What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
Instead of 1.2.5 to 1.7.10 I decided to go backwards and do 1.7.10 in alpha 1.2.6.



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May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools 2.73 with mostly mod compatibility stuff as well as some config cleanup and rebalancing:

  • Many cross-mod compatibility improvements:
    • Energy Module and RF Monitor can now properly read Mekanism energy cubes and convert to RF.
    • Energy Module and RF Monitor should be able to read the Draconic Evolution energy storage (might need a dev version of DE).
    • Inventory Module understands and correctly shows the amount of items in the MFR DSU and Jabba Barrel. It will shorten the amount using suffixes if it is too big to fit.
    • ComputerCraft support for all blocks that supported OpenComputers: shield projector, dialing device, dimension builder, and screen controller.
    • Support for Recurrent Complex to add custom structure dimlets. To do this you need to add something like: 'recurrentcomplex.<dimletname> = <type>' to the 'recurrentcomplex' section in the main configuration. The <dimletname> should be the name you want the dimlet to have in game and <type> should be a dimension type which Recurrent Complex can use to control structure spawning. See http://minecraft-recurrent-complex.wikia.com/wiki/Guide:_Building_a_Structure and http://minecraft-recurrent-complex.wikia.com/wiki/Guide:_Making_a_Maze for more information on Recurrent Complex and how to export structures.
    • Moved Infusable to the public API for RFTools so other mods can now add infusable blocks if they want.
    • Documented MachineInformation interface so that other mods can now also support the Machine Information screen module.
  • Big restructure of the dimlet type specific configuration. This configuration is now handled by the type itself and also modularized into a single config section per type. That makes it much easier to configure a given type as everything will be together. It is recommended to delete your configs and manually reapply any changes that you want to do. Otherwise you will have a big mess of old and new config values.
  • Big change in how modifier relative costs are calculated. In the past it was just a single factor for using a material/liquid together with a terrain or feature. Now it is smarter as it classifies the features into 4 classes and uses a different factor depending on that. That means that for example it will be cheaper to use diamond block with 'oregen' feature compared to using diamond block with tendrils. This makes sense because with tendrils it is much easier to find the diamond blocks and there are also a lot more. Same for liquids. Shallow ocean feature is now almost as expensive as using the liquid as a base liquid for oceans. A consequence of this change is that the base material cost (for terrain) has lowered slightly, the cost when using materials with oregen is lower but the cost when using materials with tendrils and canyons will be higher. This is of course all configurable.
  • The Mob Default dimlet is back from vacation.
  • Fixed crafting recipe for the dimlet filter. The unknown dimlet was missing.
  • Rebalanced Gelid Cryotheum as it was way too expensive for what it is.
  • Fixed the MachineInformation screen module so that it remembers the information when the gui is opened/closed.

Curse: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gohgupx8yf555ml/rftools-2.73.jar

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
New EnderIO update!

(Hopefully) Final 2.2.8 patch

Bugs Fixed:
- Fix occasional crash when using dark tools right-click-place
- Fix odd block drop behavior that sometimes caused dupes with mod interaction
- Disable the wither skeleton replacement (for now)
- Fix dupe involving vat fluids
- Fix right clicking on vacuum chest placing the block in the player's hand
- Fix dupe involving buffers
- Fix lag from excessive buffer render updates


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Jul 29, 2019
hovering over any hyperlink in chrome anyway shows the actual url in the bottom left corner so if you memorize the rick link yeah its easy to tell

I cba to remember a rick link, tbh I rarely click links from people I don't know :p

this is why i developed a plugin for chrome that checks the webpage ahead of time to check for rick rolls and alerts me if it is one so i dont get fooled >.>


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Mar 11, 2014
For all your dirty needs:
Tired of having those useless rocks cluttering your storage? Look no further! This mod allows you to convert diamonds into dirt via the crafting table.


And for players who loves to use those rocks as decorations.

It might be worth noting that the diamond crafted from dirt are fake :p
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