What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
tterag1098 has updated EnderIO to
(Hopefully (again)) Final 2.2.8 patch

Bugs Fixed:
- Fix modifying ore dictionary itemstack sizes
- Fix conduit rendering issues
- Fix flickering arrows on item conduits
- Fix odd rendering when doing breaking animations
- Fix capacitors dropped in explosions being creative
- Fix breaking a conduit/facade removing the entire bundle regardless of what else it contained
- Add a default oredict preference for nether quartz dust
- Fix crash when updating cap bank IO mode adjacent to certain blocks
- Fix WAILA plugin always removing RF values
- Fix obelisk rendering becoming choppy as the world ages
- Fix issues with WAILA on conduits inside hidden bundles
- Fix crashes with WAILA handler
jaquadro has updated Storage Drawers to 1.3.6
  • Fix possible stack overflow crash when connecting drawer controller to mod pipes/blocks (observed with Thermal Dynamics).
Drayshak has updated Endertech to
  • Added translations: Traditional Chinese, German, Canadian French,
  • Better logging for tile entity failures,
  • Updated credits with new username ("Drayshak" -> "voxelcarrot"),
  • Bump CoFHLib, Forge versions.


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Jul 29, 2019
I finally released my first mod ^^ It's called GigaTech. It is a Gregtech like addon for Thermal Expansion.
So far, only adds a few things and what not, so if you want a download it and check it out here is the link

Please do not submit links to 18+ sites. Even as a joke.


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Jul 29, 2019
yeah, the 18+ thing is likely a reference to what the thing is based on. For reference, it's called 'leetspin'
See not bad ;u; I would never post anything that would be sexual or harmful to anything or anyone. ;u; You guys are too awesome for dat <3
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @jakimfett with Werkbench
jakimfett said:

Werkbench adds an upgraded and modified version of the standard crafting table.

You can find it in the "Decoration Blocks" creative tab. Place chest (double or single) on the sides for extra storage.

Crafting recipe:


Known bugs:
* none at the moment (fingers crossed), please report anything on the issue tracker.

Requires CodeChickenCore (for now).

This mod is developed and maintained by jakimfett
Special thanks to RazzleberryFox (of DecoCraft fame) for the amazing model.

Patreon supporters get pre-release builds and sneak peaks at features.

and @nekosune with Thaumic Tinkerer
nekosune said:
Thaumic Tinkerer 163
  • Fixed some mistakes in Chinese language file.
  • Removed hardcoded apis, and moved some changes accidentally added to Master back to develop
  • Fixed ShadowBeam particle:
  • Added new blacklist objects for mods Fixed #638
  • Kill language handler
  • Fixed previous PR
  • Fixed #636 . is a bit hacky right now, but Should work
  • Fixes #583
  • Fixed #602
  • Unerfed XP focus a bit
  • Fixed ItemFocusSmelt sound
  • Fixed #517
  • Disabled imbued fire crafting when config disabled, and added some logging
  • Updated Computer Craft API
  • Fixed #593 Fixed #521
  • Fixed #655
  • Fixes #520
  • Hopefully fixed #663
  • Fixed #674
  • Removed some tt changes to see if fixes
  • Fixes #696
  • Fix enderchest dupe bug
  • updated APIs and fixed #706
  • Fixed #705 Trasvector Interface now works fully with RF devices again
  • Fixed #691 Made sure the light slowly disapears from the world

and @Ivorius with Recurrent Complex
Ivorius said:
Recurrent Complex 0.9.6
  • New: Lightweight Mode, which allows the mod to run without clients having to install it. Yay servers!
  • New: 'Shape' preview type, which actually previews the structure itself somewhat (enabled by default)
  • New: 'Village' spawn type, which spawns a structure directly in a village
  • New: 6 houses that spawn in villages
  • New: /#lookup, which tells the player information about specific structures (author, link, metadata, whether they are active)
  • New: /#crop, /#expand, /#shrink to modify selections
  • New: /#importschematic now supports block mappings, which will make the schematics compatible across different worlds. This is compatible with Schematica's Mappings.
  • New: Dependencies in structures are now expressions, which allows for much more freedom
  • New: Config Option to disable structure generation completely in certain biomes
  • Change: Rename 'genericStructure' to 'active', and 'silentStructures' to 'inactive' maintains backwards compatibility
  • Change: /#importschematic now supports spaces in file names (by reordering the parameters)
  • Change: Ruins transformers will now grow moss on more blocks, and drop less items
  • Change: Expressions now support escaped spaces and other special characters with \
  • Change: & and | now share the same precedence in expressions
  • Change: Expressions now show errors even better
  • Change: All weights are now floating point numbers, which allows for more accuracy
  • Fix: Extended Pistons no longer crash the game on generation

and @Elec332 with Custom Villagers
Elec332 said:
Custom Villagers 1.1Beta.12
  • Finished up MineTweaker integration
  • This is easier to use that the configs, using MineTweaker is probably the easiest choise.
  • The configs do of course still work, and always will
  • When minetweaker is detected, the configs are automatically turned off and wont be read, this however can be turned on again in the main config
  • Documentation on the MineTweaker integration can be found on the wiki


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Aug 14, 2013
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Did you miss a word there psp?

I closed the site as soon as I saw giant flashing casino-letters and heard music and saw an "ARE YOU OF AGE" message. The whole thing looked massively nsfw and the actual content was totally irrelevant for anyone wanting to keep their job.