What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @10paktimbits with Plant Mega Pack
10paktimbits said:
Plant Mega Pack 5.00 PRE14
  • Added: 4 beach plants
  • Added: 7 forest plants
  • Added: 14 climbing plants
  • Added: 8 food items
  • Changed: when adding a plant to a decorator area, the plants list is now re-sorted
  • Changed: add plant config screen no longer displays plants that are already assigned
  • Changed: all stackable plants (bamboo, climbing, kelp) have a minimum growth height of 4
  • Changed: trellis blocks can now catch on fire
and @Country_Gamer with Thaumic Expansion
Country_Gamer said:
This mod takes the hassle of scanning things, for Thaumcraft, in Minecraft. By creating a Thaumic Analyzer, you can pipe items to and from it to automagically scan them, like you would a Thaumometer. By installing a Decomposer Upgrade, you turn the Thaumic Analyzer into a more efficient Deconstruction Table.

For a full wiki experience, see: http://thetemportalist.dries007.net/wiki/index.php?title=Thaumic_Expansion
and @Greymerk with Roguelike Dungeons
Greymerk said:
Roguelike Dungeons
  • Added biome variants of the default dungeon back in
  • Made biome Novelty dungeons rare to find
  • new Config setting "doNoveltySpawn" will disable variant dungeons if set to false
  • new Settings option "tower" will allow customisation of the spawned tower type and theme
  • Custom dungeon settings will now blend with the base dungeon rather than variant types (if available)
and @Keray with Monster Swarm
Keray said:
Monster Swarm 1.0.2
  • Added config option for aggresion towards animals (creepers will not attack animals regardless)
  • Added config option for enabling all mobs burning during daylight
  • Changed name of creeper exploding option to more intuitive
and @jakimfett with Minechem
jakimfett said:
Minechem 5.0.5
  • fixes #692 — hilburn
  • fixes #685 — way2muchnoise
  • fixes #657 — way2muchnoise
  • Fixes containerItem recipe issues — hilburn
  • Fixes Bucket Recipe for null fluids — hilburn
  • Prevents the fission reactor doing bad splits — hilburn
  • Fixes Synth journal I/O — hilburn
  • Prevents Ghost items decaying — hilburn
  • Fixes GC cheese issue — hilburn
  • updates build.gradle to new CoFH — way2muchnoise
  • maybe a fix for #678 — way2muchnoise
  • remove lib since all libs are in libs now — way2muchnoise
  • remove parenthesis — way2muchnoise
  • Update fr_FR.lang — Mazdallier
  • So apparently they have IMC — hilburn
  • Polytool Changes — hilburn
  • Polytool Refactor — hilburn
  • Made Gold Work — hilburn
  • Update Messages when the player opens the Gui — hilburn
  • Allows Automation of Journal in Synthesiser — hilburn
and @Mr_TJP with Project Red
Mr_TJP said:
Project Red 4.5.15 build #75
  • FIX: Segment display textures
  • FIX: Lamps not updating on placement
  • FIX: Array gates not reading dust signal
  • CHANGE: Tweaked bus converter algorithm


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Jul 29, 2019
SquidAPI 1.1.0
  • Added /suggest. It will suggest a mod based on the mods that are loaded. For example, SquidUtils adds Minetweaker to the suggestion list, as they both are made for customization.
  • Added a config file to disable any command, including most commands from dependants. The file is locaated at minecraft/config/SquidAPI/commands.cfg.
  • Fixed a vulnerability allowing users to do bad stuff on servers.
SquidUtils 1.2.2
  • Option to replace individual world types.
  • Option to replace individual enchantments.
  • Option to replace individual potions.
  • Option to disable individual entities.
  • Option to add layered hardness.
  • Option to disable individual damage sources.
  • Option to disable individual items/blocks.
  • Option to add custom messages to crash reports.
SafeChat 1.0.6
  • Minor tweaks.


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Jul 29, 2019
@XCompWiz has updated Mystcraft to
[Balance]Block instability baseline values are automatically determined
[Balance]Default dangling modifier instability value increased
[Balance]Makes flux goo seabanned by default
[Balance]Replaces flat weights system with rank-based system in grammar and treasure generation
[Balance]Symbols without a rarity ranking cannot be obtained
[Balance]Revises booster contents slightly

[Mechanics]Dimensions are no longer registered until the first link attempt is made
[Mechanics]A newly made descriptive book (not yet visited) will not make a usable portal

[Generation]Handles new biome direct generation (ex: Mesa Biomes; specific Biome population elements)
[Generation]Updates stone noise to match vanilla generation

[Items]Splits notebook item into portfolio and folder
[Items]Existing notebooks map to new folder item
[Items]Pages now stack to 64
[Items]Portfolios are collection items, allowing easy tracking of a symbol collection (akin to a CCG)
[Items]Folders function much like notebooks before, useful for organizing and ordering a set of pages
[Items]Adds sealed folder, which takes the place of generated notebooks (new booster packs; right click to open)
[Items]Book names are limited to 21 characters

[Crafting]Adds recipe for portfolio
[Crafting]Changes recipe for folder
[Crafting]Makes folders a valid book cover material

[Trading]Implements basic core of villager shop system
[Trading]Mystcraft Villagers no longer use the vanilla trading system
[Trading]Right-clicking on a mystcraft villager brings up their shop (WIP)

[Interface]Right-clicking a text box clears it
[Interface]The page surface is auto-sorted (A-Z) client-side (respects localization)
[Interface]Duplicate pages in a portfolio in the surface are stacked
[Interface]A show all button has been added to the page surface to show all in-game symbols
[Interface]Improves horizontally scrolling page gui element
[Interface]Improves surface element
[Interface]Folder/Protfolio right-click bring up gui with surface view

[Audio]Replaces pop sound (Minecraft no longer works with WAVs)

[Visuals]Adjusts link panel disabled grey-out effect
[Visuals]Improves symbol rendering

[Localization]Updates to localization files (See GitHub)
[Localization]Alters localization key of symbols

[Config]Prevents auto-config gen of mod-blacklisted fluids

[API]Refactors MystObjects
[API]Moves Color and ColorGradient back to API
[API]Adds drawColor back to IRenderAPI
[API]Adds function to get BlockCategory by name
[API]API for symbols and instability effects reinstated. Some elements remain in need of cleanup.
[API]Makes the ChunkProfiler handle blocks by unlocalized name key (allows for blocks w/ metadata)
[IMC]Adds IMC message handler for building block modifiers
[IMC]Adds IMC message handler for specifying block instability factors
[IMC]Fluid config message flag "rarity" replaced with "cardrank" (int)
[IMC]Fluid config message flag "grammar" replaced with "grammarrank" (int)
[ModCompat]Adds a tickcounter for clientside use on the world info override object
[ModCompat]Correctly uses/handles Quartz generation event

[BugFix]Fixes issue with error handling in IMCHandler not giving full log
[BugFix]Fixes crashbug with empty desk tabs
[BugFix]Fixes the can snow here check
[BugFix]Fixes the Mexican jumping books and block ejection
[BugFix]Fixes a bug with interacting with empty surface tabs
[BugFix]Fixes an issue with viewing linkbooks to removed dims
[BugFix]Forces folder used as covers to be empty
[BugFix]Fixes pickup/drop with folder on binder (1 item in folder looked empty)
[BugFix]Fixes read order of block modifiers on terrain symbols to match grammar generation
[BugFix]Command created books get pages as previously written
[BugFix]Fixes localization for missing world in TPX command
[BugFix]Fixes dim registration for ages (trying to register existing dimensions now fails correctly)
[Tweak]Minor changes to library generation

[Performance]Optimizes ChunkProfiler

[Other]There is a fake dimension created for baseline profiling which is not saved and generates a little every tick until profiling is completed
[Other]Chunks from baseline dimension only keeps ~32 most recent chunks
[Other]Descriptive books now store own data (not in AgeData)
[Other]AgeData file does not exist until first link through the descriptive book
[Other]XCompWiz no longer spawns with glasses

[Debug]Implements new debug system for accessing internal live data
[Debug]Revises debug command autocomplete and value addressing
[Debug]Adds global profiling data (stability calcs) to debug tree
[Debug]Adds more information on bonus stability system
[Debug]Adds debug instability value controllable from debug tree (ex: set agedata_#.instability.debug 100)

KNOWN_ISSUE: You get a lot of (nearly) useless folder items...
KNOWN_ISSUE: Villager trades still incomplete

has updated Realistic World Generation
Version Alpha 1.3.2 '21-03-2015'
- Added new biomes
- Added clay to rivers
- Added river biomes
- Added extraBiomesXL support
- Increased village spawing
- Added support for cave gen mods
No oceans yet...
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Dec 24, 2013
BuildCraft 6.4.4 and Compat 6.4.1. Just bugfixes, really. Including a very important Ender IO-related one many of you will enjoy.

  • [#2574} Construction Marker issues (asie)
  • [#2566] ConcurrentModificationException on Planter (hea3ven)
  • Broken alternate sealant recipe config option (Unh0lyTigg)
  • Planters sometimes not finding valid blocks (hea3ven)
  • Potential fix for block breaking robots hanging up on air blocks (Kubuxu)
Bugfixes (BuildCraft Compat):
  • Ender IO non-item conduits treated as item conduits (asie)


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Jul 29, 2019
BuildCraft 6.4.4 and Compat 6.4.1. Just bugfixes, really. Including a very important Ender IO-related one many of you will enjoy.

  • [#2574} Construction Marker issues (asie)
  • [#2566] ConcurrentModificationException on Planter (hea3ven)
  • Broken alternate sealant recipe config option (Unh0lyTigg)
  • Planters sometimes not finding valid blocks (hea3ven)
  • Potential fix for block breaking robots hanging up on air blocks (Kubuxu)
Bugfixes (BuildCraft Compat):
  • Ender IO non-item conduits treated as item conduits (asie)
Buildcraft didn't just update as soon as I re downloaded, did it? ;-;


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @jaquadro with Storage Drawers
jaquadro said:
Storage Drawers 1.3.3
  • Added Thaumcraft integration (aspect labels and tooltips)
  • API updates
and @Kulttuuri with Quick Hotbar
Kulttuuri said:

What's this?
Have you ever been building that epic structure or map and you find yourself spending so much time swapping out blocks into the 9 slots you have been given? Me too! So with this mod, while holding down left CTRL you will see a preview of all 27 inventory slots. Use your mouse wheel to toggle inventory rows up or down. As you are doing this, you will get a preview of your inventory slots in game. And with the latest version you can also hold down number and switch items in just one column. Cool, huh?

This mod works in both singleplayer and multiplayer. You only need to install this mod into your client (special mention and thanks to Kobata for helping out with this.). It is also possible to install this mod into your server, and if you do so server will assist in item switching to bypass desyncing issues and also if you install the mod into your server, clients are not required to have the mod installed.

In Minecraft 1.7 left ctrl is the default sprint key. This mod does not register keybindings into Minecraft registry but I check for keypresses manually, which means that you can still use your sprint key while using this mod

So, how it all got started anyway?
As I have been developing MinecraftEdu, my friend who also is one of MinecraftEdu's educational advisors started asking me for a mod that allows you to very easily switch your inventory row while you are playing. As this was something I also though of being useful, I got excited about making a Forge mod about it and here we are now
and @victorious3 with Integrated Circuits
victorious3 said:
Integrated Circuits 0.8r32
  • Added experimental support for bluepower
and @Elec332 with Custom Villagers
Elec332 said:
Custom Villagers 1.1Beta.11
  • Added experimental minetweaker support
  • Added an forced crash if you try to register an villager with an ID that is already taken.
and @OndraSter with Better Sleeping
OndraSter said:
Better Sleeping 0.8
  • Added support for EnviroMine's sanity. When you get too tired you start losing sanity (check config for level and amount of sanity lost).
  • Added support for Pam's HarvestTheNether (so that you can sleep in the nether with appropriate bed).
  • Note that Nether (Hell) doesn't support setting time, so messages about time will not represent actual time! Using alarms is very much suggested so that you know how long you've actually slept!
  • And some internal rewrites for easier future expanding. If you run into some feature broken (which you may due to this rewrite) report them to me immediately, please!
and @Reika with DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, ReactorCraft & RotaryCraft
Reika said:
DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, ReactorCraft & RotaryCraft V5c
  • DragonAPI: Fixed berry bush handling
  • DragonAPI: Fixed version command being admin-only
  • DragonAPI: Made mods load after WAILA
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Crystal Lens crafting
  • ChromatiCraft: Reduced excessive ball lightning spawns
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed GUI scale affecting lexicon
  • ChromatiCraft: Added TFC support
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed TC dependency
  • ChromatiCraft: Added new ComputerCraft interfacing
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed crystal laser server crash
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed dyes not being fabricable
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Inventory Linker crashes when closing GUI
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Farmer trying to farm below the bedrock if it was in negative Z coordinates
  • ChromatiCraft: Improved Farmer render
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Breadcrumb localization
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Breadcrumb kicking players
  • ReactorCraft: Fixed tiny pebble beds generating extreme amounts of heat
  • ReactorCraft: Added TFC support
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed Compactor API
  • RotaryCraft: Made recipe pattern support Blast Furnace and Worktable
  • RotaryCraft: Recipe patterns can now override normal automation rules on Blast Furnace and Worktable
  • RotaryCraft: Added ability to centrifuge MagicCrops XP drops into liquid XP
  • RotaryCraft: Added TFC support
  • RotaryCraft: Config-hard difficulty now has a 5% chance of consuming the ghast tear in the fractionator
  • RotaryCraft: Added a new achievement
  • RotaryCraft: Fuel lines are now the pipes to carry other mods' fuels


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools (2.70):

  • New mob spawner system! This system can spawn any mob for which a dimlet exists (withers, villagers, wisps, blazes, enderman, ...)
  • Protected the dimlet workbench, the dimension enscriber, and the dimlet scrambler so that they will no longer crash in case you insert a blacklisted or invalid dimlet.
  • Changed one of the messages in the enscriber to be a bit more clear about what the issue is.
  • Changed "Err" in dimension enscriber to "Warn" to indicate that it is not always an actual error.
  • Disabled pinkslime from being selectable as random fluid for oceans (still possible for features).
  • Do not allow the nether ores to be generated at random for the terrain (to avoid the explosions).
  • The ability to add custom mob dimlets now works. Added Blizz and Wisp dimlets (so they can also be used by the spanwer) if the respective mods are present.
  • When a dimension runs out of power you now get 1000000 damage instead of 1000. Hopefully that will make it somewhat harder for people with Draconic Armor.
  • Added the creative only shard wand. An item to toggle between maximum and minimum infusion.
  • Added a new tier3 shield that does 4 times as much damage with 2 times as much power.
  • Changed the tier2 and tier3 shield recipes so that they preserve their NBT data.
  • Fixed a client-side dependency on the server with the volcanic core block.
  • Added a new loop4 mode to the sequencer. This is similar to loop3 except that it will turn off a signal if it gets no redstone signal itself and also reset to start.

Curse: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sk90dawegarrib0/rftools-2.70.jar

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ProfMobius with Prattle
ProfMobius said:
Prattle 0.0.6
  • FIXED : Channels flagged as local will not show join/leave anymore.
  • FIXED : Proper updating of the player list for PART=false or FORCED=true channels
  • FIXED : Overlapping background of the chat window when there is not enough lines in the buffer and a multiline msg is visible.
  • CHANGE : Help msgs are returned with a new fashion gray italic style.
  • ADDED : Prattle will play a short audio notice when you receive a new message. You can desactivate it in the config.
  • ADDED : 4 events are now available for 3rd mods to play with.
and @aokmikey with Particles Toggle
aokmikey said:
This mod allows you to toggle though the particle settings using a keybinding. The keybinding can be changed. This is my first mod so if i have done anything stupidly wrong please tell me and I will fix any problems :)

This does not save the setting after you close the game. It is meant for large mod packs and morph for times when you are a blaze and do not want to waste time going though 3 menus :).

and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 3.2
  • Added: Chat Detector
  • Added: Redstone Interface
  • Fixed: Player Interface Recipe
  • Fixed: Dyeing Machine Recipe
  • Fixed: Dyeing Machine Crash
  • Fixed: Online Detector OC Crash