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Whitelist Server The middle of nowhere| DW20 1.7 (v1.1.1| Mature players|

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by NerevarDZN, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    Server ip :

    There are no added or disabled mods and no banned items. Just jump in and play!
    Why is it whitelisted ?, for simple reason i'm looking for mature, experienced people.
    I'm wishing to bring the FTB Direwolf20 experience without map resets

    Server is located in UE, so players from europe are welcome :D

    Just few rules :
    1. Be nice for everyone
    2. Don't bring unessesary destruction.
    3. Griefers OUT!

    Age -
    Few words about yourself -

    About me:
    I am a self motivated adaptable versatile individual, currently working in ice cream factory (nom). I'm very chaotic, but very good minecraft builder (google me if you dare) I just want to share experience, and joy of playing with other people. :p
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  2. Moryse

    Moryse New Member

    IGN - Moryse
    Age - 18
    Skype/TS(optional)- I can go on either
    Few words about yourself - i am 18, im currently in Highschool. I play video games most of the time, but i also bmx occasionally. Im nice and helpful, i do what i can to help other players. help them build, explain certain mods, give them materials, etc. Id like to join this server because i enjoy small servers with a nice community to just make friends and just play Minecraft together (with mods :D)
  3. Ellerianna

    Ellerianna New Member

    IGN - Ellerianna
    Age - 22
    Skype/TS(optional)- haven't had the need for either
    Few words about yourself - just your average person that like a small server certainly not the most experienced with all the mods but I'l get around. Always willing to learn
  4. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    I'm very appreciated to welcome both of you :D See you on server !
  5. O2Hunter

    O2Hunter New Member

    IGN - Streetgost
    Age - 16
    Skype/TS(optional)- sure
    Few words about yourself - Im in to ftb for quite while now, so I'm well familar with most of the mods and would like to offer help in any form.

    IGN - 3asypwner
    Age - 18
    Skype/TS(optional)- yes
    Few words about yourself - Knows alot of ftb aswell more and is ready to help aswell.
  6. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    Ok then, you two are whitelisted and welcome too :p
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  7. Mad_Mine

    Mad_Mine New Member

    IGN - Mad_Mine
    Age - 18
    Skype/TS(optional)- both
    Few words about yourself - Aways looking to have fun with the other players and make cool things in the server :)
  8. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

  9. eteninty

    eteninty New Member

    IGN - Mythaell
    Age - 25
    Skype/TS(optional)- Yes to both
    Few words about yourself - I love small servers, just looking for an active place to play with
  10. AlexC

    AlexC New Member

    IGN - AlexTheMedic
    Age - 20
    Skype/TS(optional)- Have Skype
    Few words about yourself - Know good knowledge on most big mods and happy to help people with build or do community builds
  11. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    Mythaell and Alex - you're now whitelisted :D
  12. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    IGN - AndersWithTheCat
    Age - 17
    Skype/TS(optional)- Both
    Few words about yourself - Well my Name is Anders iknow the age limit is 18 but hope you would do an expection as im 18 in 21Days
    use most of my time every day playing Both EU time and US as sometimes i play to 6am or more and then sleep the hole day:D, oh well, thats my life.
    i like to find new friends that i talk have endless talks with were you just know ''This Guy/girl is gonna be a long time Friend'' hope thats gonna be the case, Normally play in Very Mature Places Such as a Arma 3 server were every single one thats on at night is 30-62(age) so im used to Talk mature other then the day time were its more 50/50 were its a mix of 11-18/18+
    i also like to be in small groups else i can feel crowded and sometimes get abit unmature if too many is around, else i normally just leave untill there is fewer peps. Hope that gives a eye of me:3

    Now take a look at my Cat[​IMG]

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  13. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    Done! Have a hug, and your cat can haz one too :D
  14. ryanhaych1

    ryanhaych1 New Member

    IGN - Ryanhaych1
    Age - 20
    Skype/TS(optional)- TS
    Few words about yourself- Been playing FTB for while and been looking for a server that i can play without Restrictions on items
  15. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

  16. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    IGN - shadowquinn74
    Age - 40
    Skype/TS(optional)- I can use both
    Few words about yourself - I am just an old man that loves to play Minecraft. I took a break for a bit but now i am back and looking for a mature server to play on.
  17. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    Mr Shadowquinn, have you premium minecraft or mispelled you IGN ? I can not add you to whitelist.
  18. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    Opps, it is shadowquinn1974 lol my bad, see I an old and can't spell lol
  19. NerevarDZN

    NerevarDZN New Member

    ok whitelisted :D
  20. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    Tyvm see you in a min

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