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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by captainnana, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Jon_Thomas

    Jon_Thomas New Member

    I like the large picture, The only thing I can think to do is to have 3 or 4 pictures on a slideshow type thing. Possibly have a few pictures of Large builds or other cool things.
  2. 99Johnsy99

    99Johnsy99 New Member

    i agree with Jon_Thomas i like the big picture but needs more colour
  3. xxsuper

    xxsuper New Member

    but I LOVE the look of the launcher now! I love the dark gray style, PLIZ do not edit it :([DOUBLEPOST=1360759911][/DOUBLEPOST]or make it so you can get the dark gray style if you want to, and the new if you want to pliz ;)
  4. Giddimani

    Giddimani New Member

    To be honest I don't care how the launcher looks like, but if it gets some really important features and not just cosmetic update I am fine with it.

    A feature for more frequent updates, so every mod get's updated when it's released and not once a month with a new pack is the most important one.

    And please, put the version number of the mods in the packer where you add/disable mods, it's so annoying with just the mod name.
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  5. lauch

    lauch New Member

    I agree - they should've called it something else - v2 is obviously copying technic o_O Maybe they should call it FTBLauncher ME or iFTBLauncher, so as to not be copying.

    Great job guys! I love the progress being made and love the live streams...can't wait to see the new work completed.
  6. cardinalstar16

    cardinalstar16 New Member

    Man if Gregtech will not be in the ultimate pack I hope it has the configs for it. :(
  7. glepet1962

    glepet1962 Well-Known Member

    Loving the progress of FTB. Looking forward to what's on the horizon. Also looking forward to what Ultimate will offer us. Until then our server is just fine using the Mindcrack pack. Have had NO problems whatsoever with that pack. Keep up the good work!
    An idea for the cover picture(s) would be submittals from the FTB community showing off some of our builds.
  8. CreepersBestFriend

    CreepersBestFriend New Member

    The new WebSite concept looks nice and clean. The one we have at the moment is a bit disorganized for me.
    Just an opinion.
  9. eapo108

    eapo108 New Member

    so basicly your an idiot
  10. Cieronph

    Cieronph New Member

    Since when was v2.0 a "technic" thing im pretty sure v2.0 means version 2.0, and trust me that wasn't technic idea also

    :facepalm: An update every time a mod gets updated, do you know how much that would cost and how much it would mess with worlds. Everytime they update the pack The bandwidth usage goes through the roof, think of it this way "100,000,000 people downloading a pack everyday" having to re-download every time you start the launcher, whats the point for 1 bug fix or 1 new block.
  11. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    Yep we copied technic the v2 was 100% their idea and had never been done before, I hope they don't have a patent on it otherwise we are going to get sued! Technic didn't invent versions basically every software development company in the world uses them so main point, trolls be trollin'.
  12. kylemcqueen75

    kylemcqueen75 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I'm going to ignore the "v2" copy thing (That makes no sense, go home your drunk) but if you want to talk about copying...."!FTBLauncher," isn't that pretty close to "iPhone," "iPad" and "iPod." And this might be stretching it, but Windows Millennium Edition.....(aka Windows ME).
  13. kylemcqueen75

    kylemcqueen75 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the double post, but this post just needs attention. So just to be clear here, when FTB/Technic updates to v3, they will be copying NWMP v3? [email protected]$ckers.....imjustjokinghisguyjustmakesmyfacehurtfromstupidity
  14. MFINN23

    MFINN23 New Member

    Why are you all responding to the troll? lol Of course making something version 2.0 isn't "copying" anything. Obvious troll.
  15. kylemcqueen75

    kylemcqueen75 Well-Known Member

    Why are you posting about me posting to a troll? Isn't that really giving the troll just as much attention? Not that I care if I give him/her attention, but apprently you do.
  16. TaniaBaildon

    TaniaBaildon New Member

    Uh, guys, I think he was making a JOKE?

    FTBLauncher ME was a play on Microsoft ME and of course the iFTBLauncher was a takeoff on Apple. This isn't a troll, just someone having fun, which is the point of Minecraft, is it not???
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  17. canilsen

    canilsen New Member

    oh man, that's not the one people are responding too
  18. Joshua.Perna

    Joshua.Perna New Member

    Why would you even stop to post this? If you think its a rip your a moron. I wish twats like you could be banned from your own computers, you dont deserve internet.[DOUBLEPOST=1360786234][/DOUBLEPOST]Great job you guys. I love FTB and am running and FTB Magic World server, also gonna head over and make a donation!
  19. TheSandwichMakr

    TheSandwichMakr New Member

    Looks great! I like how there's a picture, but I think you should incorporate orange somewhere because I think the orange, black, and white together looks really nice.
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  20. egor66

    egor66 New Member

    ah I see the fatal flaw in your reply, guess most of us do..

    FTB ty for all you guys along with the modders have done & TIA for your upcoming updates, some of us do love what you guys are doing & are not afraid to say so.
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