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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by captainnana, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Captainnana

    Captainnana Content Manager Retired Staff ModMyMC Editor

    Hello just thought I would give you all a bit of an update on what is going on here at FTB; the big news this week is that development has started on our next big launcher version, launcher v2 which will bring a total redesign of the launcher as well as new features and more customisability.

    A new and improved website adding many of the feature requests and improvements that the community requested has also started development recently which we expect to be released in the next few weeks; here is a sneak preview (feedback appreciated):

    In other news work has began on the map for the pax tournament which will be released before pax for anyone wanting to get involved to practice before the tournament. We hope to have the ultimate pack finished soon, which is the best estimate we can give so please don’t ask for us a better one! We are currently waiting for a few mods before we release the ultimate pack, we always try our best to make maps forward compatible however this is not always possible.
    Most of your worlds will work between packs as we keep id's the same throughout all our packs so you can change easily if you wish. The best packs for forward compatibility with ultimate pack are Direwolf20 or MindCrack, if you want to use greg tech then we recommend you use the MindCrack pack and if not you should use the Direwolf20 pack, there are also other differences between the packs so you should look at the full mod list for both packs on the launcher before making your decision.

    Finally be sure to follow us on twitter here for regular updates about FTB:
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  2. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

  3. p3lim

    p3lim Active Member

    looks good
  4. MFINN23

    MFINN23 Active Member

    When is pax? can't wait.
  5. Rob

    Rob Web Developer Retired Staff

    Please read the whole post.

  6. Jyzarc

    Jyzarc Active Member

    I've been using the direwolf20 pack and enjoying it. Do you think you could release an "in theory" modlist for the ultimate pack?
  7. balink

    balink New Member

    If you are going to use a picture similar to the one you have in the mock-up now, I'd suggest using optifine to add mip-mapping and anti-aliasing, so it looks better. Alternatively, you could port the world into some sort of 3D modelling tool to make it much better looking.
  8. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r Popular Member

    If you hope to have the Ultimate pack finished soon are you in a position to at least let us know what mods are included in it?

    And if you take RedPower out like some have suggested Slowpoke mentioning on his stream I'm gonna scream so loud Pax will be shut down.
  9. Jyzarc

    Jyzarc Active Member

    From what I've observed these are the differences between the mindcrack and direwolf20 packs

    Mods Mindcrack has and direwolf20 doesnt:
    Advanced Solars
    Advanced Machines

    Mods Direwolf20 have and Mindcrack doesn't:
    Compact Solars
    Charge Pads
    Gravity gun

    I prefer direwolf20 because of mystcraft and EE3 but I would like to try gregtech
  10. GreenWolf13

    GreenWolf13 Active Member

    • User was given a warning for flame bait for this post
    So basically you're copying Technic and making a Launcher version 2.0?
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  11. arkangyl

    arkangyl Active Member

    Yes, because no one but Technic has ever made a version 2 of their software. Obvious plagiarism.
  12. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever


    He got to it before I did:
    arkangyl said "Yes, because no one but Technic has ever made a version 2 of their software. Obvious plagiarism."
  13. Joey19982

    Joey19982 Active Member

    Looks awesome, but the banner screenshot is kind of meh. Feed the Beast needs some higher quality ones then that!
  14. GreenWolf13

    GreenWolf13 Active Member

    I just find it odd that FTB decides to start developing a version 2.0 right after Technic announces their new launcher.
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  15. Ino145

    Ino145 New Member

    Is there anything going on in Pax with Minecraft maybe? I'm so out of the loop.. xD
  16. canilsen

    canilsen Member

    So mad. You should spam all the modders on twitter about it
  17. Rob

    Rob Web Developer Retired Staff

    The image showen will not be staying it purely to show the concept.
  18. Rob

    Rob Web Developer Retired Staff


    We also have website v2, forum v2, stats page v2 and all the things v2 coming out soon!

  19. JBrondum

    JBrondum Active Member

    Looks Brilliant!
  20. Kalekemo

    Kalekemo New Member

    Any idea when the modpacks will be updated next? The mindcrack has a bunch of game crashing errors.
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