On the 31st October 2019, the partnership between FTB and Twitch will be ending

Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by Feed the Beast, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Kittiaara

    Kittiaara New Member

    Well, I guess I'll be ceasing to play FTB modpacks then.

    Shame, but I'm sticking with Twitch.
  2. Battalion

    Battalion New Member

    I have my own server on which I am running Revelation v3.2.0 and I can play on it when I launch from twitch but when I use the FTB launcher it tells me that the versions of the mods from the launcher are not correct and when I looked at them they are older versions. Are there any plans to fix this. I have had all my friends suspend playing since I found out about the change back to the FTB launcher, which I used way back when. We are talking about close to 200 mods and the idea that I may have to replace them all by hand and then post links to all my friends as to where they can find the correct versions is overwhelming to say the least. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.
  3. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    At the moment the twitch launcher is still working as far as I know :) that said, I’m primarily focusing on a homemade modpack, but also playing through the old Agrarian Skies 2, and haven’t had any problems yet
  4. OreCruncher

    OreCruncher Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    I can't even run the launcher that is linked from the main page. Keeps complaining I need Java 1.6 installed and redirects me to Oracles download page. I am running AdoptOpenJDK 8.0.232 and I am not about to go back to Oracle. I have principles. :)
  5. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    It says you need 1.6 Java or that you need 1.6 or higher?
  6. OreCruncher

    OreCruncher Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    "This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0"

    Don't know the accuracy of that message box, but it is what is says.
  7. JRSofty

    JRSofty New Member

    If you are running a Java 11 on Windows, then you are going to see this error message. This is because they wrap the FTB launcher in a Launch4j or other wrapper to make it look like a windows executable, and likely they haven't upgraded to a version that supports newer Java versions.

    If you want to work around this then download the FTB_Launcher.jar file from under the Linux download, and use the command 'java -jar FTB_Launcher.jar' and it will start up.
  8. OreCruncher

    OreCruncher Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    Its not Java 11. But I will check out the jar.
  9. Zeric

    Zeric New Member

    Any updates on the new launcher/formus?
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  10. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    I pretty sure they are waiting for the new web page to get up first.
  11. Knogle

    Knogle New Member

    There is still the MultiMC Launcher. I love it.
  12. OreCruncher

    OreCruncher Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    MultiMC does not do Forge 1.14.x
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  13. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    to this outsider it sure would make sense for FTB and MultiMC to combine forces, since MultiMC already acts as a full-fledged launcher for all the FTB modpacks. And since both parties seem to be stumped by Forge for v1.14.4, perhaps they can figure out a way to tackle the problem together instead of both parties throwing up their arms and saying "Oh well, we can't do it, so that's it, we'll just stop at v1.12.2 modpacks and never go any further".

    The modded minecraft world is very sad these days, but perhaps this is the inevitable outcome when there's no real leadership and no real direction from any of the parties. Minecraft is basically like a ship adrift at sea. There's a captain of course (Microsoft) but the Captain locks himself in his cabin and doesn't entertain any conversation. Nice guy, as long as he doesn't steer the entire ship right into the rocks.
  14. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    FtB has not been "stumped" by Forge... They already have 1.14 packs, they just aren't ready with the new launcher on this site yet. I run Unstable 1.14 from Twitch with no problems but that won't be available forever. I assume that Twitch is allowing FtB packs to remain on their site for an agreed on period of time, they just aren't providing a separate tab for FtB anymore.

    The launcher from this site hasn't really been constantly updated since the agreement with Curse went into effect, and will probably take a bit to update since there are no paid developers as far as I know. They are also moving to a new site hosted by Creeperhost at the same time. Moving to Curse back when ALSO took a month or 6 before it worked reliably.
  15. MrKATT

    MrKATT New Member

    I feel that they have halfway given up but it might just be me. The forums are full of spam these days and nothing happens. I totally understand that developers have other things to do and yeah Minecraft is Minecraft with all that it means. As said before, there are no direction so much guess things will gradually fade. All I want to say is that the FTB team did a great work in the past and while I hope they will continue to do so I also understand if you want to move on.

    My concern is also third party modpacks. You still have to go to Curseforge to get them or are there any other plans? Would be nice if those could be added in MultiMC to be easily accessible.
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  16. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    EDIT to add: These are my opinions obviously. Your opinion may be different. I have no connection to anyone in the modded minecraft world.

    I've always said v1.7.10 modpacks would be the high water mark for modded minecraft. It remains my opinion today. V1.7.10 days was when FTB was at its peak (FTB Infinity Evolved) and when the mod selection was the best (we still had Eloraam's Redpower mod, etc).

    yeah I know others took over redpower and made it into Project Red which still exists today, but its never been the same since Eloraam left the scene. And she wasn't alone of course. Who remembers Agrarian Skies modpack, perhaps the first real "outside the box" modpack? The developer Jaded Cat hasn't been heard from since Agrarian Skies 2.

    Their legacies live on, but Agrarian Skies isn't even in the FTB Launcher anymore, most likely there was a personality falling out or something. It's all been downhill for a few years now, but nobody really seems to have noticed.

    Twitch is an utter mess, there's a million (literally) modpacks posted each day and 99% of them are exactly the same thing, just different mod selection. There's no real search function on Twitch, there's no pack reviews or any way to tell if it's a pack worth playing or not.

    Oh well, sure has been a fun ride, and yeah I know it's not over yet and there are still new modpacks coming out all the time... but it won't ever be like it was back in the glory days of FTB. There's just no money in it for them, there's no great drive or desire to keep it all going.
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  17. Water

    Water New Member

    No updates on the new launcher? I have been using the old one, but this lack of information is a bit unsettling
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  18. Bigpak

    Bigpak New Member

    I agree, I would like an official statement on where they are at with it.
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  19. Water

    Water New Member

    The latest update they have on their twitter is from October, and it says they have a new launcher already, which does not make any sense to me.
    Sure, I know they are not paid to do any of this work, but still, a "We are working on it" announcement would be appreciated.
  20. mou

    mou New Member

    yep.. no news, nothing. really bad communication. i feel like they stopped the project and therefore we dont get any infos. feelsbad.

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