What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
RWTema @Extra_Utilities · 4h
Also to preempt unnecessary disappointment it's not a frames mod. That would need a bit more than a weekend to do properly.

The point many of you ether didn't know or forgot is that making a frames mod is that making such a mod is his $400 patron goals. He's currently at $350.[DOUBLEPOST=1407710006][/DOUBLEPOST]
I silently enjoy the fact I know all the updates before they hit this thread. Well, maybe not all the updates...

And the reason you haven't bin sharing? Someone get the duct tape and some jumper cables!


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Jul 29, 2019
I silently enjoy the fact I know all the updates before they hit this thread. Well, maybe not all the updates...
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Jul 29, 2019
New Mods!

A new mod that shall not benefit people who does not know how to use redstone
Enhanced Comparator!
Enhanced Comparator said:
What does it do ?

Well if the block has a comparator input override, it will behave just like the vanilla comparator
Otherwise, if the block is an inventory, It will emit a strength depending on the contents of the inventory behind it, just like a comparator

Iguana's Tinker Tweaks
boni and mDiyo said:
Ported to 1.7.10

Reborn Router
Remake of the Factorization router and upgrades for 1.7.10 and 1.7.2.
Works in a similar way the original router did

Randomly swaps the recipes for everything once per world.

Yet another Double Door Development mod!


BluePower 0.1.627, 0.1.630


  • Fixed items not dropping from ores, more new textures.

  • Added Insulated Bluestone Wire
  • Added Integrated Circuits
  • Added Circuit Table (easy way to craft gates)
  • New textures for:
    • Accelerator
    • Alloy Furnace
    • Transposer
    • Block Breaker
    • Deployer
  • Fix #65: Bluestone power doesn't go through blocks
  • Fix #74: Deployer can open GUI from a block opposite to it
  • Fix #73: Crash when placing the sortron
  • Fix #71: Alloy Furnace Causing Drastic FPS Drop
  • Fix #33: Item rendering in Pneumatic Tubes
  • Fix #55: Deployers can't place cauldrons/doors/redstone dust/other item blocks
  • Fix #60: When using AE2 Quartz Wrenches, the Deployer rotates itself and not it's facing block

Ender IO 2.0_beta.168
New / Changed
- Sounds! (tterrag)
- #804 Grinding ball no longer damaged if recipe is excluded from grinding ball bonuses.
- Added flipper upgrade for Dark Steel boots.
- Added night vision upgrade for Dark Steel helm.
- Added support for MFR rubber trees to farming station.

- #834 GUI Visual Tool Tip Bug
- #837 Fix for Dark Leggings draining RF while stationary
- #848 Ender Fluid Conduit UI Bug
- #853 Incorrect icons for reservoir
- #854 Client crash right clicking fluid tank with item in hand
- #856 invisible light nodes turned to items by running water
- #857 Farming station issues harvesting Cotton from Natura
- Fixed glider behavior when in water.
Yeah! MFR rubber tree support!

Unofficial port to 1.7.10

Electrical Age
  • Fix issue that was come with r34 only in multiplayer. (crash with some blocks on the client side)
  • betther flash light algo
  • Autominer don't drill when voltage is to low
  • Make single usage battery more expensive
  • Now you can put tree resin collector on non vanilla tree
  • Fix tree resin colector recipe
  • Reduct replicator spawn
  • Now when you press the mouse rolling well in creative on multiblock block, that don't give you strang item
  • Doing some code check to avoid that the mod load world/chunk that are unloaded.
  • rework lamp life, Now when you never use it you can always stack itemstack, and they all have a differente start life.
  • Fix a incoherncy when swap to world that can be unloaded
  • New switch that are off don't propagate the voltage on oposite pin (before it was the case, off course with a very high impedance)
  • To show advanced tool tip of item you must press shift
  • Buildcraft support
  • Fix energy converter receipe
  • Now material machines have 4 output slots
  • RF support
  • Ony fuel bucket return empty bucket in heat furnace
  • Reduct resistance of High voltage cable and rise the maximal power of it
  • Now Alarm shut down directly when you mute them
  • Eln Computer Probe are now compatible with Computer Craft (already compatible with Open Computer)
  • Add Power Capacitor/Inductor receipe
  • Rework some receipe
  • Add if function into signal processor
  • Signal processor syntax is added into integrated wiki !
  • Now you can't mine blocks with electrical standard items
  • Now wiki recipe show the number of item that craft need
  • Fix the potential Tessellator crash into GUI
  • Lamp socket pop process don't kill enderman and wither
  • Add pull down to all switch
  • Fix a crash due to mod incompatibilities on neighboured update
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Jul 29, 2019
Update to Santa's Toys- 0.2.2, just a couple of fixes.
  • TWEAK/FIX: Gave the EntityEnderBlast and EntityNetherStarBlast gravity. It existed since 0.1, but had 0.0F velocity, causing it to stay in the air until it collides. It is now 0.01F.
  • TWEAK/FIX: Removed console messages stating in caps which FML Initialization event it was currently in (FMLPreInitializationEvent, FMLInitializationEvent, or FMLPostInitializationEvent), that I used and added in 0.2.1 to debug, but forgot to remove before release.

Get it at CurseForge (as of now the file hasn't been approved, but it should be fairly soon)


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Jul 29, 2019
Is the plural of Lego really Legos?
That just sounds wrong to me.
No. Just no.

It is wrong!
Actually, the word for a singular lego is
"A lego brick"
So the plural is
"Lego bricks"

Now we sorted that out....
What's new in modded minecraft?

@Reika has some news. Source
Reika said:
Good news:
  • Refactoring: 100%
  • Item Reference Changes: 100%
  • ID Handling changes: 100%
  • Wrapper for the now-missing TickHandlers: 100%
  • Wrapper for the now-missing PlayerHandlers: 100%
  • New Registration System: 100%
  • Packet rewrite: 100%
  • Access Transformers: 100%
  • Resource Pack Handling: 100%
  • Sound Engine Rewrite: 100%
  • Mod Handling: 30%

Even better, it is only NEI handling (in DragonAPI) that is keeping the smaller mods from being release-ready. This should be easy to fix.

RotaryCraft may run into severe issues with BC, TE3, and other mod APIs.


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Jul 29, 2019
WayOfTime has been very busy.

*From oldest to newest
*It's pretty old news, but someone has to mention flat circles being added.
Any news about circles in minecraft is Breaking News.

Testing the beam rendering for a new system I'm doing. Might need to ask @Vazkii for help later to make it coloured pic.twitter.com/gaJKlZq8cz
Testing the beam rendering for a new system I'm doing. Might need to ask @Vazkii for help later to make it coloured pic.twitter.com/gaJKlZq8cz
Hmm. I like the looks of it. Obviously too high-res, but it gets the point across! pic.twitter.com/EDymSSLO5b
For those that did not see because: twitter, here is my plan for making things more pretty. pic.twitter.com/lCe0uaWfop

Everything's better with circles! pic.twitter.com/9EcwlCZc0G

I could easily make it more blocky, but this works well pic.twitter.com/mlGFqNddNz

Low enough res for you guys? :p pic.twitter.com/HkUfBRfjwO

First attempt at creating a simple Alchemy circle pic.twitter.com/q0hAQtcW2W