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  • Hey I saw you got Atomic Science to work with Monster here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/making-a-monster-out-of-monster.37062/
    Or were you even using Monster? Anyway I would like to know how you made atomic science work in that pack of yours. I'm running into errors as I try to add it to Monster, is there a certain mod in the FTB Monster pack that is incompatible with Atomic Science ? thx
    Resonant Rise, for it's balance problems, is the pack I believe is the best of the current 1.6.4 batch and is what I use.
    Yep it was an insult in my opinion. I have no interest in drudgery. Just gratification. Dartcraft does not give you that. i loaded up a world with it. It is still the same. there is just a few more steps to getting to the overpowered stuff. And the steps are not difficult. And from a lot of what i have read about this mod. It had a tendency to corrupt worlds.
    Context: You're being annoying. Re: Can you stop mentioning RR on every thread relating to an FTB modpack? It's getting annoying. If people want to know what RR has, they will check on their own.
    whatever.. I only mentioned it as it was claimed it was left out due to instability, and RR only has it because Slowpoke himself came to RRs IRC channel and told us of a fix he'd found (or was told about) I've not mentioned RR a whole lot (in my opinion) but yeah, when it's appropriate (as decided by me, ofc) I will mention it. Until a mod tells me "stop mentioning RR or you'll get warnings" I will continue to do so.
    I'm not against you mentioning it at all, but personally speaking the elitist commentary (my opinion of how it comes off after hearing it a lot) is getting grating and if it keeps causing arguments I will swing a hammer. We know it has cool toys and that Dave and Velo do a great job with it, I happen to play it myself sometimes too. There's no need to harp on it ad nauseam, however.
    You literally have had less than a quarter of the time that I've had on these forums, and you've already gotten well-known.

    My god.

    Thanks whizz.
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    He will soon though...
    Hey Birch, I just liked your 6 oldest posts.
    You now have 250 LIkes.
    Which should give you a 20 point trophy.
    Which will make you a Well Known Member.
    With only 206 Messages.
    And being only 16 days old on these forums.
    Happy Well Known!
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