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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by captainnana, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    The reason we dont update all the time is that all updates are not good, it is common for a mood author to accidentally corrupt world's in updates so for that reason we test as much as we can before doing updates because if we didn't there could be a lot more issues than the bugs you currently have to put up with. That said we do try and do updates as often as we can which is generally every 2-3 weeks on a monday, we have already built this weeks updates and it is in trading right now
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  2. Giddimani

    Giddimani New Member

    Thanks for a nice answer and explanation why you are doing it this way, although I have never had any problems with updating to puplic releases of mods.

    One question, and I don't know if its the right place, but why are you adding ThaumicBees 1.3 to the DW pack when there is 1.4 already out (which would add a new branch), is there a major problem with the newest release?
  3. cardinalstar16

    cardinalstar16 New Member

    Man that makes me feel really good, because who likes just getting to the end game in 5 minutes I want 10 days in game to get to the end game and it makes yo want to make more contraptions and build huge processing systems, and the solars are way OP and I want to have to do some work to get them.
  4. Hoffmann

    Hoffmann New Member

    Just an idea (probably someone else has already posted it) the picture you will have in the front page, you could have a sort of album showing all the different aspects (magical, technical, worldgen) of ftb, maybe like use different modpacks in different pictures. If you don't know what mean, check the photoalbums of different games in steam, that sort of thing
  5. Snivy 3

    Snivy 3 New Member

    Will there be one with Captain Sparklez mods? I want one automatically with Divine RPG craft, tale of a kingdom, and pet bats mod. (It is a question)
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  6. jatie1

    jatie1 New Member

    Thank you. You summed that up perfectly.
    I highly doubt it.
  7. Bitty

    Bitty New Member

    Every single update to FTB has made me happy, and I expect the same with version 2. Huge thanks to the team for their hard work.

    I have only one wish for the new launcher, and that is to allow us to resize the window. If that's not in the cards, at the very least provide a horizontal scroll bar when necessary. I wasn't able to read the latest update in the launcher because the text went off the side of the window.
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  8. Toth Daniel

    Toth Daniel New Member

    Looks awesome,captainnana can you give as an ETA about v3 Launcher?(I mean not days,just about-for example March or something like that...) :)
  9. RegalAlchemist

    RegalAlchemist New Member

    looks alot more usable than the previose site. good work guys.
  10. canilsen

    canilsen New Member

    It's version 3 now? Greenwolf's head would explode
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  11. Toth Daniel

    Toth Daniel New Member

  12. convictvx

    convictvx New Member

    is it because of the updates that i can't open my ftb-launcher?

    btw, looks nice.
  13. N0quezt

    N0quezt New Member

    Why can't i open my launcher?
  14. captproton17

    captproton17 New Member

    Either it is the update that is issue. Or that there server aren't working. Hopefully they be back soon. And then we see if the change did happen.
  15. Xeonen

    Xeonen New Member

    I've read the discussion and thought about it, trying to imagine how it would work and as a server administrator myself, I've thought how I do operate. Your idea might just work though I've noticed a few problems. Such as the ease of using config files in batch operations and ease of compatibility both between mods and backwards.

    In the end, you actually have a brilliant idea, packs might update as batches but only changing the updated mods, this will save both bandwidth and people losing their worlds or configs because of mid update problems. Still this idea has a slight problem, implementing it will require lots of coding since users may change mods in packs and launcher may not be able to locate files creating a duplicate mod problem. Well, after all said and done an idea worthy of pondering upon.
  16. Justin Williams

    Justin Williams New Member

    Looks great man! Cant wait!
  17. Zoruea

    Zoruea New Member

    Would it be possible to incorporate a themes tab so people who liked the old theme could still use it?
  18. yuuwolfman

    yuuwolfman New Member

    i like hte look but any one got an eta on it or any thing like that
  19. Tom.cauchi

    Tom.cauchi New Member

    what the fuck ? why isnt mindcrack there anymore ? i cant go on this server cause none of them have the mods on mindcracked does and it isnt there anymore ? explain[DOUBLEPOST=1361328919][/DOUBLEPOST]why isnt there mindcrack anymore ? now i cant play on this server theres only voxelcraft,bronycraft, and unverisal craft ? wheres mindcracked :(
  20. Xeonen

    Xeonen New Member

    As far as I know, tested, used, eaten and drank, MindCrack is there. Now mate, it is your turn, what are you using!? Explain!
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