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The Ultimate Tinkers Construct Tools

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by iN3RDDannyx, May 27, 2013.

  1. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz nope.jpg Retired Staff

    Its not really a necro since it's new feature in tc. I'm sure more will "necro" the thread when armor is released.
  2. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta Wiki Steam Witch Wiki Staff FTB Mod Dev ModMyMC Editor

    Pick: Manyullun Head, Paper Rod, Manyullyn Rod. Modifiers: Moss, Lapis, Redstone, Diamond (Durability goes down a lot with
    Killing: Broadsword completely made out of manyullyn. Modifiers: Moss, Blaze Powder, I don't like adding sharpness because I like my swords to do less than 10 damage so I never have to cook meat.
    Shovel: Manyullyn head, paper rod, many rod. Modifiers: Moss, Redstone
    Excavator: All Manyullyn. Moss, Redstone
  3. Giannis

    Giannis New Member

    how can i put torch placer? can anyone help me?
  4. netmc

    netmc Well-Known Member

    I found a pretty awesome combination for the hammer: Steel head, cobalt plates, manyullyn rod. Steel has the same mining ability as cobalt and manyullyn, but a lot less expensive to repair. The cobalt plates increase the mining speed since they are averaged with the speed of the head. Mining speed for mine is 10, with over 17k durability. With reinforced level II, on it, it's going to be a long while before I have to repair.

    I've added a silky jewel to mine, so I can go and harvest nether ores without having them go boom.
  5. Dee_Twenty

    Dee_Twenty Active Member

    Pick: Thaumium rod, paper binding, mahna mahna head, provides the maximum possible mod slots you can get on a pick while still being able to mine everything and also minimizes the durability loss.
    Weapon: Pair of cleavers with mahna mahna heads and thaumium everything else, one loaded with beheading and lapis for wither skull hunting, the other loaded with quartz and lapis for general killing.
    Excavator and lumber axe: Same basic principle as the cleavers, mahna mahna heads and thaumium everything else.

    Just put the torches to the right of your pick on the quick bar and right click with the pick, also works with anything else you can place, though can't place blocks below yourself with it so not that useful for bridging chasms or making quick dirt "ladders" to reach ores high in the air.
  6. jokermatt999

    jokermatt999 Well-Known Member

    While mahna mahna has higher durability, I actually prefer cobalt for the mining speed since I put moss on everything. I find 1 is enough for all my needs. Fortunately, I actually like the look of it too, since I know that's an issue for some people.

    Also, I think mDiyo needs to add another nether or end material called Deutdeudillium or similar. That way, we can have doot doo do do do and mahna mahna.
  7. EbicNinja

    EbicNinja Active Member

    Get mDiyo on here this is NEEDED don't care if it's half bad / half good it just needs to exist
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  8. Flipz

    Flipz Agent Doctor of UNIT Forum Moderator

    I support this 100 percent. Preferably, the material should be green-and-orange so as to complete the reference (just LOOK at the color of Manyllum and tell me it wasn't at least subconsciously intentional :p ).

    My thoughts exactly. ^_^
  9. John Freeman

    John Freeman Active Member

    I'm not sure if it's a glitch, but I made a Manyulluyn spade and axe with moss and EU upgrade, they recharge faster than I can use them and the EU never gets used up.
  10. EbicNinja

    EbicNinja Active Member

    yeah eu doesn't get used up for me either and i don't have moss... think it is glitch but meh more EU for UU
  11. CJRodgers

    CJRodgers Active Member

    Bit of ridiculousness on my part:
    Battle axe: Paper broad axe head (x2), paper tough binding, paper tough rod. Nether star brings it to a total of 8 modifier slots. Spend the rest on pistons (70 pistons total). Boom, you're able to hit enemies so far they're not a problem.
    Recorded distance over a flat plane on a skeleton: 43 metres.

    Ah, forgot to include dia + gold block. Make that 80 pistons and around 50 metres.
  12. Flipz

    Flipz Agent Doctor of UNIT Forum Moderator

    Wait, knockback on TiC tools stacks?! I thought it was "one per tool" like Silk Touch!

    ...Zistonian Battlesign Mk. X ahoy! ^_^ (Which reminds me, someone really needs to convince Vechs to make SH maps that feature the pure insanity that FTB can induce... >:] )
  13. CJRodgers

    CJRodgers Active Member

    Oh, it most definitely stacks. They go absolutely flying, especially when combined with a charge attack and the natural knockback of the battleaxe.
    However, the battlesign will have less knockback than the axe, because each instance of the paper adds an extra slot. 4 components to the axe gives 7, 2 components to the sign gives 5.

    I'd also made a quickie paper dagger that I loaded up with necrotic bones for 2.5 heart steal each time. Paper tools are excelent for loading on mods that don't need damage or mining speed.
  14. schyman

    schyman Active Member

    You could probably do the same for a bow, getting 5 base modifiers on the bow (both rods) and 5 base modifiers on the arrows (head and rod). So with the extras you'd have 7 modifiers on each. I don't know how bonuses from bow and arrow stack or even if knockback on the bow would transfer to the arrows, but hey, worth a try.

    EDIT: I hope mDiyo adds gold and lead as possible materials, that are a lot heavier and a bit more durable than paper but still writeable. Just for variation.
  15. IguanaMan

    IguanaMan Member FTB Mod Dev

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  16. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz nope.jpg Retired Staff

    Since I've played with your mod, I can already tell you paper is not as OP with your tier progression. Sure, once you get those higher tier tools its going to be in most builds (if thaumcraft isn't installed) but your not getting that t1 iron pick with diamonds in the first half hour once iguana tweaks for TiC is installed.

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you. you can circumvent bronze with a copper shovel. it can dig up iron gravel still.
  17. schyman

    schyman Active Member

    Paper has also lost a lot of it's relative power since the tier two tools have been introduced. For T2 tools, durability is affected by _every_ part, including the binding, so using paper has a significant drawback.
  18. whythisname

    whythisname Active Member

    Imho paper is fine. A Diamond or Emerald will rarely add as much durability as a part made from good materials. The only reason to go with paper is to get more speed (though Cobalt parts are faster than paper parts with redstone) or other features.
    If you ask me what the issue is it is this: the Electric upgrade costs only 1 modifier slot and essentially gives infinite durability. Moss has the same issue, though it's less OP because you'll need a few slots to get a decent regen rate. I mean think about it, the main drawback of paper is supposed to be durability, when in fact you can use the modifier slots it adds to get infinite durability...
    Because infinite durability is so easy to get on a tool all that remains is getting the fastest materials and maxing out the modifier slots to get a tool that's as fast as possible with the features you want. If getting infinite durability would take up more slots paper would become even more valuable though. So I think either the infiniteness has to be modified or for example there could be a rule that a tool needs to have all parts consist of X (iron, cobalt, whatever) materials or better (thus ruling out infinite durability on tools with paper parts). Or some other solution perhaps.

    I'm just talking from vanilla TiC though, I don't play with your mod so I don't know how it is there.
  19. Icemaster

    Icemaster New Member

    I'm pretty sure LSword Rapier and Broadsword aren't the only swords. The Scythe does extra damage to mobs, and has the 3x3 range, plus it's a RP2 Sickle all in one package! Any suggestions?
  20. PhilHibbs

    PhilHibbs Forum Addict Trusted User

    I think a limit on the number of repairs goes against one of the fundamental features of TiC - that you make a great tool, give it a name, and keep it for ever. But whatever, if that's what you and your target audience prefer then that's fine, but I'm not part of the audience for that reason.
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