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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by jjw123, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. xbony2

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    No one can upload images :p just throw it on Imgur and give us the link.
  2. Mr. Crain

    Mr. Crain Guest

    noob alert! .. after the release of a new modpack (ftb beyond) about how long until the launcher starts endorsing texture packs ? ... i have never payed it any attention and its been so long since i needed a new one ... but wow vanilla is pretty harsh when im used to running shaders etc lol
  3. Evil Boy

    Evil Boy New Member

    I've been away from Minecraft for quite awhile now and upon my return the FTB launcher appears to be broken. I migrated over to the Curse launcher and got the game working again but I'm not seeing texture packs in the Curse launcher. Can anyone tell me where I can get those now?
  4. Mr. Crain

    Mr. Crain Guest

    Well...if you are playing FTB Beyond, there do not appear to be any complete Texture Pack yet (which will be the ones they put on to the launcher). However, If you're wanting something that will just cover Vanilla MC textures ..they are indeed out there for MC 1.10
  5. Evil Boy

    Evil Boy New Member

    I used to play the Epiccraft mod pack but that seems to be gone so I am playing Direwolf20's pack now.
  6. Moberg

    Moberg Guest

    can we have a resource pack tab on the ftb area if at all possible

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