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Whitelist Server The middle of nowhere| DW20 1.7 (v1.1.1| Mature players|

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by NerevarDZN, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Tazumoto

    Tazumoto New Member

    Thanks :D
  2. Batmanno1

    Batmanno1 New Member

    IGN - Batmanno1
    Age - 34
    Skype/TS(optional)- Yes
    Few words about yourself - I am trying to find a server because everyone left the one I am playing on now.
  3. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

  4. O2Hunter

    O2Hunter New Member

    Hey nerevar can you whitelist another friend of mine pls
    IGN: Ph5l5pp
  5. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    Nice to see new people, Allways as for help or some starting supplys
  6. idlerus

    idlerus Active Member

    IGN - idlerus
    Age - 24
    Skype/TS - Both
    About me - I have hobby as programmer. Played minecraft since Beta 1.4.1. Mods since tekkit classics in first patches. I know how to work with computer craft, and you can always feel free to ask for help.
  7. Wernesgruner

    Wernesgruner New Member

    IGN - wernesgruner
    Age - 22
    Few words about yourself - I'm a programmer and I've been playing minecraft since 2010.
  8. SuperSimon

    SuperSimon New Member

    IGN - yogsog
    Age - 33
    Skype/TS(optional)- I have mumble, can install ts
    Few words about yourself - Veteran mc player. I know most mods. Used to run a server myself but i dont have the time to manage one right now. I want to play in a small tight knit community. Generally very helpful
  9. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    server down?
  10. vmaik04

    vmaik04 New Member

    IGN - maikol04
    Age - 23
    Skype/TS - Both
    About me - I like turtles
  11. Daniel Powell

    Daniel Powell New Member

    IGN - Daveey_Moon
    Age - 22
    Skype/TS(optional)- [email protected]
    Few words about yourself - I'm a nie guy just looking for people to play FTB with and maybe make a few decent friends through it
  12. HamlehdkXD

    HamlehdkXD New Member

    IGN - Hamlehdk
    Age - 17
    Skype/TS(optional)- hamle112
    Few words about yourself - I've played a lot of FTB for some years now, always enjoy playing with a nice community, which is why I like whitelisted servers.
  13. Torvtak69

    Torvtak69 New Member

    IGN - torvtak
    Age - 19
    Skype/TS(optional)- I use both. Skype: golf-boy
    Few words about yourself - Well im am a 19 year old guy from Norway, Working as a plumber apprentice atm, I am a patient happy hardwork man who enjoys meeting new people and just having fun playing MC.
  14. jurgenroo

    jurgenroo New Member

    IGN - mcdreamer1
    Age -42
    Few words about yourself - adicted to playing minecraft , many hours a week love to play in community and been playing for years
  15. Silentium

    Silentium New Member

    IGN - Somnolency
    Age -19
    Few words about yourself - I'm russian and I just starting to play with mods.
    I hope this does't become a problem in taking me to the server.
    Calm and quiet. Not bothering anyone.
  16. UltimateSky

    UltimateSky New Member

    IGN - UltimateSky
    Age - 21
    Skype/TS(optional)- haven't used in so long I've forgot haha. Moved to curse voice
    Few words about yourself - I'm fairly new to ftb but I have some experience with a few of the mods in the pack such as AE (I used AE1 previously but AE2 is actually a bit simpler haha). Really I'm a better aesthetic builder but I want to try out ftb and I'm just looking for some fun friendly people to play with and maybe help me learn which mods are pretty cool to mess around with
  17. Chad Silvis

    Chad Silvis New Member

    IGN - SethuskLT
    Age - 42
    Skype/TS(optional)- TS only; Skype is evil
    Few words about yourself - I am a computer engineer by day and Martial Arts instructor by night. I have been a gamer since the late 70's starting with the orignal Atari 2600 and Commodore Vic 20. I enjoy playing games in general and do it solely for enjoyment. I played WoW for 10 years and it was never enjoyable; always seemed to be work. I want to just relax and build things now.
  18. SchmuAlicious

    SchmuAlicious New Member

    - ipoody
    Age - 23
    Skype/TS(optional)- only ts3 screw skype
    Few words about yourself - looking to get back into minecraft action after a 5 months break
  19. strane111

    strane111 Active Member

    IGN - strane111
    Age - 18
    Skype/TS(optional)- strane111/yes
    Few words about yourself - I am ripped and sweet. But seriously I am just a fun loving guy who needs some friends to play mc with.
  20. jakedabomb

    jakedabomb New Member

    IGN - jakedabomb
    Age - 15
    Skype/TS(optional)- ilikepie100
    Few words about yourself - Looking for something different to play with other people, instead of singleplayer, I'm from California, so obviously I surf and play water polo.

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