The rebirth of IC2 ?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by BigBrother_, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. rye1994

    rye1994 New Member

    Whoo go Greg...!!!

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  2. Spaceshipable

    Spaceshipable Member

    Didn't really catch on. Might be fun in MC though.
  3. Harvest88

    Harvest88 Well-Known Member

    The changes are great expect for the stupid "ductaped" e net placeholder just to reduce server hogging. But this placeholder is so buggy (from cabling not melting, no eu loss on any cables, and also only exploit with transformers and eu emitting blocks from a watermill to a MFSU)
  4. Lathanael

    Lathanael The Eye <o> Mod Database Admin

    These IC2 versions are not meant to be used by the community and especially not by mod pack teams. I fully expect a placeholder to not work correctly for many cases as i wouldn't bother making it work if i will replace it later once i got things sorted out.
    You are complaining about something which will not exist in the future....
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  5. Harvest88

    Harvest88 Well-Known Member

    Well certainly just my opinion but I rather have the old e net back and Then replace it with something more refined! I know that's it a placeholder but still this is just like duct taping a broken chair to be able to sit on it... Plus who's care about a CESU if the stinky E net is still full of exploits and bugs. I also aware of buggness and Some unbalance but usually it's isn't at this level of derpy when you try a prerelease. (look at EE3 for once, yep the Iron>enderpearls is exploitative but the mod is at somewhat balanced.) Heck we all know balancing is one of the last things on the list for most mods, But something like this Needs to be fixed on the double. Even Bigreactors took actions against uranium duping (the mod just came out not too long ago) In short I still think IC2 shouldn't done this "duct tape fix" Even for an experimental build. (especially when you add new features to it) If they keep on doing it, it's just going to be a chain reaction of the e net. Like building a house, if the foundation is unstable you think you wanna add walls and roofing to it? No cause the whole thing would break down. (depending on how bad it was in the first place)
  6. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    It's not a prerelease. It's development. There's more than one mod developer (and multiple mods that interface with ic2) and a rather large number of people testing and reporting bugs/issues on the ic2 forum. New machines are being added so they need to hook into the new energy net regardless of whether or not it works. The experimental build is not intended, at all, for "live" worlds.
  7. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    assuming explosive personality, it can literally blow up your world.
  8. Xeonen

    Xeonen Active Member

    IC2 was one my the first mods I've ever used, it was a good and fun mod. It is sad to see that it is dead.
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  9. Chrissy

    Chrissy Well-Known Member

    If they implement GT ideas without insane difficulty ramps it wont be too bad, But they should add things to IC2 to make it fresher
  10. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    i dont think Greg would allow it. otherwise there would be nothing left for it to not be just a nerftech.
  11. SonOfABirch

    SonOfABirch Popular Member

    honestly, I think they'd be better off going the same route as Equivalent Exchange. Completely pan the entire thing and start again from scratch.
  12. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox Forum Addict Mod Developer



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  13. Pokefenn

    Pokefenn Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    Its confirmed: Minecraft modders will never work for valve.
    Redpower 3 confirmed? Kappa
  14. BigBrother_

    BigBrother_ New Member

    And TE3 aswell... THE POWER OF THE THREE
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  15. Xeonen

    Xeonen Active Member

    Halflife 3 Confirmed
  16. frederikam

    frederikam Well-Known Member

    I was lurking around Jenkins, and this was what I found, to sum everything up:

    • New machines
      • Ore cleaner
      • Replicator
    • Something with regards to patter storage ???
    • Updated cable code
    • Ability to refill uranium cells
    • Lead ore and ingot. Lead casings.
    • The nuke as a gui.
    • Someone yelling at Thunderdark to use the forge dictionary.
    • cesu, has something to do with the MFE and MFSU
    None of this is confirmed.
  17. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    if this leads to decent changes of nuke mechanics(if it`s reactor we are talking about), then there might be something interesting.
  18. Harvest88

    Harvest88 Well-Known Member

    CESU is the new Tier 2 Energy storage (so it's the replacement of the MFE) So here how these units are rated now.

    Batbox same stats as before
    CESU same as the MFE before the change with half the capacity and diamond free to make (although require insane quantities of Bronze)
    MFE output HV current and have 4,000,000 eu buffer
    MFSU output EV current and have 40,000,000 eu buffer (so emptying a full one is same number of ticks as the old MFSU)

    Cabling are rated as for now for
    Tin Cabling 32 eu/t
    Copper Cabling 128 eu/t
    Gold Cabling 512 eu/t
    High Voltage Cabling 2048 eu/t
    Fiber Glass Cabling 8192 eu/t
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  19. eric167

    eric167 Well-Known Member

    yep. i like GT very much after i undo its stupid hard-mode recipies.
    and can someone please link to where theyre getting all the news?
  20. BigBrother_

    BigBrother_ New Member

    There's work done around UU-Matter, it's now a FLUID and has that wierd pink-purple texture....
    I don't know where that's leading to but my guess is that ( as they tend to add machines to do everything ) there will be another machine to do whatever UU has to do.
    I think this a big change in IC2 since getting UU is pretty much the goal of the mod...
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