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  • Can I get a mod author tag thingy? I was is modjam 4, I'm competitor #85 :3
    That immediate feel of regret when you go out at night "just to get some snowballs, there's not many mobs around..."
    Hello Eyamaz? I have a major issue when playing your blood n bones modpack. When ever I try to craft tinkers construct items, nothing happens. The item doesn't appear when i put the crafting recipe in. Do you think you could help me with this problem, I have looked at a large amount of websites and no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
    It's one of the twist of the pack. Iguana tweaks prevents you from making tools out of the most common materials, I suggest you use flint as your first material.
    So whenever I want to play FTB, it just says "could not create the Java Viritual Machine" "Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program Will Exit". How do I fix this? Before i reset my computer, FTB worked completely fine.
    Did you install Java? And is it the correct one, meaning for 32/64 bit? Maybe just try re-installing and updating on the newest version.
    I have problems logging in with my minecraft account pleas help me. I use the right acc name and password, but it still comes invalid name or password
    I tryed the same on normal minecraft and I logged in
    Pleas help me
    hey man can you help me out i have a thread named Blood and Bones doesnt work but know everything doesnt work
    hey i was wondering if you could help me i try to log in on my minecraft account on the ftb launcher but it just says invalid username or password and im sure i put the right details in
    Invalid Username or Password = Invalid Username or Password.
    That should help. :)
    He means dont put your minecraft username put your email linked to minecraft
    Nope, both could be used, it doesn't make a difference. :)
    Can you add the thirst mod? That will make it so difficult for the players, cause drinks will take space in their inventory and will be a pain to fill it up while in combat, when you need to eat anyway. So yeah... you should add it!
    Hey Eyamaz, no idea if you know this but do you know any blood and bones servers? cant find any and ive been looking for 3 hours XD
    Hey is it possible to use turtles and something to move fluids in BnB pack?
    I'm saying this because of some reasons like: you can't build some turtles like the mining one, nor you can't make cobalt axe and shovel with the correct stuff :<
    mining turtle.. urg. try giving it any tool and writing a program using turtle.equip(). this was also noted in the BnB thread if you'd read it first.
    Ok I'll ask it here:
    When I turn on my server, this spams my log, and the just shuts off. Help?

    11:20:35 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Ars Magica 2 >> Received dimension spawn blacklist IMC! Processing.
    11:20:35 [Varning] [ForgeModLoader] Ars Magica 2 >> Could not parse dsb IMC - malformed identifiers! Syntax is 'ClassName|DimensionID', for example: EntityDryad|22
    [GUI] The server has stopped...
    no idea. take the whole log and report it to the Ars Magica 2 thread on MCF
    apparently it was the RAM. Thanks anyway.
    And i though Magic Farm was hardcore.I did get lucky and find two dias in a village so i made a sword, but there was this zombie with full leather armor that I couldn't kill due to regeneration :(
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