What's new in modded minecraft today?


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May 13, 2014
Version 2.77 of RFTools has been released with a few fixes:

  • Added proper syncing from server to clients in case the crafter is updated. Previously it was possible that a player could not see a new recipe that was set on the crafter by another player.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with the XP not updating after a teleport.
  • It is now possible to actually rename a dimension in the enscriber. Just put the realized dimension tab back in it and change the name. Note that this does notchange the name of the receiver that might be in that dimension. You have to do that manually.
  • Fixed a serious bug where shift-wrenching an RFTools machine will make it go away.
  • More work on the space projector. Not ready yet.

Curse: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/aj87a25j2hpqr6j/rftools-2.77.jar

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ProfMobius with Prattle
ProfMobius said:
Prattle 0.0.9
  • ADDED : Config option to switch between 24h and am/pm timestamp notation.
  • ADDED : /prattle command will display a list of all the commands relative to Prattle.
  • FIXED : Missing chat messages from mods when starting the game.
  • FIXED : Changing the name of the chans in the config file shouldn't create duplicated channels anymore. #global & #local will be renamed properly. If you already changed the name of the global and local chans in your config, you should delete the file data\Prattle.dat in your world.
  • FIXED : Proper click handling in the chat window. Should fix broken link handling and broken username clicking.
  • FIXED : Replying to private messages when the username contains special formatting chars will not kick the user anymore.
  • API : 2 new events to play with. PrattleMouseEvent.ChatClick & PrattleMouseEvent.ChatHover. Those are triggered upon clicking or hovering some text in the chat window. They contain the corresponding element, the full chat line and the position or pressed mouse button.
  • API : Added a PrattleAPI class with some nice methods. It is now possible to query the currently opened channel for a player and send messages directly to a given channel.
and @VapourDrive with Magnanimous Tools
VapourDrive said:
Magnanimous Tools 0.1.4a
  • Added saplings, they are rare drops from the leaves but you still get ~3 per tree
  • Added many config options for the saplings and tree gen check out the new file, everything is well exlained
  • Changed the textures for the leaves a bit, made them lighter to work with the colour multiplier.
  • Added the the ability to disable all of the tools
and @hilburn with Steve's Addons
hilburn said:
Steve's Addons 0.10.5
  • Crafters can use Liquid out of tanks instead of buckets
and @XCompWiz with Mystcraft
XCompWiz said:
  • [Visuals]It's now possible to place Ink Mixers, Link Modifiers, and Book Binders such that they face the player
  • [BugFix]Fixes blank pages not being removable from portfolios
  • [BugFix]Fixes paper being destroyed when dumping notebooks into portfolios
  • [ModCompat]Forces Mystcraft world providers to report the DEFAULT world type (though worldInfo reports "save level" type)
  • [ModCompat]Attempting to rotate Ink Mixers, Link Modifiers, or Book Binders with a wrench causes the block to rotate clockwise
  • [API]Adds IItemPortalActivator which can be applied to an Item to allow it to activate Mystcraft portals and control what happens on collision
and @superckl with BiomeTweaker
superckl said:
BiomeTweaker 0.7.49
  • Added more flexible ways of specifying biomes IDs. Check the wiki.
  • Added ability to disable forcing of color event calls. This will fix the issue with QuiverBows on servers if disabled.
  • Added a few custom BiomeTweakEvent for other mods to hook into.
  • Added a logo file.
and @Lomeli12 with Trophy Slots
Lomeli12 said:
Trophy Slots 1.2.3
  • Fixes disable slot rendering when the player has a potion effect
  • Fixes disable slot rendering in Applied Energistics machines
  • Locked slot buttons just use button id 0 now. They're disabled anyway, shouldn't really care if they share an id with another button if you can't even use them.
  • When the player picks up an item and it ends up in a locked slot, it will now see if there's an empty slot that it can go into first before dropping it, hopefully stopping people from dropping items off skyblocks when shift-clicking items to one's inventory.


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Jul 29, 2019
Because lasers are awesome, doy.

Edit: quasi ninja'd by J, and as we all know, ninja's are also awesome.
Probably has some special functionality. Also, in case you hadn't noticed, LASERS ARE FUCKING COOL!

The beauty of Build-craft was its refinement. It didn't add on unnecessary content because it sounded cool. Furnaces have been done to death by other mods. If lasers are so cool then they should be used for cool laser purposes.


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Jul 29, 2019
Vazkii updated Botania (1.6-181),
  • Added the Corporea Interceptor, a new corporea block that intercepts requests and emits a redstone signal if they're not successful. Automation~
  • Changed Corporea Funnel texture sides.
  • Fixed Dreamwood Slab and Dreamwood Plank Slab's pick block in creative being flipped.
  • Flowers that come from addon mods will now have a line in the tooltip saying so.
  • Made the Soujourner's Sash not aggressively set the player's step height again. This fixes it not resetting when it's unequipped.
  • [API] Added ICorporeaInterceptor for corporea blocks that wish to intercept requests.
  • [API] Added IManaSpreader for Mana Spreader blocks and mana burst interaction. (SoundLogic).
  • [API] Added setFake() to IManaBurst. (SoundLogic)
  • [API] Fixed VanillaPacketDispatcher depending on the internal MathHelper class.
  • [API] LexiconEntries now have a getWebLink() function that can be used to have a custom "View Online" button. This removes the need to check for IAddonEntry when adding the button.
  • [API] Registering a SubTile now binds the current mod ID to the key.
  • [API] SubTileSignatures now have access to the tooltip list.
  • [API] Increased version number to 43
10paktimbits updated PlantMega Pack for 1.8 (5.02),
Added: recipes to craft water chestnut and lettuce into a food
Changed: floating water chestnut no longer drops food - must be crafted
Changed: floating water lettuce no longer drops food - must be crafted
Changed: prickly pear cactus behaves like berry bush: right-click at full growth to harvest
Changed: crop plants default drop rate to 50% from 20% - now matches vanilla
Fixed: recipe for orange and red stuffed peppers not working
Fixed: reset all plants causes crash
10paktimbits updated PlantMega Pack for 1.7.10 (4.16A)
Added: decorator defaults files
Lumiem updated Random Things for 1.8 (1.8-3.4)
Added: Lava Charm
Added: Lava Waders
Added: Obsidian Skull & Obsidian Skull Ring & Obsidian Water Walking Boots
Added: Magic Hood
Added: Coloring the enchantment glow in the dyeing machine
Changed: All Core Mod output is now written to the DEBUG log instead of the INFO one


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Jul 29, 2019
10paktimbits updated PlantMega Pack for 1.7.10 (4.16A)
Forgot to add the changelog for version 4.16 (1.7.10).

10paktimbits said:
Added: 4 beach plants
Added: 9 crop plants
Added: 7 forest plants
Added: 1 grass plant
Added: corn flour and rice food wraps
Added: vanilla flowers, except sunflower, can be crafted into hanging plants
Added: all ferns can be crafted into a foliage hanging plant
Added: crafting medicinal salves can use the actual plant or the flower of certain plants
Changed: berry/fruit drink recipe
Changed: you can mix the 2 different rice while crafting cooked rice
Changed: celery can now be used to craft food wraps
Changed: default effectiveness of advanced plant powders is now 90%
Changed: corals use gravel sound instead of wood
Changed: empty food wrap recipe now shaped and uses 3 ingredients and return 3 wraps
Changed: lowered hardness of cactus plants slightly
Changed: hanging plants can now attach to underside of cobblestone walls
Changed: rebalanced hunger/saturation values on most food items
Changed: plant powders now work on vanilla cactus and sugar cane


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Dec 24, 2013
The beauty of Build-craft was its refinement. It didn't add on unnecessary content because it sounded cool. Furnaces have been done to death by other mods. If lasers are so cool then they should be used for cool laser purposes.
The beauty of BuildCraft is that it had a big ecosystem of mods working with it. Nowadays, that's dead, so we're trying to make up - and instead become an ecosystem of our own.

Assuming you're only playing with BuildCraft, which more and more people are, furnaces which take power are pretty useful. And it's time to do a fresh take on these anyway.

(No, we're not adding ore processing. Don't even try to ask.)

(And yes - laser furnaces were planned before I took up development. Much before, in fact.)