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Discussion in 'Modded Minecraft News' started by VapourDrive, May 5, 2014.

  1. Zenthon_127

    Zenthon_127 Forum Addict

    Isn't selling a modpack breaking the TOS?
  2. RavynousHunter

    RavynousHunter Over-Achiever


    I don't mind closed testing phases, they're perfectly fine: a few reliable people you know helping you squash major bugs and fix major balancing issues. But, making people pay for it? For a friggin modpack?! No, this isn't a full game, this isn't even a total conversion thing, its just a hunk of mods the author likes slapped together, configured, tweaked, and tested. I respect that a good pack takes a fair bit of work, but it doesn't take enough work to put testing versions behind a paywall. Adfly links are perfectly fine, put it behind one of them, if ya want. But don't put 'em behind a freakin paywall.
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  3. mcalpha

    mcalpha Active Member

    I guess technically they're paying for a "subscription" on Twitch (whatever that means) and not for the pack.
  4. RavynousHunter

    RavynousHunter Over-Achiever

    Aye, but whether that technicality actually matters is up to the individual. For me, it doesn't matter all that much, because the spirit in which its done is the same.
  5. trajing

    trajing Obsessed with Ruby

    He released an explanation.
    (anyone who checks out my twitter page knows my exact opinion of it)
  6. Lordlundar

    Lordlundar Well-Known Member

    It is, this is known as a "scalper's bypass". Basically when it's illegal to scalp tickets, the scalper declares they're selling something that's stupidly cheap for a ridiculously high price and claim the tickets are a free bonus.

    It's the same thing here. It's against the TOS to sell modpacks but he's proclaiming that he's only asking for subscribers and throwing in the modpack for "free".
  7. tedyhere

    tedyhere Well-Known Member

    Normally I support Bacon, but here I think he is treading dangerous ground. I know about 20 REALLY GOOD modpack testers that can break any modpack made to find world eating bugs.
  8. NJM1564

    NJM1564 Over-Achiever

    To be fair it is Bacon Donut. He gets so many subs as a default. I don't think this would increase it by any noticeable amount. I think he did that more to make a kinda manageable testing pool rather than as a cash grab.
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  9. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    I watched his explanation at and I am satisfied with it (which means quite a bit coming from me. :p ). Subscribers for guaranteed early access as opposed to a raffle of sorts, while close to the line, is acceptable as far as I am concerned. I also understand his motives.

    I would also like to say my earlier statement about streamers and monetization was more a general statement, not about this specifically (I had another well-known streamer in mind when writing it).
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  10. WittyYeti

    WittyYeti New Member

    I was the one who wrote that post, and I stand by what I had said. However, people seem to have the wrong end of the stick as far as the bans go. They where been abusive and he had every right to ban them. People need to grow the heck up and stop been so childish. Yes he was wrong for renaming packages, which I clearly stated and he fixed it. Yes he could have handled the situation better, but so could have everyone else.

    We have these thing called jobs, the thing that pays the bills and keeps us off the streets. That ALWAYS comes first.

    We've added a lot of new content that is going to be fun and challenging to use. Our EMC system is more dynamic too.

    We plan on having config options, yes. It may not be in the first couple of alpha/beta builds to disable items/blocks, but it will be implemented before a stable release.
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  11. Dorque

    Dorque Popular Member

    Sorry to pick your comment out of the heap to tie my reply in, Ray. Nothing personal intended :)

    So. It depends on the individual case. It depends on motivation. It depends in this particular case on the fact he's not selling anything but offering early access to an unreleased mod. Most important I think he meant it as a bonus for current subscribers and didn't entirely realize people would pay for early access to a free product.

    As such, here's the deal. Many people on Twitch are running a business, businesses offer people incentives and early access is a lot different from selling a mod against TOS; this isn't a case of circumventing the rules, I think, except in extreme cases. Say what you will about people who make a living streaming game content, they're obviously filling a desire that people are willing to pay for and they've got a right to incentivize, thank, or otherwise give back to their customers.

    Second, this one's to @Reika and other mod devs, regarding his commentary about devs having trouble earning anything but ire from fans; to be clear, I'm not for one second saying you're the least bit wrong, but I'd suggest seeing this as an opportunity instead of an issue. They've found a way to get people to donate money without complaining. Use it. Even if you rarely streamed anything I'm sure you could get plenty of subscribers of your own on Twitch. Even outsource the actual stream to someone who enjoys doing it. Game companies have PR managers for a reason, I'm dead certain you could find someone who'd accept a cut to be the official streamer of your mods, or most other "big" devs.

    I mean, it's just a thought but were I in your position rather than complaining about the things that don't work I'd be taking advantage of the things that do ;)

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  12. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    This is an interesting idea, but I do not see a way to utilize it.
  13. mcalpha

    mcalpha Active Member

    A Reika/RotaryCraft stream? I'd buy that for a dollar...
  14. RavynousHunter

    RavynousHunter Over-Achiever

    Aye, upon reading the things again, it seems my brain (stupid bloody thing) skipped over that important bit. In that case...I dunno. It strikes me as a bit weird, but I'll withhold calling it one way or the other mostly because I don't know the personality in question well enough to make said call.
  15. FyberOptic

    FyberOptic Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    What bothers me about it is that guys like Bacon already make a living off of playing mods, so to do something which uses those mods as an incentive to make even more money just comes across as wrong.

    As for his explanation, sure it was nice of him to donate, but I have qualms with that. First, why did it take him being criticized before he offered to make donations to the modders of his new pack? He makes money hand over fist every night on his stream, so it's not like he's hard up. To my knowledge, many FTB staff donate and use Patreon for modders, and I'm sure they make significantly less money from FTB/Curse/etc in comparison to Bacon. Second, he said that none of the modders from the pack have said anything to him about it, yet where's the mod list? I doubt many modders even watch his stream to have known about the issue, and certainly aren't going to dig through old streams or something to find out. The best I found was a crash log from someone. Third, what about modders who specifically say you're not allowed to make money from the pack? I've noticed several mods with terms like that these days. 3D Furnace was in the crash log, for example, and it uses that terminology, yet he doesn't have a donation link.

    This kind of stuff just always rubs me the wrong way.
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  16. midi_sec

    midi_sec Popular Member

    I don't see why it's such a big deal to some of you guys. I mean seriously... It's not like the guy is charging, it's for beta, early access. Guess you just have to wait for it to hit release? Oh my, the tragedy is real.

    Flippin 1st world problems. :rolleyes:
  17. FyberOptic

    FyberOptic Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    Almost everything we deal with are first-world problems. That doesn't mean they're not problems.

    When someone goes to the effort to make something, and asks very little in return for you to use it, but someone chooses to ignore that anyway, then people should have a problem with that. Encouraging that behavior is discouraging the people who make the things to begin with.
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  18. midi_sec

    midi_sec Popular Member

    If the guy says that none of the mods licenses say he can't do what he's doing, where is the problem? If you guys are hating on him just for hating's sake (like pewdiepie), then by all means, go ahead. Let's not fabricate things though.

    If he's not stepping on any toes, and his licenses for his mods allow what he's doing, there's no need to drag this shit through the forums. So much drama these days, ffs...
  19. FyberOptic

    FyberOptic Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    Pewdiepie has nothing to do with it. And I just named a specific mod which has such a license. He obviously did step on toes, or there wouldn't be an issue.

    There would be significantly less drama in this community if people simply followed the terms asked of them, rather than choosing to ignore them for their own benefit.
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  20. midi_sec

    midi_sec Popular Member

    Pewdiepie is a lightning rod for hate, that's why I brought him up. Hating for hating's sake. I think this BaconDonut guy wouldn't get half the flak he's taking if he was a small time streamer. But no, he's apparently big (I've still no idea who the guy is tbh). There's a point that could be made about "Making money on a pack" versus Paying to be a tester (and even then, Are people really *paying* just to test the pack? I doubt it, if he's that big of a streamer. Getting early access to the pack is just a perk), but I'm done in this BS conversation after this, lol...

    People have differing opinions on the matter obviously. Once the pack is released, it will be downloadable to all. No charge. It's hard to foresee all situations when writing your license, and if it bothers you, change your license to suit this circumstance.

    There was a big fit thrown when CovertJaguar put up his beta for donors only, anyone remember that? It's not release! for all intents and purposes, it's not out yet. Just a huge kneejerk reaction to "paywalls" and a lot of drama.

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