item that deletes the filtered items when picking items up instead of creating a new stack in your inventory. It works in a similiar manner to the /dev/null, however it does not take into account metadata (so adding stone also deletes all stone variants).

Recipe for the Filtered Deleter is currently 8 cobblestone around a chest in a crafting table.

and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 1.10-3.7.4
  • Added: OC Support for the Redstone Observer
  • Added: Artificial End Portal
  • Added: Biome Radar
  • Added: Golden Compass
  • Changed: The colors of the Biome Stones now respect the Biome tags creating a much more diverse color set
  • Changed: Rain Shield particle effect
  • Fixed: Crash related to the Block Breaker with FTB Utilities
  • Fixed: Not being able to place plants on colored grass
  • Fixed: Creating Spectre Saplings not using up the ectoplasm
  • Removed: Boss Effect from the Evil Tear
Update to MC 1.10


and @Ellpeck with OptionSync
Ellpeck said:

OptionSync allows you to synchronize multiple Options profiles between different Minecraft instances on one Computer saving both Video Settings and both vanilla and modded Keybindings!

The way it works is simple: Go to your options menu and you will find an OptionSync button at the bottom left. Once clicking it, the OptionSync menu will open.


Inside the menu, you can save your current configuration by typing in a name and then clicking the save button.
If you want to load a configuration, select it in the menu and click the load button.

And if you were wondering, the different option files are being saved in .minecraft/OptionSync no matter where your Minecraft instance is stored.

Super simple, right?

And really useful if you have multiple Modpacks or Minecraft instances that have lots of Keybindings you would normally have to rebind all the time.

Like the mod? Why don't support me on Patreon?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Quark
Vazkii said:
Quark beta-33
- Automation: Changed the way the Ender Watcher recipe is added. It seemed to get removed if you had some mods for some reason. Not sure if this will fix it.
- Building: Added Midori Blocks, green blocks with the Purpur textures, made with Cactus Green.
- Decoration: Added chests for all types of wood. Also added a recipe to make 4 chests with 8 logs.
- Management: Removed useless code from the dropoff system that is now handled by forge.
- Vanity: Stairs now need a block that has no collision box on top to be sat on.
- World: Fixed Biotite blocks not working with chisels and bits.


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Jul 29, 2019
ArmorPlus has been updated for Minecraft Versions 1.9.4 , 1.10 and 1.10.2

Mod's Versions 1.9.4- with some updates since 1.9.4-

Mod Feedback page: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/157530/

Link to the Mod's Wiki: http://ftb.gamepedia.com/ArmorPlus

{Features Changed}
  • Guardians now new will drop 0-1 Guardian Scales
{Supported Minecraft Versions}
  • 1.9.4 and 1.10 and 1.10.2
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Fixed ArmorPlus Book Information
  • Fixed Not Being able to disable Slime Armor Recipes
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Getting ArmorPlus Book on crafting anything
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Ghost ArmorPlus Books appearing
{Features Changed}
  • Changed The Ultimate Armor's Texture
  • Replced The Obsidian with Coal Blocks in the Armor Forge's Recipe
{Supported Minecraft Versions}
  • 1.9.4 and 1.10


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Jul 29, 2019
Simple Upgrades Has been Updated to v2.0.10

Versions 1.9 & 1.9.4 will not longer be updated unless a major bug is found.
v2.0.10+ will work with 1.10+.

Fixed the following:
Wooden Bucket Bug.
Beet juice Recipe.
Removed Old OreDic entries.

Recipes Changed:
Wither Armor.
Dragon Armor.

Mob Drops Added:
Wither Rib.
Dragon Scale.


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Jul 29, 2019
ArmorPlus has been updated for Minecraft Versions 1.9.4 , 1.10 and 1.10.2

Mod's Versions 1.9.4- with some updates from 1.9.4-

Mod Feedback page: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/157530/

Link to the Mod's Wiki: http://ftb.gamepedia.com/ArmorPlus

{Features Added}
  • Blacklist config, so you can disable the listed items to not be given by the "The Gift Of The Gods" (Limitation for now are 50 Items) //The is an example on how to do the config option in the config
{Features Added}
  • Item
    • "The Gift Of The Gods", a very expensive Item that gives you 1 random thing from the entire Modpack
{Features Changed}
  • Armor Descriptions are now better
  • Some Config Changes


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Jul 29, 2019
New ChaoticKarma version 3.0.0

  • Update to Minecraft 1.9.
    • NEW: Mob Ignorance level 4 ignores Shulkers.
  • FIX: Semi-proper tame item checking to gain karma from taming. This works for wolves and ocelots, but otherwise just checks the breeding item.
  • API: KarmaEvent, KarmaEventNegative, and KarmaEventPositive are now all abstract classes. Default implementation for playerHasEnoughKarma was removed from KarmaEvent, but it is still present in KarmaEventNegative and KarmaEventPositive, so you probably don't need to worry about that. Default doEvent implementations were removed, which means all KarmaEventNegative/KarmaEventPositive subclasses must implement it.
  • API: KarmaPerk is now abstract. Default implementations for hasPerk, applyPerk, and removePerk were removed, but they do still exist in KarmaPerkNegative/KarmaPerkPositive.
  • API: Event spawner checks playerHasEnoughKarma before calling doEvent, so you don't need to check that yourself.
  • API: KarmaEvent and KarmaPerk now provide you with an instance of Random in your custom event and perk classes.
  • API: KarmaUpdateEvent follows the new style of making all fields private and making proper getters (and setters when applicable).


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @FeyberryJam with Druidry
FeyberryJam said:
Minecraft Forum Post


- Pictures coming soon, some on forum post -

Druidry is a simple nature based mod that adds more early game variety, with a touch of magic. There are new things to explore and see, with extra world gen and some new monsters. You can decorate with the new blocks and items, there's more flowers and trees then before. There are new ways to take care of your animals, they'll even heal a little after being fed. You can get by with a lot less mining and killing then before. We've tried to make the mod immersive and pleasant. You can do many early game tasks more easily but we've also worked to strike a balance so nothing will be just handed to you. That said, a starting guide to Druidry is now just handed to you! If you have Not Enough Items installed and the in-game book with you, you should be able to get pretty far on your own without spoiling anything exciting.


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Jul 29, 2019
and @MrDimkas_Studio with Solar Flux Reborn
MrDimkas_Studio said:
The mod comes by default with 6 different tiers (fully configurable)

  1. Produces 1 RF/tick. Internal storage 25,000. Transfer 16 RF/tick
  2. Produces 8 RF/tick. Internal storage 125,000. Transfer 128 RF/tick
  3. Produces 16 RF/tick. Internal storage 425,000. Transfer 512 RF/tick
  4. Produces 128 RF/tick. Internal storage 2,000,000. Transfer 2,048 RF/tick
  5. Produces 512 RF/tick. Internal storage 8,000,000. Transfer 8,192 RF/tick
  6. Produces 2,048 RF/tick. Internal storage 32,000,000. Transfer 32,764 RF/tick
Some nice features:
  • Number of tiers and their production/capacity can be fully configured to suit your needs.
  • Many upgrades can be crafted to improve your solar panels.
  • Solar Panels automatically share their energy when next to each other, no cables needed.
  • Use a wrench instead of a pickaxe for the solar panel to keep its energy and inventory.
ModpacksYou can use this mod in your modpack.

Plans for next version:
  • 3 types of cables:
    • Basic
    • Advanced
    • Infinite

Huge thanks to Nauktis for making the original Solar Flux for 1.7.10.

and @AlgorithmX2 with Chisels & Bits
AlgorithmX2 said:
Chisels & Bits 11.4
Relaxed Material Limitations
Added Material Equivalancy API
Added IFluidHandler for BitTank ( most pipes still can't use it because of minimum exchange rate )
Upgraded Cross-World Serializer for future use with Sharing ( should be future proof post metadata removal )
Fixed case where server and client were not in agreement when placing chiseled blocks into multiparts.
Fixed a bug where chunk updates would re-render large numbers of Dyanmic renders.
Added new setting milliseconds per block, and milliseconds per frames to control upload rates.
Increased Milliseconds per frame to 15 from 1.
When a water block is formed from bits it now evaportes in the nether.
Added API to allow for special actions on block restoration.
Added Optional Filtering to delete button in BitBag.
Bit Bag no longer ignores the block your looking at when used.
Added 3 new modes to the positive pattern.
Positive Pattern - Replace Mode : Prevoiusly available, makes the target match the pattern exactly.
Positive Pattern - Additive Mode : Adds bits but dosn't remove them.
Positive Pattern - Placement Mode : allows placing the pattern like a normal chiseled bit block.
Positive Pattern - Impose Mode : Adds bits and replaces them where the pattern is solid.
Dyanmicly rendered chiseled blocks are no longer invisible when using Optifine.
Bit Face culling now mirrors MC's standard face culling.
Vanilla stained glass remains face culled as a special case.
Using Connected plane without enough bits no longer produces unsual stripes of bits.
Added new Item Tape Measure
Right Clicking and dragging with the tape measure allows you to measure things.
Sneak Clicking the Tape Measure clears and old measurements.
Tape Measure - Bit Mode : Measures bit level diffrences as a 3d box.
Tape Measure - Block Mode : Measure block level diffrences as a 3d box.
Tape Measure - Distance : Measures a single bit level distance between the start and end point.
Tape Measure - Color : You can select from any of the standard minecraft colors to display the measurements in.
Removing a Tape Measure form your inventory will hide any measurements.
Added new setting to control how many measurements you can have active at a time, defaults to 5
Added new setting to have the tape measure post the measurement result to chat.
Postive/Negative Patterns can now be undone.
Placing Chiseled Bit Blocks can now be undone.
Interation prevention for Chiesls when drawing regions should work properly again.
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Jul 29, 2019
ArmorPlus has been updated for Minecraft Versions 1.9.4 , 1.10 and 1.10.2

Mod's Versions 1.9.4- with some updates since 1.9.4-

Mod Feedback page: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/157530/

Link to the Mod's Wiki: http://ftb.gamepedia.com/ArmorPlus

{Features Added}
  • Added the command "armorplus wiki" (This command will open a link in your browser to the ArmorPlus wiki)
  • Armors, Items and Blocks
    • Metal Armor (Protection same as Iron Armor)
    • Electrict Armor (Protection +4 more than the Metal Armor)
    • Metal Ingot
    • Electrical Ingot
    • Metal Ore
{Features Changed}
  • The ArmorPLus Book Gui Look
{Bugs Fixed}
  • The BlackList now should work properly
{Features Changed}
  • Optimized the BlackList, now you can choose how many items you want to add to the list
{Features Added}
  • WhiteList (If you hvae this enabled, you will only get the items you set in the config)
  • Some Configurations for the BlackList & WhiteList
{Bugs Fixed}
  • "The Gift Of The Gods" not working if 50 items in the blacklist aren't added (now are added by default, just replace them with the item you want to disable //The Must always be 50)


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Jul 29, 2019


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @yrsegal with PSIonic Upgrades
yrsegal said:
The Mod
PSIonic Upgrades is an addon to Psi, a mod made by the awesome Vazkii. Psi allows you to create spells with logical thinking, and PSIonic Upgrades gives you the tools to do a few more fun things with it.

The features here won't make sense until you play around with Psi, so I recommend you do that!

Feature List
Spell Pieces
  • Conjure Pulsar tricks - They act like regular Conjure tricks, but they emit redstone. They require more potency.
  • Particle Trail - A potency-only trick to visually display something.
  • Strong Raycasts - Raycasts that ignore nonsolids.
  • Vector Rotate - Rotate a vector around another vector by an angle.
  • With Botania:
    • Pulse Tricks - Tricks which emulate the Drums of the Wild, Canopy, and Gathering
    • Form Burst - Make a mana burst
  • Wide-Band Socket - A socket with full bandwidth for early game, but only a single socket.
  • Inline Caster - A spellcaster with a single slot for a bullet, and an empty slot.
  • Spell Magazine - A spell storage, with variable storage and max easy bandwidth based on the socket used to craft it.
  • Liquid-Ink colorizer - Dyeable!
  • With Botania:
    • Blaster CAD Assembly - An assembly which can fire off Mana tricks. Attach a Lens Clip or lenses. It can only fire off the Gathering Pulse if it has a clip attached.
  • /psi-unlearn and /psi-learn commands
  • JEI compat for recipes of things spells craft

and @Rubironi with Water Strainer
Rubironi said:


Water Strainer is a simple mod for alternate resource generation by filtering water.

A strainer catches general items (such as Sand, Gravel, Sticks, Clay, ...) while it's inside water.

They are breakable, but can be build out of different materials to increase their durability (configurable).

Can also be used for skyblock maps.

How to use:

(1) Craft a strainer base.

(2) Craft any type of strainer.

(3) Place the strainer base inside a pool of water (the base needs water on top).

(4) Put your strainer into the base

The strainer will now filter the water for items. The list of items depends on the strainer type. The loottable can also be customized.







and @zabi94 with Dislocation Potion
zabi94 said:
Just a small mod that adds one single potion crafted with a chorus fruit, in a mundane potion base.

Teleports you around, useful for disorienting enemies or running away.

Arrows, Lingering, Splash and redstone/glowstone versions all available with standard brewing stand recipe.

Based on this reddit post

This will be the first of a series of mini-mods, each adding one and only one feature expanding vanilla in a non-intrusive way

and @EXTER7 with Foundry
EXTER7 said:
Foundry 2 is NOT world compatible with Foundry 1.x.x.x versions.

Requires Substratum

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.10.2
  • Added TESLA energy system support to powered machines.
  • Removed the Induction Crucible Furnace, and replaced it with a 2 block structure (see below).
  • Added Melting Crucible block
    • Has the same function as the old Induction Crucible Furnace, except it requires to be place on top of a heater block.
    • Can reach up to 2000 deg K.
    • Has an advanced version that can reach up to 4000 deg K.
  • Added Burner Heater block
    • Uses solid fuel to generate heat for a 'Melting Crucible'.
    • Can heat a Melting Crucible up to 1700 K.
    • Can reach higher temperatures when certain fuels are used.
      • Coal: 1950 K
      • Coal Coke: 2150 K (has twice the burn time of coal).
      • Charcoal: 1870 K (has 3/4 of burn time of coal).
      • Coal Dust: 1950 K (has 1/2 of burn time of coal)
      • Charcoal Dust: 1920 K (has 1/2 of burn time of coal).
      • Blaze Rod: 2200 K.
  • Added Induction Heater block.
    • Uses RF or TESLA to generate heat for a 'Melting Crucible'.
    • Can heat a Melting Crucible up to 3500 K.
  • Added Ingot/Plate/Rod Casting Table blocks.
    • Used to cast ingots, plates, or rods from liquid metal.
    • Liquid metal can be inserted with pipes (from other mods), a Refractory Hopper, or a Refractory Spout.
    • Right click to extract item after it solidifies.
    • Solidified items can be extracted with hoppers or other item automation.
  • Added Refractory Spout block.
    • Can only be place in the sides of a solid block.
    • Transfers liquids from the block it's placed on to the block below it.
  • Added Mold Crafting Station block.
    • Used to make molds.
    • Requires refractory clay block, and fuel to craft molds.
    • Placing a refractory clay block in the upper left slot activates the 6x6 crafting grid and consumes the block.
    • Left click on a section of the grid to carve it, or right click to mend it.
    • Once the pattern is made press the 'Fire mold' button at the top right corner to begin firing the mold.
    • Once the firing completes, the mold will appear on the output slot and the grid will be removed until a new refractory clay block is placed.
  • Removed all soft molds.
  • Removed all deprecated block/items that were moved to Substratum in 1.8.9.
  • Removed serveral component items (some were moved to Substratum):
    • Stone gear
    • Blank mold
    • Small pile of Gunpowder
    • Small pile of Blaze powder
  • Removed the Metal Infuser's substance system, it now infuses items directly into the liquid metal.
  • Added new components:
    • Inferno Clay
    • Inferno Brick
    • Inferno Casing
    • Refractory Glass
  • Added Refractory Tank block and Inferno Tank block
    • Stores up to 16 buckets and 32 buckets of fluid respectively.
  • Added Lumium Round and Lumium Shell (extra damage to undead creatures, but less damage everything else).
  • Added snow round (extra damage to Enderman and Blaze, but less damage everything else).
  • Added support for the new FluidHandler capability to all machines.
  • Added Coal Coke
  • Added Coke Oven block
    • Converts Coal into Coal Coke.
    • Must be placed above a heater block to function.
    • Requires a temperature of 1600 K.
  • Lowered the melting point of iron to 1800 K.
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May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools 5.00 for MC 1.9.4, 1.10 and 1.10.2:

  • Screen changes:
    • Made screen interaction (for storage + buttons) slightly faster
    • The screen controller range is now a 64x64x64 cube instead of 64x32x64
    • It is now possible to setup a storage control module directly by clicking items into empty slots. No need to open the GUI for this
    • The storage control module now has an oredict option. Enabling that will allow you to insert (for example) different variants of copper through one slot
    • Screen modules can now show tooltips specific to the module. WAILA and TOP supports this for the storage control module so that you can see what item you are looking at
    • Only show RF/t in probe in extended mode (sneaking)
    • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f4551754a4c71372e706e67
  • Storage changes:
    • The storage control module screen module can now also be combined with a storage tablet (put tablet + module in crafting grid) for remote access. For as long as the linked storage scanner is chunk loaded (or within range) you can access everything that is accessible from that scanner with that
    • Storage modules can be named in anvil (that was already possible). The storage scanner as well as the WAILA/TOP tooltips for modular storage blocks will now show that name so that you can find the right storage block more easily
    • The tooltip for the dimension control button in the remote storage block has improved a bit
    • If you have a tablet with a storage module in it then opening that will have working tooltips for the items in the list (just like the tooltips you get when opening the regular modular storage GUI)
    • Many improvements to the storage scanner:
      • The GUI has been improved to allow more visible items as well as more visible inventories. Tooltips are used to clarify what an inventory is
      • In addition to the 'U' and 'D' buttons (to move an inventory up or down) there are now also 'T' and 'B' buttons (top and bottom) to move an inventory all the way up or down
      • The list of items is much cleaner now and allows for single item interaction (selecting an item no longer selects the entire line)
      • The list of items shows correct item tooltips now in addition to some scanner specific help on how to request that item
      • Double click requests an item stack (like it did before), Shift double click requests a single item
      • *
    • New crafting grid support for modular storage blocks, the storage tablet and the storage scanner:
      • This grid is a side window on the left
      • It can remember 6 recipes. these are stored in the tablet/modular storage block or in the storage scanner block (also when combined with a tablet)
      • It has four buttons to craft items (1, 4, 8 or stack). If you press such a button it will try to craft that many items given what is available in your inventory and also in the block that you are viewing. If this is a storage scanner it will try to use items out of all routable (marked with the star) inventories
      • Hovering your mouse over such a button will highlight (in red) the items that are missing to do that crafting operation
      • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f386f316679724a2e706e67
  • Crafter changes:
    • The auto crafter now correctly works with getRemainingItems() which is the new vanilla way to handle containers or items that remain after crafting. By supporting this properly dupes (with Reliquary for example) and item deleting (with Chisel & Bits for example) have been fixed
    • The ghost slots in the crafter no longer get cleared when changing recipe settings
    • Support for new ExtC mode in the crafter. In this mode it will place the craft result in the output buffer but all intermediates (buckets, whatever) it will keep in the internal inventory
    • The crafter now also supports meta better for recipes
    • The crafter is now more flexible and will try out more possible items to find a working recipe
    • Implemented JEI integration for the crafter. This means you can now click recipes into the grid automatically
  • Elevator changes:
    • Elevator blocks now gives a redstone signal at its back when there is a platform there
    • The elevator no longer disappears when moving over great distances
  • Various:
    • Note: McJtyLib 1.9.4 is required (1.9.4 stands for McJtyLib version, not MC version!)
    • Added a check to the inventory checker in case a block has a wrong capability implementation. This prevents crashes with older versions of the blood magic altar which didn't support this properly
    • Fixed a problem in the One Probe support for the matter transmitter
    • Extended the item filter with 12 more items (total 30 items in the filter now)
    • The /rftcfg and /rftdb commands are back so it is again possible to remove the buff bar from the commandline (/rftcfg buffs -1 -1)

Download: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools

Have fun!
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Aug 14, 2013
Waterloo, Ontario
Big update today from NuclearCraft!

As some of you are aware I've been tracking this mod for months now. With Big Reactors no longer maintained, its my go-to for nuclear fun. Latest version seems to be introducing actively-cooled fission reactors :) :)


WARNING: Turn off all Fission Reactors and reset configs before you update from version 1.7h or earlier!

+ Added info tooltips to most items and blocks
+ Simply hold Shift while over an item or block from the mod

+ Added portable Lithium Ion Batteries
+ Added Rhodochrosite (drops from Redstone Ore) and many more ingredients used to construct Lithium Ion Batteries

+ The power of Fission Reactors is no longer explicitly dependant on the size of the reactor
+ Because of this, all fission fuels are four times as powerful

+ Added Steam Fission Reactors
+ Temporary mechanics - produces Steam/Dense Steam/Superdense Steam instead of RF
+ Produces roughly 50% more power than a standard RF-producing Fission Reactor

+ Added Dense Steam and Superdense Steam
+ Added Steam Generator
+ Added Steam and Dense Steam Decompressors

+ Added Antimatter as a temporary product of Synchrotrons
+ Added Antimatter Bomb

+ Added button the the Assembler to configure whether to try to keep the recipe intact or use all ingredients available
+ Added config option for Fusion Reactors to asymptotically reach 100% efficiency

* Edited some extra block drops, extra mob drops and dungeon loot
* Changed some ore generation rates as they were too low
* Changed some internal workings of the Fusion Reactor
* Tweaks to achievements
* Quietened down Fusion Reactor and Synchrotron sound effects
* Slightly nerfed Reaction Generator, again

* Fixed non-RF machine fuel lifetimes
* Yellorium is no longer processed into Uranium
* Exception is the Separator, where Yellorium is processed less efficiently
* Fixed crashes related to searching for non-existing fluids

+ Added Matrix and Complex classes to prepare for quantum mechanics

* Other minor bug fixes
* Minor file rearranging
- Removed unused items


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @WilliamEze with CustomDrones
WilliamEze said:

There are 46,913,768,005,632 different drone combinations you can create!

Are companions with 2 legs and 2 arms too boring?
Are you sick of having just 36 inventory slots, but TOO MANY ITEMS TO CARRY?
Are you tired of not knowing if there are monsters around you when you are digging for 'em diamonds?
Then you need a CustomDrone! GO GET ONE NOW!!!

This mod aims to add fully functioning drones to aid the lovely players (that's you) with all kinds of stuffs, from simple tasks like collecting dropped items, carrying items around like a flying backpack, and shooting at monsters to bizarre tasks likescanning the environment for ores and monsters, picking up mobs or even picking up yourself and fly around, and maybe one day teleport like an Enderman.
Or maybe you can start a race with your fellow friends to see who can fly a drone better and faster?
The possibilities are almost endless with drones. In fact, it goes around 46,913,768,005,632 possible drones, down to the very specific abilities that you can install to each of your drone. And that number will continue to rise.
So why not get yourself a drone and fly 'em


Me and my drone flying!

Spoiler (click to hide)

My drone picking up items
My drone scanning the area
My drone following me when I'm flying
My drone scanning monsters and ores in a mine
My drone shooting down a bad spider
My drone picking up a cow
My drone bringing such cow up high

1. Getting started - making your first drone

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Let's get started by making the utmost sophisticated material of a drone - the Composite Fiber Plate

Craft one by combining diamond, iron, and ender pearl (it helps things fly).

"How can iron, diamond, and ender pearl turns into Composite Fiber?" - I dont know. Nothing makes sense in this game. It just means that plate is very expensive. Live with it.

Now after you've had the basic material, let's craft the 4 parts of your drone. The casing, the chip, the core, and theengines

Job well done! Now let's craft the drone itself

Viola! Now right click the item on a platform and there you have your first drone. Congratulation!

2. Controlling your drone

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Now you have a drone, it's time to make the controller.

Without the controller you can do virtually nothing.

Do you have your controller with you? Now right click the air!

And you'll be seeing the following screen.

Here you can edit your controller's frequency - choose a number that no one may intefere with.

Note that controllers and drones interact by being of the same frequency

You see that the controller is not bound to any drone. Which means you are not controlling anything yet.

Now hold the controller, and right click your drone (the drone must be unassigned to anther frequency or controller)

Now open the controller screen again

You see that the controller is assigned to "Mah drone"

You can right click that drone with the exact controller to unbind them

Note that if you sneak-right click a drone you are controlling, then the drone will also be unassigned from the frequency, which makes other controllers with different frequency able to control it. Good when you are lending your drone to your friend and his controller is of a different frequency.

Now did you notice the button "Status screen" in the "Controller screen"?

Press it and you will see a remote-controlled version of the previous Drone screen. This is where you can change the parameters of the mods, see the inventory of the drone from afar, and so on.

Note: EFT means Estimated Fly Time

3. Getting to know your drone

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With your hand not holding a controller (we'll talk about controllers later), right click a drone that you are controlling.

Question: Which drone am I "controlling"?

Answer: Any drone that is of the same frequency as one controller (or you can say "Drone flyer") in your inventory.

You will see a Drone's screen where you can access its inventory (if it has any), install mods, see the parameters like the parts' ranks, assigned frequency, battery, health, maximum flying speed, eft,...

Note: Estimated Flying Time (or EFT) is a raw calculation of how long your drone can continue flying under the same condition (same engine level, same mods enabled, same sunlight if it is solar powered, same inventory weight (yes the more it carries the more energy it costs to fly),...) and it is not 100% accurate. Hence "estimated".

4. Making things easier with a Crafter

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There are 256 drone recipes, more than 30 module recipes, dozens more parts recipes. You won't remember them all. That's why there is a Crafter block that will help you.

Place it down, right click it, and the magic appears.

First select the category of the crafting, next select the item that you want to craft, then in the "Ingredient" panel will show what are the requirements and how sufficient you have them. Lastly, type the amount you want to craft and press Craft.

Done! No need for remembering recipe patterns or wondering whether you have enough items to craft.

5. Installing a module

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Modules are what you install to your drone that give the drone functions.

Simple functions like flying and inventory also need module.

To make a module you can get them from the Crafter or craft traditionally.

But first you need a module Place holder

It depends on the rank of the module that you are trying to make that you need the corresponding Place holder rank

Next, craft the module from the crazy list of recipes down this post.

When you have the module, you can install it to your drone.

You do that by opening your Drone's screen, place the module into the lonely slot at the middle of the screen, and pressInstall module, hoping that the drone can install the module.

Open the controller's Status screen and you will see the same module installed

Currently there are 34 modules to be installed. A lot more to come in the future.