What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
Next up it's EvilCraft with Update 0.8.4:
As always, don't forget to backup your world before updating!

* Add '/ignite username [duration]' command for ops.

* Add buildup period of 3 seconds for Vengeance Spirits spawned by killing. In this period they can not attack or move.
* Add /ec basecommand alias.
* Add Bowl of Empty Promises tooltip saying not used up in crafting.
* Avoid creating entity renderers twice.
* Update fr_FR.lang

* Avoid registering Dark Tank with buggy Fluids. Closes #220
* Fix werewolf transform crash when werewolf villagers are disabled. Closes #218
* Catch zero chance arguments for Vengeance Pickaxe spirit spawning.


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Jul 29, 2019
Hey guys, do you think GregTech is a cool mod but are annoyed at having to deal with multiple incompatible energy systems?
Fear not for Greg is working on RF engines!
That image... what is up with the map??? Also, he's decided to allow other energy systems back into his domain?


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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
That image... what is up with the map??? Also, he's decided to allow other energy systems back into his domain?
You can only convert from Greg's energy to RF, not the other way around. Greg also has multiple energy types such as rotation, heat, steam, and electricity.
The map shows Greg probably experimenting with explosions.


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Jul 29, 2019
Puh. I got kinda scared. RF is overused. I want the IC era to come back...
You want to power your stuff a dozzen different ways go ahead and do it no one is stopping you. But don't force others to do the same.
Over-engineering should be a choice not something forced upon you.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Tuhljin with Automagy
Tuhljin said:
Automagy 0.22
  • Added the alchemical boiler.
  • Added an upgrade system for the thirsty tank in the form of glyphs. The following glyphs are included: Void, Consumption, Siphoning, Envy, Temperance, Preservation, Guzzler, Reservoir, and Bovine.
  • Added aqueous admixture (for crafting glyphs).
  • Added vishroom soup. First you want to eat it, now you want to swim in it? Are you mad??
  • Added mushroom soup and milk (liquids). Config options exist to have Automagy use the mod MineFactory Reloaded's equivalent liquids instead when possible (enabled by default).
  • The research for vishroom soup requires scanning vishroom stew. If you have already scanned it using a previous version, you MIGHT need to use knowledge fragments or op commands to unlock it. (This research is informational only at this time. It doesn't unlock any crafting recipes.)
  • Added a new op command: /automagy (alias /tca). Use it to remove a specified item from a player's list of scanned items or to empty that list entirely.
  • The recipes that turn a runic whitelist into a runic blacklist and vice versa now preserve the filter data of the original list.
  • Recipes were added to copy filter data from one runic whitelist/blacklist to another. Simply place the two of them in an arcane crafting table. The first's data is copied to the second.
  • Fixed thirsty tank not returning empty buckets when filled using certain items such as a bucket of liquid death or a bucket of purifying fluid.
  • Thirsty tank operates slightly slower than before but can be upgraded to be much faster.
  • If the thirsty tank hasn't found a source block it can fill itself with for some time, it will check less frequently until it finds one.
  • Hungry/finical maw is no longer knocked down by liquids like water.
  • Fixed some rendering issues with the thirsty tank and other blocks with transparent/translucent elements.
  • Fixed an issue where the version checker message could include incorrect information if the site it checks can be reached but is having problems.
  • API: Added interfaces to help mods integrate better with the Vis Reader and the Essentia Locus. (IAspectContainerWithMax and IEssentiaLocusReadable, respectively.)
and @Shad0wB1ade with Solar Expansion
Shad0wB1ade said:
Solar Expansion 1.5a
This is the BASIC version of the mod which means that this is of normal users. If you are a modpack/map creator I recommend you go to the EDITABLE version.
  • Added Solar Helmets, after many requests. MANY REQUESTS! (me)
  • Updated ru_RU.lang (me)
  • Added ko_KR.lang (nark31)
  • Added a recipe to convert Lapis Shards back into Lapis Lazuli... it was intended to be in from the beginning, derp! (me)
  • Bumped Minecraft Forge version to but old ones should work just fine. (me)
Just some info about the Solar Helmets:
When you have no blocks above you, it is not raining and it is daytime the helmet will charge itself. The helmet charges other items in your inventory and the speed is the energy transfer of the solar panel. It can charge multiple items at a time. Lets say you the helmet makes 64RF/t and you have 8 items in your inventory that need charging, each one is going to receive 16RF/t because the energy transfer of a solar panel is 2x the energy generation and all that divided by 8 is going to be 16RF/t. (I am horrible at explaining things, I'm sorry :( )

Editable version will come later... :( been really busy IRL.
and @Lunatrius with Schematica
Lunatrius said:
  • Fixed the printer not working under certain circumstances
  • Fixed Tile Entities rendering even if there was a block already placed
  • Added cocoa beans to the placement registry
  • Added banners to the ignore list
and @KakesRevenge with No Nether Needed
KakesRevenge said:
This mod adds :
Quartz Ore generated in the overworld
Nether Gate everything from this mod is crafted from this item (50 uses)
Recipes to all items/blocks from the nether

Recipes showcase in images section.
Press F3 + H to show durability.

Inspired by kandivia's pocket nether link.

Feel free to use this mod in your private modpack, but please notify me if you want to use this in a public modpack.
Please write your advice! :)
and @neptunepink with Factorization
neptunepink said:
Factorization 0.8.89
  • Chinese translations by catmunyi!
  • French Canadian translations by DragonsLover!
  • Furnace heaters can now cook entities
  • Add hinges. Blocks can be placed on them, and clicking will turn them
  • Position selection bounding box properly on moving DSEs
  • Selection bounding box of rotated blocks won't obscure selection of normal blocks
  • Refactored dark iron ore worldgen to hopefully be involved in less worldgen crashes.
  • (The Colossus still remains as it was, but at least it is fairly rare & usually not too big; silver ore's probably harmless)
  • Fix sculpture bugs that caused bad rotation/cook state
  • The config option for using the manual without the manual was backwards
  • Hammer can be disabled; this will also disable things that require Hammer.


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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
Greg's RF steam engine update is out!
That's right, you can now power your RF machines with GregTech!
[FIXED] Storage Blocks and Ores saving an empty NBT Object inside themselves instead of a null, what wastes a bit of Memory.
[FIXED] GT Renderer not being able to render GT Models.
[FIXED] RF Compat not working on some Blocks for weird Reasons. Maybe CJ is having an old RF API in RC, or something else is borked with the RF Interface Hierarchy.
Steam Engines for emitting Kinetic Energy (KU, not to confuse with the kU of IC²).
They can emit up to twice the Energy displayed on the Tooltip, so there is a bit of tolerance.
BUT if they reach the x2 margin they release the Steam and shut down and therefore loose the Energy and you need to Rubber Hammer them to start them back up.
Also suitable as RF Engines with a loss of at least 50%.
They emit the used Steam (currently directly distilled water, later "used" Steam) to the Sides if possible so you can collect it for distilled water.
Note: You will only get 80% of the distilled Water back!
Currently no fancy Piston Animation on the Engine.


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Jul 29, 2019
@XCompWiz Mystcraft
XCompWiz said:
This build has various fixes and improvements to the baseline profiling system.
This includes some in-game notifications and indication to expect lag, as well as an option to prevent clients from connecting while a dedicated server is profiling.
Lots of performance improvements, so the lag should be very manageable now.

I’ve moved my downloads over to CurseForge. Existing downloads on my blog here will remain, but all future ones will be over on CurseForge. This will hopefully simplify things.


EDIT: I’ve pushed to fix a critical bug in generation. The Vanilla-Mystcraft mappings got flipped, so terrain was all wrong.

Check the Mystcraft Forums for updates and the change log.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Funwayguy with RecipeResearch
Funwayguy said:
RecipeResearch 1.0.11
  • Fixed NPE crash in table GUI
  • Recipes are now unhidden automatically when researched
  • Server now synchronizes research data with clients
  • Server syncs hide setting with clients
  • Research tooltips
  • New 'How to Research Recipes' book
  • Moved some API stuff to its own file
  • Added automatic Curse Forge uploading
and @Tmtravlr with Music Choices
Tmtravlr said:
Music Choices 1.0_beta5
  • Added battle music (doesn't work exactly the same as the battle music mod, but hopefully should add some awesome tunes to your fights!)
  • Added priority for songs
  • Added biome and biome type blacklists
  • Removed block/entity music (wasn't working well)
  • Fixed a ton of bugs
  • There are probably some other things I can't think of right now
and @Lycanite with Lycanites Mobs
Lycanite said:
Lycanites Mobs
Lycanites Mobs Update: Tooth and Claw Version for Minecraft 1.7.10
Configs older than will be reset.
New Features:
  • New Forest Mob Added: Warg
Major Fixes:
  • Fixed a crashed caused by the familiar GUI when rending an icon that can't be found, for now an empty entry is shown instead of a crash, I'm looking into fully fixing this issue though.
Config Changes:
  • Health is now fuylly configurable like all other stats, allowing for difficulty modifiers, per mob modifiers and per mob boosts.
  • By default all mobs will have 10% extra health on Hard difficulty.
  • All mounts with melee attacks will now melee their rider's attack target.
  • Pure Lava will now turn any water block into stone.
  • Dwellers now inflict the poison debuff.
  • Halved the mobs spawned from Raptor Rampage.
and @Mamiya0taru with VoxelMap
Mamiya0taru said:
VoxelMap 1.7.10
  • performance improvement: empty regions do not count towards the region pool size. Loading an empty region will never cause a non-empty region to unload (saving having to possibly re-load it later). Empty regions also use no memory now
  • teleport in Nether works much better. Tp will go to the surface the world map knows about. If no surface at that X/Z, will check above and below to find one (everywhere for SP, loaded chunks for MP). If none found, TP not allowed so you don't end up inside a wall
  • player icons reflect whether the player has his hat layer turned off
  • waypoint icons in icon selector sorted alphabetically
and @iChun with iChunUtil
iChun said:
iChunUtil 4.2.1
  • Much needed ATs added in for future purposes