What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
A little heads-up, OpenComputers will be getting 3D Printers in the next release! Which will probably be on Friday. It's in testing right now; if you want to help breaking it (which would be much appreciated), head over to OC's Jenkins and grab a dev build. Here's a little video demonstrating the printer:
It basically allows printing arbitrary decorative blocks (within limits). That may optionally interact with redstone. Will hopefully have a more in-depth description ready by the time I release it... oh, and yes, this works in MC 1.7.10 and 1.8.

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Jul 29, 2019
When did Greg get addicted to updates? :3
24 GT updates in 36 Days is quite impressive, but GT5 had playable steam age after 3 updates, 13 updates for first electric age machines... GT6 now has a firebox and an boiler to make steam but not a single machine.


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Jul 29, 2019
There are tons of people having TPS issues in general with all of the 1.3.x versions of Infinity. It was originally believed to be MobiusCore but 1.3.2 downgraded that and there are still issues.
1.3.4 fixes the TPS issues. In 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 MobiusCore caused a permanent tps issue , 1.3.2 & 1.3.3 a new Mystcraft build caused a temporary tps issue.

Unoffical changelog here:
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ANIMENIAC7 with Enhanced Inventories
Enhanced Inventories 1.0.10
  • Fixed lighting bug with double chests
  • Added ability for you to scroll large inventories with a middle mouse scroll wheel
  • Fixed bug with creative/nei spawned chest converters not having nbt, causing a crash when used
and @Brandon3055 with Draconic Evolution
brandon3055 said:
Draconic Evolution 1.0.1 release candidate 1
  • fixed teleporting mobs with a dislocator on a server crashing the client.
  • added support for other mods to add recipes to the draconium chest.
  • fixed arrows bouncing off of dragons... oops.
  • non fuel items such as empty buckets can now be extracted from the generator.
  • fixed charging exployt with draconium blocks.
  • added block break event to aoe mining tools.
  • added comparator output to the energy pylon.
  • changed. Pylons can now be placed up to 16 blocks above and bellow the core.
  • option to set where the dragon egg will spawn.
  • added option to disable dragon block destruction.
  • added a beam option for the particle gen.
  • added the ability to copy settings from one particle gen to another.
  • added base safe AOE mode.
  • added Crtl + right click to change dig depth.
  • added Ctrl + Shift + right click to change attack aoe.
  • fixed dragon health bar glitchiness.
  • fixed advanced dislocator crash related to moving destinations in the gui.
  • fixed crash when trying to teleport to a dimension that has been removed.
  • fixed staff breaking liquid.
  • fixed tool config gui not accepting enchant type "all".
  • added night vision lock option to draconic helm.
  • added draconium ore, draconium dust, draconium ingot and awakened draconium ingot to the ore dictionary.
  • added ore generation to mod dimensions (configurable)
  • re-added right click information to stabilized mob spawner and energy core.
  • fixed minor syncing issue with the dislocator stand.
  • fixed a little bugines when crafting with the draconic chest.
  • mobs spawned from the stabilized spawner are now only persistent if the spawner has the "ignore players" upgrade.
  • fixed weapon attack damage tool tips.
  • buffed sword and staff attack damage.
  • fixed some enchants not working properly with the swords and staff.
  • fixed dig depth on staff breaking blocks behind player.
  • bows no longer need a single arrow when enchanted with infinity.
  • fixed tools not using energy in 1x1 mode.
  • adjusted mining tool power usage.
  • added option to lock the last 5 slots in the draconic chest.
  • energy core tiers now range from 1 to 7 instead of 0 to 6.
  • reduced the mining level of the stabilized spawner to 1 (iron)
  • added config to disable any blocks or items in the mod
  • removed old config to disable distortion flame and sun dial
  • added config option to limit player speed
  • added Wireless Energy Transceiver
  • added Advanced Wireless Energy Transceiver
and @Gekoreivax with Geko's Lasers
Gekoreivax said:
This mod adds lasers to Minecraft.

Lasers are made with Laserite Ore, which can be found deep underground.

Note that Thermal Expansion (and its dependencies!) are required to be also installed.

Geko's Lasers is still in development, so things will change often! The mod is currently very unbalanced (mainly in regards to power), but it is playable! Your feedback is most appreciated!


Laserite Ore and Laserite Block. They give of low levels of light, and can be mined with an iron pickaxe or better.

Items and Crafting
  • Energized Laserite
    • Put laserite into a Thermal Expansion Energetic Infuser to energise it with Redstone Flux
  • Refined Laserite
    • Pulverizing laserite in a Thermal Expansion Pulverizer will refine it. Refined laserite can be dyed using any Minecraft dye
  • Laser Reactor
    • Crafting energized laserite with 4 diamonds creates a laser reactor - the core of any laser weapon
  • Lasers
    • The laser reactor is used to make cases. Each laser weapon has a different case
    • Laser Rifle Case
    • Precision Mining Laser Case
    • Wide Mining Laser Case
    • A case can be combined with refined laserite to create a laser weapon
    • Putting the laser weapon into a crafting grid will return the refined laserite and case. All energy is lost from the laser, however

Things Still To Do
  • Add a few more types of lasers like explosive mining lasers and silk touch lasers
  • Balance costs, such as power storage and use, crafting costs...
  • Turrets
  • PvP Laser Skirmish mode
and @Dyonovan with NeoTech
Dyonovan said:
NeoTech 1.3
  • Renamed Mod to NeoTech
  • New Textures with Active fronts when machines are working
  • Add RF Cable Tiers
  • Added a Dual Crafting Bench that keeps inventories
  • Added Tiered RF Energy Storage. Keeps RF on breaking and upgrading
  • All machines expel their items when broken
  • Added Tin
  • Tweaked Tank rendering and fluid transfer speed
  • Furnace Generator no longer eats liquid containers (ie Lava buckets)
  • When upgrading tanks, they will keep their fluids
  • Added Tooltips to some items that needed them
  • More Bug Fixes as always
and @ProfMobius with Prattle
ProfMobius said:
Prattle 0.0.7
  • FIXED : Added a /pm alias for /tell as a workaround for Thee-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. If you are using a server running anything other then normal forge, players can start tabbed communications using /pm in place of /msg. /msg will do the normal grey italic thing.
  • ADDED : Timestamps can now be turned off in the config.
  • API : The events are now cancellable.
and @octarine_noise with Better Foliage
octarine_noise said:
Better Foliage 1.0.9
  • added dense mode to extra leaves
  • new option: disable short grass under snow
  • fixed Shaders Mod integration
and @ewyboy with Rainmaker
EwyBoy said:
Rainmaker 1.2
  • Added new visual model for the mod now.
  • Added in particles
and @BluSunrize with Witching Gadgets
BluSunrize said:
Witching Gadgets 1.1.3
  • fixed the cloak of the wolf throwing ConcurrentModifications for some reason
  • fixed the Stone Extruder disrespecting full chests wenn facing up or down
  • finally removed solve&print buttons from the Magical Lock...I realize the worldgen is broken, but the confusion this must have caused... xD
  • removed Botania API I packaged.
  • fixed Ethereal Wall's description
  • fixed casting exception in ClientTickHandler. Viewing entities aren't always players. Woops.
  • added static ModelRobeSkirted
  • fixed naming for Clusters
  • added a NPE check for aspectlists on picture render
and @Lunatrius with InGame Info XML
Lunatrius said:
InGame Info XML
  • Added missing localizations
  • Increased the precision of the 'localtemperature' tag
and @insaneau with Switches Continued
insaneau said:
Have you ever been frustrated by levers?

Well worry no more! Switches is the mod for you

Switches was originally developed by Myrathi, for Minecraft 1.6.4. An aesthetic favourite, it slipped by the wayside for updates into 1.7.10. UNTIL NOW!

Adds 3 types of "Switch" Iron, Gold and Emerald. They are identical to levers in every functional way, except for looks.


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Jul 29, 2019
Is that official because I recall him saying he wasn't going to leave ic2 a while back.
I think things like oregen, blocks and dust and whatnot for everything, unifying in inventory etc. will be standalone, but machines will be an addon. Seem to remember something like that.
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Jul 29, 2019
Is that official because I recall him saying he wasn't going to leave ic2 a while back.
He said for certain that he will not drop IC2 depencency. I'm sure he could do that quite easily but does not out of principle.
His GT-API will likely soon run independently, but GregTech itself never.
The GT-API will allow to easily copy functions of GregTech with small mods but it will not do anything by itself.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Funwayguy with RecipeResearch
Funwayguy said:

I've always like Thaumcraft's method of researching various spells and recipes however I wanted to take it a couple of steps further and apply that concept to EVERYTHING and this is the result. Now instead of players magically knowing how to craft everything within Minecraft straight away, your character needs to practice and study the recipes in order not to mess them up. Early game this isn't much of a problem but when ingredients start becoming expensive and machinery part requirements start building things get very interesting (and quite frustrating if RNG is mean) very quickly. It's a great addition to hardcore packs where nerfing the pro players and dragging out progression is required... or if you're just evil and like putting people through that pain. Comes complete with a handful of configuration options to tweak how merciless the mod can be.


This mod will only affect recipes craftable through the vanilla crafting grid (or a derivative of it). Some mods may alter the way recipes are crafted an thereby nullify the mod's effects. I'm still working on a work around for this.

You may:
- Use the mod for personal/private use
- Include this mod within your own pack as long as due credit is given
- Create addons and plugins for the mod

You may NOT:
- Sell any portion of the mod under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to items, code and textures.
- Re-upload the mod on another site without permission (places like 9minecraft & skydaz)

I WILL request the mod to be pulled from any server/pack/site if the above conditions are breached (frankly I'm not asking for much so please don't be a douche bag).

If you'd like to support me and the mods I make please consider supporting me on Patreon


Funwayguy - Programmer
and @superckl with BiomeTweaker
superckl said:
BiomeTweaker allows nearly every aspect of a biome to be changed. Inspired by MineTweaker, this done by writing scripts that BiomeTweaker will interpret. Information on how to write these scripts and interact with BiomeTweaker can be found on the wiki. The long term goal of this mod is to allow pack creators to bring a whole new level of customization to their mod packs.

Currently, the mod is in early alpha. I do not guarantee the mod will work with modded biomes (although it should!), and I certainly do not guarantee it will be bug free.

Supported builds will be posted here. You can find experimental builds on my Jenkins server.
and @CyanideX with Lore Expansion
CyanideX said:
Lore Expansion is a mod designed by myself and brought to fruition by dmillerw. It's sole purpose is to allow modpack authors and mapmakers the ability to expand the narrative behind the lore. While it was intended to be used alongside the Hardcore Questing Mode mod, it can just as easily be used by adventure map makers.

The lore is fully customizable through the use of JSON files and allows players to have complete control over how their story progresses. Change everything from the title, body text to page numbers and even dimension specificity. Record your audio, place the .ogg file in the chosen folder and link the filename (without the extension) to the sound variable in the JSON file. Players can also specify the optional dimension specific tags to fit with your theme; leaving out the tag will label the lore as global and can be received by all players.

Example Lore JSON File: %config%/LoreExpansion/lore/*.json

"page": 1,
"dimension": "-1",
"title": "Path of Corruption",
"lore":"It seems as though you have not yet learned from your mistakes. Tempted by rewards and crumbled so quickly before temptation. Now I lay before you a barren land of fire...",
"sound": "lore001"
The lore files can be externally edited while the game is running. Enter "/lore reload" into the chat to reload the lore files.

Example Tags JSON File: %config%/LoreExpansion/tags.json

"default": "Lore Pages:",
"-1": "Lore for the Corrupted",
"0": "Lore for the Righteous"
Using Lore Expansion with HQM is simple. Each page you add will be registered as a new item; simply link the chosen lore page as a quest reward or have the player discover them through other means. Discovered pages are automatically added to the lore book and can be accessed by right clicking the book in hand or pressing the configurable hotkey (default L) to bring up the GUI.

Click on the image above to view the provided in-game tutorial, narrated by the one and only Vaygrim.

The boxes shown on the left will highlight how many pages are able to be found and as pages are collected they will fill their numerical slots. For example, if the player find the first few pages but happens to miss a page in between, there will be an empty box showing you that one of the pages was missed. Lore can be replayed at any time by clicking a page icon on the left and clicking "Play Again". Closing the book will allow you to continue playing while listening to the lore.

If lore is tagged to be available in a specific dimension, they will be filed on different pages. Using the tabs on the left of the book, players can scroll through dimensions to view which pieces of dimension-specific lore has been discovered.

Narrative Features:

We have added the ability for certain lore pages to be tagged as primary lore which, when picked up by the player, will automatically play without the need to open your journal. This feature will allow for unique narrative during key points in an adventure map; use command blocks to give the page to players within proximity and the lore will automatically file into the journal and play.

A useful example would be a map that takes place in a space station or ship. At certain points the lore can trigger narrative audio to simulate announcements over a loudspeaker or intercom. Better yet, it could be the voice of a purple female AI inside your helmet directing you to certain checkpoints.

Command Triggers:

Lore pages can also be flagged to execute commands upon filing. As the player picks up the lore pages, any listed command will be run silently, similar to how command blocks function. This unique addition avoids the hassle of running redstone clocks to trigger command blocks and can contain more than one function.

Example Commands in Lore JSON File: %config%/LoreExpansion/lore/*.json

"page": 1,
"dimension": -1,
"title": "Path of Corruption",
"body":"This is an example of the lore's body text!",
"sound": "soundFileName",
"commands": {
"pickup": [
"time set night"
"autoplay": true
and @Vanhal with Progressive Automation
Vanhal said:
Progressive Automation 1.6.5
Added support for B0bGary's Growable Ores
and @Zavviasso with Frequently Asked Quests
Zavviasso said:
Frequently Asked Quests (FAQ) is a minecraft mod that by using JSON files allows to write simple quests. The idea came from reading /r/feedthebeast/ and my own experience. Many people after setting up power generation, ore processing, etc. don't know what to do next because "everything is possible" and decides to ask on reddit for goals. As for me, I'm often lost even in early/mid game because I lack of some kind of plan, guide, goals or quests. Of course, there are other great quest mods, but my goals are different. The idea is to have descriptive goals from simple "Create animal farm" to "Build dark wizard castle for all Your Thaumcraft needs. The build should consist of at least x block types, involve y mods and be located in z biome". Another big thing i hope will fulfill its goal is community involvement in creating quest base. Im going to create reddit page for Faq on which everyone will be able to post quest propositions, vote on them in order to include them in default configuration. This will be possible because of descritpive nature of quests. Quests are marked in ingame Faq Book as completed by players themselves. As for now by default in config are some vanilla progression quests and few examples from mods.

How to
Structure of JSON files is simple and consists on fields: id,modid, flavor text and quest text. For more details head to wiki page. Files should be saved to config/Faq/ directory.

Current features
- Defining quests in json file
- Automatically detecting which mods are loaded
- Keeping track of finished quests in Faq Book
- Accidentally Circumstantial Events(ACE) integration (as of 1.1.0)

For future there are planned more things and stuffs which for now are secret

All information how to use mod is gathered on wiki pages.

All issues and bugs please report on issue tracker under "Issues" link.

I test my mod after every compilation but im 1 man team so sometimes there can be bugs. Before using FAQ be sure to make copy of Your worlds so You dont loose anything. Im not taking responibility for not taking precautions.

Use in modpacks is encouraged and allowed by linking to this page. Also info about pack including it would be great but is not a necessity.


Special thanks to
MCP and Forge teams for making modding possible

Pahimar and Vswe for modding tutorials

dmillerw for inspiration

and @ewyboy with Rainmaker
EwyBoy said:
Rainmaker 1.3
Optimized stuff
Code clean up
Added debug mode to config
Minor changes
and @knoxz with Ore Gen Anything
knoxz said:
About Ore Gen Anything:
This mod allows you to specify blocks or ores which you want to spawn via Worldgen in a specific dimension.
For example you may spawn Noteblocks all other the world, or fill the air with glowstone veins.
You want to make a really hard modpack? You could spawn lava source blocks in the air.
This is especially useful for Modpack authors or Servers.
The limit is only your creativity!

How to use:
You just specify a block you want to spawn (metadata is supported), the dimension id and a block you want to replace. When the world is generated your settings will be used.
This is done through an easy to use config (in json format).

Here is an example of a line of a config file. The file must have the name: "oreGen.json" and must be in the standard config folder. Each line can be another rule for ore spawning. This rule will spawn you veins of Bedrock in the air of the Overworld.

{"name":"BedrockAir", "dimension":0, "chanceToSpawn":20, "oreid":"minecraft:bedrock", "meta":0, "replaceid":"minecraft:air", "minVeinSize":3, "maxVeinSize":10, "minY":50, "maxY":150}

Example File (Yellorite and Uranium on the Moon Galacticraft Dim)

The config must exact these format and each line must be a new rule. Example files to use/edit will be added here.

Minecraft Block Ids can be found for example here: Minecraft Ids

For modded blocks you can use Waila to display exact ids or use MineTweaker ingame.

If you want to use this mod in your modpack/map, a message would be nice!

Best regards,

and @CubeX2 with Advanced Inventory
CubeX2 said:
Advanced Inventory allows you to upgrade your inventory with up to six areas that consist of 9 slots each. In addition to that, you can add functionality to them by adding special items like filters or providers to them.

The mod is still in an early stage, so be sure to see more features soon.

To get started you need to craft an inventory upgrade and put it in the slot below the crafting area. You can open the advanced inventory using the 'R' key.



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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE 1.4.2 is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

###Version 1.7.10-PE1.4.2
* NEW: Pedestal cooldowns and other variables are now configurable
* NEW: Right clicking clears transmutation GUI search bar
* NEW: Evertide Amulet now implements IFluidContainerItem for compatibility with things such as the Botania Apothecary
* FIXED: A NullPointer crash related to fluid mapping
* FIXED: Protection from mods including old API versions has been implemented
* FIXED: High alchemist message is no longer shown on death
* WIP: Added Botania specialFlower to NBT whitelist by default. Knowledge will be adjusted to allow learning NBT variants in the future


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Jul 29, 2019
OpenComputers 1.5.4 is now available. I dub it "The Decoration Update". Because 3D Printers. Also some bug fixes. But mainly 3D Printers!

The 3D Printer is a new component that can be used to print custom "models" as blocks, to be placed in the world. This essentially allows you to print your own decorative blocks, with a few limitations. Most of the blocks in the image above are actually printed custom models. Here's what a printed block can be in the most basic form:

  • A model consists of up to 24 shapes (which are axis aligned boxes).
  • Each shape can have a different texture.
  • When placed in the world, prints can be rotated on the Y axis (i.e. they'll face the direction you're looking towards when placing the print and can be rotated using a wrench).

This already allows for a lot of freedom in creating custom decorative blocks, but that's not all!

  • A model can have two states, an inactive and an active state.
  • There must be at least one shape for the inactive state.
  • The shape limit is per state, i.e. there can be 24 shapes for the inactive state and another 24 for the active state.
  • States can be toggled by the user right-clicking the block.
  • States can also be toggled by sending a redstone signal to a printed block.
  • Alternatively, printed blocks may emit a redstone signal when in their active state.

This means you can also print trapdoors, levers and buttons - of any shape!

The printer is a machine that needs two resources to print models:

  • Chamelium, which is crafted using some gravel, redstone, charcoal and water. This is the base material, and the amount needed for printing a model depends on the model's volume.
  • Ink, which is provided using ink cartridges. These can be refilled by crafting them with some dyes. The amount of ink required for printing a model depends on the model's surface area.

Printers are components like any other, so you can talk to it manually, if you like. To make things a bit easier, however, I wrote a small program to control the printers. It can be installed using the package manager: `oppm install print3d` (after installing the package manager from the OPPM loot disk using `oppm install oppm`; if you already have it installed, I recommend running `oppm update oppm` first).

This program accepts model files of a custom format. Here's a list of example models, as well as an example model file explaining the format of the model files. Run `print /path/to/model.3dm 10` to print the specified model 10 times, for example. Not passing a number will print a single block.

What you'll also see in the example models, is that textures are referenced by name. To get the name of a texture you can use a new tool in OC, the Texture Picker. Right-click a block in the world with it to have its texture name printed to your chat.

Also, here's a short video showcasing some of the functionality of the printers.

Forge MultiPart Support
The printed models are FMP compatible, i.e. as long as nothing collides you can cram multiple models into one block space, use them as cable covers or whatever else you need. Beware however that the overall number of shapes in a single block space still can never exceed the maximum number of shapes per state. So if you have, say, two models that use more than half of the maximum number of shapes in the same state, you will not be able to place them into the same block space. Models sharing a block space with other multi-parts still react to and emit redstone as usual. However, if changing state would lead to the model colliding with another part in the block, the state cannot be changed!

Additional Info
  • Chamelium can be made into Chamelium blocks, which can be crafted with dyes to change their color. They have a clean, uniform texture, which can be useful for models where you want a "clean" colored shape (using tint).
  • Prints can be crafted with iron, gold, emerald or diamond blocks after which they will also work as beacon base blocks (doesn't work when they are multiparts, i.e. share a blockspace with other models/stuff).


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Jul 29, 2019
I've always wanted to know about that gif, wth is it really supposed to be originally???
The man wearing the Steve Jobs turtleneck comes from Adult Swim's sketch comedy series, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! His name is Dr. Jimes Tooper, and space does actually blow his mind.

not sure how true it is though, it's the internet after all
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Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools 2.72:

  • Dimension and dimlet changes:
    • Draconium Ore has now been made a lot more expensive and rare (it is now the most expensive dimlet in RFTools) in order to not break the balance of Draconic Evolution.
    • Swapped evening and morning dimlets. They were the wrong way around. This also fixes the time absorber. This has no effect on existing worlds!
    • When the time absorber is ticked at the wrong time it will worsen (previously nothing happened).
    • Made a new Dimlet Filter block. This block is similar to the Item Filter but knows how to filter dimlets based on rarity, type and craftability.
    • Fixed the material absorber to keep the correct metadata so that shiny ore is no longer absorbed as copper.
    • Fixed the dimlet workbench so it also works with the correct metadata from the absorbed material,
  • Screen system changes:
    • The redstone screen module can now also monitor redstone level on random non-rftools blocks.
    • Implemented a new computer screen module which is intended to be used with Open Computers.
    • Support for colored screens by selecting the screen with a dye.
    • The screen renderer will now restore GL_LIGHTING if it was enabled before. This should avoid some flickering that sometimes happened near screens.
    • Added a new module that can monitor RFTools machines in general. Currently it supports the endergenic generator, the spawner and the matter transmitter.
  • Environmental Controller changes:
    • The modules in the environmental controller react a lot faster now.
    • Added redstone support to the environmental controller.
    • Added a new peaceful module for the environmental controller.
  • Other changes:
    • Made the top and bottom icon for most machines distinct from the side. This allows texture pack makers more freedom in chosing how RFTools blocks look.
    • Fixed a bug with the fluid module as well as the fluid monitor crashing with some tanks (i.e. Tinkers Construct smeltery is one example).

Curse: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gvsypbdlamky6jb/rftools-2.72.jar

Have fun!