On the 31st October 2019, the partnership between FTB and Twitch will be ending

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    On the 31st October 2019, the partnership between FTB and Twitch will be ending. The current contract was scheduled to run out on October 31st and twitch have decided not to renew it. I have no further information with regards to the contract renewal.

    With regards to the content that we currently distribute on the Twitch Desktop App, on or around the 1st of November the current plan is to delete the FTB twitch account. This will remove all FTB mod packs from the Twitch App. These packs will only be available on the FTB Launcher from that point moving forwards.

    FTB has also over the last few years produced a number of mods that have become invaluable to mod pack developers including FTB Library, FTB Utilities and FTB Quests. Our current plan is to move all of these mods over to u/LatvianModder ’s account so they are still available for mod pack developers to use. These mods will continue to receive bug fixes as and when they are needed.

    Moving forward, the team plans to return our focus to the FTB Launcher as our primary method of modpack distribution. With this in mind, we have already put together a team of people to redesign and replace the current FTB launcher with an updated desktop app. This new app should be available soon after the 1st of November in a beta form. In the beginning the new app will have a minimal feature set, but is being designed in a way that will allow us to add new functionality quickly and easily. More details about this including a road map will be released over the coming weeks.

    The main difference between the current launcher and the new app will be the way that we handle Minecraft account credentials. The current launcher uses the Mojang login system to allow people to log into their Minecraft accounts and then launches the game directly. Whereas the new app will use a system much like the Twitch app, where-by it creates a new profile in the Minecraft launcher and a user would log in via the Minecraft launcher itself. This is a system that Mojang has indicated that they much prefer and is one that should provide increased security for everyone using our mod packs.

    As part of this redesign we do plan to add in support for 3rd party modpack developers to distribute their packs through our new app, although this isn’t expected to be completely functional on day one, we do hope to have it available for people to use soon after. However more details regarding this will be released as soon as we have a better understanding of how everything is progressing.

    We are also currently looking to get the Feed The Beast forums and front page updated. Forum hosting has already been moved back to our hardware and the home page is currently being redesigned. We have plans to add several new features to the home page over the coming months. It should be noted that during the move in order to comply with GDPR laws, Twitch were unable to provide us with the entire user database. As a result of this you may find that your account is no longer active. In this event you may need to re-register on the forums.

    With regards to both the hosting of the mod packs that we will be distributing through our new App and also the hosting of both the forums and the front page. This is being provided by our long term partner Creeperhost. The instant they found out about this change Paul and all the staff at Creeperhost immediately stepped up to the plate and helped us in every way possible to make this transition as smooth as possible. In addition to this, members of the team have already started working pretty much around the clock to have everything ready as soon as we possibly can and for everyone involved in this, I am going to be eternally grateful.

    During the process of making these plans it has been suggested that some people may view some of these actions as FTB taking revenge or something along those lines. I want to be clear that this is in no way the case. From the day we first entered into a partnership with Curse Inc, we always knew that this relationship would not last forever. It was always the intention that in the event that Curse/Twitch were the ones that decided to end the partnership that we would return to operating in the way we did before the agreement was made and provisions were put in place to ensure that would happen as smoothly as possible.

    Our primary goals moving forwards are to make the best possible dedicated Minecraft Modpack installer that we can and to continue to make great packs for the entire community. We were also in the middle of expanding into other areas and we will continue to update everyone on these plans as we continue.

    Finally in the event that the new launcher is not quite ready for release on or around November the 1st, we will continue to use our current launcher which will be available for download from https://www.feed-the-beast.com or you can get it from

    Linux: https://dist.creeper.host/FTB2/launcher/FTB_Launcher.jar

    Windows: https://dist.creeper.host/FTB2/launcher/FTB_Launcher.exe

    Mac: https://dist.creeper.host/FTB2/launcher/FTB_Launcher.zip

    This launcher will receive an update before the end of the month, allowing it to be compatible with 1.14 mod packs. Please make sure to update before the end of the month in order to avoid having to manually redownload the launcher after November 1st to get new content or launcher updates.
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  2. Reddis

    Reddis New Member

    I have never been a fan of Twitch. I am glad the FTB team is moving away from them and I will continue to support your brand.
  3. magnifikus

    magnifikus New Member

    it was just cursed ;)
  4. King_of_legendz

    King_of_legendz New Member

    Good for you guys! Big steps in the right direction. Look forward to seeing how this community expands!
  5. Ninetailed

    Ninetailed New Member

    Good! It'll be nice to have a launcher that works properly again.
  6. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Nuclear_Creeper0 Well-Known Member

    That took long enough.
  7. PixelPornMan

    PixelPornMan New Member

    To be honest, I'm happy. I'm a Linux user and I could not get twitch to run on my Machine. So I wrote a simple CLI based mod manager myself that takes a modpack url and downloads the pack and makes a minecraft profile. It was too buggy to release. but at least I could play FTB mod packs.
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  8. minermaster0904

    minermaster0904 New Member

    I did not like it once twitch took over, while it was still the curse launcher it was fairly good
  9. Jauska

    Jauska New Member

    I really didn't like the Twitch desktop app experience at all. It was too cluttered with things that I didn't need and it auto starts by default in windows. I have been using the "old" launcher for these past few years.
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  10. Baron_Falcon

    Baron_Falcon New Member

    Any news? No 1.14 packs on FTB launcher so far. Twitch still running FTB modpacks. Was there a last minute agreement? Did I miss something?
  11. Baron_Falcon

    Baron_Falcon New Member

    You can prevent Twitch from loading automatically in Task Manager under Startup tab.
  12. Abdur-Rahman

    Abdur-Rahman New Member

    Nice I didn't really like FTB on Twitch
  13. OreCruncher

    OreCruncher Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    I found Twitch to be overly bloated for a Minecraft launcher. :) The only thing I really like about Twitch it is the ability to quickly browse mods on Curse and drop them into a pack as well as the general ease of updating the mods. If this ability were put into the FTB launcher...
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  14. MacAttack_UK

    MacAttack_UK New Member

    Personally I've been hoping things would return to just been a modpack launcher, I only ever used Twitch to download/create/edit packs but always objected to Minecraft been refered to as a 'Mod'.

    Thanks team FTB and I look forward to getting my hands on the new App when it's ready :)
  15. BlueSn00w

    BlueSn00w Active Member

    thank god, i hated the merge. Cant wait for the new launcher
  16. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Personally I'm quite glad the Twitch Launcher is still able to run FTB packs without issue and hasn't deleted any of my saves, given that there doesn't seem to be a decent up to date FTB Launcher in place.
  17. dvdmcwilliams

    dvdmcwilliams New Member

    Any news about the update? I'm still able to play via twitch, what was all of this about?
  18. HLminer

    HLminer New Member

    This is all great to hear, been playing FTB servers for a large part of the past 8 years ish
  19. skramer49

    skramer49 New Member

    Thank goodness! Twitch on MacOS was terrible! Best of luck!
  20. mti_

    mti_ New Member

    Mixed bag of feelings here.
    On the one hand competition is always great for consumers.
    On the other hand there are many things that will make this difficult.
    Twitch now is the central place to go for modded MC. How do you guys plan to promote and grow your alternative platform?
    Obviously it will also take some time to get the same feature set as Twitch has.

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