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Suggest Mods for FTB Here

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Jadedcat, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    The previous thread has gotten too long and unwieldy. This thread is the new place to suggest mods for inclusion into the Full FTB packs.

    Please check the list below first. This list shows mods that have already been suggested and whether they have been accepted or declined or are under consideration. Do not suggest mods that have already been suggested.

    Post the mod name

    A Link to the mod

    and why you think the mod is worth including.


    We will be including many different packs including third party packs. The main pack will be used to create the FTB maps. Just because a mod is refused for the map mod pack does not mean it won't get in a different pack just that it won't fit in the map style.


    1. Mods that add "collectibles" such as extra mobs, extra plants, extra ores etc that have very little use or interaction with the current mods will probably not be considered.Extra Biomes is an exception as it helps the map creators make the cool FTB maps.

    2. Mods that duplicate something other mods already do. Especially if they do it at a lower resource cost will have a very difficult time getting into the pack. Why add an extra mod that negates part of one of the main mods?That doesn't mean they won't but they will need to add something more then just the duplicate items.

    3. Huds Damage meters etc. These are more a personal type mod and not really something everyone will find useful so its better to allow players to choose their own mods of this sort.

    4. Mods that have not yet been updated to 1.4 will not be considered at all.

    5. Mods that make things "easier" these mods tend to be out of balance for the FTB map. The main pack will be the pack for the FTB maps so having unbalanced and OP mods in the pack just won't work.

    6. Unfinished Mods will have a very hard road to get in.

    7. Our intention is to create muliple mod packs, so in the case of exceptional mods that dont meet these guidelines, exceptions can be made.

    I am sure Slowpoke may have more mod considerations but those are the main things I have seen him turning mods down over. It's not that they aren't good mods just that they do not fit the balance and play style of the FTB maps and game. I am sure if I have gotten something wrong Slowpoke will stop by to set it straight.
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  2. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    List of mods compiled by Greedseed


    These lists are being looked at over the next week or two as we start to put together themed packs.
    We will do our best to take a proper look at as many mods as we can during this time.

    Is in the pack!

    Twilight Forest
    Advanced machines
    Steve's Carts
    XyCraft -- upon completion
    Thermal Expansion
    Iron Chest
    Buildcraft 3
    Nuclear Control
    Portal Gun
    Ender Storage
    RedPower-- Upon Completion
    EE3 -- Upon Completion
    Extra Biomes XL
    Secret Rooms
    Rei's Minimap
    Extra Bees -- Once bugs are worked out
    Gravitation Suite - if its fully updated
    Nuclear Control

    To be added
    Misc Peripherals

    Not up to date to 1.4
    More plants
    Additional buildcraft objects
    Green Stone Wire Mod
    Laser Mod
    Crafting Table III
    Better dungeons
    Logistics pipes

    Will Not be Included
    Tree Capitator


    Mo' Creatures
    No permissions

    Not Server Friendly

    Steam craft

    Zaede's SteamWorks

    No permissions

    No permissions

    Mine Little Pony
    JUST NO!!!!

    Timber! by TehKrush

    Not compatible

    Charge Pads
    Crossover with other mods

    Compact Solars
    crossover with other mods

    Power Converters
  3. DukeGriffin

    DukeGriffin New Member

    Can I ask for the reasons why these aren't going to be included within the pack?
  4. Greedseed

    Greedseed New Member

    Very awesome :).
  5. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    Shouldn't RedPower be in the "Not updated to 1.4" section? :p It's not in the pack yet. Same with EE3 and Thaumcraft3. And Xycraft is very much an unfinished mod.
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  6. Greedseed

    Greedseed New Member

    well it will be in the pack. we are not talking about beta here :p we are talking about what will be in the full FTB pack
  7. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    If you go through the old thread, almost all the mods have comments added as to why they are not included. That post would become way too big if we listed all the reasons mods have been turned down.
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  8. Kyre

    Kyre New Member

    Extra Bees isn't in the already covered list? It was put into the original teaser graphic. I know I'd love to see it in FTB.
  9. DraigoDragon

    DraigoDragon New Member

    It's In the pack or will be
  10. PD2525

    PD2525 New Member

    Both mods are made by the same pony and are being updated to 1.4, so please consider them
    More Enchantments Mod


    In most of the included mods, Levels and Enchanting become ignored, but this mod would help balance that, extending enchanting to reduce the power gap between basic armor and the advanced armors in the game. It allows for players to incorporate enchanted goods into their game more, and gives a player more options as too the way they approach their advancement and strategy in FTB.
    Superior Enchantment System


    Same situation as above, this mod, made by the same pony, allows for a streamlining and advancement of enchanting.It changes bookshelf placement to allow for more configurations (and if your trying to install an enchanting table in the middle of a pipe filled house, that can be useful). It even allows for players to convert bottles into Bottles-O-Enchanting, which is a good way to store and save levels in the ever more dangerous world of FTB.
  11. blisf

    blisf New Member

  12. OmegaPython

    OmegaPython New Member

    What is the difference between "not up to date to 1.4" and "in the pack!"? Because I don't see why EE3, RedPower and XyCraft are there when they are not updated to 1.4. (Especially RedPower). Are those the mods the pack is waiting for or sometning? If not, which mods ARE the pack waiting for?

    Also, I might suggest Easy Crafting as an alternative to Crafting Table III.

  13. BlackFire

    BlackFire New Member

    Is RailCraft going to be included? I don't see it on the list
  14. blisf

    blisf New Member

    I'm 99% sure it will be included. Probably a mistake.
  15. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    Also, gravity suite, nuclear control, greg's lighting, and wireless redstone are all on the ad for the modpack but are now listed on the "NO" or "MAYBE" lists...
  16. Morvelaira

    Morvelaira New Member

    Greg's Lighting is now in the "Maybe, Maybe not" category. While it was originally intended to be a part of the pack, due to some technical shenanigans (don't ask me, I'm not technical!) it might have to be excluded for the good of the pack. Assuming those get cleared up, it's a great candidate to be included, and might be added in at a later point.
  17. blisf

    blisf New Member

    I heard slowpokw saying on a stream a yesterday that gravy suite is going to be in the pack. How come it's in the "not going in" list? I assume it's a mistake until told otherwise.
  18. scorch

    scorch New Member

    Also i don't see MFFS. Is it still going to be a part of FTB?
  19. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    Railcraft and MFFS are both already in the beta and were on the modpack ad, I can't see them being removed.
  20. 456dss

    456dss New Member

    What about the
    Buildcraft valvepipe
    It really helps with the steam engine layouts and more compact builds. It's also recommended on the railcraft wiki.
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