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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Jadedcat, May 31, 2013.

  1. grimmjsb

    grimmjsb New Member

    1. Diagonal cut half blocks, great if you can place things on the diagonal surface like vines, work like stairs.
    2.Stand alone ladders
    3. multiblock gates/doors for customized entrances
    4. better villager mod. (create a simulated living village rather than mobs that randomly go no where and do nothing)
    a.the ability to assign villagers to locations/building/jobs/routes/moods(passive,aggressive)
    b. wider variety of villager types (soldiers, priests, beggars, traders, shopkeepers, farmer etc.)
    c. fence/borders/barriers that villagers can't cross could be invisible or could place them underground or in walls with covers over them.
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  2. Malexion

    Malexion New Member

    Along with 4 you could have different tiers of natural villages; village, town, city, kingdom. Each escalating the population and adding walls/defenses, markets and so on.
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  3. MoltenX

    MoltenX New Member

    1 thing.... Enchanting diamond pickaxes and getting enchanted quarries... hilarious XD
  4. redbits1974

    redbits1974 New Member

    I've been tossing around an idea that uses gears and sets of gears to transfer power kind of like redstone. You could use them to move objects along a rail, like a lift, or a platform and the like; or transfer power between turbines, you know gauges and dials and all. It would be great to make a door system that opened by a bunch of rotating gears on a wall. It sounds a lot like BTW but I have to admit I like building a machine out in the world and moving around inside the machine as opposed to placing a block down that does everything. (No offense meant to the modders that make these things, I think you guys are amazing at what you can do. I can barely use a calculator.)
  5. DaveSW

    DaveSW New Member

    A Bioshock Inifinite mod. More specifically, being able to use the rail system from that game.
  6. Amp

    Amp New Member

    A cable-wrapping mod.

    So many mods these days either include or sometimes require large amounts of some form of cabling. We now have ComputerCraft's wired-mode computers, Applied Energistics Networks, MineFactory's RedNet, three (four, if you include RedPower) different kinds of power (EU, MJ, and I forget what to call Factorization's), and/or Red Alloy Wire.

    If we could build special cables that include all the functions of these cables, or even pick and choose.

    My initial implementation would be as follows: A "cable wrapper" block. UI includes one slot for some sort of resource to spend, probably rubber and/or electrum, and 9-10 slots for other items that are deemed "cables", maybe develop some form of cable Dictionary in Forge? Put in the rubber, and the cables of your choice, the wrapper will output a special item that carries all the functions of the input cables.

    Now, as for finding out how to properly balance this, I dunno, that would be more up to the proper mod designer.
  7. Blackmoore

    Blackmoore New Member

    There is a Mod called RoteryCraft that may fit this.
  8. Wekmor

    Wekmor New Member

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  9. Blackmoore

    Blackmoore New Member

    There is Powerconverters in a mod that will exchange the type of power, (two if you count RedPower bluelectrical to MJ)
    you may want to look at MJ as a shaft or mechanical energy, vs Electrical (EU) or redpower.
  10. Wekmor

    Wekmor New Member

    Yes there is, but you could run Energy Conduits and Glass-Fibre Cable in the same block, saving quite some space sometimes. I think it would be cool
  11. Gabe224

    Gabe224 New Member

    MoCreatures for FTB
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  12. Wekmor

    Wekmor New Member

    Pretty useless ...
  13. SaintKenneth

    SaintKenneth New Member

    I haven't seen it yet, so I would like to see an egg incubator for a proper chicken farm.[DOUBLEPOST=1374361501][/DOUBLEPOST]Also, perhaps a mod that allows you to form ships in any way you wish, and with the proper activator, give it the ability to set sail. I know it already exists, but it hasn't been updated since 1.2.5
  14. sir_schwick

    sir_schwick New Member

    Craft a TNT with 8 pine cones around it and you get some number of Festive Grenades! Craft a Potion with 8 pine cones around it, you get some number of Potion Grenades(slightly weaker than original potion).
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  15. grimmjsb

    grimmjsb New Member

    Maybe all villages start out as your standard village, just called them communities instead. Then you could breed/install/assign a mayor and it would activate the village somehow? That way there would be a control method and you could also turn it into a mini game of sorts, like bee and trees. Work your way up helping them improve there village. to the next tier which would give you access to better villagers and better trades and loots and types of loots.
    Thinking WAY down the line, being able to start/ seed villages and create networks of them that grow together and help each other..or war with each other ;)
    Major thing there though is that you would really need a form of control over the villagers and that there is a on/off switch of sorts.

    p.s. wonder how this could integrate with world gen mods like ars magica...
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  16. Easytooner55

    Easytooner55 New Member

    Ok This Mod Will Be VERY hard to make but very cool. what i want is a mod that adds experiments into mc like u take zombie blood by right clocking them with syringe and mix it with other bloods AndOr Items To Make A Serum That U can Inject to yourself to mak yourself run faster, jump higher ect but u have to put them through a litttle machine that maybe extracts certain parts of the blood and basiccly replaces zombie blood with like Controlled Zombie Blood or ssomething and u have to use the controlled ones to inject to yourself otherwise u would get 3 mins of Hunger or something.
  17. Wekmor

    Wekmor New Member

    I don't know why but I really like this idea.
    My little additional thoughs on this:
    The monster you are taking blood (or w/e) off should be trapped in a 3x3x4 multi block machine, that you have to build first, so that you can work freely. (Should require some power to have a mob trapped in there, MJ?)
  18. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Warning, Big Wall of Text incoming, prepare to be critted.

    Digital Mini Worlds

    Various mods add world generation, with various levels of customization. All thought suffer from the following issues: They tend to hurt servers, resource cost is minor for what you get back, generation is via some mystical "magic".

    DMW allows a player to define a miniature world that's End shaped, and have that world generated in a dimension. What generates in this world all depends on the blocks used to define that world. It will be very resource intensive, and in most cases, you should get back the resources you invested, with some profit.
    These worlds have no biomes as such, being randomly assembled from the components supplied.
    A created world will have a barrier at it's chunk edges, preventing further travel. Beyond the barrier this area is unclaimed, and at some point another island might be generated there. Any touching claimed areas will result in the barrier being removed, so players can build bridges between islands.

    The Process:

    Block 1 "Dimension Definer" - Creates a dimension
    This blocks sole purpose is to define the basic attributes of the dimension, such as sky colours, timescale, weather, sky effects and most importantly, the size of the dimension in chunks
    This block can be limited to allow only OP access, giving servers the option to limit the number of dimensions, without limiting the world creation.

    Block 2 "World Designer" - Creates a world
    Creating a world requires a "World Foundation" item. With just this item and nothing else, you'll generate a stone End style island of a specific radius. Highly unexciting. But, the rest of the GUI gives you customisation options, which will show you the overall complexity of the world. The higher the complexity, the smaller the radius of the island. Adding more "World Foundations" will increase radius.
    Customisation is separated into "Terrain", "Ores", "Flora" and "Features". Almost any block can go into any of these categories, but depending on the category and block, they might add more complexity. For example, a diamond block terrain would be more complex then a diamond block feature.

    Each customisation option has 4 inventory slots, each item added adds 1% chance of that block type (or item associated block) being generated (max 64%).
    "Terrain" controls what is generated for rock, so for overworld style, this is stone, dirt and gravel
    "Ore" controls the ores found within the terrain. Generation is either Terrain or Ore, depending on the ratio of blocks between the two
    "Flora" controls what plants can be found, saplings are just planted when the world is generated. Being a new world, you need to wait for them to grow.
    "Features" controls extra fancy features, such as glowstone formations, lakes and many other things - time to experiment!

    There's also an extra customisation that allows to you add more void chunks around your island, if you need the space.

    Once you hit the "Create" button, you'll be given a "chip" that has all the details of the world. All the resources are consumed.

    Block 3 "Cartographer" - Places the world, and lets you travel to them
    This block shows a mini-map of the dimension, showing used and available chunks. With a new world, insert it into this block (where it is consumed), and choose where to generate the island. The Cartographer will also generate a "chip" that you can put into a "portal" to travel to these islands.

    That's the basic idea, unfortunately I haven't the faintest idea about Java, otherwise I'd attempt to make the mod myself :D Nice thing about this mod is that you can design almost anything you like for your island, if you have the resources, so early game, fairly "normal" style worlds for mining, later on, bling islands for your latest palace/fortress.
  19. Easytooner55

    Easytooner55 New Member

    yeah, right! dont u think, lol if i knew how to mod i would make it myself i been doing research but no luck as to fin ding out how to do something like this. try to spread the word with meh ! maybe someone will make it.
  20. Malexion

    Malexion New Member

    This mod has a version in both 1.5.2 and 1.6

    Most of the problems associated with a villager mod of that design stem from entity counts, in short if we have tons of villagers running around loaded its going to lag your server to hell :)

    But regardless it is an interesting concept.

    This mod might interest you.

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