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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by jjw123, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. louie_and_carson

    louie_and_carson New Member

    add sphax pure bdcraft
  2. Cman333

    Cman333 New Member

    they can't redistribute the texture pack and the patch together in the same folder,sphax can't even do it on his own website
  3. jkennedy1998

    jkennedy1998 New Member

    could greatwood be on there? there is a small team (including me) doing all the patching. its almost done and i've finished up most of the default textures as well. (creator dropped off the grid) i can play ftb with it and see almost no default textures unless i use some of the smaller mods. (which are getting done). gui's are also kinda getting there but aren't that big of a deal.
    here is the link- http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/16x-greatwood-ftb-i-sing-the-body-electric.16677/
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  4. 99Johnsy99

    99Johnsy99 New Member

    need more tp
  5. donut

    donut New Member

    can you up the ocd texture packs ?
  6. Cman333

    Cman333 New Member

    I've already made one before. long stoty short, he doesn't allow it.
  7. donut

    donut New Member

    Oh ok
  8. Janitsu

    Janitsu New Member

  9. Zica

    Zica New Member

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  10. Darthmzs

    Darthmzs New Member

    Make Sphax Purebdcraft a texturepack for ftb unleashed.
  11. Cman333

    Cman333 New Member

    Sigh How many times does it have to be said, FTB, nor anyone else, can redistribute sphax.
  12. Zica

    Zica New Member

    Seriously, do we need a big red banner at the top of the launcher saying that Sphax cannot and will not be included in the launcher for the foreseeable future?
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  13. UmbraSprite

    UmbraSprite New Member

  14. Rory Davenport

    Rory Davenport New Member

    I really don't know why people haven't put this on the Launcher, but maybe you can assist me in this. I would like to see PureBDCraft added, also maybe you can add the SoundPack they have for it with the texture pack. I think you may be able to achieve that, best of luck.

    Hail to ye,
  15. Cman333

    Cman333 New Member

    Apparently we do.
  16. Saitek2073

    Saitek2073 New Member

    Well it seems its been a while since I have posted. I know this is a bit off topic but what would someone recommend for a TP
  17. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    Soartex Fanver and JadedcatMixpack are available for 1.6.4 installation testing on the launcher. Between these 2 there is a 64x pack for each of the current official packs. Once the testing is complete we'll look into adding more options.

    For future reference we don't go asking texture packs if we can include them. We only include texture packs that offer to let us distribute them.

    We will NOT:

    - Include Sphax : The artist that makes the vanilla portion of this pack does not allow distribution anywhere other than the Sphax site.

    - Include packs that covers less than 50% of a modpack - at the very least a majority of ores and terrain blocks and all of vanilla should be covered by the texture pack.

    - Include a texture pack without the main artists permission/request

    For performance purposes any pack for FTBLite 2 should only include the textures for those mods. Since it can be supposed that if someone is playing FTBLite 2 as default they may not want to download a 150 mb texture pack file :p
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  18. Daddy_Cecil

    Daddy_Cecil New Member

    Hooray! Hopefully the nublets will stop asking for SPHax to be redistributed on the FTB Launcher :p!
  19. lazaruz76

    lazaruz76 New Member

    I see all the post asking for sphax and I just facepalm. Makes me wonder if they know how to read.

    A bit more on topic:
    Great work on the TPs Jaded, keep it up. I look forward to what is to come.
  20. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    Don't thank me @progwml6 is the one who got it working go thank him.

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