On the 31st October 2019, the partnership between FTB and Twitch will be ending

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  1. TRLinerunner

    TRLinerunner New Member

    Really bad news. I don't care about Twitch itself but their mod support and platform is something I'm used to and am going to miss. The updates for every mod have dates so you can follow along with past lets plays, the ability to easily grab and add mods to packs, a ton of little qol features the legacy launcher simply lacks. I hope you can really overhaul your launcher and provide that level of quality soon.
  2. Ste_Ve_N

    Ste_Ve_N New Member

    FTB hasn't even managed to get 1.14.4 modpack support for their own pack on their own launcher in over 3 months and has LITERALLY ZERO communication on their own forums. This is ridiculous. Bring someone on board who can communicate with the COMMUNITY... You have a loyal following but this is pushing people away. I guess ill load up twitch so I can play your unstable 1.14.4 pack???
  3. Memesiss

    Memesiss New Member

    So is FTB dead? First they partnership ended they promised a update then pushed it back twice now not even words .....
  4. jikuja

    jikuja Launcher Dev Launcher Developer Global Moderator

    How many 1.14.4 FTB packs are you missing currently because of "no 1.14.4" support?

    Last time I checked support was added into legacy laucher but 1.14.x unstable pack was wairing for artwork.
  5. Ste_Ve_N

    Ste_Ve_N New Member

    [​IMG] I don't see any option for 1.14.x and to answer your question, I'm missing literally all of them... if I can be so bold as to respond with the same mentality you chose to come at me with. https://imgur.com/a/gJFQ5wU

    I think the actual point is that the community which helped to build FTB to be the shining example of stable modpack development that it once was is feeling a bit left out in the cold. We've been told to expect things that haven't come to pass. I think rather than responding with sarcasm, as you have, maybe giving people some kind of a concrete answer or even a "hello, we are working on it" thread would be more constructive. Community is important IMO. I appreciate the answer about artwork but they have artwork already https://imgur.com/a/p3iL0dV

    Anyway the main point of what i was saying is that FTB is ghosting and I prefer to be a person who offers solutions rather than just griping which is why i suggested bringing someone on board who can communicate with the community on a meaningful level to keep us (the community which helped to bring FTB to where it was) in the loop.

    Edit: had to add links to the images and a few typos
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  6. Rems19

    Rems19 New Member

    I think the issue every one is having here is more about the lack of information or any update on what's going on.
    You can't say "This launcher will receive an update before the end of the month" in the first post from October 8th then disappear for 3 month without saying anything.
    I know this is hard, I know some complications can arise and I know people behind FTB are working hard. But when you run a project which is so bound to a community, you can't just abandon it and play dead.
    With that said, I respect a lot the entirety of the FTB team for all the work everyone involved has put in it in the past years. We just ask you to not ruin all that by putting the community against you for ignoring it.
  7. jikuja

    jikuja Launcher Dev Launcher Developer Global Moderator

    Version is missing from dropdown selection because there is no yet 1.14 packs in the launcher. I pinged people to add unstable but not sure if adding one unstable testing pack as proof for 1.14 support makes people happy or angry.

    I'm also hoping that someone with communication skills writes something about new launcher availability and/or development as soon as possible.

    Ps. My forum rank refers to old launcher. I have limited knowledge about the new one.
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  8. Zeric

    Zeric New Member

    To be honest, you have, even with a little as you have provided, has assuaged some of my fears.
    Seriously, I hope the team knows, if all they did was come on and say "we working on it", it would do a lot to reassure many. Even if the complainers use the opportunity to complain.
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  9. minermaster0904

    minermaster0904 New Member

    seems like we will get a beta launcher soon :D, and apparently they ran into quite a few problems during development
    (I do not know any details)
  10. Niels Henriksen

    Niels Henriksen New Member

    You mean before christmas? That would be good :)
  11. Baron_Falcon

    Baron_Falcon New Member

  12. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    I don't think they realized how much it would take to get the features they want in the new launcher.
  13. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    At this point (much like our world at large), it's high comedy.

    So I'll throw out a question, for the laughs...

    Q: The first sign of the beginning of the end for FTB should have been...

    Answer: When we first learned the guy's name of who is running FTB... "Slowpoke". :p Thank you, I'll be here all week. :D
    P.S. It's been real fun, no personal insult intended, I don't know the guy at all, only his minecraft name. Thanks FTB Team, for all you've done, no matter where it ends up!
  14. Rems19

    Rems19 New Member

    It's been three months now since the end of the partnership between Twitch and FTB, and we still have no update...
  15. Water

    Water New Member

    I sent a message over a month ago. It is still awaiting approval because it has a link to the latest twitter update they had...
    Unfortunately FTB is not what it used to be anymore, no moderators, no community updates, nothing...
  16. Bigpak

    Bigpak New Member

    Yeah, I'd like to know if we can get some updates, from an official member of the FTB team. Just some confirmation on where they are at with it, and what plans there are for them in the future.
  17. dallbencaer

    dallbencaer New Member

    I know people are upset with the lack of communication as tot he launcher. unfortunately, I did not read all of the comments on this thread before downloading the launcher in this thread. after some trouble shooting, I was able to get the launcher itself working. I know you all are working hard to get an update. I also know this costs time and money, and if money is the issue, maybe make a post to say as such. We all know that real life has difficulties and unexpected consequenses. I do hope everyone and their families are safe because it has been over 3 months with no word. Much love.

    If everyone is safe, is there any way to get modpacks such as "forever stranded" in your launcher?

  18. Nexadon

    Nexadon New Member

    Thank goodness! The Twitch launcher was one of the worst things ever. Laggy, error-filled crap. Glad you guys are back doing your own thing.
  19. WanderingWolfe

    WanderingWolfe New Member

    I'm noticing that the only pack that has been updated since this change (FTB Academy), updated on 11/11/19, is also updated on Curseforge and the Twitch loader.

    Has something changed in your decision to no longer keep FTB packs updated on their site?

    I currently have both launchers, but as all my active worlds are already on Twitch, it seems pointless to migrate anything over if there will be no pack updates that are not concurrent.

  20. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, the team is working with their server people on the New FTB launcher to get it up and out as soon as possible. That is most likely taking up most of their time.

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