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    Eyamaz, I need serious help. On my server, the GC overhead limit exceeded. I understand you did a post on it, but I have a 'Ping Perfect' server, and I can't fix it. Could you maybe have a look at Ping Perfect, and help? I know it's a lot, but I really need help. I have looked everywhere, and scanned you're post many times. Reply soon please..
    I am a big fan of your work Eyemaz, me and my friends love your BnB pack, but I've a question do you still work on BnB btw BnB2?
    hello Eyamaz how do I play blood and bones in want to play but cant find it Plxs up
    Hello! How are you?
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    Very good! How have you been my friend? It has been awhile.
    Booker The Geek
    Booker The Geek
    I've been good. Been busy. It has been a while. But I will slowly be coming back. Splitting my time between here and actually playing minecraft.
    with out armor drop and to give u a idea how much it make blood and bones u can get zombies that shoot Ghast fireballs and traps u in spider webbs
    I have some questions about the up coming 1.7.10 Magic modpack, will it be a Magic World like modpack? When do you think it will released? Will it be available to server hosts right away?
    Eyamaz, I'm gonna be that guy suggesting things.. for BNB i would remove life steal from the Tic tweaks upgrade system, it seems way to overpowered!
    I was wondering if any staff could help me with how to submit for a private pack? Do you know who I need to contact for this?
    Hey Eyamaz, just looking for confirmation, but, will there be any more updates to the Horizons modpack?
    I'm guessing no, since FTB is more focused on creating 1.7.2 modpacks.
    Hi eyamaz, I recently downloaded the direwolf20 ftb 1.6.4. There was lag issues.After scouring the internet your java parameters were the only ones that didn't crash the server. It is better but still have some intermittent lag spikes. I have java 8, should I go back to java 7?
    Thank you
    Can we add more mod to modpacks and if i can. how
    When on the FTB Launcher, select the modpack you wish to edit.
    At the top of the launcher, there is "Edit Mod Pack ", click that.
    Then at the bottom left of the window select "Add Mod", select the mod you wish to add and you're done! :)
    Hey eyamaz, i just wanna say after i fully download BLOODNBONES pack, what should i do? as in i get a folder and then what do i do? please help me!
    You need to supply more information, and why would you need to open a folder unless you wan to edit something?
    Hi im a minecraft pe modder and I was creating a modpack that sounded like you Blood n' bones modpack but no mod of your modpack is in mine(maybe hunger overhaul yes) the modpack isnt ready yet!
    So can I ask you something?
    Can I call my modpak Blood and Bones PE??
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