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Whitelist Server The middle of nowhere| DW20 1.7 (v1.1.1| Mature players|

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by NerevarDZN, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Sidius79

    Sidius79 New Member

    IGN: Sidius79
    Age: 36
    I love to Play minecraft specially Direwolf20 pack and i am just looking for a friendly fun server with some nice people on it to play with
  2. initialized

    initialized New Member

    IGN - Initialized
    Age - 22
    Skype/TS(optional) - PM me if you want it
    An old time vanilla and modded minecraft player with more experience than I want to admit at times, I enjoy working for myself mostly but I'm very much a talkactive person overall.
  3. BananaBatmann

    BananaBatmann New Member

    - BananaBatmann
    Age - 25
    Skype/TS(optional)- BanananaBatmann
    Few words about yourself - Havent played minecraft for a couple of months, want to get back into a good community and start playing. I got a lot of time due to the holidays starting now.
  4. Alphabitg

    Alphabitg New Member

    Is this server still open?
    IGN - Alphabitg
    Age - 18
    Skype/TS(optional)- I have both (don't want to post username in the forums)
    Few words about yourself - tired of playing on a bunch of servers with no community this one seems right. I took a break from ftb (used to play Ultimate constantly) but now I want to get back at it!
    Hope you see this!
  5. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    no it have been closed for a long time now:)

    INTENSS New Member

    SKYPE: I do have Skype. If listed I can hook you up with my ID
    FEW WORDS: Been playing modded Minecraft for a good while. I like to build detailed buildings, sometimes I like to build actual real life structures in game. I'm also into the tech stuff. I like to build huge automated machines using CC and rednet.
  7. nilsdacke1

    nilsdacke1 New Member

    Age -16
    Few words about yourself -My name is Tobbe Berg,living in sweden. Have been a die-hard fan of modded minecraft a while back, 1.4.7 was the version I used to play a lot if I recall correctly. Been watching DW20 back then, and doing some cool builds. Stopped playing for a while, and now I'm looking on going back. Long story short - been a player for half-a-year a while ago, stopped playing, and now came back.
  8. metzdan

    metzdan New Member

    IGN - metzdan
    Age - 20
    Skype/TS(optional)- Yes
    Few words about yourself - I've been looking for a decent server for a while and im interested to see if yours makes the cut.
  9. hOudson

    hOudson New Member

    IGN - Lithuaniaball
    Age - 17
    Skype/TS(optional)- I'll use teamspeak, as I don't use skype
    Few words about yourself - i have played feed the beast a long time ago, and had to stop playing because of my laptop not being able to run the updated packs. Fast forward a year or so later and I have a new computer, which can actually run all of these mods :) I am an active player, I like contributing to the community. Hope I get accepted :)
  10. Flatbutter

    Flatbutter New Member

    IGN - Flatbutter
    Age - 20
    Skype/TS(optional)- Both (Prefer TS)
    Few words about yourself - Huh, what can i say... been playing Minecraft, especially modded minecraft, since Tekkit. Currently studying computer science, and working as NodeJS Developer (heh backend JS).
  11. Novaflipps

    Novaflipps New Member

    IGN -novaflipps
    Age -36
    Few words about yourself - played alot of different direwolf modpacks. Like to build tech and inside mountains;)
  12. silverman24300

    silverman24300 New Member

    Age -17
    Skype/TS(optional)- no sorry
    Few words about yourself - ive been playing minecraft and ftb for about 4 years now and I want to be apart of a nice community. btw im from the uk
  13. DoKM91AS

    DoKM91AS New Member

    - DoKM91AS
    Age -15
    Skype/TS(optional)-I Dont share my skype but send me a message and il join ts or sumething
    Few words about yourself - i played minecraft since v1.2.3 played modded since 1.2.5 im from The Netherlands and like to play minecraft

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