What's new in modded minecraft today?


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools 4.64 for MC 1.9.4;

  • Fixed collision for logic blocks so they have proper collision detection and you no longer get hurt when walking into them
  • Added protection for the situation where you have the storage tablet open and somehow it gets removed from your hand
  • Bringing back achievements from the 1.7.10 version and also added several new ones. This also fixes a crash with the achievements page
  • Added a new sensor block that can detect blocks being placed, crops grown to a certain level as well as count all kinds of entities
  • Cleaned up the logic block code. Moving things around

Download: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
ArmorPlus has been updated for Minecraft Versions 1.9.4

Mod's Versions 1.9.4-

Mod Feedback page: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/157530/

Link to the Mod's Wiki: http://ftb.gamepedia.com/ArmorPlus

{Coming Soon Changes}
  • Now Almost all the recipes need to be done via the Armor Forge (Still WIP, Recommended to use the Vanilla Crafting Table)
  • Mob Bosses
  • Many more armors, items and blocks
{Features Added}
  • If the player wears full Lava Armor the fire wont get rendered if the player isn't inside a lava source or in fire
  • Added some information to the ArmorPlus Book
{Features Changed}
  • The Achievement list is now different
  • Special Achievements
{Bugs Fixed}
  • Achivements not trigger right


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release 1.3.5 of Not Enough Wands for MC 1.9.4:

  • Fixed replacing of redstone ore with the swapping wand
  • The protection wand will now (by default) also prevent interactions with protected blocks. i.e. no more opening of chests of operating machines. You can get back to the old behaviour in the config though
  • There is now an optional system to sync protection data to the client. If this is enabled then protected blocks will not even show the breaking animation client side. This is disabled by default because of the possible extra overhead (client-side network traffic)

Download: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/235595-not-enough-wands

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Reika with DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, GeoStrata, RotaryCraft & ReactorCraft
Reika said:
DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, GeoStrata, RotaryCraft & ReactorCraft V15
  • DragonAPI: Added Transvector Interface Handling
  • DragonAPI: Fixed TickScheduler (again)
  • DragonAPI: Added hook to allow blocks to render as submerge
  • DragonAPI: Added FireSpread event
  • DragonAPI: Fixed Chunk Gen Command
  • DragonAPI: Fixed FluidHashMap keySet() ClassCastException crash
  • DragonAPI: Fixed Pig Zombie aggro spread
  • DragonAPI: Fixed some biome identification
  • DragonAPI: Expanded Forestry handler
  • DragonAPI: Expanded IC2 Handler
  • DragonAPI: Added Vive detection
  • DragonAPI: Fixed village structure sign orientation
  • DragonAPI: Fixed RenderBlockAtPos event with Optifine
  • DragonAPI: Reverted use of MystCraft API for identifying Myst ages (due to a crash in his code)
  • DragonAPI: Agricraft weeds now drop tall grass when autoharvested
  • ChromatiCraft: Redesigned Shifting Maze
  • ChromatiCraft: Item Inserter can now be toggled to consume the last item in the slot
  • ChromatiCraft: Relay power can now go through World Rifts
  • ChromatiCraft: Wireless source now requests energy
  • ChromatiCraft: Increased Aspect Former lumen capacity
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed TiC Oreberry bushes not appearing in Matter Phase
  • ChromatiCraft: Made Power Crystals faster and more interesting to craft
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed suffocation damage when in Matter Phase
  • ChromatiCraft: Made Protection Beacon give off particles
  • ChromatiCraft: Added some missing ThaumCraft aspects
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Ball Lightning movement jitter
  • ChromatiCraft: Eating too many Chroma Berries too quickly is now detrimental
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed dimension flare spawns
  • ChromatiCraft: Enhanced Casting Tables are now more interesting
  • GeoStrata: Added Ocean Crystals
  • GeoStrata: Lava rock is now a heat source for RotaryCraft
  • RotaryCraft: Added Soil Hydrator
  • RotaryCraft: Added Item Filter
  • RotaryCraft: Clay can now be centrifuged
  • RotaryCraft: Made reservoir fluid renderer smoother
  • RotaryCraft: Aerosolizer and Defoliator now accept Chlorine as poison
  • RotaryCraft: Improved Van De Graaff behavior
  • RotaryCraft: Added more Pulse Jet recycling recipes
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed converter engines duplicating coolant
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed Shaft Junction issues
  • ReactorCraft: Electrolyzer can now take in power from any side
  • ReactorCraft: Fixed Solar Heat Exchanger not outputting to RC pipes

and @Lellson with Expandable Backpacks
Lellson said:

Expandable Backpacks is a small mod which adds upgradeable backpacks to the game!

First Things First

To get started you will need some obsidian leather which can be crafted with obsidian, leather and 2 strings. Now combine one obsidian leather with a chest to get your first backpack.

Some Basic Recipes:

Spoiler (click to hide)

Now simply rightclick with the backpack or use the "Open Backpack" key (the default for it is 'C') to open the backpack. You will see that your backpack only has 1 slot. But don't worry, you can easily add more slots to it by adding more obsidian leather in the upgrade slot within the upgrade inventory.

You can see a lot of usefull informations about your backpack by pressing shift while hovering over the backpack in any inventory.

The Upgrade Inventory

You can access the upgrade inventory by pressing Shift + Rightclick or Shift + the "Open Backpack" key.


You can do a lot of things within the upgrade inventory:

1) Upgrade Slot:

This slot can only be filled with obsidian leather. For each obsidian leather you put in this slot, the backpack will receive 1 extra slot. You can add up to 53 obsidian leather (54 slots. The size of a vanilla large chest) in it.

2) Rename:

Click on the inventory name to focus it. Now you can rename the backpack to anything you want. Keep in mind that the name cannot be longer then 32 chars at the moment.

3) Compartment Slots:

Compartment slots can be filled with various compartments. A list of compartments and their effects can be found below. There are a maximum of 3 compartment slots per backpack. Only one is unlocked at the beginning. To get more you will have to add more obsidian leather in the upgrade slot (17 obsidian leather unlocks the second slot and 35 obsidian leather unlocks the third slot).

4) Dye Slot:

The dye slot can be filled with any vanilla dye. If you do so, the backpack will be colored with the given dye color.

5) Privacy Button:

If you press the privacy button the backpack will be changed from private mode to public mode or vice versa. You can find more informations about backpack privacy below.


Spoiler (click to hide)



Compartments are basically upgrades with some usefull effects for your backpack.

Current compartments:

Basic: The basic compartment has no effect. It's only used to craft other compartments. You can craft it with one obsidian leather.

Soulbound: If you die while having a backpack with this compartment in your inventory you will keep the backpack with all items in it. Needs one nether star.

Pickup: Picked up items go automatically in the upgraded backpack if they are already at least once in it. For example if your backpack contains 1 redstone and you pick up another redstone the redstone will go in the backpack instead of in your inventory. Needs one hopper.

Empty: Shift-Rightclick an inventory block to move everything from the upgraded backpack in the inventory block. Needs one cauldron.

Infinite: Allows you to put other backpacks in the upgraded backpack. This can lead to an infinite storage system. Needs one diamond block.

Incinerate: Turns your backpack in a portable trash can. Items in the backpack will get destroyed immediately. Be careful with this compartment! Needs one lava bucket.

Armored: Gives the upgraded backpack a higher protection value (3 Armor Points instead of 1/2 Armor Point). Needs an iron chestplate.

Swap: Press the 'Swap Hotbar' key (the default for it is 'V') while having the upgraded backpack in your inventory to swap all items of your hotbar with all items of the backpack's first 9 slots. This doesn't swap backpacks so it's not recommended to have any backpacks in your hotbar while swaping. Needs one gold block.

Guarded: Players who are not owners of the backpack take damage and receive slowness if they try to open it. Owners of the upgraded backpack also receive a message that someone tried to open their backpack.

Quivered: Shooting with a bow, consumes arrows from the backpack instead of the inventory but you need at least one arrow in your inventory. Needs one leather.

Ender: Turns the backpack into a portable ender chest. Needs one ender chest.

Sending: Shift-Rightclick an inventory block to select a location. All items in the backpack will be sent to the inventory. You have to be in the same dimension or the inventory block has to be in the overworld (at the moment). Needs one sending controller which can be crafted with 4 ender eyes, 4 redstone blocks and 1 diamond block or nether star.

Creative: Items in the backpack will not get removed if you try to take them out. Cannot be crafted and can only be received with commands or within the creative tab!


Spoiler (click to hide)

Backpack Privacy and Commands

This mod also adds a privacy system for the backpacks to the game.

If you craft a backpack you will become the owner of it. By typing the command /backpack addowner <player> you can add other players to the backpack's owner list. You can also remove owners by typing /backpack removeowner <player>. The names of the owners will be displayed by pressing shift while hovering over the backpack in any inventory. The owner names are also used by the mode system.

There are 2 modes for every backpack:

Public - Public means that everyone can access the backpack's inventory as well as the upgrade inventory.

Private - Private means that only owners can access the backpack's inventory and the upgrade inventory.

You can switch between these modes by pressing the privacy button in the upgrade inventory.

Besides addowner and removeowner this mod also adds in 2 more commands. By typing /backpack whohasmybackpack every online player who has one of your backpacks will be printed in the chat. This command can only be used by operators.

The last command is /backpack help which prints all important informations about the other commands in the chat.


  • Update to 1.10+
  • Make the 'sending' compartment functional in other dimensions
  • A decent armor model for the backpack item
  • Replace all commands with something different/cooler
  • More compartments (suggestions are very welcome <3)


Q: Can I use your mod in my modpack?

A: Sure!

Q: Where is the source code?

A: I'm a pretty bad coder and just a java newbie. I don't think you will find my source code somehow useful.

Q: Where can I post suggestions or crash reports then?

A: For suggestions just use the comment section (suggestions are very welcome <3) and for crash reports send me a private message or write a comment with a pastebin link.

Q: Can I have an imaginary cookie?

A: Only if you leave a nice comment. :p

and @P3pp3rF1y with Reliquary
P3pp3rF1y said:
Reliquary 1.9.4-
Replaced hunter's handgun model with a new one by Wiiv
Replaced sounds of firing and reloading to better match the gun
Added support for dual firing the guns if held in both hands (Alternates between the two)
Modified shots so that these start on the side of gun that fired
Readded chest loot so yet again some Reliquary goodies can be found in loot chests
Replaced mob drop logic with more standard mob loot tables

Fixed Rending gale that got broken by one of the forge fixes


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of The One Probe 1.0.11 for MC 1.9.4:


  • Protection against things throwing exceptions that have no message
  • It is now possible to attach the probe to the iron, gold or diamond helmet. That frees a hand slot for other uses. Other mods can easily suppor this too by tagging the 'theoneprobe' NBT tag to their helmet item

Download: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/245211-the-one-probe


Have fun!


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of Deep Resonance 1.2.0beta35 for MC 1.9.4:

1.2.0beta35 (MC1.9.4):
  • The valve now has redstone mode support
  • The valve now defaults to 100/100/100% to make sure that after placement it doesn't send liquid down immediatelly
  • Fundamentally changed how the laser works:
    • Previously it would take 500mb out of the tank, infuse that and then reinsert that liquid into the tank (causing it to mix with what is already there). This method has some issues. Say you have a laser catalyst that adds 10% purity with a maximum of 100%. If the tank contains 1000mb of RCL at 95% purity then with the previous system it would extract 500mb (which is still at 95% purity) add 10% purity which will end up at 100% purity since it is capped to 100 and then reinsert that 500mb of 100% pure liquid into the tank. This would result in 1000 mb RCL of 97.5% purity. This is wasteful since essentially the catalyst was only half used.
    • With the new system it will always operate on the entire tank at once. So with a tank of 1000mb of RCL at 95% purity it will get all that liquid, add 5% purity (since the catalyst adds 10% for 500mb it would add 5% for 1000mb) and reinsert 1000 mb of 100% pure liquid. This is much more correct and less wasteful.
    • When purity goes below 0% the RCL that is destroyed is always 200mb now (per consumed catalyst).
  • Fixed localized name of machine frame
  • Fixed poisoned dirt model in hand

Download: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/233398-deep-resonance

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
ArmorPlus has been updated for Minecraft Versions 1.9.4

Mod's Versions 1.9.4- with some updates from

Mod Feedback page: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/157530/

Link to the Mod's Wiki: http://ftb.gamepedia.com/ArmorPlus

{Features Added}
  • JEI Support
{Features Changed}
  • Minor API Changes
{Features Changed}
  • ArmorPlus Book changed a bit
  • Changed the way Achievements Work
  • Recipe Handling Changed
{Features Added}
  • Now Almost all the recipes need to be done via the Armor Forge


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
Released RFTools 4.66 for MC 1.9.4 (and maybe 1.10, didn't have time to test):

  • Added more debugging options for TOP display for the endergenic generator
  • Support for TOP for the sequencer and the ender monitor
  • Fixed a bug with the ender monitor block not working when it was placed vertically on top of the endergenic generator
  • Fixed an issue with the logic blocks sometimes trying to access properties on air. This could cause rare and non-reproducable client-side crashes

Download: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools

Have fun!


Wiki Staff
Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
Some more improvements to the dungeons in GregTech 6 this week, along with some other fixes.


GregoriusT said:
[FIXED] Some Issue in the Adv Crafting Table.
[FIXED] Exorbitant Plow Durability Loss.
[FIXED] Security Leak in Key Locked Safes. Not gonna mention Details though, but make sure you are not using Key Locked Safes until this Update.
[CHANGED] Piston Doors to use colored CFoam rather than Vanilla Metal/Gem Blocks.
[ADDED] Magnifying Glasses can be used to show whats inside a Shelf without "taking out the Item, opening the inventory and hovering over it to see its tooltip".
[ADDED] Different Icons for different Forestry Letter Sizes in the GT Bookshelf.
[ADDED] Redstoned Versions of the GT Bricks. (and used them to power the Redstone Lamps in the Strongholds)
[ADDED] Spawn Height and Room Density Config for GT Strongholds.
[ADDED] Barracks to the GT Strongholds.
[ADDED] Chests to "T" shaped Corridor Segments. Also improved Corridor placement by optimizing useless Corridors away.
[ADDED] Surface Entrance, meaning it is visible on Surface now, meaning I can half the chance so it is 5% instead of 10% to be within the currently loaded chunks.
[ADDED] End Portal Room. This can be turned off in the Config though.
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Jul 29, 2019
ArmorPlus has been updated for Minecraft Versions 1.9.4

Mod's Versions 1.9.4- with some updates from

Mod Feedback page: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/157530/

Link to the Mod's Wiki: http://ftb.gamepedia.com/ArmorPlus

{Features Added}
  • You can now Enable/Disable The Ultimate Armor's (full set) Invincibility
{Features Changed}
  • Armor
    • Now if the Player doesn't wear the full set of The Ultimate Armor will get the de-buffs (Poisson, Blindness, Slowness)
{Features Changes}
  • Commands
    • Changed How commands work, now they are more organized
    • Removed the ArmorPlus Book Command
  • Updated zh_CN Lang File with the latest information


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @RWTema with Extra Utilities
RWTema said:
Extra Utilities 2 1.10 Alpha 1.0.0
- This is not 100% backwards compatible with 1.9.4 and some things may crash

- Added Furnace (Smelts items)

- Added Crusher (Crushes ores into 2x dust, recipes still WIP)

- Added Generator (generates 40RF/T)

- Added Drums (uses new fluid system)

- Added Fluid Transfer Nodes

- Added Fluid Filters (can be used in fluid transfer nodes and transfer filters)

- Added Placeholder recipe items, enchanted ingots and demonic ingots (not implemented yet)

- Watering can now works with fake players but at reduced efficiency and higher water cost

- Temporarilly disabled coremod and spotlights.

- Fix transfer nodes duplication glitch

- Reworked Modelling system to be better compatible with other mods

- Transfer pipes no longer require a tool to be broken

- Fix transfer pipes not dropping correctly

- Levers/Buttons can be placed on Redstone clocks on any side

- Indexers can now store request multiple requests

- Indexers support the JEI text filter to filter items

- Using JEI Recipe Transfer button in the indexer gui will request all the ingredients associated with that recipe

- JEI item radar ping control now works on any GUI

- Change JEI resonator gui

- Improve memory use in NBT matching

and @Ellpeck with Tool Head Swapper
Ellpeck said:

This mod is pretty simple. It allows you to swap heads of pickaxes, axes, shovels and other tools for other materials.

For example, you can take a stone pickaxe and exchange its head for an iron one just by placing the pickaxe and an iron ingot into a crafting grid. By default, the durability from the old tool will be carried over to the new one, meaning that if you make a diamond pickaxe from an iron one that has 200 durability left, the diamond one will also have 200 durability left.

This works for all vanilla and modded tools by default.

Changing durability behavior and blacklisting items can be done via the config file.

and @koxhack with Better Agriculture
koxhack said:
Better Agriculture (MC-1.10)-(MC-1.9.4)-0.16


  • Barn Roof
  • Barn Roof Stair
  • Roof Tile
  • Roof Tile Stair
  • Thatch Roof
  • Thatch Roof Stair
  • Accacia Stock Tank
  • Birch Stock Tank
  • Dark Oak Stock Tank
  • Jungle Stock Tank
  • Oak Stock Tank
  • Spruce Stock Tank
  • Stone Stock Tank
  • Brick Wall (WIP)

and @ciber22 with Tech Backpack
ciber22 said:
the best and simplest way to transport your items

how to create?


what i can put?


what more?



Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools Dimensions 4.30beta44 for MC 1.9.4 and 1.10 (same jar works for both versions!):

  • The Dimension Editor is back (from 1.7.10)
  • Special dimlets are implemented again but they are currently not craftable in the workbench
  • Added the time absorber back from 1.7.10
  • Also time dimlets are now again supported

Download: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/240950-rftools-dimensions

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
Final 1.7.10 bugfix update for AbyssalCraft has been released:
  • If you for some reason manage to exceed the max energy values, the Staff of Rending will reset the value and give you a essence
  • Fixed random crashes occurring when hitting entities from certain angles
  • There is no longer a limit on how many rituals can be displayed per section
  • You can now add infinite pages to a Necronomicon Category
  • Added information regarding Shoggoth infestations to the Potential Energy section of Ritual Information
  • Removed the Update Checker (this is the last ever 1.7.10 release, so no need for that)
  • The message that should appear in chat when the "Ritual of reversed time" is performed will now display
  • Boss messages shouldn't display twice while in multiplayer
  • The fire rain disruption has been reduced to 8 fireballs (previously 20)
  • You can no longer brew any AbyssalCraft potions
  • The Staff of rending should now sync better when reaching the max energy values
  • The achievement for reaching Omothol is now given when entering Omothol
  • Failing to complete a ritual now triggers a Disruption
  • Things added to the crystal list are now properly regarded as crystals
  • The death animation for J'zahar has been changed slightly (including a new sound effect, courtesy of Funwayguy)
  • Fixed crashes related to being teleported to the Dark Realm