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Whitelist Server The middle of nowhere| DW20 1.7 (v1.1.1| Mature players|

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by NerevarDZN, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    Address is not coming up with any server good sir

    Edit: NVM there it is
  2. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    Minor crash happened meanwhile...it should be a minute....
  3. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    server is down:eek:
  4. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    Server moved to better host, updated ip in first post.
  5. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    It Run SOO Smooth now Thank you Very Much!
  6. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    What a Nice House:D
  7. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    Yey 1.1.1 :O
  8. O2Hunter

    O2Hunter New Member

    Can you tp me to spawn im stuck and getting kicked
  9. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    ok, jump on FTB TS, i'll solv your issue
  10. senderfn

    senderfn New Member

    IGN - senderfn
    Age - 23
    Skype/TS(optional)- I can go on either
    Few words about yourself - Im 23, go to university for civil engineering and like to play modded minecraft for quite some time now. Wanted to start out with the 1.7 packs now and dont want to keep playing alone.

    Id like to request a whitelist for two friends of mine who like to play modded minecraft aswell, but dont participate in the forums.

    IGN - A_bis_Z
    Age - 23
    Skype/TS(optional)- He can go on either aswell, TS preferred.

    IGN - Nicki_M
    Age - 23
    Skype/TS(optional)- TS preferred.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2015
  11. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    Hello to your Trio :D All you guys will be whitelisted :D

    p.s I cannot add Nicki_M are you sure you typed right IGN ?
  12. Treveon Maxwell

    Treveon Maxwell New Member

    IGN - Treveon_Maxwell
    Age - 32
    Skype/TS(optional)- Either.
    Few words about yourself - I love building stuff and occasionally having a pvp match with people who know it's fun to use the stuff you made on more than just mobs. I like automation and building awesome looking buildings. I'm a magic heavy person and will most likely show that in my designs.
  13. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    Yey Fresh meat! muhaha:D
  14. senderfn

    senderfn New Member

    Hey, dont ask me why but my second friend got a completely different name than the one I wrote yesterday.

    IGN: StevenMarky

    Id be happy to get him whitelisted, see you later online.
  15. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    Ozhammar & Treveon_Maxwell, welcome and feel like at your virtual home :D

    Senderfn - done :D
  16. senderfn

    senderfn New Member

    thanks mate
  17. teh_nexus

    teh_nexus New Member

    IGN -teh_nexus
    Age - 25
    Few words about yourself - Pretty experienced player, and always willing to the spoils of my ridiculous automation
  18. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    What a Beast of a Base a Weeks Work yey
  19. Tazumoto

    Tazumoto New Member

    IGN - Tazumoto
    Age - 28
    Skype/TS(optional)- I prefer to just chat in game
    Few words about yourself - Hello, my real name is Scott. I am Canadian. I like playing Minecraft, but I find it is more fun with people around. More or less trying to find a place where I will be a part of a community, make some friends, and just relax when I have the time to play Minecraft.
  20. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    Teh_nexus & Tazumoto welcome you two :D.

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